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Interesting. Claws and teeth and ferocity mixed with the subtlety to manipulate creatures larger than itself. A worthy creature.
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I'm dying to know all about this mystical creature that got you to act human for once.
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The sentient beast has long been a staple of fantasy fiction and its antecedents in myth and folktale.
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The creature all men on Arrakis fear, you treat it like a riding animal.
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In a cabinet of natural history, we become sensible of a certain occult recognition and sympathy in regard to the most unwieldy and eccentric forms of beast, fish, and insect.
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The monster towered ten or twelve feet tall. Its bright green leathery skin was covered in dirt,
moss, leaves, and patches of grass, the stench repulsive. His teeth gleamed brown. Evidently he
wasn't aware of the multitude of whitening products on the market.
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The human. Now you know all about your target
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I love monsters.
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A creature is what it is, even if it can't show its true face.
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And there is no living creature, though the whims of eons had put its eyes on boggling stalks and clamped it in a carapace, diminished it to a pinpoint and given it a taste for mud and stuck it down a well or hid it under a stone, but that creature will live on if it can.
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God's first creature, which was light.
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Beasts abstract not.
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Someone hurt my monster.
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Hairy Mammal whaddya want
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An animal?" Thorne said, and she realized he'd been waiting for her to further explain what she was seeing.
"It has long legs and horns and ... and it's beautiful."
"Oh, good, we're back to this, then.
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A monster is someone who's being monstered.
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Footfalls edged closer, putting her tiger on full alert. She ran faster. Several yards ahead, a man stepped into her path. She skidded to a halt and realized he wasn't a man, but a mutant - half-wolf, half-man - and abomination.
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That creature's staying?' It figured. Her daughter-in-law transforming into an animal? No problem. Having to take care of a cat? Crisis. (Sydney Sage-Ivashkov)
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one more creature
dizzy with love
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Eros the melter of limbs (now again) stirs me -
sweetbitter unmanageable creature who steals in
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It is conventional to call 'monster' any blending of dissonant elements. I call 'monster' every original inexhaustible beauty.
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I am a monster. I am the Son of Sam. I love to hunt.
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Only once did Lori glimpse such an entity, supine on a mattress in the corner of its boudoir. It was naked, corpulent and sexless, its sagging body a motley of dark, oily skin and larval eruptions that seeped phosphorescence, soaking its simple bed.
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It looked a lot like a dog.
"What's that?" Max asked, expecting to hear about a mythical creature with a mythical name.
Carol squinted and put his hand over his eyes to see better. "Oh that's a dog," he said. "I don't talk to that guy anymore.
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A monster?"

Yeah, And it was cleaning my sweater!"
Oh, yeah, lucky you were there, we can't have Monsters running around the perseve Washing Sweaters!
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I am an act of kneading, of uniting and joining that not only has produced both a creature of darkness and a creature of light, but also a creature that questions the definitions of light and dark and gives them new meanings.
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I am surely a creature. For what human has two hearts? But I have two hearts - one is always broken; the other is always whole.
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A mix of human and lizard and who knows what else. White, tight reptilian skin smeared with gore, clawed hands and feet, their faces a mess of conflicting features.
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Follow your footprints long enough and they will turn into those of a beast.
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I told myself 'Everything is a being! The shout that passes into the air is an entity like an animal, since it is born, produces a movement, and is again transformed, in order to die. So the fearful mind that believes in incorporeal beings is not wrong. What are they?
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What is a monster? A being whose survival is incompatible with the existing order.
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Preston, I don't think this creature could ever find its way into your head. Quite apart from anything else, it seems pretty crowded and complicated to me.
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Animals! the object of insatiable interest, examples of the riddle of life, created, as it were, to reveal the human being to man himself, displaying his richness and complexity in a thousand kaleidoscopic possibilities, each of them brought to some curious end, to some characteristic exuberance.
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This beast was not a man, not a lesser faerie. He was one of the High Fae, one of their ruling nobility: beautiful, lethal, and merciless.
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Which animal do you see when you hold me and close your eyes and think of animals?
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Insect, pup, or rat. It certainly seems to me that you don't know what he is, so maybe you should leave him alone...
'Gracious, Lorelei, you should have kept your mouth shut! Why not just call him a smelly rhinoceros wart while you're at it?' (Lorelei)
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I have a monster under my bed, and it's Mouse.
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A critter reveals his true self at midnight.
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You, my dear, are a creature of the night, you are a vampire.
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I wonder what the animal's name was.
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Whatever creature comes to you, human or otherwise, treat it with consideration.
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He is a state of matter, a form of life, a sort of animal, and a species of the Order Primates, akin nearly or remotely to all of life and indeed to all that is material.
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Yeti. Big Foot. There was some old creature his grandmother had told him about. The Green Man. Half man, half tree. This was him. Beauvoir gripped his stick.
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I am part animal and part God.
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sharklike creature collide with Agu. A moment later, the creature was flying out of the water, hurled a hundred feet in the air. Adaora could see its great toothy jaws gape. Then splash!
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I am not an animal! I am a human being! I ... am ... a man!
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The word 'monster' [monstrum] derives from 'demonstrare,' meaning to show or to demonstrate. Heresy and evolutionary change are thus mere intrusions into a homogenous perception of reality. My vocation, I decided, would be to make my life an example.

But of what?
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A greyish substance that might be blood. Remembering the spray I caught earlier, I wipe a hand across my face and it comes away wet and sticky with the same grey liquid. "I'd kill for a shower," I mutter, chuckling darkly at the sick joke. Juni cuts a long, jagged line through the creature's flesh,
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Foolish Ever, don't you realize there's no longer any difference between you and your-monster? You are the monster. It's your dark side, your shadow self, and you've now joined as one.
