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To be creative is to look Madness in the eye and challenge it to a spitting contest. -- River Fairchild
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To be creative, you have to be wrong most of the time. -- Joe Craig
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How Can You Be Creative If Your Being Prescriptive? -- Steven King
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Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. -- Brene Brown
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There is a time and a place for creativity. -- William Redington Hewlett
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When you're a creative person, there are just times when you're not listening. You know, I could be looking right at you and thinking about something else. -- Brad Paisley
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People are most creative when they care about their work and they're stretching their skills. -- Teresa Amabile
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-I'm not creative like you.-

-Of course you are!-

-I don't sing or draw or act or play an instrument. I can't make things.-

-That's not what 'creative' means, you know. Creativity is in everything.- -- Lisa Mcmann
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Creativity is a celebration of life ... I am here! I love life! I love me! I can be anything! I can do anything! -- Joseph C Zinker
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You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty. -- Rajneesh
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Creativity is a process more often than it is an event. -- Ken Robinson
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I just like being creative, whatever way I have to do it. -- Jim Carrey
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I'm creative because I did an icon navigation while everyone else on the planet sticks to words? No, it just means I didn't want to stick to convention. If anything you can call it rebellious but certainly not creative. -- Paul Scriven
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The creative road is a tough one to follow. There are many bumps and detours we hit before arriving at the end of our journey -- Tonesha Reese
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Creativity is a calling, a hearkening to one's spirit. -- Linda A. Tancs
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Ingenuity requires creativity. -- Veronica Roth
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Imagination is divine. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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I love being creative in all forms. -- Loretta Swit
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Everybody is born creative, but very few people remain creative. -- Osho
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I am not that creative. And therefore you must be real. -- Rick Moody
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We all are creative by nature, but our creativity gets buried deep under the pressure of our day to day mad rush. -- Sukant Ratnakar
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Everybody's got creativity. Dive within to the ocean of infinite creativity. -- David Lynch
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Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. -- Dorothy Parker
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Some people are way less creative than you wish they were. -- Christina Hendricks
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We are all need to be creative in life because we are running an endless race and we need to bring something new, fresh and something enticing on the table. -- Euginia Herlihy
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The present moment is creative, creating with an unheard-of intensity. -- Le Corbusier
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The truth is we're all probably more creative than we realize, except we spend our lives watching TV or reading somebody else's book. We never pick up a brush and stand in front of our own easel. -- Adam Carolla
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Sometimes "creativity" is just common sense. -- William Poundstone
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Making the complicated simple is true creativity. -- Charles Mingus
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There is no such thing as creative and non-creative people, only people who use their creativity and people who don't. -- Brene Brown
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Creativity is a talent we inherit from God. -- Kim Chestney
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A lot of people forget how important it is to be creative. We get caught up in getting ahead and in day-to-day minutiae. But creativity is a fundamental mode of expression, as is being tenacious and standing by your own convictions and passions, even if it's not the 'popular' choice. -- Tabatha Coffey
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It takes a lot of energy to be creative. You don't have that energy if you waste it on other stuff. -- Austin Kleon
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With the word creative we stand under a mystery. And from time to time that mystery, as if it were a sun, sends down upon one head or another, a sudden shaft of light - by grace, one feels, rather than deserving, for it always is something given, free, unsought, unexpected. -- P.l. Travers
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The creative mind is intelligence in action in the world. -- Andrea Dworkin
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We're all creative, it's just some of us earn our living by being so. -- John Hegarty
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I'm not artistic nor am I all that creative. -- Henry Rollins
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Creativity is one of your greatest gifts. It resides deep inside you impacting your every thought. It is attached to a never ending source and is one of the main aspects of who you are. Your very essence is as a creator. No one creates exactly like you do. Your thoughts and actions color the world. -- Renae A. Sauter
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Where creativity goes, I follow... -- Heidi Fischer
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You can be creative only when there is abandonment-which means, really, there is no sense of compulsion, no fear of not being, of not gaining, of not arriving. Then there is great austerity, simplicity, and with it there is love. -- Jiddu Krishnamurti
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Deadlines and things make you creative. -- Jack White
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Imagination is the source of all creativity. -- Debasish Mridha
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Creativity is a journey with many destinations. -- Kaye Pascal
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There is a notion that creative people are absent-minded, reckless, heedless of social customs and obligations. It is, hopefully, true for they are in another world altogether. -- Mary Oliver
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Creativity is the fragrance of individual freedom. -- Osho
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Everyone should in some way be creative, irrespective of the quality of that which he creates. -- Yehudi Menuhin
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Creativity is intelligence having fun. -- Albert Einstein
