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Even taxpayers have rights! -- Beric J. Croome
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On becoming soldiers we have not ceased to be citizens. -- Oliver Cromwell
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The 'person' is not an interchangeable part. The 'citizen' is ... The person is harking back to a pre-print model. It's what the hippies were. -- Terence Mckenna
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Ordinary French people. Citizens of fear. -- Jean-Claude Izzo
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For a fledging democratic system to succeed, we need citizens who understand the procedures, believe in democratic rules and get personally involved. -- Friedrich Naumann
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The moment you vote, you are a citizen. But moment you make your vote public, you are a politician. -- Ben Tolosa
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In those days they weren't citizens as we know them, but old landowning families with vast estates of fields and meadows. -- E.h. Gombrich
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Civil servants and priests, soldiers and ballet-dancers, schoolmasters and police constables, Greek museums and Gothic steeples, civil list and services list
the common seed within which all these fabulous beings slumber in embryo is taxation. -- Karl Marx
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This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are. -- Plato
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It is certain, I think, that the best government is the one that governs the least. But there is a much-neglected corollary: the best citizen is the one who least needs governing. -- Wendell Berry
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Families are incubators for citizen activists. -- Ralph Nader
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We're not citizens anymore. We're consumers. That's what we're called. It's just like being an alcoholic and being in denial that you're an alcoholic. We're in denial that each and every one of us is the problem. And until we face up to that, nothing's going to happen. -- Yvon Chouinard
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Our supreme governors, the mob. -- Horace Walpole
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Big government makes small citizens. -- Mark Steyn
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Government not just for a few, it belongs to the common people. -- Narendra Modi
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In America, the government is accountable to the people, not the other way around," says a constitutional law scholar sympathetic to the antiwar movement on the subject of the anonymous police. -- Nathan Hill
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Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it -- Martha Gellhorn
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Preparing citizens to act thoughtfully to create a more just, open, and creative society gives form, substance and meaning to often abstract concepts of freedom and democracy. -- Gregory S. Prince Jr.
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Each generation, as it seeks to advance the common good, must ask anew: 'What are the requirements that governments may reasonably impose upon citizens, and how far do they extend? By appeal to what authority can moral dilemmas be resolved?' -- Pope Benedict Xvi
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As the physical, digital, and biological worlds continue to converge, new technologies and platforms will increasingly enable citizens to engage with governments, voice their opinions, coordinate their efforts, and even circumvent the supervision of public authorities. -- Klaus Schwab
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The taxpayer: That's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination. -- Ronald Reagan
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The most powerful force possessed by the individual citizen is her own government ... Government is the only organized mechanism that makes possible that level of shared disinterest known as the public good. -- John Ralston Saul
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Citizenship means standing up for everyone's right to vote.*** -- Barack Obama
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The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry. -- William F. Buckley Jr.
