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Shane said, "Don't worry. I'll protect you."
Claire hit him in the shoulder. "I don't need you to protect me."
"Then why am I going first?"
"So you can take the first punch while I throw the second?"
"So I'm bait? Ouch. You've been in Morganville way too long, girl. -- Rachel Caine
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First, her father had a minor stroke, giving Claire a glimpse of his mortality and, by extension, her own. And then she had a vision of herself thirty years in the future: a spinster librarian in an apartment full of cats named after New Wave directors. (Godard, leave Rivette's chew toy alone - ) -- Jess Walter
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Claire looked at the empty side of the bed again and grimaced. Who was she kidding? She knew why she felt jealous of Jared. Gabriel might be in love with her, but he didn't need her. When he was upset, Jared was the one he went to. Jared was the one he needed. -- Alessandra Hazard
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For the first time in his life he'd dared to believe in happily-ever-after.He learned at a young age it was unattainable. Therefore, he'd never even tried ... until Claire. -- Aleatha Romig
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I knew you'd come,Claire.I knew you would.Dear God,you took your time. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire: Seriously? My mom? Let you in my room? In the middle of the night?
Michael: Moms like me. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire glanced up from where she had been pacing, twisting the two-carat canary diamond ring on her third finger. She had not noticed her mother's entrance. She stopped pacing. She knew how much her mother loved that -- Mara Stone
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Oh, hey, Claire," she said, and blinked. "Where are you going?"
"Funeral," Shane said. On-screen, a zombie shrieked and died gruesomely.
"Yeah? Cool! Whose?"
"Hers." Shane said. -- Rachel Caine
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Damn, Claire. Warn a guy before you do a face-plant on the floor next time. I could have looked all heroic and caught you or something -Shane -- Rachel Caine
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So we do nothing?
Claire We do the best nothing you've ever seen.
Michael -- Rachel Caine
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I'm not going to say what was wrong with Claire, not here. I consider that a private matter. It's nobody's business what kind of illnesses you've had - in any case it's up to her if she wants to talk about it, and not up to me. -- Herman Koch
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Jessica, who loves stories, -- J.k. Rowling
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Cliare: "You know what? I need you right now."
Claire: "Right now."
Shane: "Oh, that's so exactly what I was going to say." *dropping C. to the bed.*
Claire: "Jinxies -- Rachel Caine
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Your education or your life, Claire. I'd rather you be alive and a little bit dumber. -- Rachel Caine
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Clare. Give me a reason to stay. -- Kim Harrington
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I think I'd fall for you no matter what, Claire. You're kind of awesome. -- Rachel Caine
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His voice made me want to take my pants off.
Claire -- Tara Sivec
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It begins and ends with Mackenzie. -- Megan Keith
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Hey!" Claire called after him, as she leaned her backpack against the wall.
"No onions!"
"Your loss!"
"I meant for YOU! Not if you want to get kissed tonight!"
"Damn, girl. Harsh. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire to Tony: I know you enjoy coffee, I'd offer you some. But, the last time I got you coffee, it didn't work out so well for me. -- Aleatha Romig
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Do ye not understand?"he said, in near desparation. "I would lay the world at your feet, Claire-and I have nothing to give ye!"
He honestly thought it mattered. -- Diana Gabaldon
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And Clare, always Clare. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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Eve: Shut up, we have zero time for you and your bullshit dramatics
Monica: Or what, you'll bleed on me, Emo Princess of Freakdomonia?
Claire: Fine. You come with us. If you get in my way, I'll kill you. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire sighed. She supposed people always did like that sort of girl, and always would. And secretly? She envied Monica's confidence. Maybe just a little, traitorous bit. -- Rachel Caine
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Myrnin: "There is no drama so great as that of a teenage girl."
Claire: "Except yours. -- Rachel Caine
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And that, Claire thought, was why Morley had been right about this, even if he was a complete vampire about
You had to save what you could.