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Every time you express a complaint about how difficult and tiresome it is to be creative, inspiration takes another step away from you, -- Elizabeth Gilbert
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Creativity is the greatest gift of human intelligence. -- Ken Robinson
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For those who are intrigued by the multiplicity of reality and the unique possibilities of their own vision, the creative is the path they must pursue. -- Deena Metzger
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Everything is creative. It's all relative to me. No matter what, you've gotta use your imagination, use your senses. -- Action Bronson
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We are all born creative. We just got it educated out of us -- Tham Khai Meng
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To be creative you must create a space for yourself where you can be undisturbed ... separate from everyday concerns. -- John Cleese
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Creativity comes from curious, intuitive, persistent action. -- Debasish Mridha
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Creativity is very self-indulgent. -- Nicolas Winding Refn
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Creativity is improvisation -- Simon Silva
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Sometimes to be creative you have to give yourself permission to not be outstanding. -- James K.a. Smith
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Creativity is fluid, like the fountainhead from within you, flowing out. -- Pearl Zhu
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It's easier to be creative if you've got other people to play with. -- John Cleese
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The road to creativity passes ... -- Ernest Becker
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Any work is creative work if done by a thinking mind. -- Ayn Rand
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Be innovative and creative -- Sunday Adelaja
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Just because something is weird and hard to understand doesn't mean it's creative. -- Jesse Andrews
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Creativity is a quality that we give to every activity that we do. -- Rajneesh
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Creativity is in the heart of the dreamer. -- Tammy L. Kubasko
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Creativity is one of those hypnotic words which are prone to cast a spell upon our understanding and dissolve our thinking into haze. -- Albert Einstein
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Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. -- Cecil B. Demille
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If a creative person has a sense of humor, a sense of style and a certain amount of stubbornness, he finds a way to do what he needs to in spite of the obstacles. -- Stephen Nachmanovitch
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There is a great gulf between the really creative person and normal people. The totally creative person does not have the rest of his life in proper proportion. -- Caitlin Thomas
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Creativity is dynamic, it asserts life, frees the human spirit, conquers mental lassitude and illness, and makes real the outrageous potential of the universal imagination. -- Robert Genn
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curiosity is the key to creativity -- Akio Morita
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Imagination is phenomenal. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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There is no creativity without vulnerability. -- Brene Brown
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Creativity is part of human nature. It can only be untaught. -- Ai Weiwei
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If you want to be creative, go where your questions lead you. -- Louis L'amour
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A creative person has to believe in the unseen and the untouched. -- Paul Haggis
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Creativity is a flow, an abstract and an imagination. -- Pearl Zhu
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Creativity is impossible unless existing rules are broken. Let's break some. -- Ted Agon
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I'm a creative genius and there's no other way to word it. -- Kanye West
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You can't really do anything creative without a source of inspiration. -- J. Tillman
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Creativity is an ode to life. It is not a form of entertainment. It is a form of joy. -- Wynn Bullock
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Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better. -- John Updike
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Creativity is innate and it manifests itself in so many forms. It needs to come out somehow or it destroys you in some way. -- Yoko Ono
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Possessing a healthy imagination is a necessary ingredient for creativity. -- Steve Vai
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Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us will put out more and better ideas if our efforts are appreciated. -- Alex Faickney Osborn
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It's fun being creative and that's satisfying. -- Craig Kilborn
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Creativity is a flower of love and a light that is eager to enlighten others. -- Debasish Mridha
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Creativity is encountering something unexpected -- Simon Silva
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Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous. -- Bill Moyers
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Please embrace the joy of your own creativity,for the world needs more positive inspiration,fostered by the unstoppable power of a mind free to wander. -- Cheryl Skory Suma
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Creativity is to think more efficiently. -- Pierre Reverdy
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Creativity has a touch of the bizarre -- Robert Anton Wilson
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Part of being creative is not being super-duper focused. -- Joshua Foer
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Creativity is not deliberate it's impulsive -- Rajesh Walecha
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Creativity takes courage. -- Henri Matisse
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The thing that makes a creative person is to be creative and that is all there is to it. -- Edward Albee
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Creative power is mightier than its possessor. -- C. G. Jung
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Everybody's creative. We create our songs and our paintings, our families and our children. Every one of us is on the cutting edge of the future. -- Buffy Sainte-Marie
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Trust your creativity. -- Jeanette Winterson
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Your unique creative talents and abilities are flowing through you and are being expressed in deeply satisfying ways. Your creativity is always in demand. -- Louise L. Hay