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I don't feel the cold. It's my British blood!
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A lazy frost, a numbness of the mind.
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I can be more cold than people would like me to be.
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How does it feel when you're alone and you're cold inside
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Cold is hot, if you love it; hot is cold, if you hate it!
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Assets are cold.
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I love cold weather.
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You're going to catch a cold.
I already have a cold.
You are going to catch a colder.
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This is what it is to live in the world. You have to give yourself over to the cold, at least a little bit.
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Cold - cold as truth, cold as life. No, nothing can be as cold as life.
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God sendeth cold after clothes.
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winter was coming.
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How could she stay so cold when i am so damned hot?
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Cold is thy hopeless heart, even as charity.
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I'm cold in summer. I'm the coldest person ever! It's very ironic I'm never cold in the scripts. Every time I'm shooting, if you don't see a part of me, there are hot water bottles there.
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Usually older players, late in the season, start to get cold.
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I do not eat meat, I do not smoke, and I do not drink, and therefore, I do not feel the cold.
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There's a bitter cold in me, a cold which comes from a distant land. And nothing ever really makes it warm. You knew of this cold. You tried a thousand times to melt it, and transform it to something more brilliant, but you never succeeded.
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It was too cold to dream
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For it ne sits not unto fresh May Forto be coupled to cold January.
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In your hands winter ...
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Winter is coming.
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Cold in the earth - and fifteen wild Decembers,
From those brown hills, have melted into spring.
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You can describe me as a Ice cream!
I'm cold..
But, you know..
Ice cream is very sweet.
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Hope hurt more than the cold.
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I looked and felt my head gradually grow cold. It was the sort of coldness you feel when you take too big a bite from an ice-cream cone or sip too greedily from an ice-cold drink. The kind of coldness that hurt - from the inside out.
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Being cold for a short period of time is not life-threatening. You can perform a task when you're cold. We proved that when the Vikings played outside.
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Its 75 Degrees! In December!
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I don't know where this Arctic wind has come from but it's freezing!
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It was the sort of cold that followed you inside, that searched your clothes for gaps and penetrated you slowly, until it crept into your heart and chilled your blood.
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Man they treat me like a legend, am I really this cold? I'm really too young to be feeling this old.
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As for the coldness, I have never seen it like this. I mean, coldness that makes like it wants to kill you, like it's telling you, with its snow, that you should go back to where you came from.
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A light snow, a snow so faint and small-bodied that it seems nothing more than a manifestation of the cold.
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pitchers filled with cold
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You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul
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It's cold. You should come inside.
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When you're cold, don't expect sympathy from someone who's warm.
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We live in a cold, cold world ...
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I keep reading that I'm cold. But I'm not, I'm shy. And I play a lot of women of fire and sexuality like an animal - so I'm cold on one side and fiery on the other.
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Nights're cold now. Nights g'cold, y'get sick. S'what happens.
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Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!
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God sends cold according to clothes.
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I'm cold as a razor blade, inches from madness.
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The cold was somehow touched with life, a freshness moving through the icy air.
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Cold that I'm shivering. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't afraid. I don't want to die, and thanks to my parents - my
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It was so cold I almost got married.
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It is freezing fit to split a stone.
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Where has this cold come from?
"It comes from the death of your friend."

Will I always, from now on, be this cold?
"No, it will diminish. But always it will be with you."

What is the reason for it?
"Wasn't your friendship always as beautiful as a flame?
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I'm surviving on caffeine and a cold heart
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I am not warm. That is why my sister chose the name Winter for me.
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It might, too, have been the singular cold that alienated me; for such chilliness was abnormal on so hot a day, and the abnormal always excites aversion, distrust, and fear.
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its better to be warm than cold
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Horrendous cold - at forty below, the Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometers agree wholeheartedly. Feels like forty below, they say, staring at each other and echoing their verdict back and forth in the icy silence. Forty below! Stones would freeze in this weather; souls would freeze.
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I couldn't shed the cold; it clung to every bit of me.
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Colder than the nipple on a witch's tit! Colder than a bucket of penguin shit! Colder than the hairs of a polar bear's ass! Colder than the frost on a champagne glass!
