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Isn't hot coffee a wonderful thing? How did people get along before it was invented? -- Betty Smith
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Life happens over coffee -- Starbucks
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If I had to point to one invention in my lifetime that separated howling barbarism from civilized existence, it would be coffee. -- Edward W. Robertson
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Don't stir all the warmth out of your coffee; drink it. -- Kate Chopin
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Without coffee something's missing -- Al Pacino
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I'm a cup of tea in a world of lattes -- Len Goodman
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'Can you imagine, 30 years ago, saying nobody will make coffee at home?' Nancy McGuckin, a travel researcher in Washington, D.C. -- Tom Vanderbilt
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Free yourself from the slavery of tea and coffee and other slop kettles! -- William Cobbett
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There's an awful lot of coffee in the air, and a lot of awful coffee, too! -- John Simmons
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a pot a cook but the food na kno -- Bob Marley
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Hercule Poirot was sitting at the breakfast table. At his right hand was a steaming cup -- Agatha Christie
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There's not enough coffee in the world to fuel all the books I want to write -- Christopher Stocking
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Alice goes into the kitchen and returns with a cup of coffee for me, which she announces is free-range and fair-trade and shade-farmed in Malawi, and I nod along as if my coffee needs go beyond hot and caffeinated. -- Gayle Forman
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Listen, I didn't know how to make coffee when I came to the United States. Because in Colombia the maids do it. -- Sofia Vergara
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Oh, please - may we keep the coffee? It's all we have. -- Martha Hall Kelly
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chickaree coffee. -- Kristen Proby
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This guy makes coffee nervous. -- Bobby Heenan
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I bought an espresso maker and coffee maker and make them myself every day. -- Utada Hikaru
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Fetches cups of caf. -- Chuck Wendig
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wooden mug I had ready, half filled with -- Diana Gabaldon
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My coffee was wedged in the cup holder in the center console. Sometimes I wondered what would happen to modern American life between dawn and 10 a.m. if Starbucks vanished. Talk about road rage. -- William Casey Moreton
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Coffee is like a bra. 3 cups is one too many. -- Demetri Martin
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Home is where your teapots are. -- Helen Oyeyemi
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This is where the pot is strongest now: at the place where it had been broken. -- Wally Lamb
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Ah coffee, the elixir of gods and humans. -- Jacqueline M. Battisti
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Steam was till the other day the devil which we dreaded. Every pot made by any human potter or brazier had a hole in its cover, to let off the enemy, lest he should lift pot and roof and carry the house away. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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I've never had a cup of coffee in my life. I can't even remain in the same room with coffee. -- Mark Helprin
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Coffee isn't my cup of tea. -- Samuel Goldwyn
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The first coffee of the morning is never, ever, ready quickly enough. You die before it's ready and then your ghost pours the resurrection potion out of the moka pot. -- Helen Oyeyemi
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I hate to admit this but I don't even know how to make a cup of tea or coffee. I can boil a kettle for a pot noodle and I've been known to warm up some food in the microwave. -- Michael Owen
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Coffee is a girl who never tells a boy no. -- Andrew Smith
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Sometimes, they just make coffee cups too small. -- Michelle M. Pillow
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The coffee was boiling over a charcoal fire, and large slices of bread and butter were piled one upon the other like deals in a lumber yard. -- Charles Dickens
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When we drink coffee, ideas march in like the army -- Honore De Balzac
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YOU WILL DRINK THE COFFEE UNTIL I CAN SEE MY FACE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE CUP!" I did not mean to roar. "But it's a clay cup." "I DO NOT CARE!" He finished the coffee. "You did not have to finish it," I said, because I could perceive that he was rebuilding the Great Wall of China with shit bricks. -- Jonathan Safran Foer
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Performance art can be produced in a coffee house setting. -- Jack Bowman
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For lo! the board with cups and spoons is crowned.The berries crackle, and the mill turns round ... At once they gratify their scent and taste.And frequent cups prolong the rich repast ... Coffee (which makes the politician wise And see through all things with his half-shut eyes). -- Alexander Pope
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Coffee is for winners, go-getters, tea-ignorers, lunch-cancellers, early-risers, guilt-ridden strivers, money obsessives and status-driven spiritually empty lunatics. It is an enervating force. We should resist it and embrace tea, the ancient drink of poets, philosophers and meditators. -- Tom Hodgkinson
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Coffee takes on an almost ritualistic meaning. I learned that from being on hurricane patrol for a year in the North Atlantic. -- Nathan Lowell
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Follow that coffeehouse. -- Frances Hardinge
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I like coffee exceedingly... -- H.p. Lovecraft
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coffee can energize the industrious at dawn, calm the reflective at noon, or raise the spirits of the beleagured in the middle of the night. "It's -- Amor Towles
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His own percolator took ten minutes to warm up, and ten minutes without coffee was ten minutes of his life wasted. -- Catriona King
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Coffee is the official beverage of culture. -- Andrea Illy
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Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup, -- Andrea Illy
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Seattle has unleashed this weird phenomenon on the world called the coffee shop. And the coffee shop, thanks to Starbucks, is the place where socially isolated, lonely, needy people gather together to ignore one another. -- Mark Driscoll
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I make a mean cup of coffee, if you give me the right ingredients. -- Ice Cube
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I like my coffee like I like myself ... making rustling noises inside a burlap bag -- Josh Stern
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Who needs coffee when you have passion? -- Rob Liano
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I decipher the brewing machine because I am, after all, trained to save lives, and this is a life-or-death situation. We need coffee. Now. Or heads will roll. -- Lisa Wingate
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What's a rainy day
