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The truth is that church by its nature is a very general concept and most people are not looking for a church; otherwise, churches would be full of visitors every week. What people are looking for is something that works for them as individuals. And that is something specific, not general. -- Andy Stanley
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People no longer need to go to church to hear the Word, which has been the selling point for local churches for the past fifty years. Because of this, church is becoming less of a possessor of knowledge (commodity) and more a communal hub. -- Justin Wise
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The church is a place where broken people can fall in love with a beautiful God. -- Shane Claiborne
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We have so many churches these days that instead of reaching the unchurched are unchurching the churched"
~ Dr. Michael Horton -- Anna Sofia Botkin
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Church people and their fucking words. -- Michael J. Bode
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A high church for the true mediocre. -- Norman Mailer
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We long for our churches to be safe places to doubt, to ask questions, and to tell the truth, even when it's uncomfortable. -- Rachel Held Evans
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Church and court, it's all the same - pews, a throne, a God, the accused. -- Mitchell S. Jackson
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Dear God, save us from The Church! -- Ljupka Cvetanova
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As burned as I've been by local churches and by people who call themselves in God's name, Jesus gave us the church. It's supposed to be a community of like-minded people who encourage and strengthen each other. But that's not how it always works. -- Anne Graham Lotz
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In other days people chose a church on the basis of their doctrinal convictions. Now, lacking doctrinal convictions, they choose for social reasons. -- Vance Havner
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They are universal places, like churches, hallowed meeting places of all mankind. -- Iris Murdoch
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To me, anything that is a church is really just far too close minded. -- Marilyn Manson
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I stay away from churches in which I feel like I have to pretend I'm a better person than I am. That sort of thing moves my faith backwards. -- Donald Miller
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Don't just be a church goer, find God -- Sunday Adelaja
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Asked. So far, in her brief time in Appalachia, she had become convinced that every five families had their own tiny church with a leaning white steeple. There were churches everywhere, all believing in the inerrancy of the Holy Scripture but evidently agreeing on little else. -- Anonymous
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Where a people prays, there is the church; and where the church is; there is never loneliness. -- Eric Metaxas
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The church is a place where we make our prejudice sacred. -- Peter Rollins
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I'm leaving out some of the hugely successful megachurches, of which I have very little experience. -- Barbara Brown Taylor
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Wherever you've got a state church, you have empty churches. -- Rodney Stark
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in the closet to grab a Sunday school -- Tina Fey
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If there's any place where you would express your deepest doubts, it would be church. -- Rob Bell
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I'm from the church, my dad was a pastor's kid. -- Wyclef Jean
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As children we were bombarded by competing answers. Church says one thing, school another. Now as adults it's no surprise that if we discuss the nature of it all, we generally spout some combination of the two, depending on our individual inclination and mood. -- Robert Lanza
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A church can offer living and palpable proof that the gospel makes a real difference for real people living in the real world. -- Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.
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For every family of the pious ought to be a church. -- John Calvin
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Love the church because Jesus loves it. -- D. A. Carson
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The Church is not merely a hospital or a halfway house to check in and out for weekend visits. -- Deborrah K. Ogans
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Megachurches. I can't be the only one frightened when our houses of worship sound like they could take on Godzilla. -- Jon Stewart
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Church is not an organization you join; it is a family where you belong, a home where you are loved and a hospital where you find healing. -- Nicky Gumbel
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Nine out of ten churches in North America are losing ground in the communities in which they are located. They are declining or growing more slowly than their respective communities. -- Thom S. Rainer
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The church is supposed to help the people discover their calling and reveal the Kingdom of God to them -- Sunday Adelaja
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A church must grow larger and smaller at the same time. Larger through worship and smaller through small groups. -- Rick Warren
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One of my beliefs is that there are certain institutions within a community which stand for the spirit and heart of that community, there's the church, the local football team, the local pub and the theatre. -- David Soul
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Is all the world jails and churches? -- Zack De La Rocha
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I was reared in the church, in the Presbyterian Church. -- Billy Graham
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By comparison with a night-club, churches are positively gay. -- Aldous Huxley
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A worshipping Church or a prayer group is a magnet that draws the Lord and His people to connect with each other! -- Gangai Victor
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People go to church for the same reasons they go to a tavern: to stupefy themselves, to forget their misery, to imagine themselves, for a few minutes anyway, free and happy.