Amelie had understood that all along, Claire realized. That was why Morganville existed. Because you had to
try. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire stretched out against the wall and kissed it. "Glad to see you, too," she whispered, and pressed her cheek against the smooth surface. It almost felt like it hugged her back.
"Dude, it's a house," Shane said from behind her. "Hug somebody who cares. -- Rachel Caine
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[Myrnin to Claire about their costumes of Pierrot and Harlequin, respectively]
"Don't they teach you anything in your schools?"
"Not about this."
"Pity. I suppose that's what comes of your main education flowing from Google. -- Rachel Caine
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Hold on, Claire Bear! Next stop, Crazytown! -- Rachel Caine
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Hang on - Slow down. I'm not going anywhere. You know that, right? You don't have to put out to keep me here. Well, as long as you eventually ... " Shane said.
"Shut up" Claire said. -- Rachel Caine
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I love arguing with you, Claire. You always surprise me. And occasionally, you even make sense. -- Rachel Caine
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I'm telling you, Claire. It doesn't matter. What you were wearing. What you look like. Nothing. Watch the nature channel. Predators go for the easy prey." I -- Mindy Mcginnis
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I wrapped up my food to take home. "Let's go. We need to discuss your favorite method of dying, because I'm going to kill you. Just so you know."

Claire grinned. "You're welcome."

~Gray -- Patricia B. Tighe
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That's ... " He points to Claire's nursery and tries to speak, but it takes him several tries to get his sentence out. "That's his sister," he finally says, blowing out an unsteady breath. "Rachel. You gave him a sister. -- Colleen Hoover
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She wanted to lunge over and kiss him. Well, ew, not really, maybe a hug. Or a hanshake.
Claire about Oliver -- Rachel Caine
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I didn't say you shouldn't worry, do you think I don't worry? But no, you probably can't do anything about me.' 'Well, maybe no, Sassenach, and maybe so. But I've lived a long enough time now to think it maybe doesna matter so much
so long as I can love you.' -Claire & Jamie Fraser -- Diana Gabaldon
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I hoped Claire would have a girl. A nephew would be fun until he got his first erection and then he'd be like the rest of them. -- Meredith Schorr
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Things touched Claire. Maybe too much, but at least they touched her. She couldn't twist things around in her mind, make the ends come out right. -- Janet Fitch
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Who's Myrnin?"
Claire controlled an urge to roll her eyes. "Badass crazy vampire scientist who's my boss."
"You realize no part of that sentence made sense, right? -- Rachel Caine
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Claire, did I invite you to my barbeque?" Massie asked, her neck tilting to the right and her arms tightly crossed.
"Huh? No. I mean, I don't know," Claire said.
"Then why are you all up in my grill?" Massie said through her teeth. -- Lisi Harrison
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Claire:Now shane was talking sense?Wow was it opposite day? -- Rachel Caine
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Hurt me?" he asked. "How would you do that? By taking away everything I love? Everything I honour? You're too late, Hannah. Far too late. Fallon already did that."
Claire's terrible feeling suddenly condensed into a heavy, sickening weight. "He took Jesse," she said. "Fallon took Jesse. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire, if you don't move, I will have served two tours of duty only to die in this bed. -- Marissa Clarke
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Claire:shes floating whats wrong with that
shane:Nothing but she didnt even insult me now thats just desturbs me. -- Rachel Caine
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S they sat, him on the sofa and her in a chair, she added, "I know you enjoy coffee, I'd offer you some. But, the last time I got you coffee, it didn't work out so well for me."
Tony smirked, "God, Claire you're something else. I can't imagine anyone else joking about that. -- Aleatha Romig
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Maybe Jethro, Claire, and I can live together in harmony. Maybe she can be my sister wife. Yes. That was the answer. She could have her pretty farmhouse and custody of Jethro on Sundays. I could have him the rest of the week. And if she touched him, I would claw her eyes out. Perfect. -- Penny Reid
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Saint Claire, the patron saint of the kick-me sign. -- Rachel Caine
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Hush, let me talk to the crazy lady. -- Nalini Singh
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Unca Jay!"
"How's it going Claire?"
