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Being inside this cottage, with dark wooden walls and hand-carved furniture like my own home, cast a darkened stain onto my heart. -- Katherine Mcintyre
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Thou unassuming common-place of Nature, with that homely face. -- William Wordsworth
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The soul's dark cottage, batter'd and decay'd,
Lets in new light through chinks that Time has made. -- Edmund Waller
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but upon the marriage of the young 'squire, it had received the improvement of a farm-house elevated into a cottage, for his residence, -- Jane Austen
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house at Otowi Bridge. -- Kai Bird
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A letter today from a Mrs Gladys Freeman, 45 Sebastopol Terrace, Blackpool. 'Sir, reference the room you had here during the party conference season. Well, we know what it is. We know who done it. But for heaven's sake tell us where it is! -- Tony Benn
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The countryside they -- Karl Schroeder
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My whinstone house my castle is, I have my own four walls. -- Thomas Carlyle
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I never knew I liked to be outside so much. I never knew I liked lochs and views and that, but I could seriously handle living in a cottage by the side of somewhere like this.
The Panopticon -- Jenn Fagan
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For the first few years we lived in a tiny rented cottage at the bottom of a friend's garden. We often joked that there was plenty of film in the fridge, but not too much food! -- Nigel Dennis
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Allow me now to return to the cottagers, whose story excited in me such various feelings of indignation, delight, and wonder, but which all terminated in additional love and reverence for my protectors (for so I loved, in an innocent, half painful self-deceit, to call them). -- Mary Shelley
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Let them show me a cottage where there are not the same vices of which they accuse the courts. -- Lord Chesterfield
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His cottage in Gweedore was made completely out of turf. This puzzled me, as a turf fire burned constantly in the grate, and I could never understand why the entire cottage didn't catch fire. -- Arthur Mathews
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I'm very happy in my 18th century worker's cottage in Kent and playing my music for the dog-walkers paused outside. -- Christian Mckay
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I dedicate this book to the rock of hospitality and liberty, to that portion of old Norman ground inhabited by the noble nation of the sea, to the island of Guernsey, severe yet kind, my present asylum, my probable tomb. -- Victor Hugo
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the middle of the guest room at the Blue Lake Historical -- Kristin Miller
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Can it be the old devil's house? I've heard he has a house in North London. -- G.k. Chesterton
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Although it may not be a castle, [it is the] functional equivalent of a hotel room, a vacation and retirement home or a hunting and fishing cabin.. -- John Paul Stevens
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You know not what joys may be stored up for you in the cottage around which grace will plant the roses of content. -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Hellaciously Homely. -- Rachel Cohn
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A squat grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State's motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY. -- Aldous Huxley
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Cottage of content was better than the Palace of cold splendour, and that where love was, all was. -- Charles Dickens
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If I was an eccentric old spinster in a Merchant Ivory movie, I'd want to share my lovely cottage with Holly and that's the truth. I'd do the cooking and leave the decorating to her, and we'd be inseparable. -- Lisa Samson
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I'll just be out in the shed. -- Noah
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They said this flat was converted but I think its still heathen -- Dodie Smith
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I would sooner live in a cottage and wonder at everything than live in a castle and wonder at nothing! -- Joan Winmill Brown
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Listen, we got two stiffs and a river of red in a villa in Herne Bay ... -- Rhys Chamberlain
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The cabin on the lake is nothing compared to my mansion in eternity! -- Todd Stocker
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It was just a typical London flat, but it was in a great neighborhood. It was across from the Playboy Club, diagonally. From one balcony you could read the time from Big Ben, and from the other balcony you could watch the bunnies go up and down. -- Harry Nilsson
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What a house - nothin' but rooms! -- Yogi Berra
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You have a lot to explore beyond this cottage if you want to know everything about the world. Explore until your heart is full, Belle. And then explore some more. -- Random House Disney
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to live on Pierson Street, just two blocks north of -- Jeff Hobbs
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The way to ensure summer in England is to have it framed and glazed in a comfortable room. -- Horace Walpole
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In a cottage deep in the forest lived the wicked old witch ... it was a cottage out of the nastier kind of fairy tale -- Terry Pratchett
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Come little cottage girl, you seem to want my cup of tea; and will you take a little cream? Now tell the truth to me! -- Barry Pain
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Avoid greatness in a cottage there may be more real happiness than kings or their favourites enjoy. -- Horace
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I once asked a hermit in Italy how he could venture to live alone, in a single cottage, on the top of a mountain, a mile from any habitation? He replied, that Providence was his next-door neighbor. -- Laurence Sterne
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I dwell in a lonely house I know That vanished many a summer ago. -- Robert Frost
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our family's house. -- J.k. Rowling
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A madhouse of frenzied moneymaking and frenzied pleasure-seeking, with none of the corners chipped off. It is beautifully situatedand the air reminds one curiously of Edinburgh. -- Aleister Crowley
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mansion that sits upon a hill just outside the sleepy little -- Willow Wisp
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For whom is the Funhouse a house? -- David Foster Wallace
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It was a large, neatly kept cottage, with a well-tended yard full of chickens. Hollyhocks grew along the side, in shades of red and violet, unless magic had gotten into them again, in which case they had a tendency to go plaid. -- T. Kingfisher
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In a swale below, isolated at the edge of the campus, squatted a hulking concrete toad. Cottage 13 was no more a cottage than he was a prince. -- James V. Smith Jr.