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The people are the government, administering it by their agents; they are the government, the sovereign power. -- Andrew Jackson
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Some people are born to be public property. -- M.f. Moonzajer
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It is because the people are citizens that they are with safety armed. -- Joel Barlow
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Under a democratical government the citizens exercise the powers of sovereignty; and those powers will be first abused, and afterwards lost, if they are committed to an unwieldy multitude. -- Edward Gibbon
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I'm a citizen of the world. -- Don Lemon
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Your public servants serve you right; indeed often they serve you better than your apathy and indifference deserve. -- Adlai Stevenson I
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We need citizens who are less concerned about what their government can do for them, and more concerned about what they can do for the nation. -- Warren G. Harding
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A responsible citizen is the one that sees something wrong in the society, something he is not satisfied with or that he cannot agree with and responds not by blaming the government or leaders. But by designing ways and means of bringing a lasting solution to the issues at hand -- Sunday Adelaja
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The proposition that the people are the best keepers of their own liberties is not true. They are the worst conceivable, they are no keepers at all; they can neither judge, act, think, or will, as a political body. -- John Adams
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[W]e must extend the authority of the Union to the persons of the citizens - the only proper objects of government. -- Alexander Hamilton
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Ordinary people can bring about change. -- Oprah Winfrey
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In all forms of government the people is the true legislator. -- Edmund Burke
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If we are to perpetuate the state, we must not only produce citizens, but good citizens - men and women of sound bodies, clear minds and clean souls. -- Arthur Capper
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Earth Citizens are people who care for the earth as they care for their own bodies. -- Ilchi Lee
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We are all citizens of history. -- Clifton Fadiman
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We must abandon the notion that the people govern. Instead, we must adopt the theory that, by their occasional mobilisations as a majority, people support or oppose the individuals who actually govern. -- Walter Lippmann
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[E]very Man who comes among us, and takes up a piece of Land, becomes a Citizen, and by our Constitution has a Voice in Elections, and a share in the Government of the Country. -- Benjamin Franklin
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Vigilantes who executed some of the most vicious and ignoble acts of lawless brutality in U.S. history nevertheless considered those very acts to be the work of citizenship and in many cases elicited wide popular approval. -- Linda Gordon
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The tumultuous populace of large cities are ever to be dreaded. Their indiscriminate violence prostrates for the time all public authority, and its consequences are sometimes extensive and terrible. -- George Washington
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Because we don't live in a society anymore, Tom. We live in an economy. We're not citizens. We're customers. -- Melina Marchetta
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What "the public," "the workforce," "the electorate," "consumers," and "the population" all have in common is that they are brought into being by institutionalized frames of action that are inherently bureaucratic, and therefore, profoundly alienating. -- David Graeber
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Your every voter, as surely as your chief magistrate, exercises a public trust. -- Grover Cleveland
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Governments represent their citizens in the same way as parasites represent their hosts. -- Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski
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I've heard that when citizens are unruly, there's usually a good reason for it. -- Marissa Meyer
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Each member of the community gives himself to it at the instant of its constitution, just as he actually is, himself and all his forces, including all goods in his possession. -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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There are only three types of citizenship: hero, villain, nobody. -- Toba Beta
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Our identities have no bodies, so, unlike you, we cannot obtain order by physical coercion. We believe that from ethics, enlightened self-interest, and the commonweal, our governance will emerge. -- John Perry Barlow
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Public Opinion ... an attempt to organize the ignorance of the community, and to elevate it to the dignity of physical force. -- Oscar Wilde
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First of all, citizens don't vote about laws. They vote on representatives. The representatives do the voting about laws. -- J. Kraft Mitchell
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Justice has often been forged from fires of indignities and prejudices suffered. Our triumphs that celebrate the freedom of choice are hallowed. We have arrived upon another moment in history when 'We the People' becomes more inclusive, and our freedom more perfect. -- Arenda L. Wright Allen
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With Citizens United, the Supreme Court's declaration that corporations are people, the whims of one can silence the voices of millions. -- Christine Pelosi
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The elect, those who will; the non-elect, those who won't. -- Henry Ward Beecher
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Congress: America's only true criminal class. -- Mark Twain
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Young citizens by the use of our institutions; our better acquaintance with -- Benjamin Franklin
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In modern societies, some members of ethnic minority groups do not want to feel compelled to heed the voices of their communities when participating as citizens. -- Michael Kenny
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True civil disobedience ... compels the state to resort to power. -- Archibald Cox
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We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. -- Aesop
