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You can imagine in China it's like: 'Ching chong hugong, ching chong kong, Danny Devito. Ching chong chong chong chong. The View. Ching chong! -- Rosie O'donnell
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I've never been to China. I only know what the West is telling me about China. -- Ayshay
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I don't care what political party is controlling China right now. All I know is we are all Chinese. -- Alex Chiu
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Apparently, one in five people in the world are Chinese. And there are five people in my family, so it must be one of them. It's either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother, Colin. Or my younger brother, Ho-Chan-Chu. But I think it's Colin. -- Tim Vine
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There are not enough chinamen in the world to stop a fully armed Marine regiment from going where ever they want to go. -- Chesty Puller
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For years, I looked to Bruce Lee as a mentor as being a Chinese and Asian man living in this country. -- Donnie Yen
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Somewhere in [China's] soul lurks the cunning of an old dog, and it is a cunning that is strangely impressive. What a strange old soul! What a great old soul! -- Lin Yutang
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You can put these things into the hands of some Chinese and send him to Hong Kong and we'll have cleared chinks. -- L. Ron Hubbard
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China is a long caravan, longer and stronger than the Wall. -- Genevieve Taggard
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When the Chinese suspect someone of being a potential troublemaker, they always resort to one of two methods: they crush him, or they hoist him on a pedestal. -- Lu Xun
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While the Chinese people, as a rule, are good people, my business dealings with Communist Chinese officials have left me disturbed and concerned about the rise of the Chinese Empire. -- Robert Kiyosaki
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Hongry rooster don't cackle w'en he fine a wum. -- Joel Chandler Harris
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The wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy ... Red China is not the powerful nation seeking to dominate the world. -- Omar N. Bradley
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One comes across white men occasionally who suffer under the delusion that China is not a civilized country. Such men have forgotten what constitutes civilization. -- Bertrand Russell
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My Twenty-five Years In China," by John B. Powell. -- T.m. Raymond
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China is completely lacking in self-awareness and as someone who has stepped outside that society, I have a responsibility to write about it as I see it. -- Ma Jian
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sinat chinam, causeless hatred, -- Joseph Telushkin
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Them that has china plates themsel's is the maist careful not to break the china plates of others -- James M. Barrie
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Analysts, scholars, business people, diplomats, and journalists involved with China spend so much time questioning one another's biases and loyalties that they have even settled on two opposing categories: 'panda huggers' versus 'panda sluggers.' -- Evan Osnos
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Every year in China, Internet executives are officially rewarded for their 'patriotism.' -- Rebecca Mackinnon
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I don't want people in China to have deep pockets but shallow minds. -- Jack Ma
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And if anyone asks, you're Chinese. The boy had nodded. "Chinese," he whispered. "I'm Chinese." "And I," said the girl, "am the Queen of Spain." "In your dreams," said the boy. "In my dreams," said the girl, "I'm the King. -- Julie Otsuka
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I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue china. -- Oscar Wilde
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People say, 'Oh, you don't like China,' no, I love them. But their leaders are much smarter than our leaders, and we can't sustain ourself with that. -- Donald Trump
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It doesn't matter where I am - China will stay in me. I don't know how far I can still walk on this road and what is the limit. -- Ai Weiwei
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The Chinese soldier was tough, brave, and experienced. After all he had been fighting on his own without help for years. He was a veteran among the Allies. -- William Slim, 1St Viscount Slim
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Kody "You know the Chinese have a curse."
Nick "And that is?"
Kody "May you live an interesting life. -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Just as the Huns under their king Attila created for themselves a thousand years ago a name which men still respect, you should give the name of German such cause to be remembered in China that no Chinaman will dare look a German in the face. -- Wilhelm Ii
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Yeah, that's right, Lash. Because I'm Chinese I have a deep-seated need to nosh house pets. Now why don't you let him in before my inner Chinaman forces me to kung-fu your bitch ass. -- Christopher Moore
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For those in whom a mere reaction has thus become an obsession, I do seriously recommend the imaginative effort of conceiving the Twelve Apostles as Chinamen. -- G.k. Chesterton
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Any moment now, China was about to perspire. -- Derek Landy
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Auntie An-mei had cried before she left for China, thinking she would make her brother very rich and happy by communist standards. But when she got home, she cried to me that everyone had a palm out and she was the only one who left with an empty hand. -- Amy Tan
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This week, the world gathers in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic games. This is the extraordinary moment China has been dreaming of for 100 years. People have been longing for this moment, because it symbolises a turning point in China's relationship with the outside world. -- Ai Weiwei
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China is not a great idea: capitalism and a dictator. It's like the two worst possible things you could imagine together. It's a very bad idea. -- Fran Lebowitz
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Doesn't every kid want to dig a hold to China? Didn't you?
