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Another Country, -- Katharine Swartz
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I was born in Cuba, and my parents were tropical agronomists. -- Italo Calvino
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I lived in Cuba - I was there for one year in the 1950s. We built the famous nightclub, which is still there, Tropicana, and a restaurant, Montecatini, that I opened is still there. I was there when the U.S. ambassador said everyone must leave because Castro was arriving the next morning. -- Sirio Maccioni
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I don't think that the reality of Cuba is perfect, but it doesn't cleave to the negativity, either, with which some people see it. -- Fernando Perez
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I am Fidel Castro and we have come to liberate Cuba. -- Fidel Castro
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Canada is a long way to go to get Cuban Cigars" Captain Hank Bracker -- Hank Bracker
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From time to time, the irresponsible acts of the Cuban government remind us that this is far more than about the freedom of one country, but it really is about the stability and security of the region and the national security interests of the United States. -- Mel Martinez
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Patria o muerte! Motherland or death! Cuba si, yanqui no! -- Ken Follett
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Cuba seems to have the same effect on US administrations as the full moon has on werewolves. -- Wayne Smith
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I grew up eating Cuban food all the time. -- Ted Cruz
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Florida was like a pathetic, flaccid cock unable to
work it up. Meanwhile, Cuba sat waiting like a big, wet
pussy, not even a hundred miles out. -- Arthur Graham
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My mother told me many stories about her childhood in Cuba. Living there had a profound impact on her and how she regards herself. -- Rachel Kushner
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A good Cuban cigar closes the doors to the vulgarities of the world. -- Franz Liszt
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In Cuba, I didn't even have a bicycle. -- Yoenis Cespedes
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The American dream is actually Cuban. -- Andres Aloi
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I was born in Cuba but was made in the USA. -- Gustavo Perez Firmat
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Cuba has its own moral system and priorities. That's what keeps it going, the belief that the country can control its own destiny. -- Assata Shakur
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In Cuba you get a quarter of a chicken per month. They give you one bread per person a day. So, it makes your life really tough. -- William Levy
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In 1958, a year before the revolution, Magnum wanted to send me to Cuba because they had contacts with the rebels. I'd just spent six months in South America and said 'No', so I missed everything. -- Rene Burri
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The notion that Cuba is the only country in the world where you can live without working must be erased forever. -- Raul Castro
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The Cuban people have an amazingly strong and unbroken spirit. -- Wim Wenders
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I was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Madrid, Spain. Then I moved to New Jersey. -- Daisy Fuentes
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I'm actually Cuban-born, born in 1956, the year Fidel Castro came into power, and my father moved my family to Miami a few years later when things were starting to look bad. -- Steven Bauer
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The Cuban people still live in constant fear of a brutal totalitarian regime that has demonstrated time and again its utter disregard for basic human dignity. The fight for a free Cuba has gone on for far too long. -- Mitt Romney
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Cuba has the cleanest and most-educated prostitutes in the world. -- Fidel Castro
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Cuba has become a symbol of courageous resistance to attack. Since 1959, Cuba has been under attack from the hemispheric superpower. -- Noam Chomsky
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We knew Down South. Everyone had one. Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. -- Jacqueline Woodson
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I would love to go back and help rebuild that country and help - you know, kind of like what's going on with Iraq right now. You know, they've got a new government in place. They're trying to rebuild the country. I would love for that to happen in Cuba also. -- Rafael Palmeiro
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Cubans understand that theirs is a country that provides sanctuary for people fleeing oppression. As a nation, they are very proud of this stance. They don't care how much the U.S. government badgers or attacks them. -- Assata Shakur
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It's amazing how everything here seems like it's in abundance. In Cuba, there is a shortage of everything. -- Jose Contreras
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Living in Cuba made me unafraid of whatever could happen to me. -- Brit Marling
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I begged Ana to shut them up, come out as Cuban, play the jail card. But she refused to claim that authority. 'It will mean you, as a Kentucky girl, have nothing valuable to say about Cuba. And Cubans have nothing to say about the rest of the world. -- Kelly J. Cogswell
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Cubanas are very strong women. So don't mess with us - don't take us for granted! -- Natalie Martinez