She giggled. "Qwil aaaaawl wet now."
"I can see that. Where's your mama?"
"Gone, gone, gone," Claire sang. "Cwaire pway wid Qwil aaaawl day. Cwaire nebber gowin home. -- Stephenie Meyer
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You won't forget that," Claire assured her.
"I like things written down," Tabitha mumbled. "Then you've got them for good. -- Margaret Mahy
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It made Claire feel so much better knowing that even though she'd almost died, appearances were maintained. -- Aleatha Romig
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What about Myrnin?'
Eve swallowed, almost choked, and Michael patted her kindly on the back. She beamed at him. 'Myrnin? Oh yeah. He did a Batman and took off into the night. What is with that guy, Claire? If he was a superhero, he'd be Bipolar Man. -- Rachel Caine
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Tim -- Sean Waller
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She would die, Claire realized, before she would give up the love she felt for her son. -- Lois Lowry
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I don't like this, he said. I don't like knowing you can't forgive me, Claire. Please, I said I was sorry, what do you want me to do? Beg?I will. I'll get on my knees right here if you want. -- Rachel Caine
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He looked like Bree, didn't he? He was like her?" "Yes." He breathed heavily, almost a snort. "I could see it in your face - when you'd look at her, I could see you thinking of him. Damn you, Claire Beauchamp," he said, very softly. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Shane: so is world war fifteen over out there?
claire:i think so -- Rachel Caine
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Elizabeth Spencer. -- Julia Glass
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I hear a muffled sniffling noise and glancing at Claire I am astonished to see that tears are streaming across her face toward her ears. I sit up and lean over her. -- Audrey Niffenegger
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Claire lifted her glass after everyone had eaten. "Everyone make a toast. To food and flowers," she said.
"To love and laughter," Tyler said.
"To old and new," Henry said.
"To what's next," Evanelle said.
"To the apple tree," Bay said. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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Madeline Reynolds -- Natasha Lowe
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And when my body shall cease, my soul will still be yours, Claire--- I swear by my hope of heaven, I will not be parted from you. --Jamie -- Diana Gabaldon
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Time is nothing - Henry's Letter to Claire -- Audrey Niffenegger
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Rosie Germaine Mole. -- Sue Townsend
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Claire - "Go ahead. And thanks. Oh, and be careful?"
Eve - "Please. I am the queen of careful. Also, princess of punk fabulousness. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire's skin suddenly felt prickly. It came so easily to Sydney, and Claire used to hate her so much for it. Look how naturally she talked with Tyler, made it seem like toit was no big deal to fotm connections when they were so easily broken. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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Jess again. Mark had called her Jessica. As if she were a full person, not a truncated portion of one. -- Courtney Milan
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When you look back on this moment months from now, don't forget the one word I'm about to say to you, Claire Deveraux. Foreplay. -- Georgia Cates
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Everything has fallen apart.
Claire stops laughing suddenly and takes a drag. She says, Shit, Travis. Like anything was ever put together in the first place. -- Jason Myers
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Jenny? Just as I was considering -- S.c. Stephens
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Hey what's your name"
"Candi." She's hesitant, like that beaten dog Jade mentioned. "Candi Woodward."
"I'm Ayla Monroe."
She laughs uneasily. "I know."