What about Chinese children? -- Louis Sachar
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The pre-frontal region of the Peking man resembles that found in some parts of the Middle West. -- Will Cuppy
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I'm very proud I'm Chinese and represent the Chinese community. -- Patrick Chan
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Walking, it turns out, is a sublime way to get to know people in China. They're used to meeting strangers on the road. Many here understand what it feels like to walk a long way. -- Evan Osnos
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China is a civilization pretending to be a nation. -- Michael Ledeen
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Pretty much anybody who does creative work in China navigates the gray zone. People aren't clear about where the line is any more, beyond which life gets really nasty and you become a dissident without having intended ever to be one. -- Rebecca Mackinnon
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I'm as proud to be Chinese as I am American. -- Ming-Na Wen
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In 1949, China declared independence - an event known in Western discourse as 'the loss of China' in the U.S. - with bitter recriminations and conflict over who was responsible for that loss. -- Noam Chomsky
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I'll tell you what I like about Chinese people: they're hanging in there with the chop sticks, aren't they? You know they've seen the fork. They're staying with the sticks. -- Jerry Seinfeld
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You just wait. I'm going to be the biggest Chinese Star in the world. -- Bruce Lee
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The Chinese are no slouches when it comes to capitalism. -- Patricia Marx
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If I can help Americans to understand China, and the Chinese to learn about the United States, even a little, I will feel very rewarded. I -- Ji-Li Jiang
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China is a great country with a great culture, populated by fascinating, industrious and talented people. -- Vladimir Putin
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President Obama is in China. Today he visited the kids who make our cellphones. -- David Letterman
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Broken china lasts longer than unbroken. -- Jules Renard
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It would be about as easy for an American to become a Chinaman or a Hindoo as for him to acquire an Englishness or a Frenchness or a European-ness that is more than half skin deep. -- Ezra Pound
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Known to the Chinese as 'Iron-Headed Old Rat -- Niall Ferguson
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I feel perhaps my heart is still in China. -- Jung Chang
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Nothing and no one can destroy the Chinese people. They are relentless survivors. -- Pearl S. Buck
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Chinese people themselves, they really want change. -- Dalai Lama
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But china is seldom thrown from a great height; it is one of the rarest of human actions. You have to find in conjunction a very high house, and a woman of such reckless impulse and passionate prejudice that she flings her jar or pot straight from the window without thought of who is below. -- Virginia Woolf
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Xang Xu, the name read beneath his picture. Wanted for computer fraud and various other cyber crimes. By the freaking FBI and god -- Kaylea Cross
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Mo Yan is the Chinese equivalent of the Soviet Russian apparatchik writer Mikhail Sholokhov: a patsy of the regime. -- Salman Rushdie
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Do understand: Chinese people are brilliant; the West cannot fool them. -- Andre Vltchek
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China not only fights for her own independence, but also for the liberation of every oppressed nation. For us, the Atlantic Charter and President Roosevelt's proclamation of the Four Freedoms for all peoples are corner-stones of our fighting faith. -- Chiang Kai-Shek
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In 1989, a lone and still-anonymous Chinese student stood unarmed in front of a Chinese tank and gave the world an enduring image of the determination of China's young to change their nation. He didn't text message the tank or share a video on YouTube. -- Tom Brokaw
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Did you ever find yourself considering matters from the Chinese point of view?'