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I propose the immediate launching of a nuclear strike on the United States. The Cuban people are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the destruction of imperialism and the victory of world revolution. -- Fidel Castro
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In all of my movies I've tried to address the need for man - not just Cubans - to have a dream and to fight for that dream, even when he doesn't achieve it. It's a form of happiness. -- Fernando Perez
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I'm going to be honest with you - I don't know a lot about Cuba's healthcare system. Is it a government-run system? -- John F. Kerry
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I want to put you all at ease. We will tolerate no guerrillas in the casinos or the swimming pools!" Fulgencio Batista as Dictator of Cuba, page 228 "The Exciting Story of Cuba. -- Hank Bracker
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How do you say 'delicious' in Cuban? -- Herman Cain
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The government is one thing and the country of Cuba and my people are something different completely, .. It's like the United States government and your country. You don't have to agree with the policies to be proud of your country. -- Jose Contreras
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The Cuban Revolutionary Government has been generous and very considerate to me and my family. I lived in Santa Clara for a few months because I wanted to work in the countryside and get to know the country better. -- Huey Newton
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Cuban public is special - they participate, generate a lot of energy, both in a positive and negative sense. It's always an expressive audience. -- Fernando Perez
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But Cuba doesn't have a dictatorship it's a revolutionary democracy. -- Hugo Chavez
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For centuries, Cuba's greatest resource has been its people. -- Pico Iyer
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President Obama's actions are an unconscionable betrayal of America's fundamental values and a profound insult to the oppressed Cuban people. -- Mario Diaz-Balart
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My fantasy of Cuba was that everybody was going to be going around looking like Fidel, with green uniforms - and it was very different from my vision of how Cuba was going to be. -- Assata Shakur
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Younger Cuban Americans who have decided to go to the island always come back telling me "that isn't the country my grandparents have told me about." -- Mark Falcoff
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I'm crafting a vision of my life that involves creativity. And Cuban society allows me to do this. I know it's harder in the U.S. where so many people are just grateful to have a job. -- Assata Shakur
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Then I received support from the Government to compete for my country, and to represent Cuba in competition. -- Alberto Juantorena
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What I will always remember about Havana is the light...All I can see is the blinding light of Havana. It's burned into my retina. It still hurts my eyes. -- Uva De Aragon
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They have gun control in Cuba. They have universal health care in Cuba. So why do they want to come here? -- Paul Harvey
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Contrary to Eastern Europe, where the border was more porous and you could exchange information more easily, Cuba is an island. Thus, it is more isolated, and it's easier for the government to have great control over its citizens. -- Luis Fortuno
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When I was back in Cuba, who could have imagined I would be invited to the White House! -- William Levy
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The roots of Cuban music are in my head. -- Compay Segundo
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For Castro, freedom starts with education. And if literacy alone were the yardstick, Cuba would rank as one of the freest nations on Earth. The literacy rate is 96 percent. -- Barbara Walters
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I worked, studied, mothered and continued to be an activist. I found that Cuba was much different from the US; its government was genuinely trying to erase racism. -- Assata Shakur
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Mexico. Melancholy, profoundly right and wrong, it embraces as it strangulates. -- Ana Castillo
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There's a growing consensus that the best way to defeat communism in Cuba is to get its citizens hooked on American goods. -- Timothy Noah
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Haiti kind of gets a hold of you. -- Sean Penn
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A number of years ago, people were saying normal relationship with Cuba, what a bad and silly idea. They're Communists, they are our enemy. Well guess what? Change has come. -- Bernie Sanders
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I wish that they had the freedoms like the Japanese and the Koreans and the Mexicans and everybody else that has that freedom to come over here and play the game, because I know Cuba has a very strong baseball history. -- Rafael Palmeiro
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I'm Cuban-American, everybody says. I have a Cuban background, Cuban blood. -- Gio Gonzalez
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If I could choose one place to be right now - fuck Copenhagen and Cuba. I'd be at right beside you, wherever you are, smiling. -- Darnell Lamont Walker
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Since Castro took power, the Cuban people have been denied basic human freedoms. No freedom of religion, no freedom of the press, no political freedom. And the regime uses brutality and violence to suppress these freedoms and impose its will. -- Mitt Romney
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The neighbors were more than neighbors [on Cuba]. They were like part of the family. -- Huey Newton