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You gonna back down so easy, little sister?. Not much wild about you, is there? I bet that cottage doesn't have a scratch. Did Edward tell you how many houses Rose and I smashed? -- Stephenie Meyer
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I rent a Jacobean-fronted hunting lodge in Hampshire from the National Trust and like to go there as much as possible. I've grown to love it so much, especially when writing my memoirs there at weekends. -- Nicholas Haslam
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I want a house with a garden, but slap bang in the centre of London. Next door to a sushi bar. -- Michelle Dockery
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In large Victorian houses with many rooms and heavy doors, the occupants could be mysterious and exciting to one another in a way that those who live in rackety developments can never hope to be. Not even the lust of a Lord Byron could survive the fact of Levittown. -- Gore Vidal
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A house from which nobody ever went away without feeling better in some way. A house in which there was always laughter. -- L.m. Montgomery
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A farmhouse has a way of feeling both timeless and impermanent without ever committing to either side. -- John Darnielle
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Twenty years ago, I was living in a lovely cottage on the edge of Dartmoor but I couldn't afford to run a car. -- Mary Wesley
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the village, since they forbade us to leave -- Moyshe Rekhtman
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Irish tory employers hid[e] their sweatshops behind orange flags, and Irish home rule landlords us[e] the green sunburst of Erin to cloak their rack-renting in the festering slums of our Irish towns. -- James Connolly
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the Isle of Wight, with occasional visits to -- Mary S. Lovell
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Castles in the air - they are so easy to take refuge in. And so easy to build too. -- Henrik Ibsen
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Chuse not an house neere an lnne (viz. for noise) or in a corner (for filth). -- George Herbert
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A room of one's own isn't nearly enough. A house, or, best, an island of one's own. -- Lillian Hellman
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It was an old fashioned house
the sort of house in fact, as Strange expressed it, which a lady in a novel might like to be persecuted in. -- Susanna Clarke
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Because I live in the countryside, I want a building which encourages me to have a fully formed relationship with the environment. It gives me an opportunity to not just be inside or outside, but in a range of contexts. -- Kevin Mccloud
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What do we get for our trouble and pain?
Just a rented room in Whalley Range. -- Morrissey
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Your love in a cottage is hungry,
Your vine is a nest for flies-
Your milkmaid shocks the Graces,
And simplicity talks of pies!
