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For me, feminism is always contextual. -- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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When they are unclear about your WHY, WHAT you do has no context. Even though -- Simon Sinek
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Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine ourselves by the meanings we give to situations. -- Alfred Adler
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Not sense data or atoms or electrons or packets of energy, but purposes, interests, and meanings, constitute the underlying facts of human experience. -- Lewis Mumford
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In my books, my idea is always to explore social context and social forces. -- Alix Kates Shulman
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Because love requires context. -- Joe Hill
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Mediocrity is contextual. -- David Foster Wallace
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Seeing a play, listening to music - you'll always contextualize it in your own way. Whoever you are, wherever you are; I think that's really important. -- Peter Doig
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For me context is the key - from that comes the understanding of everything. -- Kenneth Noland
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When you give meaning to even the most meaningless of things around you, you will always stand to be taught something new, have what you already know reinforced, or be reminded of what you've forgotten. -- A.j. Darkholme
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Meaning is socially, historically, and rhetorically constructed. -- Clifford Geertz
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When we contextualize faithfully and skillfully, we show people how the baseline "cultural narratives" of their society and the hopes of their hearts can only find resolution and fulfillment in Jesus. -- Timothy J. Keller
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Sometimes, something meaningless occurs, somewhere with meaning. -- F. Thomas Vincent
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Knowledge is little; to know the right context is much; to know the right spot is everything. -- Hugo Von Hofmannsthal
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Things gain meaning by being used in a shared experience or joint action. -- John Dewey
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Things are not as easily understood nor as expressible as people usually would like us to believe. Most happenings are beyond expression; they exist where a word has never intruded. -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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If I can't see around my personal story, I'll have no way to see sit in context: This is one event in a life of events. It is whatever it is, but it is temporal. The pain is terrible, but it won't last. I can manage it. or this joy is incredible, but it won't last. Celebrate it now! [pp. 104-105] -- Sylvia Boorstein
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It's easy to criticize context (circumstances and situation) you've never experienced -- Steven Furtick
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Every life of a character is within a context. If I write detached from a social and political background, my story looks like a soap opera where everybody is indoors, not working and living off their emotions. -- Isabel Allende
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You came one day and
as usual in such matters
significance filled everything-
your eyes, the things you
knew, the way you turned,
leaned, stood, or sat,
this way or that. -- A.r. Ammons
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An Outside Context Problem was the sort of thing most civilisations encountered just once, and which they tended to encounter rather in the same way a sentence encountered a full stop. -- Iain Banks
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Sometimes in our zeal to "apply" a text, we fail to read the text in its context. And more often than we may all care to admit, our frustrations over how to apply a text can be completely resolved with a more accurate interpretation. -- Scot Mcknight
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A CAUSE is an object precedent and contiguous to another, and so united with it that the idea of the one determines the mind to form the idea of the other, and the impression of the one to form a more lively idea of the other. -- David Hume
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Meaning is often found embedded in the silent moments of our lives when we can hear and see what matters most, the things audible and visible only to the spirit. -- Toni Sorenson
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The way we make sense of a realistic text is through the same broad ideological frame as the way we make sense of our social experience or rather, the way we are made sense of by the discourses of our culture. -- John Fiske
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Circumstances are the seeds of literature. -- Salvador De Madariaga
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Language is not merely a set of unrelated sounds, clauses, rules, and meanings; it is a total coherent system of these integrating with each other, and with behavior, context, universe of discourse, and observer perspective. -- Kenneth L. Pike
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Meaning drives us from despair to wonder, from confusion to clarity, from hesitance to confidence. And the only place to find meaning is in the importance of small things. -- Christina Baldwin
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I don't want real life necessarily to be seen only as a context to heighten the deepness my work. -- Tim Crouch
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My effort and ability to learn was always contextualized within the framework of generational family experience. Certain behaviors, gestures, habits of being were traced back. Attending -- Bell Hooks
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In your life there are a few places, or maybe only the one place, where something happened, and then there are all the other places. -- Alice Munro
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Nothing influences our ability to cope with the difficulties of our existence so much as the context in which we view them; the more contexts we can choose between, the less do the difficulties appear to be inevitable and insurmountable. -- Theodore Zeldin
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What on earth prompted you to take a hand in this?"
"I don't know. My ... my code of morals, perhaps."
"Your code of morals. What code, if I may ask?"