"Out, Candi Cane," Jane orders. -- Roxanne St. Claire
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Tears filled Claire's eyes but, as if they knew their place, didn't leave. -- Amy Waldman
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Claire mumbled into Bronwyn's lap, Tell us a story, Wyn. I'm scared and I don't like this at all and I think I'd like to hear a story instead. -- Ransom Riggs
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Claire didn't understand the appeal of being drugged. She had thought the purpose was to make you numb, but if anything, she was feeling everything much too intensely. She couldn't shut down her brain. She felt shaky. Her tongue was too thick for her mouth. Maybe she was doing it wrong. -- Karin Slaughter
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At this point I meet Me face to face. I am Mary MacLane: of no importance to the wide bright world and dearly and damnably important to Me. -- Mary Maclane
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Clare is good, spiky company, and she is the very best companion to have in a bad situation. Trouble brings out the cheer beneath her darkness, unlike everyday life, which tends to have the opposite effect -- Amy Bloom
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The past is gone, Claire. It's like a sand castle washed away by the waves. We can remember what it looked like, but even if we build it again, it won't be the exactly the same. -- Megan Hart
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He was yelling at them all to follow. Claire didn't want to; she didn't trust them, any of them. But the boy took her hand, and said, "Trust me, Claire," and she felt something inside her that had been howling in fear ... go quiet. -- Rachel Caine
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A woman on the verge of moral downfall ought to be well dressed. Claire's particular transgression was gartered to her thigh, a paper hidden by yards of silk. She walked through the empty alley, confident in one comforting truth: no one dared ask a lady what her skirts concealed... -- Gina Conkle
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Oh, he is cute!" Shane said in a fake girly voice. "Gee, maybe we can ask him out!"
"Shut up, you weasel. Claire, hit him! -- Rachel Caine
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How do you know all this about me?" Helen sputtered. Claire sighed.
"After I pushed you off the roof ... " she began.
"After you WHAT?" Lucas yelled. -- Josephine Angelini
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Diary Amy. She was meant to be likable. Meant for someone like you to like her. She's easy to like. I've never understood why that's considered a compliment - that just anyone could like you. No matter. -- Gillian Flynn
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Tell me he's not talking to Brandon," Claire said.
"Um ... Ok. He's not talking to Brandon."
"You're lying."
"Yeah. He's talking to Brandon. Look, let Shane do his thing, okay? He's not as stupid as he looks, mostly. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire: So we do nothing?
Michael: We do the best nothing you've ever seen. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire's hands moved when she talked, rising long and white in the air, as though she would catch the future between them and give it shape, would hand Jamie her thoughts as she spoke them, smooth and polished objects, bits of sculptured air. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Lydia. Beautiful. My everlasting dream. -- Mia Sheridan
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Jo shook her head. She wished she had an answer for Claire, but as far as she knew, love would leave its mark. Sometimes it even took the skin right off you. -- Tiffany Baker
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That's brain tissue. How can you-?" Claire shut her mouth, fast. "Never mind. I don't think I wanna know."
"Truly, I think that's best. Please take it." He showed his teeth briefly in a very unsettling grin. "I'm giving you a piece of my mind."
"I so wish you hadn't said that. -- Rachel Caine
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Helen, thy beauty is to me -- Edgar Allan Poe
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It's not the hair. You just
you're something else, Claire. It's like when all the rest of us don't know where to go, you ... just go. You're not afraid. -- Rachel Caine
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Talk. I'll just wait' shall I? Because my mission to save this town is of no importance whatsoever next to your girl talk."- Myrnin
"Oh, shut up, you medieval drama queen" - Claire -- Rachel Caine
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Claire slid one shoe on. Slid one shoe on. Slid one shoe on. -- Stacey Wallace Benefiel
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Hannah: What's your plan?
Claire: Go get him
Hannah: Honey, that is not a plan. That's what we in the military call an objective. -- Rachel Caine
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Claire Hodgson, born Clara Mae Merritt, was the daughter of a prominent Georgia attorney who had once represented Ty Cobb. She was still a teenager when she married Frank Hodgson, a gentleman caller nearly twice her age. -- Jane Leavy
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French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused. -- Stephanie Perkins
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Let me be frank even though I'm Vincent and prefer to be called V. -- Brian Celio
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You're mine, damn ye, Claire Fraser! Mine, and I wilna share ye, with a man or a memory, or anything whatever, so long as both shall live. -- Diana Gabaldon
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Roberta Marieschi -- Donna Leon
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Jane, nice to meet you! I'm Amabella's mum, and I have Jackson in Year 2. That's Amabella, by the way, not Annabella. It's French. We didn't make it up. -- Liane Moriarty
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Did he just say
"Yes," Claire said, smiling. "Yes, he did."
"Whoa. Guess I'd better stay alive, then. -- Rachel Caine