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The coquette has companions, indeed, but no lovers,
for love is respectful and timorous; and where among her followers will she find a husband? -- Samuel Johnson
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Hello, Hazel Levesque. -- Rick Riordan
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Janelle Monae, she has her own style, and it's specifically hers. -- Zendaya
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Amy Winehouse - her surname's beginning to sound like a description of her liver. -- Russell Brand
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Gilly Gilleshpee -- Victoria Laurie
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Michelle Obama - they don't call her Mooch-elle for nothing. -- Howie Carr
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The ladies
Heaven bless them!
are, as a general rule, coquettes from babyhood upwards. -- William Makepeace Thackeray
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Jessica, who loves stories, -- J.k. Rowling
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RITA finalist Colleen Coble is the author of several bestselling romantic suspense series, including the Mercy Falls series, the Lonestar -- Colleen Coble
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Everything begins with chioce. -- S.j. Wardell
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Tim -- Sean Waller
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That girl can barely spell her name. -- Tupac Shakur
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I love you, Jemmaline Girard. I always have and I always will. You are my future and my forever. You have already claimed the deepest part of my soul, femme de mon coeur. -- Katlyn Charlesworth
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The finest woman that ever walked the streets. -- Mae West
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We're all attracted to the perfume of fermenting joy, we've all tried to start a fire, and one day maybe it will blaze up on its own. In the meantime, she is the one today among us most able to bear the idea of her own beauty ... -- Tony Hoagland
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Who are you, Lucy Snowe? -- Charlotte Bronte
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Jasper to her. I was obliged -- Henry James
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I am afraid that she is a coquette, for she is always flirting with the wind. -- Oscar Wilde
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Anne Shirley. Anne with an e. -- Lucy Maud Montgomery
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Storm. I shall call her Storm. -- John Gwynne
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Why did you call me that?"
"Cinda? Because no one else does. -- Lisa Kleypas
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It might be the white woman or man our son or daughter will marry and the white woman or man our grandson or granddaughter will marry, all of them wading into the future until one of our line claims to be Sicilian. Leave instructions: the granddaughter of our granddaughter shall be named Cicily. -- Terrance Hayes
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My heart beats her name -- Michelle Hodkin
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The most heartbreakingly beautiful girl I ever hope to see -- Kurt Vonnegut
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I can't control a nightmare, but in my waking moments her name is the only reminder I will permit myself. -- Tahereh Mafi
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Lisette was born without the ability to speak, but she'd been brazen with written words as a child, substituting a sharp tongue for a poison pen. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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No. No way. That name is reserved for females with grace and elegance, not this girl. This girl is ... beastly. -- Victoria Scott
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Maxi-Cosi. This life? She should already know that this -- Derek B. Miller
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Bychan: little one Cariad: sweetheart, beloved one Annwyl: -- Lisa Kleypas
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Neither does she have a name
none that I could find even in my most persistent researches: Julian's gentle lady, I mean; she whom I sought and chased and wooed (as it were) down a warren of historical tunnels. -- Walter Wangerin Jr.
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Just call me Caitlin, -- Michael Grant
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Fire-breathing bitch-queen. -- Sarah J. Maas
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Chrissie Hynde is the blueprint for any teenage pop star wannabe looking to have some real cred. -- Shawn Amos
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Even far away, I know it's her by the way her dark hair tangles with the wind and how she stands on the red rocks of the Carving. She's more beautiful than snow.
Is this real?
She points to the sky. -- Ally Condie
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Lady of the Mere, Sole-sitting by the shores of old romance. -- William Wordsworth
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Katie Arnold-Ratliff. Katie writes like a dream. But she told me that she'd -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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famous fashion designer -- Carolyn Keene
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I have Shakespeared my Moliere to Tenessee, and I am Wild for Becket!
But I got a little tired of the redundancy. -- Natasha Tsakos
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The younger Mary J. Blige, I would call her, she was very unaware, ignorant. -- Mary J. Blige
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friend Pepper Taylor," Vivienne pointed left, -- J. Thomas-Like
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Way to nail Cozone. Her cell phone buzzed as -- Harlan Coben
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Jay Cee's ugly as sin. -- Sylvia Plath
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A girl's coquetry is of the simplest, she thinks that all is said when the veil is laid aside; a woman's coquetry is endless, she shrouds herself in veil after veil, she satisfies every demand of man's vanity, the novice responds but to one. -- Honore De Balzac
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Is that your scarf the duke's son is wearing?" Cristyne stared at Gisela with wide eyes. Gisela forced herself to breathe. "It is." Cristyne said her name in a slow, awed whisper. "Gisela. -- Melanie Dickerson
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I love a good corset. -- Juliet Rylance
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Miss America Singer of Carolina, Five." I -- Kiera Cass
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Meg McCaffrey, a girl of few words and much belching. -- Rick Riordan
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For Fleur de Chine, I imagined the romantic and mysterious women from Asia's cinematic past-from the '30s femme fatale in a cheongsam and dark lipstick, to the'60s Hong Kong heroine of In the Mood for Love. I wanted to capture that fascinating, exquisite and slightly scandalous femininity. -- Tom Ford
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the girl who was so lovely even her father couldn't resist her. -- Nnedi Okorafor
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Rue, who when you ask her what she loves most in the world, replies, of all things, Music. -- Suzanne Collins
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There have been several Duchesses of Westminster but there is only one Chanel! -- Coco Chanel
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Thank you for lending me the use of your maid. I tragically lost my lady-in-waiting on our journey and found Cosme's presence such a comfort. -- Rae Carson
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Whose Daddy's Little Girl Now? -- Lauren Bradshaw
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We Americans are mildly interested, of course, in reading about the discovery of radium by Madame Curie, but what we really yearn to know is the name of the uncommemorated French female who first mixed a sauce bearnaise. -- Frank Crowninshield
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Corvina must have been so different then ... really literally a different person. At what point do you make that call? At what point should you just give someone a new name? Sorry, no, you don't get to be Corvina anymore. Now you're Corvina 2.0 - a dubious upgrade. -- Robin Sloan
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Jaime Cortae. Thirteen. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Lover of peanut butter. Sometime angel, sometime mischief maker. Always Jaime. -- Kat Zhang
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Circe's got everything on you, bitch. -- Alyse M. Gardner
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Cheyenne. Created from the finest Belgian lace over ivory sateen, it fit Anna like -- Maggie Brendan
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A girl who could send tear-stained telegrams. -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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Bridget Jones, wanton sex goddess, with a very bad man between her thighs ... Mum ... Hi. -- Helen Fielding
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Mrs Poste, who had wished people to live beautiful lives and yet be ladies and gentlemen. -- Stella Gibbons
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I used to be a baby!