"Comprehension. -- Albert Camus
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Motion is the context of living. We find meaning my and in our doing. -- Robert Kegan
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'Culture' is a finite segment of the meaningless infinity of the world process, a segment on which human beings confer meaning and significance. -- Max Weber
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Meaning is what essence becomes when it is divorced from the object of reference and wedded to the word. -- Willard Van Orman Quine
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Multicultural teams need low-context processes. -- Erin Meyer
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Concrete experiences serve as the primary building blocks from which we extend our capacity for thought and give rise to more abstracted concepts.

We understand the new in terms of the known. -- Nick Sousanis
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Words make the intangible aspects of human experience communicable, and a single sentence can shatter our world view and assist us in the formulation of a new one. -- Chris Matakas
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Deciding what is being talked about is a kind of interpretive bet. -- Umberto Eco
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Everywhere one seeks to produce meaning, to make the world signify, to render it visible. We are not, however, in danger of lacking meaning; quite the contrary, we are gorged with meaning and it is killing us. -- Jean Baudrillard
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I've always been so surprised by how people interpret my photos in context. -- Jr
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Meanings come not from events themselves, but from what we bring to them. -- Lucy Calkins
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Sometimes the grandest of all events are described in the poverty of a few simple words. -- Craig D. Lounsbrough
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In this Chapter, we'll discuss the specifics of human interaction by analyzing some stories. The main -- J.b. Amber Alisha Usagi Serena Chuko Mouse
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Of compelling consideration is the fact that words acquire scope and function from the history of events which they summarize. -- Felix Frankfurter
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Who names themselves 'The Situation?' I do not take myself seriously like that - not in the least bit - that would be so pretentious. -- Isaiah Mustafa
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The world is full of abandoned meanings. In the commonplace I find unexpected themes and intensities. -- Don Delillo
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The 2 timeless drivers that underpin the behavior of every generation: the need to belong and the need to be significant. The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. -- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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An occasion, catalyst, or tripwire?permits the poet to reach into herself and haul up whatever nugget of the human condition distracts her at the moment, something that can't be reached in any other way. -- Diane Ackerman
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I need to be able to explain myself in context. -- Adam Lambert
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I feel like a quote out of context, -- Ben Folds
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Specificity is the soul of narrative. -- John Hodgman
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The capacity to recognize significant factors in a given situation is limited by the context that arises from the level of consciousness of the observer. -- David Hawkins
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The meaning resides in one's own experience, making the everyday the exceptional. -- Samuel Mockbee
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Meaning is something not what you say but how you say it. -- Bonakala Bsac
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The thread of will-they-or-won't-they was the real driver of every word and glance and shift of body.
So ... this was a date, Blay thought. A subtextual negotiation slipcovered in talk of books read and music enjoyed. -- J.r. Ward
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Meaning is not creating a cool place to work with free food, Ping-Pong, volleyball, and dogs. Meaning is making the world a better place. -- Guy Kawasaki
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Anyone continually knitting his life into contexts of intention, import, and clarifications of meaning will in the end find that he has lost the sense of experiencing life. -- Joseph Campbell
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Culture is public, because meaning is -- Clifford Geertz
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Striving to convey to this beloved audience of one what was going on around me during those five years, I learned the power of language to map a life, to overcome a distance, to focus attention on what matters most. -- Scott Russell Sanders
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Bid for connection: Each of our daily interactions with another person. -- John M. Gottman
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I wanted to present a sweep and scope of larger events, and a grander backdrop, but most important was to set against that a very singular, real and modest people struggling with every day and human struggles. -- Chang-Rae Lee
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When ideas are detached from the media used to transmit them, they are also cut off from the historical circumstances that shape them, and it becomes difficult to perceive the changing context within which they must be viewed. -- Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
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Forgive me. Sometimes an answer can vary with a context, if you follow me -- John Le Carre
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History is the record of an encounter between character and circumstances. -- Donald Creighton
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Conversations carry a momentum, there's a path they are expected to take, a cycle, a season, like the growing of crop. Take the rhythm of seasons away and farmers grow confused. Turn a conversation at right angles and men lose their surety. -- Mark Lawrence
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In our lives, we come to moments of great significance that we fail to recognize, the meaning of which sometimes does not occur to us for many years. Each of us has his agenda and focuses on it, and therefore we are often blind to what is before our eyes. -- Dean Koontz
