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Do not refuse a wing to the persons who gave you the whole chicken. -- Ralph Siu
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Yesterday I told a chicken to cross the road. It said, "What for?" -- Steven Wright
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Poultry is for the cook what canvas is for the painter. -- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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Roasted chicken, boiled chicken, smoked chicken, fried chicken, I love them all! -- Onew
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My one and only chicken, bequeathed to me by Robinson, dreaded the noon hour the same as I did, he'd go back in with me. For three weeks the chicken lived with me like that, following me like a dog, clucking constantly, seeing snakes wherever he went. One day of extreme boredom, I ate him. -- Louis-Ferdinand Celine
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Emily's got a chicken obsession. -- Julie Cross
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I speculate that the genesis of the chicken-joke lies in some situation such as the one illustrated above, but over time the original context of the joke was lost, which left the chicken sadly decontextualized. -- Ryan North
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Chicken butt fried in grease want a piece -- Christopher Nicole
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Now I know which came first - the chicken not the egg. -- David Cameron
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I love chicken. I would eat chicken fingers on Thanksgiving if it were socially acceptable. -- Todd Barry
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In a twilight garden, when a brown nightingale starts singing, what is left to a blonde chicken is to remain silent. -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Shoving feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken. -- Brad Pitt
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We have chickens! And ostriches - they're like a chicken, only bigger! One of my colleagues is working on a Tyrannosaur - that's like a really huge chicken, with teeth - but for architectural reasons we can't let it roam free just yet. -- Charles Stross
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Yesterday I saw a chicken crossing the road. I asked it why. It told me it was none of my business. -- Steven Wright
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With humans it's abortion, but with chickens it's an omelet. -- George Carlin
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My chicken ain't no joke. I ain't scared to go up against the Colonel, tastewise. -- Flavor Flav
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You might heckle me now - but when I get home, I've got a chicken in the oven. -- Harry Hill
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What is the old American saying? Pretend it is chicken? -- James L. Cambias
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Anyone can make a good roast chicken. -- Thomas Keller
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Any processed chicken from any place - I'll order it in a heartbeat. I'm very picky about my pork, though. -- David Chang
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I make a good fried chicken. -- Norah Jones
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Before I got in this business I was in the chicken business. -- Chubby Checker
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The chicken's still dancing
the chicken won't stop -- Sarah Kane
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But this was no ordinary chicken. This chicken was evil manifest. -- Terry Goodkind
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Why did the chicken cross the road? there already was a chicken on this side of the road. -- Wolfgang Pauli
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You can't put feathers on a dog and call it a chicken! -- Phil Mcgraw
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Chicken may be eaten constantly without becoming nauseating. -- Andre Simon
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I'm too drunk to taste this chicken -- Colonel Sanders
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As long as the Almighty permitted intelligent men, created in his image and likeness, to fight in public and kill each other while the world looks on approvingly, it's not for me to deprive the chickens of the same privilege. -- Abraham Lincoln
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But I ain't puttin' it in de street. Ah'm tellin' you.'
'Ah jus lak uh chicken. Chicken drink water, but he don't pee-pee. -- Zora Neale Hurston
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I find myself eating different kinds of chicken each and every day, even if it's by surprise. -- Ludacris
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I hunt chickens , men hunt me,All the chickens are just alike,and all the men are just alike.and in consequence, i am little bored,but if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life.I shall know the sound of a step that will be different from all the others -- Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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The chicken did not cross the road. The road passed beneath the chicken. -- Albert Einstein
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The chicken is only an egg's way for making another egg. -- Richard Dawkins
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The sun isn't yellow, it's chicken -- Bob Dylan
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more than 25 billion chickens. And they are all over the globe. The domesticated chicken is the most widespread fowl ever. Following Homo sapiens, domesticated -- Yuval Noah Harari
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I wouldn't eat a chicken if it dropped dead in front of me holding up a sign that said, Eat Me. -- Ricky Williams
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I love eating chicken with my bare hands. It makes me want to snarl at people, even more than usual. -- Jeri Smith-Ready
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In the kitchen, chickens had overflowed into the sink. They weren't making much noise, except for the occasional 'werk' a chicken makes when it's a bit uncertain about things, which is more or less all the time. -- Terry Pratchett
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Crap. I was a lying chicken. -- Lauren Myracle
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Chicken, breasts, boneless, skinless fillets, 2 to 3 lb 10-15 " " Chicken, drumsticks (legs) or thighs 10-15 -- Joel Brothers
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One time I tried to marry a chicken. -- Calum Hood
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Roosters: The cry of the male chicken is the most barbaric yawp in all of nature. -- Edward Abbey
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Steal a chicken if you get a chance, Huck, because if you don't want it, someone else does and a good deed ain't never forgotten. -- Mark Twain
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It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. -- Frank Perdue
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There was still chicken on the bone but sometimes you just have to push the plate away. -- Michael Connelly
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I eat so much chicken, I'm surprised I haven't grown feathers yet. -- Stone Cold Steve Austin
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Anything but chicken, and some honesty on the side, please. -- S.l. Wallace
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We all thought of chicken as lean, protein-rich food that's good for weight watching, but the truth is chicken might actually be making us fatter! -- Kathy Freston
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My Chicken can do a special trick! "And what is that?" She can lay an egg! "And what's so special about THAT?!" Well, Can YOU lay an egg? -- Shirley Temple
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Welcome to the fire, Chicken. -- Heather Fleener
