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The clothes of Courreges are so nice. -- Andy Warhol
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For so long Versace couture was identified with celebrities and music, which I love. But at the same time it could overwhelm the clothes. -- Donatella Versace
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I saw a lot of haute couture all my childhood, and without knowing it I've learned from when I was a child to recognise beautiful fabrics. -- Ines De La Fressange
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I'm not a typical couturier, although I really respect them. -- Nicola Formichetti
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A French woman is a perfect architect in dress: she never, with Gothic ignorance, mixes the orders; she never tricks out a snobby Doric shape with Corinthian finery; or, to speak without metaphor, she conforms to general fashion only when it happens not to be repugnant to private beauty. -- Oliver Goldsmith
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The erotic element always present in fashion, the kiss of loving labor on the body, is now overtly expressed by language. Belts hug or clasp; necklines plunge; jerseys bind. The word exciting tingles everywhere. -- Mary Mccarthy
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When seen in retrospect, fashions seem to express their era. Although it is more difficult to draw conclusions from contemporary clothes, the same principles which hold for the clothes of the past must hold for clothes of the present and the future. -- James Laver
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I love a good corset. -- Juliet Rylance
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Versace! Versace! Versace! Versace! Versace! Versace! We love Versace. Versace is the greatest designer of all time! -- Kanye West
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I don't do fashion, I'm fashion -- Coco Chanel
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The Parisienne is not in fashion, she is fashion. -- Arsene Houssaye
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It's Fendi. French, Fendi, both start with an F ... I fell in love with it. Smells like grown-man cologne. -- French Montana
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Fledgling designers need investment - but how much easier it is to put them in a dead man or woman's shoes, perhaps also backing the new designer's namesake line, but only as what the French call a 'danseuse,' a plaything. -- Suzy Menkes
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Style of the future is the convergence of function and fashion. -- Vanna Bonta
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Fashion is so mass-produced now; I hope there will come a refocus on how people see couture. And I would also hope for a new focus on the craft. -- Raf Simons
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Snooty high heels. -- Jeanne Birdsall
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Fashion designers only occasionally tread outside the realm of clothes as pure commodity. When they do, the results are often a muddled, self-conscious message. -- Robin Givhan
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Comme des Garcons is a gift to oneself, not something to appeal or to attract the opposite sex -- Rei Kawakubo
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These questions required either Camus or cognac, and as Camus was not available I ordered cognac. -- Viet Thanh Nguyen
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Beauty too often sacrifices to fashion. The spirit of fashion is not the beautiful, but the wilful; not the graceful, but the fantastic; not the superior in the abstract, but the superior in the worst of all concretes,-the vulgar. -- Leigh Hunt
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Daphne Guinness, who makes couture seem wearable, is an icon who influences what I wear. -- Ashley Madekwe
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I don't really buy designer stuff. I have a few nice things, but I don't really have the occasion to wear couture too often. -- Emma Watson
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I am an Armani and a Dolce & Gabbana kind of a person. -- Patricia Cornwell
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The ultimate art form of fashion is couture. I completely geek out when it comes to couture. It shows fashion as it used to be. I don't know how many people can actually afford the clothes, but in a way, that's beside the point. -- Diane Kruger
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Farewell Gaultier!! Preteporte will miss you! 4 ever -- Madonna Ciccone
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Fashion design is so diverse. It does not have clear identities as before with Balenciaga, Chanel, Cardin, Courreges. Design is about being recognised without a label. Elegance alone is not sufficient, -- Pierre Cardin
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I started collecting couture when I was about 10 or 11 years old, and the very first piece I bought was a Balenciaga suit from 1962. -- Hamish Bowles
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I was taken to my first fashion show - Nina Ricci haute couture - in Paris by the White Russian princess, down on her luck, whom I was boarding with in Paris in 1963. I was captivated by the glamour of the gilded salon, the elegant clothes, and the audience of grand ladies. -- Suzy Menkes
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My favorite perfumes are Bois Farine and Chanel Coromandel. -- Leigh Lezark
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I have always had an interest in fashion and design and I appreciate style and timelessness within my footwear and accessories both on and off the court. -- Maria Sharapova
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Behind the criticism of fashion as an artistic medium is a highly ideological prejudice: against markets, against consumers, against the dynamism of Western commercial society. The debate is not about art but about culture and economics. -- Virginia Postrel
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You wear classic black Chanel with frightening aplomb. When you're not wearing those catastrophic muumuus. -- Thea Harrison
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Chanel lambskin, vintage Vanson I'm on the bike doing wheelies in a mansion -- Nicki Minaj
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Fashion needs to be worn. -- Christian Lacroix