Circular Letter to My Friends in Italy -- Mikhail Bakunin
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Churches that make an impact are more focused on putting boots on the streets than butts in the seats -- Miles Mcpherson
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For me, the Church is the enemy. -- Al Goldstein
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During the ten years I lived in the U.K., I frequently attended an Anglican church just outside of London. I enjoyed the energetic singing and the thoughtful homilies. And yet, I found it easy to be a pew warmer, a consumer, a back row critic. -- Gary Hamel
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Now the church is not wood and stone, but the company of people who believe in Christ. -- Martin Luther
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Many modern Christians will take the best programs from every church while committing to no church. They even have a name for it: church shopping. -- Mark Driscoll
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The church is the chief place for spiritual edification and growth (Acts 20:32; Eph. 4:11-16; 2 Tim. 3:16-17; 1 Pet. 2:1-2; 2 Pet. 3:18). -- Ed Stetzer
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Churches, by the very reason of their structures, are monolithic and do not adapt easily. But in many cases, they, too, have allowed themselves to become allied or even part of an unjust establishment or system. -- Sean Macbride
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Ah, my friend, that is the only true church organization, when heads and hearts unite in working for the welfare of the human race! -- Lydia M. Child
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Most of us come to the church by a means the church does not allow. -- Flannery O'connor
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The church is the only institution supernaturally endowed by God. It is the one institution of which Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. -- Charles Colson
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I believe alot of churches in America are not churches. -- Paul Washer
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My own mind is my own church. -- Thomas Paine
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The point of church isn't to get people to come to church." "No?" said Steve, cocking an eyebrow. "What is it?" It seemed obvious to me. "to feed them, so they can go out and, you know, be Jesus." Take this Bread, A Radical Conversion by Sara Miles -- Sara Miles
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Napoleon said that if it weren't for religion the poor would kill the rich. This may be all you needed to know about any human community. The churches were the real police stations, the real keepers of law and order. -- Thomas Mcguane
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We're not church planters. We are community planters and, as we work in our communities, we join local churches. -- Shane Claiborne
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We go to church buildings that still have a mortgage. Which means the bank owns God's house. Which means that we go and make love to God in a house that Satan owns! -- Eddie Long
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Some goes to church to seek prosperity -- Sunday Adelaja
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Where the bishop is present, there is the Catholic Church -- Ignatius Of Antioch
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Art, that great undogmatized church. -- Ellen Key
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The Church is not an enforcer of rules, but an outpost of grace -- Brian Houston
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Faith can be stirred within the walls of church buildings, but faith is formed and nourished in the waiting rooms of hospitals, helplessly witnessing a thirty-one-year-old sister suffer, holding kids affected by the AIDS epidemic, and being stretched outside of our own social makeup. -- Josh Ross
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Church is what you do. Church is who you are. Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ. Let's not go to Church, let's be the Church. -- Bill Hybels
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My church wasn't confined to the inside of a building. I carried it around with me everywhere I went. -- Joni Mayhan
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I grew up in the United Methodist Church, and church was always a very big part of my growing up. -- Hilarie Burton
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Today's churchless adults are not remarkably less favorable toward churches in their community; if anything, there is simply a growing "yawn, -- George Barna
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For church buildings not to be enough is to build and equip church members to send them out -- Sunday Adelaja
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Oh, honey, God don't care which church you go, long as you show up! -- Robert Harling
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The church is a house of prayer for all nations -- Sunday Adelaja
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In a smaller church your pastoring sets up your preaching. In a larger church your preaching sets up your pastoring. -- Timothy Keller
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The nearer to the church, the further from God. -- John Heywood
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They wish the church could be more diverse, but then leave to meet in a coffee shop with other well-educated thirtysomethings who are into film festivals, NPR, and carbon offsets. -- Kevin Deyoung
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Am equally at home in an Anglican or Baptist church -- David Frost
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Small churches become more effective when they specialize in what they do best. -- Rick Warren
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Many churches offer more entertainment than worship, more uniformity than diversity, more exclusivity than outreach, more law than grace. -- Philip Yancey
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God wants every local church to be the first place people think to go when they've really messed up ... not the last. -- Tullian Tchividjian
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Churches and trains
they all look the same to me now
they shoot you some place
while we ache to come home somehow. -- Gregory Alan Isakov
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The Church should be the place where a word reverberates right into the world. -- Karl Barth
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Pastors, elders, and members often misinterpret the church through business and organizational lenses. -- Jeramie Rinne
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An unholy church! it is useless to the world, and of no esteem among men. It is an abomination, hell's laughter, heaven's abhorrence. The worst evils which have ever come upon the world have been brought upon her by an unholy church. -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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To be of no church is dangerous. Religion, of which the rewards are distant, and which is animated only by faith and hope, will glide by degrees out of the mind unless it be invigorated and reimpressed by external ordinances, by stated calls to worship, and the salutary influence of example. -- Samuel Johnson
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I'm not religious, so theres no church on Sunday. -- Tamara Ecclestone
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The church is in the hope business. -- John Ortberg
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My friends, it is one thing to go to church or chapel; it is quite another thing to go to God. -- Charles Spurgeon
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Jesus is the hope of the world and the local church is the vehicle of expressing that hope to the world. -- Andy Stanley
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it's the closest thing I have to church. -- Amanda Palmer
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...people don't think in churches.

[Noyce on what bothers him most about organized religion.] -- Robert Noyce
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The more I work with Nature and totemism, the more church is everywhere. -- S. Kelley Harrell
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churches are evil, aren't they? What with the crosses and the rituals and the singing. -- C.l.stone
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The Responsibility Of The Local Church Is To Help People Discover What They Are Created For -- Sunday Adelaja
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We do not want churches. They will teach us to quarrel about God. -- Chief Joseph
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A Christian without a church is like a bee without a hive. -- Suzanne Woods Fisher
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The church is a storehouse of spiritual food whereby the inner man is fed, nourished, and developed into maturity. If it fails, it is not fulfilling its purpose as a church. -- Billy Graham
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Every believer is commanded to be plugged in to a local church. -- David Jeremiah
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Those churches have closed down or have been merged with a church that has a more positive vision. -- Bill Hybels
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I always say that as church falls into demise, we still have the inclination to congregate whether by a night of music or a festival, or just sitting down to listen to some vinyl ... -- Daniel Lanois
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It is true that the church must be in many places and with many people, but it is the poor who will reveal to the church - dramatically and poignantly - the nature of its heart and mission. -- Gary Smith
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You plant the gospel. You don't plant churches. -- Alan Hirsch
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Go among the people. Don't assume you know what church looks like. -- Alan Hirsch
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Going to church doesn't change anything - Jesus does, and he works through his Word and his people. -- J.a. Medders
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There are a surprising number who get their spiritual uplift week by week only from the comfort of their own living rooms or from their computers. They never go to church. Well, they "go" to church but do so in their own way. -- David F. Wells
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The local church is the outcrop of the church universal. -- Peter Forsyth