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For an hour or more he was neither human nor vampire, just a howling, hungry creature of dark delights.
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A head began emerging out of the darkness. It had two large antennae growing out of its forehead, with nothing recognizable as eyes. A mouth in the middle of its face opened in what I hoped was a smile. At least there weren't any sharp teeth.
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Liu pulled her behind him; a spooky beast ran towards them. It was enormous and had the body of a tiger and nine heads with human like faces; its body covered by a green and blue hair. "Kaiming.
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There is a monster inside me. And she's beautiful.
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The woman tells me I'm a monster, but there's a little
beast in her that she unleashes from time to time.
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It had a sort of a head on it, like a mushroom, and its color was reddish purple. It looked blunt and stupid, compared, say, to fingers and toes with their intelligent expressiveness, or even to an elbow or a knee.
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VAMPIRES I see things you can't see WEREWOLVES I find things that hunt you FAERIES I am your protector SHAPESHIFTERS But even I can't protect you now.
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I am an extraordinary being, you think. I am a mysterious creature
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The Beast is an animal You'd better lock the Gate Or when it's dark, It comes for you Then it will be too late The
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The problem here is with a human being, not with a monster, not with an animal. The human being does things that even the monster does not do, because the human is more sophisticated.
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It is hungry, it it immortal. Worse, it knows nothing of whim.
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The other hand neither was he a man, nor any sapient proteinoid of the glutinous-albuminous variety. The head was round and plump, with red cheeks, but for eyes it had two penny whistles, and for ears it had thuribles, which gave off a thick cloud of incense. He was dressed
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We humans are such complicated and confused beings that we call the animals beasts.
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They can try to kill me all they want, but I'm the girl who stands on tha backs of the beasts of the NeoPacific. The Minnow blazes from within, promising life and warmth and vilainy, but out here I'm mighty.
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Whatever creature you turn into, whatever form you take, I won't let go of you.
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i'm a creature of fine sensations
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I am a weak, ephemeral creature made of mud and dream. But I feel all the powers of the universe whirling within me.
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It has been argued that man is not an animal, but I tell you, the animal in man is what makes man an animal.
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There was something prehistoric about it, like a beast of a lost world
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Leunagasolin, such as, oh, the Moss Creature here, brightest
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A lizard, resting in the shade of the anthill, studied Atkinson with interest, tilting its head this way and that. Atkinson studied it in return. A small, dull brown animal, usually it would not catch Atkinson's attention, but under the circumstances it became a thing of beauty.
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Western magical practitioners incorrectly call such a creature a demon, when I would describe it as a kidnapped inter-dimensional alien.
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She'd never seen a monster like that before, had never heard of one in all the Lore. When she grappled with the question of what it was, her sharply honed scientifical mind deduced one answer: manbearpig.
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Nature, in her blind thirst for life has filled every possible cranny of the rotting earth with some sort of fantastic creature.
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There was a thing waiting in the darkness.
It was ancient, and cruel, and paced in the shadows ...
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I'm a recovering monster that cares about another soulless creature.
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The creature - " A low growl rumbled from the backseat. "Peaches," I said. "I don't think he likes to be called 'the creature.'" "Fine,
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There was no more beautiful creature in the whole world
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A metamorphosis ... The shining butterfly of the soul from the pupa of the body. Larva, pupa, imago. An image of art.
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There is an animal inside me,
clutching fast to my heart,
a huge crab.
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I am an animal, my teeth are sharp and my mouth is full, and the passion is strong.
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A phantom fish, half beaten to death, wriggled in my stomach.
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The Animal is in the World Like Water in Water
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If you were an animal, what kind would it be?"
"A dog. I'd take people in my teeth like rats and shake some sense into them.
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Incredible the animal that first dreamed of another animal.
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Carcharadon carcharias. Six thousand
pounds of muscle powering a hoop
of butcher's knives. The only animal
that ate its weaker siblings in the womb.
Immune from cancer. Constantly awake.
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Sometimes I think there's a beast that lives inside me, in the cavern that's where my heart should be, and every now and then it fills every last inch of my skin, so that I can't help but do something inappropriate. Its breath is full of lies; it smells of spite.
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Tangaloor, fire-bright
Flame-foot, farthest walker
Your hunter speaks
In need he walks
In need, but never in fear.
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What is it?' Stephanie whispered.
'That, my dear Valkyrie, is what we call a monster.'
She looked at Skulduggery. 'You don't know what it is, do you?'
'I told you what it is, it's a horrible monster. Now shut up before it comes over here and eats us.
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FROG, n. A reptile with edible legs
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It was a strange monster, for beneath its exterior it was frightened and sickened by its own violence. It chastised itself for its savagery. And sometimes it had no heart for violence and rebelled against it utterly.
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They that have voice of lions and act of hares,
are they not monsters?
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I can discover nothing in any mere animal but an ingenious machine, to which nature has given senses to wind itself up, and guard, to a certain degree, against everything that might destroy or disorder it.
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I'm a nature bug.
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Someone had to fight the monsters. Who better than a monster?
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A hound it was, an enormous coal-black hound, but not such a hound as mortal eyes have ever seen.
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The creature who arrived at your door, having bitten the hand that fed him all along, would not hesitate to sink his teeth into your flesh once he was inside.
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Dangerous creatures, women.
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The beast is dry and mottled, shedding skin
as minutes drop from life, a wristy piece
of dogged ugliness, its labors meant
to carve from language beauty, that beauty which
lifts free of flesh to find itself in print
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Q: If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
A: You already are an animal.
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There's no monster...just a beautiful day.