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The cold in her makes cold in me.
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I'm not saying it's cold but that brass monkey over there is looking really worried.
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A cold word from a cold man sends shivers throughout my body but my heart remains warm
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but that coldness stopped up the sentence in my mouth. "What
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Just now,
Out of the strange
Still dusk ... as strange, as still ...
A white moth flew ... Why am I grown
So cold?
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I brought you something. It's my sister's coat. It
gets cold in Nashville in the wintertime.
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Extreme cold when it first arrives seems to generate cheerfulness and sociability. For a few hours all life's dubious problems are dropped in favor of the clear and congenial task of keeping alive.
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The last dregs of winter spoiling the taste of everything.
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I get cold really quickly, but I don't care. I like weather. I never understand why people move someplace so that they can avoid weather.
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In India, 'cold weather' is merely a conventional phrase and has come into use through the necessity of having some way to distinguish between weather which will melt a brass door-knob and weather which will only make it mushy.
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It was cold out, the kind you could see, where your breath blossomed like a floating lotus in front of your face. It was the kind of cold where you couldn't tell if it was cloudy, or if the whole sky was just the color of clouds.
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Bully for you, chilly for me, got to get a raincheck on pain.
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Freeze or panic.
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This thaw
took a while to thaw, it's going to take a while to unthaw.
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We are much too hot to feel the cold.
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God sends the cold according to the coat.
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A cold coming we had of it, Just the worst time of the year For a journey, and such a long journey: The ways deep and the weather sharp, The very dead of winter.
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it's colder than a witch's tit in a steel bra,
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It's cold enough to freeze the cliches off a Dan Browne novel. (Thought of that when working in the garden just after getting yet another 'thanks but no thanks'.)
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I was desperate really for people not to accuse me of coldness. It was taboo.
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The time to speak of the cold is not when we are standing put in it.
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The weather became so intensely cold that we sent for all the hunters who had remained out with captain Clarke's party, and they returned in the evening several of them frostbitten.
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It is so cold out there, my head nearly fell off.
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A person with a cold heart can only show their love by being cold
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Let a kind word warm you when your thoughts turn cold
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It is cold outside.
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The air is still and freezing cold. The sky is a perfect, pale blue. The sun has just risen, weak and watery-looking, like it has just spilled itself over the horizon and it's too lazy to clean itself up.
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It was the best kind of November day. Cold and crisp, but not quite freezing, not icy. Just cold enough that she could justifiably wear all her favorite clothes - cardigans and tights and leg warmers.
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I definitely wasn't cold. I was liquid heat. I was terror and curiosity and denial disguised as indifference. You
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Cold love's the loveliest love of all. So clear, so crisp, so empty. In short, so civilized.
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I've never lived outside of Canada, so I've been really cold my entire life. Most of my memories are coloured by the fact that I was really cold, just ... all the time!
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I can't exactly describe how I feel but it's not quite right. And it leaves me cold.
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They don't make coats for this kind of cold
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I get cold - really cold - when I travel.
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The cold was bothering me. You'd think I'd welcome it. But it's something to do with being dead, I guess. You don't feel it as cold. You feel it as a sort of nothing, and when you're dead I guess the only thing that you're scared of is nothing.
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Oh! Your hand is cold." Ashley cupped her fingers against her shirt to warm them.
"I've been dead for seven years," Noah said. "That's as warm as they get.
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What, are you doing? Aside from getting your sandwich cold." "I'm making a snow angel. Don't you know what that is?" "Yes, I know. But why? You must be freezing." "Not so much, actually. My face is a little, I guess.
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It's always coldest before the warm.
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Love is not cold and what is cold is not love.
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Colder by the hour, more dead with every breath.
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Never let pain make you grow cold.
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Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends.
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It's cold and it's winter and the world has gone to sleep
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I glance over at Raffe for the hundredth time as I huddle with Pooky Bear beneath a coat that someone gave me. I'm shivering as if it's zero degrees, and no matter how much I hug myself, I can't get warm. I
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There is heat in freezing ... be a testament!