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Man ordering at Butera's deli/prepared-foods counter: "Hey, give me one of them chickens what spins around. -- David Sedaris
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There, there are no chicken wings -- Brian Michael Bendis
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Count your eggs while they're still up inside the chicken's ass, -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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I'm not counting any chickens. -- Jeff Bridges
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The chickens are coming home to roost, and you happen to have just moved into the chicken house. -- Douglas Macarthur
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Meow!" said the chicken. -- Roger Hargreaves
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I don't want to be a chicken. I don't want to be a duck. So I shake my butt. -- Dan Gutman
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(You) don't leave the chicken to watch the feed. -- Pat Conroy
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growing meat chicken requires -- Rowan Emerson
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You sure telling me this won't cause a problem with your bird?" "Stop calling chicks birds. It's fucking weird." He rolled his eyes. "Isn't a chick a baby chicken?" I asked as he shot me the finger. -- Teresa Mummert
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And we meet, with champagne and a chicken, at last. -- Mary Wortley Montagu
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I play chicken with the train -- Cowboy Troy
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Though the Fox run, the chicken hath wings. -- George Herbert
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Here is a kitchen improvement, in return for Peacock. For roasting or basting a chicken, render down your fat or butter with cider: about a third cider. Let it come together slowly, till the smell of cider and the smell of fat are as one. This will enliven even a frozen chicken. -- Sylvia Townsend Warner
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call it chicken salad -- Sarah Dessen
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It takes a great cook to pull life truth from poultry. -- Joan Bauer
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Chickens are cheerless birds, I advise you to keep geese which can be taught to follow like dogs, one needs all the companionship one can get in these days. -- Nancy Mitford
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I like chicken a lot because chicken is generous - that is to say, it's obedient. It will do whatever you tell it to do. -- Maya Angelou
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Am I eating chicken or tuna? -- Jessica Simpson
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Sticking feathers up your butt,Tyler says,does not make you a chicken -- Chuck Palahniuk
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We've all seen chicken portrayed as the low-fat, heart-healthy alternative to red meat for years, but it no longer adds up. You might want to lean away from eating birds and lean toward more plant-based options of protein like black beans, lentils, tofu, chickpeas and whole grains. -- Kathy Freston
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Just to settle it once and for all: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The egg, laid by a bird that was not a chicken. -- Neil Degrasse Tyson
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My mother didn't raise no fool.
She raised a chicken. -- Erin Lynn
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Stop that! What were you doing, perched on the window ledge like a big chicken?"
Despite his aches and irritations, he couldn't help but grin. "I prefer to think of myself as a more noble bird, like a hawk."
"I'm sure you do. But you flew like a chicken than any hawk I've seen. -- Karen Hawkins
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If you had chicken at lunch and chicken at dinner, do you ever wonder if the two chickens knew each other? -- George Carlin
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What bird are you calling?' I ask, finally, when I can't stand it any longer. The bird man stops whistling. He grins, so that I can see all his pebbly teeth. He holds out a hand to me over the broth-thin water. 'You. -- Karen Russell
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One chicken cannot sit on the whole world's eggs. -- Carrie Anne Noble
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Don't count your chickens before they turn into KFC -- Yasmine Galenorn
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Them chickens is ash and I'm lotion. -- Mariah Carey
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You white folks have long been eating the white meat of the chicken. We Negroes are now ready for some of the white meat instead of the dark meat. -- Mary Mcleod Bethune
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The feasant hens of Colchis, which have two ears as it were consisting of feathers, which they will set up and lay down as they list. -- Pliny The Elder
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If you can't be a hero, you can at least be funny while being a chicken. -- Ina May Gaskin
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The sun's not yellow, its chicken! -- Bob Dylan
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I am largely worried about wingless chickens. I feel this is the time for me to fulfill myself by stepping in and saving the chicken but I don't know how exactly since I am not bold. I only know I believe in the complete chicken. You think about the complete chicken for a while. -- Flannery O'connor
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Chicken Little change my life when I was younger. I had no idea chickens could talk *laughs*. -- Thom Yorke
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Chickens are annoying. Is that why people eat them? My sister is annoying, but nobody eats her. -- Yvonne Tasker
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Cole stood in a living room of chicken hell. Wallpaper with chickens on it. Chicken clock. Chicken pillows. Framed plates with chickens on it. -- Alessandra Torre
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Do you eat chicken because you are familiar with the scientific literature on them and have decided that their suffering doesn't matter, or do you do it because it tastes good? -- Jonathan Safran Foer
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We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium. -- Winston Churchill
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Chickens were packed into wire crates stacked ten high, without room to stand or protection from the elements. They had likely traveled hundreds of miles to get here, without access to food or water. -- Rachel Lacey
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When you are at home, even if the chicken is a little burnt, what's the big deal? Relax. -- Jacques Pepin
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I have never seen homosexual chicken or turkey. -- Yahya Jammeh
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The chicken came first - God would look silly sitting on an egg. -- Abraham Maslow
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The chicken does not exist only in order to produce another egg. He may also exist to amuse himself, to praise God, and even to suggest ideas to a French dramatist. -- G.k. Chesterton
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The hard part about playing 'chicken' is knowing when to flinch. -- Scott Glenn
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Boning is a pain, but it makes such a majestic chicken. -- Daniel Boulud
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Ish #21 Stop saying the only meat you eat is chicken. It's still meat! -- Regina Griffin
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For people who think of chicken as the meat choice of those-who-don't-really-like-meat, brining a bird will be a revelation. -- Yotam Ottolenghi
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Go on, try weasel, try squirrel; it tastes like chicken, it tastes just like chicken! If it tastes just like chicken, why don't you gimme some damn chicken? -- Bobcat Goldthwait