I'm sorry. -- Charlie Kaufman
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Cassandra Gregory?" I say, not able to keep the question out of my voice. "I'm Grace, your
The door slams in my face before I can finish.
Well this is not a good start to our reunion. -- Tera Lynn Childs
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mistress of Netherfold. -- Georgette Heyer
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Listen to this," said Maddie. "Cerise Hood. Cedar Wood. Cerise Hood. Cedar Wood. Cedar, you and Cerise have to be friends or your names will get mad and just march right off you! -- Shannon Hale
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the gorgeous blonde with long legs and a body like a Playboy pin-up" Carla Ferrari, P.I. -- Cynthia Westland
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Live or die my heart is yours, Sophie Dupont. -- Julie Klassen
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We'll always have Paris -- Nicolas Barreau
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Maserati. Coco's beloved -- James Patterson
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This is the young lady with the printed heart. -- Frances Hardinge
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I have a girlfriend, Kayn. Her name is Chloe. She just doesn't know it yet, He smiled; he couldn't help himself, he knew it irritated her to no end. (The Children of Ankh series) -- Kim Cormack
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Britney Spears is definitely my favorite past Candie's girl; her campaigns were gorgeous. -- Lea Michele
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Her wavy blond hair -- Rick Riordan
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MARIE ,THE MADAM-She has the looks of Liz Taylor and the brains of a Wall Street broker. " We were lovers for a hot five minutes when I first hit the TL. Marie always liked a lot of diamonds,and I've always liked alot of girls. With that combination,we're better off as friends. -- Jeri Estes
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that piece of herself. Not now, not ever. -- Sarah Price
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Angela Wexler, person -- Ellen Raskin
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Nothing on earth hurts my soul deeper than her. -- Waseem Latif
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No one can make me cry
Make me laugh
Make me smile
Or drive me mad like she does -- Kenny Chesney
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Chrissie Hynde is the coolest woman alive, and no man can have her. -- Shawn Amos
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The picturesque doctor's daughter, Miss Manette. -- Charles Dickens
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I love Lady Stoneheart! -- Richard Madden
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death, she still was the most -- Rachel Hauck
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Grace-" He scowled, then laughed. "What the devil is your middle name?"
"Catriona." she whispered.
"Grace Catriona Eversleigh," he said, loud and sure, "I love you. -- Julia Quinn
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I would like to know the given name of the woman who can kiss me so passionately she makes me want to climb to the roof tops and roar. -- Amy Jarecki
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She's quite a nice looking lassie or she wid be if she didnae look shite. -- Irvine Welsh
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away from Eden. She's mine. -- Karen Witemeyer
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The girl was beautiful, her skin like fresh cream and her long hair so dark it seemed to suck the color out of everything it surrounded. She was small. French women all seemed to be small-boned bird creatures, delicate in a way Eby could never be. -- Sarah Addison Allen
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Kara Keen--Romance with heat, humor and heart -- Kara Keen
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Her name is Portia -- William Shakespeare
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Hera the cow queen, -- Rick Riordan
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The Swendish queen - whose name I couldn't pronounce to save my life. -- Kiera Cass
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I love Nene Leakes, of course. -- Casey Wilson
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French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused. -- Stephanie Perkins
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She was a coquette; he was sure she had a spirit of her own; but in her bright, sweet, superficial little visage there was no mockery, no irony. Before long it became obvious that she was much disposed towards conversation. -- Henry James
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Her name's Brienne. -- George R R Martin
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The bright bite in Mary Lee Kortes' voice [has] the high-mountain sunshine of Dolly Parton, with a sweet-iron undercoat of Chrissie Hynde. -- David Fricke
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The lovely Hazard girls', they used to call them. Huh. Lovely is as lovely does; if they looked like what they behave like, they'd frighten little children. -- Angela Carter
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Nesy. At last.
It has to be her. Who else can make Aydan smile? Make me smile. -- Christine Fonseca
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Catharine Victoria Santoro di Valleria." Cat blinked. "Why are you 'full naming' me? -- Marianne Knightly
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beautiful young maiden? -- Melanie Dickerson