You lie down to your shady slumber
And wake with a bug in your ear,
And your damsel that walks in the morning
Is shod like a mountaineer. -- Nathaniel Parker Willis
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In the Scottish Orkneys, the little stone houses with their single large room and central hearth had an extraordinary range of built-in furniture. -- Stephen Gardiner
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[Describing his house:] It is a library with living rooms attached. -- Bernard Berenson
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I have a cottage near Aldeburgh, and from there it's a sturdy two-mile walk across farmland to an empty beach, where I collect hag stones and run around with the dog. I'm a keen walker, and I love Suffolk's big skies. -- Diana Quick
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We live in a flat; my wife would be happy if we had a house with stairs. Or a little cottage in the country. -- Fergus Henderson
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Like the rest of the house, it was beautifully appointed with shiny European wallpaper, lavender-scented soap and an oil painting over the toilet. Geoff -- Dan Skinner
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I used to have a lovely Chelsea loft - then I got divorced. -- Natalie Jeremijenko
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I open the door to my cottage these evenings on a silence so thick it falls upon me like a blanket. Of all the lonely moments of my day, this is the loneliest. I confess I have sometimes been reduced to muttering my thoughts aloud like a madwoman when the need for a human voice becomes too strong. -- Geraldine Brooks
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I looked out to see a forbidding place with granite walls and towering gates,
implacable barriers to be reckoned with, the words strung across the archway struck fear into
my confused mind:
This was my new home for now. -- Carole Gill
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Peter Lucas and I live in Durham but spend a great of time in North Wales, where we have a cottage in the mountains, and in Vermont, USA, with my sister - who is a children's writer married to a poet. -- Anne Stevenson
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An exile from home splendour dazzles in vain,Oh give me my lowly thatched cottage again;The birds singing gayly, that came at my call,Give me them, and that peace of mind dearer than all. -- John Howard Payne
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Hello - what hotel is this - ? -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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I am no more lonely than the loon in the pond that laughs so loud, or than Walden Pond itself. What company has that lonely lake,I pray? -- Henry David Thoreau
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Hee that is in a Taverne thinkes he is in a vine-garden. -- George Herbert
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Manicured grounds of well-hidden mansions. At any other time Doug would have been slowing the car, peering through the trees, on the lookout for interesting old architecture. Because Douglas Llewellyn was an architect, the senior partner -- Kasey Michaels
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somewhere in the mountains with two -- Christine Conaway
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The stately Homes of England,How beautiful they stand!Amidst their tall ancestral trees,O'er all the pleasant land. -- Felicia Hemans
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I built the ideal house down in the Caribbean. All Englishmen dream of leaving the rain of England and getting a place in the sun - out in the grounds with separate guest houses; that is the ideal scenario. -- Robin Leach
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Our homes do not have to offer us permanent occupancy or store our clothes to merit the name. To speak of home in relation to a building is simply to recognise its harmony with our own prized internal song. Home can be an airport or a library, a garden or a motorway diner. -- Alain De Botton
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The Jersey Shore is the kind of place where the policeman has a little cottage that might have been in the family for years and many other people call home. -- Bruce Springsteen
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May I have a workshop at Alver? For experiments? If I promise faithfully not to blow the house up? If you please, Cousin Alverstoke ... ? -- Georgette Heyer
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Gordon Ramsay grew up in a tourist town, Stratford-Upon-Avon, but in a part tourists don't visit - a council estate: a concrete bunker subsidized by the local government, synonymous with deprivation and blight. -- Bill Buford
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The House shewes the owner. -- George Herbert
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I know some lonely houses off the road
A robber'd like the look of,
Wooden barred,
And windows hanging low -- Emily Dickinson
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This is being written in another seaside cottage on another coast. Gin and whiskey have bitten rings in the table where I sit. -- John Cheever
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The Dew-Drop Inn & Fishing Camp; -- Harper Lee
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I call it the 'doll house,' ... It's absolutely gorgeous, especially at this time of year. It's a crisp sky and, you know, if we wake up on a clear morning, and then I take little Norm out for a walk, have a little coffee on the deck. -- Jennifer Aniston
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Angleterre Hotel, -- Masha Gessen
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There are no houses to wife. only window seats to occupy when the weather needs changing & waters to flow past our ankles on Sundays as we fish. -- Darnell Lamont Walker
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Ask whomever you will but you'll never find out where I'm lodging -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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The churchyard. Walled in by houses and overrun with weeds, choked up with too much buying. -- David Levithan
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Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors. -- Alice Walker
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He stood beside a cottage lone
And listened to a lute,
One summer's eve, when the breeze was gone,
And the nightingale was mute. -- Thomas Kibble Hervey
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limerick?" asked -- Lenore Look
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Blissful Islands -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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An English homegrey twilight poured On dewy pasture, dewy trees, Softer than sleepall things in order stored, A haunt of ancient Peace. -- Alfred Lord Tennyson
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An English village could never be mistaken for an American one: the outline against the sky differs; a thatched cottage makes a very wavy line on the blue above. -- Maria Mitchell
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cheese cauldron. -- J.k. Rowling
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A wild rose roofs the ruined shed, And that and summer well agree. -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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I've just purchased a property, Edward, close to yours in -- Kitty Neale