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Fashion is the veriest goddess of semblance and of shade; to be happy is of far less consequence to her worshippers than to appear so; even pleasure itself they sacrifice to parade, and enjoyment to ostentation. -- Charles Caleb Colton
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I personally love sportswear, and love using it in high fashion. -- Stella Mccartney
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The future does not really lie in discovering new fragrant raw materials ... In order to endure, haute perfumery is therefore condemned to inventing new olfactory promises ... to finding a new form of expression. -- Jean-Claude Ellena
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I really like the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony collection - all of those kind of laser-cut leather dresses. -- Behati Prinsloo
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I wear a lot of Brioni and Ferragamo and Dolce, all of those kind of things. -- Gerard Butler
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The reason I collaborate with Louis Vuitton is that Louis Vuitton is number one in the world, and I am honored to work with them. -- Yayoi Kusama
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The foregrounding of health may be one part of the mission of fashion, but on a more ambitious level, this art form also provides women with clothes that support a range of views about what it means to be an interesting and desirable human being. -- Alain De Botton
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You posses a quality which can never belong to Mademoiselle Danglars. It is that indefinable charm which is to a woman what perfume is to the flower and flavor to the fruit, for beauty of either is not the only quality we seek. -- Alexandre Dumas
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Roberto Cavalli is a great designer. The Just Cavalli brand is very sexy, young and cool. Each collection is very contemporary and colourful; it is clearly for the younger generation who wants to have a trendy look. It's the first fragrance that I have ever done, so it's a huge honour! -- Georgia May Jagger
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Fashion being the art of those who must purchase notice at some cheaper rate than that of being beautiful, loves to do rash and extravagant things. She must be forever new, or she becomes insipid. -- James Russell Lowell
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Vivienne Westwood makes such beautifully structured clothes that are especially flattering if you are curvy. -- Antonia Thomas
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I don't do fashion, I AM fashion. -- Coco Chanel
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My deep relations with fashion started in Paris in 1980s, when I was appointed head of The Fashion History course at French Esmod fashion school, the biggest and the best in those years in Paris. -- Alexander Vassiliev
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What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course -- Marilyn Monroe
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I like what Proenza Schouler is doing. I also love the Miu Miu chunky embellished shoes and really like Prada as well. -- Ashley Madekwe
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Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent; got kiss myself I'm so pretty. -- Bruno Mars
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magnificent canyon of fashion. -- P.g. Kain
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Only in Paris do couture workers, from seamstress to mannequin, worship a dress and treat it like a baby. -- Pierre Balmain
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It's a corset design making me look very, very slim and trim. I call it a corset dress. Very Hollywood glamour with the silk. -- Serena Williams
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Whiz Galliano whip whip the Armani In the drip drip lick lick like a lolly -- Nicki Minaj
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Balenciaga did the most delicious evening clothes. Clothes aren't delicious any more. -- Diana Vreeland
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I think everyone envisions me sitting at Alexandre's all day, picking out beautiful clothes from passing couturiers. -- Gloria Guinness
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A mutt is couture-it's the only one like it in the world, made especially for you. -- Isaac Mizrahi
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I love Vivienne Westwood. Her work is so interesting, you can always find something that's great and fits you. -- Beth Ditto
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A girl's coquetry is of the simplest, she thinks that all is said when the veil is laid aside; a woman's coquetry is endless, she shrouds herself in veil after veil, she satisfies every demand of man's vanity, the novice responds but to one. -- Honore De Balzac
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I like the idea of paradox, between the authentic fabrics and sophisticated shapes and between masculine and feminine. I'm not so much for sportswear. I think it's over. -- Hedi Slimane
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A brand is a person. -- Richie Norton
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I'm not into fashion, but I like design. I wear the same shoes every day. -- Tyler, The Creator
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I like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. I have some great Balenciaga jackets and I'm shoe crazy. -- Melanie Laurent
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My work is so strongly fashion, and it meant I had to downplay my exuberance and sculptural dimension to something that would fit into jewelry cases and sit next to Rolex watches and David Yurman [pieces]. -- Robert Lee Morris
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Fall 2013 was inspired by the 1970s equestrian lifestyle. I wanted to incorporate the moody and romantic - intricate baroque detailing and classic menswear elements - with something tougher and edgier in a nod to London's rock n' roll underground. -- Rachel Zoe
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I've got the hottest brand in the world. -- Donald Trump
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Every new Fashion is a refusal to inherit, a subversion against the oppression of the preceding Fashion; Fashion experiences itself as a Right, the natural right of the present over the past. -- Roland Barthes