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I use the phrase "fellow citizen" all the time when referring to the - people always say, "The American people, the American people." I prefer the phrase fellow citizen because there's a power in that, there's a responsibility, there's a duty in using that phrase fellow citizen. -- Tavis Smiley
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Citizens, regardless of their political inclinations, carry a devout sense of their shared culture and its temperament - and, having contributed to it all their lives, hold decent and reasonable hopes for its continued integrity. -- Michael Leunig
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All of us are citizens in a republic much larger than the Republic of America. It is the Republic of Letters, a realm of the mind that extends everywhere, without police, national boundaries, or disciplinary frontiers. -- Robert Darnton
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The world of efficiency and anonymity dehumanises us. We have to ask who the invisible people are. Who makes our clothes? Who picks our vegetables? And how are they treated? -- Shane Claiborne
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Only a knowledgeable, empowered and vocal citizenry can perform well in democracy. -- David Brin
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The people must fight on behalf of the law as though for the city wall. -- Heraclitus
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If civil society has nobody who protects the law, then what kind of society is that? -- Ai Weiwei
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Most of us think of government as them. Yet government isn't Them: It's us. -- Molly Ivins
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The intelligent minority are a "specialized class" who are responsible for setting policy and for "the formation of a sound public opinion, -- Noam Chomsky
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The citizen has become irrelevant. He or she can participate in heavily choreographed elections, but the demands of corporations and banks are paramount. -- Chris Hedges
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The growth of modern constitutional government compels for its successful practice the exercise of reason and considerate judgment by the individual citizens who constitute the electorate. -- Elihu Root
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Governments arise either out of the people or over the people. -- Thomas Paine
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Integrity, in my view, starts with the individual human being and grows in a compounded manner from there. The citizen must be an 'intelligence minuteman. -- Robert David Steele
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The only title in our democracy superior to that of President is the title of citizen. -- Louis D. Brandeis
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Citizenship is the right to have rights. -- Earl Warren
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The police belongs to the people and the people belong to the police. -- Todor Zhivkov
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By making the government a combination of elected officials and citizen-backed initiatives and referenda, there can truly be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. -- Victoria Stoklasa
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Government is instituted for those who live under it. -- Roger Sherman
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The terrible tyranny of the majority. -- Ray Bradbury
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The artist as citizen is here to stay. -- Barbra Streisand
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Civil disobedience is the inherent right of a citizen. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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A man with a rifle is a citizen; a man without one is merely a subject. -- Mark Horton
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Here, sir, the people govern; here they act by their immediate representatives. -- Alexander Hamilton
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We must create a state that responds to the citizens' needs, and we need citizens who feel committed to their state because that state serves the citizens. -- Carlos Mesa
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I felt somehow for many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton just left me out by mistake. But through the process of amendment, interpretation, and court decision, I have finally been included in 'We, the people.' -- Barbara Jordan
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The real breeders of discontent and alien doctrines of government and philosophies subversive of good citizenship are such as these who take the law into their own hands. -- John L. Lewis
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Elections remind us not only of the rights but the responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy. -- Robert Kennedy
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A government of, for and by the people, requires much from the people. -- Ernie Fletcher
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Before we are citizens, we are children, and it is as children that we come to understand freedom and authority, liberty and duty. -- Orson Scott Card
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I ask you sir, who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people. -- George Mason
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The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open. -- Gunter Grass
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Public officers are the servants and agents of the people, to execute the laws which the people have made. -- Grover Cleveland
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Locals. They'll eventually get out. They're annoyed. Like when Americans go to the lake. And it's closed. 'Cause some kid pooped in the water. -- Elle Lothlorien
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The citizen must have high ideals, and yet he must be able to achieve them in
practical fashion. -- Theodore Roosevelt
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The citizen's job is to be rude - to pierce the comfort of professional intercourse by boorish expressions of doubt. -- John Ralston Saul
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The public must be put in its place, so that it may exercise its own powers, but no less and perhaps even more, so that each of us may live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd. -- Walter Lippmann
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I'm a civilian, a citizen. -- David Remnick
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The terrifying breakdown of social cohesion in the American city, in spite of intense institutionalized police surveillance equipped with every sophisticated aid to public control, illustrates that social behaviour depends upon mutual responsibility rather than upon the policeman. -- Colin Ward
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The Constitution was made for ordinary people. -- Pat Robertson