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It is not a case of finding the meaning for the moments, but giving the moments meaning. -- Steven Redhead
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It frequently happens that offenses are committed when the offender is not aware of it. Something he has said or done is misconstrued or misunderstood. The offended one treasures in his heart the offense, adding to it such other things as might give fuel to the fire and justify his conclusions ... -- Spencer W. Kimball
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...concepts have three fundamental properties - contextuality, intentionality, and abstraction - which independent things do not. To produce a mental world from the physical world, the physical world must first explain how contextuality, intentionality, and abstraction can arise. -- Ashish Dalela
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Human life and objects and trees vibrate with mysterious meanings, which can be deciphered like cuneiform writing. There exists a meaning, hidden from day to day, but accessible in moments of greatest attentiveness, in those moments when consciousness loves the world. -- Adam Zagajewski
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Our habitual experience is a complex of failure and success in the enterprise of interpretation. If we desire a record of uninterpreted experience, we must ask a stone to record its autobiography. -- Alfred North Whitehead
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One rarely knows where to begin the search for meaning, though by necessity, we can only start where we are. -- Anne Lamott
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I am the place in which something has occurred. -- Claude Levi-Strauss
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The task confronting contemporary man is to live with the hidden ground of his activities as familiarly as our literate predecessors lived with the figure minus ground. -- Marshall Mcluhan
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The significance of something lies in its presence here and now. I don't care what it has been or what it will become. It is the experience of things that matters, the confrontation with things. -- Asger Jorn
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For the human experience, life in the natural world seems to require the application of meaning, in order to evoke purpose. -- T.f. Hodge
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If there were a science of human beings it would be anthropology that aims at understanding the totality of experience through structural context. -- Wilhelm Dilthey
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Finding meaning in the moment is what gives those meanings a value worth remembering. -- Steven Redhead
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Human cultures construct an enormous variety of environments through language, technology, and institutions. We are born in and die in these systems of symbols and imagination. -- William E. Paden
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But all morality is of necessity shaped by context. I'm not talking relativism, no. To ignore the context of a decision is in fact immoral. -- Anne Rice
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Things don't have significance: they only have existence.
Things are the only hidden meaning of things. -- Alberto Caeiro
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You see, Adrian, we do many things. We assign meaning to some, and think of others as lacking it. But who's to tell when we're right - and when we're wrong? -- Mani S. Sivasubramanian
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The missional church will take context seriously, but will also work on recovering the biblical narrative with its richness and potency for today's world. When story and context are equally embraced, we are beginning to think and act missionally. -- Michael Frost
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To quote out of context is the essence of the photographer's craft. -- John Szarkowski
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The meaning of everything is the meaning I give it -- Neale Donald Walsch
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Action can only be understood in relation to place; only by staying in place can the imagination conceive or understand action in terms of consequence, of cause and effect. The meaning of action in time is inseparable from its meaning in place. -- Wendell Berry
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A frame of references consisting of learning patterns of behaviours, values, assumptions and meaning which are shared to varying degrees of interest, importance and awareness with members of one group. -- H. Ned Seelye
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one of the worst things about electronic communication. Lacking facial expression, tone of voice, or context, words could be taken any number of ways. With only one cryptic word now, I was discouraged. -- Barbara Delinsky
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A subject emerges from an interaction between my self, my I, and my medium. -- Robert Motherwell
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if a leader combines leadership principles with an understanding of context, there will be effective execution. -- Russell E. Palmer
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All words have the "taste" of a profession, a genre, a tendency, a party, a particular work, a particular person, a generation, an age group, the day and hour. Each word tastes of the context and contexts in which it has lived its socially charged life ... -- Mikhail Bakhtin
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See The Meaning Not The Problem -- Sascha Bosio
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many truths we regard as immutable are, in fact, surprisingly context dependent. -- Matthew Woodring Stover
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History is the record of encounters between character and circumstance. -- Donald Creighton
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In the world of ideas everything was clear; in life all was obscure, embroiled. -- Aldous Huxley
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most software- or systems-development projects start out without a context diagram, blissfully unaware that they need one. -- Michael Jesse Chonoles
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What is called "objectivity," scientific for instance (in which I firmly believe, in a given situation) imposes itself only within a context which is extremely vast, old, firmly established, or rooted in a network of conventions ... and yet which still remains a context. -- Jacques Derrida
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Ordinary language carries with it conditions of meaning which it is easy to recognize by classifying the contexts in which the expression is employed in a meaningful manner. -- Paul Ricoeur