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sartorial splendor with a long, speculative survey -- Dana Stabenow
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Fashion is eternal"
Yves St Laurent -- Nicole Jenkins
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I love to do glamorous things, like wear Valentino. -- Debra Messing
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If you look back at the history of creativity in clothes - the French Revolution, the First World War and the Second World War - they have all been creative reinventions, the moment new forms of luxury come into play. -- Christian Lacroix
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The explosion of museum exhibitions is only a mirror image of what has happened to fashion itself this millennium. With the force of technology, instant images and global participation, fashion has developed from being a passion for a few to a fascination - and an entertainment - for everybody. -- Alexander Mcqueen
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explicit communiqu -- Barbara W. Tuchman
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Although a life-long fashion dropout, I have absorbed enough by reading Harper's Bazaar while waiting at the dentist's to have grasped that the purpose of fashion is to make A Statement. My own modest Statement, discerned by true cognoscenti, is, Woman Who Wears Clothes So She Won't Be Naked. -- Molly Ivins
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Saint Laurent has excellent taste. The more he copies me, the better taste he displays. - Coco Chanel -- Justine Picardie
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Alexander McQueen's designs are all about bringing contrasts together to create startling and beautiful clothes and I hope that by marrying traditional fabrics and lacework, with a modern structure and design we have created a beautiful dress for Catherine on her wedding day. -- Sarah Burton
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Cosmo Girl with a passion for fashion and a magic flask. -- Seth
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To me, my brand is luxury, it's art, it's women, it's raw, it's urban. -- Theophilus London
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In fashion, the time is so short, and even with pre-collection, there are not only dresses, shoes, bags, and furs but now raincoats and T-shirts. It's just an endless amount of work that we have to produce in no time. -- Alber Elbaz
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I placed my new novel, 'The Book of Lost Fragrances', in Paris, knowing it would be a challenge. But the book belonged in the city that is one of the greatest perfume capitals of the world and has been since for more than three centuries. -- M.j. Rose
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Any shoe which protects your feet in a hard road is a beautiful shoe! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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I love cashmere. For casual, I like Juicy Couture. I love the beading in Badgley Mischka. I like Dolce & Gabbana. There's such a lot to choose from. -- Sasha Cohen
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Fashion is such stuff as dreams are made on ... -- Anna Dello Russo
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Fashion is an art. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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The corset is?a mutilation, undergone for the purpose of lowering the subject's vitalityand rendering her permanentlyand obviously unfit for work. -- Thorstein Veblen
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I'm one of those strange beasts who really likes a corset. -- Cate Blanchett
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We are not peddlers of the fashionable. We believe that good design defies fashion, is truly innovative, eminently sensible, yet a source of inspiration to those who have the pleasure of living with it. -- Arthur Erickson
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Couture has copied my things for years, in addition to countless other costume designers, claiming theirs were the original ideas. It's all part of the business, unfortunately. -- Edith Head
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A coquette is a young lady of more beauty than sense, more accomplishments than learning, more charms not person than graces of mind, more admirers than friends, mole fools than wise men for attendants. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Who is wurs shod, than the shoemakers wyfe,With shops full of shoes all hir lyfe? -- John Heywood
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I do not believe there has ever been a name as important as Pierre Cardin in the general history of couture. -- Pierre Cardin
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The characteristic of coquettes is affectation governed by whim. -- Henry Fielding
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Balenciaga was incredibleI was madly infatuated with his clothes. His clothes were devastating. One fainted. One simply blew up and died. -- Diana Vreeland
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Fashion keeps me designing: the love of change, the idea that the next one will be the right one, the nonstop dialogue -- Karl Lagerfeld
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Fashion understands itself; good-breeding and personal superiority of whatever country readily fraternize with those of every other. The chiefs of savage tribes have distinguished themselves in London and Paris, by the purity of their tournure. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Designing my shoes, I'm thinking timeless. Not trendy. -- Christian Louboutin
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Fashion is custom in the guise of departure from custom -- Edward Sapir
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Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style -- Christian Dior
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I love Rag & Bone, Dior, and Valentino; I like feminine, sexy things. Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, too. -- Ieva Laguna
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Fashion is not separate from art. It is inextricably woven into how we open ourselves to the world and articulates the exchanges of power both real and imagined. -- Richard Phillips