'It would be strange if I never did, wouldn't it? Everyone should be able to consider matters form someone else's perspective. -- Sherry Thomas
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One suit for the White Devil!" in Mandarin, -- Christopher Moore
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This film 'Hero' talks about the peace of Chinese people. -- Jet Li
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China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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In Dragon's Tail, Andrew Charlton explores the supercharged rise of China and considers Australia's future as the Chinese dragon stirs and shifts. -- Andrew Charlton
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Ting-a-ling mother fucker. -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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I've been going to China every year now for more than a decade. -- Paul Oakenfold
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China does not exist. Nevertheless, she longs to be there. -- Margaret Atwood
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When I was a student there in the mid-1990s, they had just created the weekend; depth and individuality were slowly returning after the austere, colorless low of the 1970s. When I returned to live in China from 2005 to 2013, the country was building everything anew. -- Evan Osnos
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The Chinese dream is an American dream embedded in a Confucian cocoon. -- Patrick Mendis
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Anyone who tries to keep track of what is happening in China is going to end up by wearing all the skin of his left ear from twirling around on it. -- Robert Benchley
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It is a little bit humiliating when I have to say that Chou En-lai to me appears as the most superior brain I have so far met in the field of foreign politics ... so much more dangerous than you imagine because he is so much better a man than you have ever admitted. -- Dag Hammarskjold
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Our group has been in Asia since 1981 in mining, oil and gas. Now we want to mine not silver and gold, but great stories and people, and change the world of cinema, and we want to do that by walking in the footsteps of Wu Tianming. -- Robert Friedland
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In our international relations, we Chinese people should get rid of great-power chauvinism resolutely, thoroughly, wholly and completely. -- Mao Zedong
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The longer I lived in China, the more I sensed that the Chinese people have outpaced the political system that nurtured their rise. The Party has unleashed the greatest expansion of human potential in world history - and spawned, perhaps, the greatest threat to its own survival. -- Evan Osnos
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I recalled an economics professor in Fujian who spoke to me of China's inevitable return to the top of the world order. It was just a matter of time.
"I have teapots older than your country," the professor said, sipping his tea. "And they're /very/ sturdy teapots. -- Alex Tizon
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Whales follow
the whale-roads.
roads of magnetized air.
To go great distance,
exactitudes matter.
Yet how often
the heart
that set out for Peru
arrives in China,
Steering hard.
consulting the charts
the whole journey. -- Jane Hirshfield
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I remember looking around at the girls, the men, the drugs and the money, and wondering how long this utopia could last: the Chinese dream, in its second, prodigal generation. -- Susie Gordon
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And what sort of lively lads with the pencil those Chinese are, many queer cups and saucers inform us. -- Herman Melville
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I am Chinese - it doesn't matter what other people say. -- Gong Li
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China is one of the greatest cultures on Earth, and it is one of those countries that suffered immensely from colonialist horrors and humiliation. -- Andre Vltchek
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China is a government-oriented economy. No one can say he can run his business entirely without government connections. Anybody who says that he or she can do things alone ... is a hypocrite. -- Wang Jianlin
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Oh, for eloquence to plead the cause of China, for a pencil dipped in fire to paint the condition of this people. -- Hudson Taylor
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Let's order cheap Chinese and eat it out of the box with chopsticks."
"Let's order good Chinese and do that. -- Sylvia Day
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There's a joy without canker or cark,
There's a pleasure eternally new,
'T is to gloat on the glaze and the mark
Of china that's ancient and blue. -- Andrew Lang
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The dictator's black hand had
made China a birdcage wrapped in red flags.--From "Balloons -- Zoe S. Roy
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The loneliest Chinese man I ever met lived halfway up the Three Gorges, in Sichuan Province. -- Paolo Bacigalupi
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I do not know what put the idea of China into his head, but at first he must have thrust it aside with violent repulsion; and perhaps the very violence of his repulsion impressed the idea on him, for he found it haunting him. -- W. Somerset Maugham
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Edward Snowden may not be a Chinese mole, but he might as well be. He's just handed Beijing a major score, while the NSA struggles to pick up the pieces - and the rest of us pay the price in terms of future national security. -- Arthur L. Herman
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China, slavishly dedicated to ancient scholars, incapable of generating within herself sufficient rulers to continue, without bloodshed, a nation. -- L. Ron Hubbard
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Panda - We're not really selling Chinese food, you know. Our real purpose is about developing people. -- Andrew Cherng
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I think that at heart I am an old-fashioned Chinese, really I am. -- Ang Lee
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Today the whole world depends on communism for its salvation, and China is no exception. -- Mao Zedong
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China, the nation which suppressed every citizen in the country who has a different opinion to the government while the rulers sneak "peacefully" into every market in wider world of Diverse cultures. -- Nilantha Ilangamuwa
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Don't forget: there is no homosexuality in China! -- David Henry Hwang
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Histories of the world omitted China; if a Chinaman invented compass or movable type or gunpowder we promptly "forgot it" and named their European inventors. In short, we regarded China as a sort of different and quite inconsequential planet. -- W.e.b. Du Bois
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A spectacular novel of colonial China that should put this first-time author on the map." - Kirkus Reviews -- Milena Banks
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China is the greatest mystifying and stupefying fact in the modern world. -- Lin Yutang
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Imagine fighting for a country where the only civilian you know is a Chinese laundryman! -- Kurt Vonnegut