without some delicious
coffee-flavoured loneliness? -- Sanober Khan
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Oh, God," Shannon moans. "We have to boil water," I tell Kenny. "She wants Cup-a-Soup?" "No, it's to sterilize things." "What's that?" I start rummaging through my house looking for anything useful. I get a knife, scissors, salad tongs, clothespins, a bottle of whiskey. Kenny -- Tawni O'dell
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It is always best when discussing serious matters to do so around a teapot. -- Gordon Dahlquist
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I am a coffee fanatic. Once you go to proper coffee, you can't go back. You cannot go back. -- Hugh Laurie
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Telling a butler how to make good tea; Warm the pot first, please, then put two heaping teaspoonfuls in the pot no bags in boiling water, and when it's in, stir it. And when it comes here, I will stir it again. -- Lynn Fontanne
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Watching the couple, she silently wishes she had just cleaned out her damn coffee pot. -- Solange Nicole
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I love coffee. I love a midday espresso on set, just for the energy. -- Carrie Brownstein
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You don't need coffee. Nobody needs coffee. You can get along without it. -- Gordon B. Hinckley
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So instead I stare at the steaming liquid dripping into a coffeepot and start thinking of steaming volcanoes. And dinosaurs standing around drinking coffee, staring up at the giant meteor soaring through the air, commenting on how pretty it is. -- Lynda Mullaly Hunt
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Someone once told me they didn't like taking the lid off the kettle because they'd just lose it in the kitchen, so we made a kettle with an attached lid that you slide. It was in response to that that we made one that did something different. -- Michael Graves
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Some people need coffee; I need the outdoors. -- Brad Meltzer
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Kettle thingies. Yum. -- Lauren Destefano
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But what is coffee, but a noxious berry, Born to keep used-up Londoners awake? -- Charles Stuart Calverley
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The coffee's done? I LOVE IT WHEN THE COFFEE'S DONE! -- Craig Benzine
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Coffee: we can get it anywhere, and get as loaded as we like on it, until such teeth-chattering, eye-bulging, nonsense-gibbering time as we may be classified unable to operate heavy machinery. -- Joan Frank
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Coffee's the elixir of life. -- David Mitchell
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It's early on a beautiful winter morning. The house is quiet. The sun is shining. I'm thankful. I'm happy. My cup runneth over. Now there's coffee everywhere. -- Mindy Levy
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Given enough coffee I could rule the world -- Terry Pratchett
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The coffee shop is a great New York institution, but it has terrible coffee. And the more traditional coffee shops are trying to catch up with more sophisticated coffee drinkers. -- Adam Gopnik
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You need more sleep."
"Skillet, pan."
"You know, the skillet says the pan's the same deal."
He thought a moment. "I believe that's the pot calling the kettle black."
"Whatever, kitchen stuff can't talk anyway. -- J.d. Robb
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A woman appeared and began to generate tea and coffee -- Max Barry
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What is it about coffee? It's the perfect beverage. It warms me, body and soul. And it makes me insanely happy. -- Kim Holden
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I don't t drink coffee, but I'm a tea addict. -- Toks Olagundoye
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Sometimes life is merely a matter of coffee and whatever intimacy a cup of coffee affords. -- Richard Brautigan
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The world is full of pots jeering at kettles. -- Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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No one among us suffers the radical appreciation for coffee that I do. It calls to me, but I have learned not to listen. -- Ron Carlson
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In the kitchen, the machine -- Nicholas Sparks
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Originally I planned on starting a teapot collection. I really like them. -- Billy Dee Williams
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A computer scientist is a machine for converting coffee into urine. -- Alan Kay
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See, that's a coffee drinker's problem,' Marina said. 'Meanwhile, I'm perfectly fine with tea bags.'
'I love that there's such a rivalry,' said Charlie. 'It's like, leaf watt versus bean water, you know? -- Robyn Schneider
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The coffee is prepared in such a way that it makes those who drink it witty: at least there is not a single soul who, on quitting the house, does not believe himself four times wittier that when he entered it. -- Baron De Montesquieu
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Ah coffee. The sweet balm by which we shall accomplish today's tasks. -- Holly Black
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Coffee just makes me happy. -- Stacey King
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I have to have coffee in the morning. -- Olivia Culpo
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It's that show Friends. Ruined coffee forever. -- Anthony Bourdain
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Coffee is my water now. -- Becky G
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Sam, I really want to buy a red coffee pot, if they exist," Grace said.
"I'll find you one -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Coffee is one of life's little miracles. It gives you energy when you're tired, warms you when you're cold, and gives you something to hide behind when life keeps throwing shit your way. -- Jay Bell
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appliancization. -- Jose Van Dijck
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However, just like this cup, you seem to be full of your own ideas. And how can any more go in . . . until you first empty your cup? -- Robin S. Sharma
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The shallow teapot does the most spouting, and boils dry most quickly! -- Elizabeth Foreman Lewis
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If coffee was a person, it would be my best friend. I -- Carian Cole
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Make better coffee and you make a whole bunch of people a whole lot happier. -- Isaac Hooke
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Like most of the world's population I'm into coffee, but in a properly big and important way. My perfect weekend would start with a pint of coffee. -- Jimmy Carr
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Coffee comes in five descending stages: Coffee, Java, Jamoke, Joe, and Carbon Remover. -- Robert A. Heinlein
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I packed coffee once when I lived in Australia, and I just remember going around every day with coffee up my nose and in my ears. -- Hugo Weaving
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dogs; a good coffeemaker is man's real best friend. -- Emma Chase
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I don't drink coffee. -- Waris Ahluwalia
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Can you really cook meth in a hotel coffeepot?" - Cassel
"Sure," Jones says, looking into his cup thoughtfully.
Guess Mom was right about one thing. -- Holly Black
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You'd have coffee on a drip if you could, wouldn't you? -- Kristina Adams