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My hope is that the Pope Francis visit to Cuba will remind all the Cuban citizens that they possess dignity and fundamental rights that come from God and that the Castro regime has no claim on changing what is 100% God-given. -- Marco Rubio
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If we publicly declare that Cuba is a threat to our security, forty million Mexicans will die laughing. -- Antonio Carrillo Flores
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I might be a Cuban American, but I'm also an Afro-Cuban American. -- Jon Secada
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Tourist trips to Cuba are being abused. They are tourist trips that are providing hard currency for a dictatorial, tyrannical regime to get hard currency that it uses to oppress its people. And that's why these trips need to be carefully scrutinized. -- Marco Rubio
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Fifty years of isolating Cuba had failed to promote democracy, setting us back in Latin America. That's why we restored diplomatic relations, opened the door to travel and commerce, and positioned ourselves to improve the lives of the Cuban people. -- Barack Obama
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India Lima Yankee -- Teresa Mummert
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I pray the Pope Francis can use his moral authority to inspire true religious freedom, and bring us closer to the day when freedom can finally take root on the island country; because only then will the people of Cuba prosper and have the opportunity to live out God's plan. -- Marco Rubio
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I'll know America is in bad shape when Cubans in Miami get in the water and swim back to Cuba. -- Carlos Mencia
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I feel like I got my first real taste of Caribbean and Cuban culture while I was there. I have quite a sizeable Cuban vinyl collection from Miami thrift stores. -- Ayshay
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Cuba's poverty is caused by the crackpot Marxist doctrines imposed by its sociopathic ruler and promoted by half the liberal arts professors on American faculties. -- David Horowitz
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President Kennedy stocked up on Cuban Cigars just before signing the embargo. -- Hank Bracker
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My parents were founders of the Cuban Communist Party, and I grew up extremely poor. -- Guillermo Cabrera Infante
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Our Cuba policy didn't make much sense during the Cold War and makes even less sense now. -- Stephen M. Walt
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So that when I came from Panama ... my family was exiled in 1973 and they went to Miami. -- Ruben Blades
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Cuba," he said in his resounding defense plea, "continues to be a producer of raw materials. We exhort sugar to import candy, we export hides to import shoes, we export iron to import plows. -- Eduardo Galeano
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The notion that somehow you're going to have freedom just kind of outbreak in Cuba, I think is false. -- Jeb Bush
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You know what's nice about Montreal? Not only is it a beautiful city, but you have Cuban cigars. -- Jamie Farr
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[Cuban coffee is] very powerful, very sweet, and a little dangerous - just like the people who drink it. -- Gloria Estefan
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I tend to listen to country music more than Cuban music. -- Ted Cruz
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The real reason Cuba poses a threat has nothing to do with my being here or anyone else being here. It's because Cuba is an example of a country that is actively fighting against imperialist domination and insists on its own right to self-determination and sovereignty. -- Assata Shakur
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My grandmother would shanghai pilots at the Havana airport so they'd bring me cartons of mango baby food
the only kind I'd eat. I learned to eat peach later. And in every carton, she'd slip in a Cuban record. -- Gloria Estefan
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I'm part Cuban, so anything with a good beat like Rumberos de Cuba gets me going. -- Oona Chaplin
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The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore, -- Fidel Castro
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I miss friends and family. If it weren't for visits from old friends and other African Americans I meet who come to Cuba, I'd probably be in some kind of time warp. -- Assata Shakur
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The Castro government is disproportionately white given the color of the island. It doesn't look like Cuba. -- Mark Falcoff
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Both my parents came with their parents during the revolution in Cuba. Both my parents were born in Cuba. They left everything over there. My family got stripped of everything - of their land, of their jobs, everything. -- Dominik Garcia-Lorido
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Fidel, in a speech, had told the people, We are all Afro-Cubans, from the very lightest to the very darkest. -- Assata Shakur
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Peru, Peru. My heart's lighthouse. -- Morrissey
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My Invented Country; it resembles a heart-shaped paradise. -- Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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I loved sitting on my veranda sipping quality scotch, puffing a Cuban cigar and watching Cuba on the horizon, or the oceanic vista. Did this late in the evenings many times. -- Dirk Benedict
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Standing, as I believe the United States stands for humanity and civilization, we should exercise every influence of our great country to put a stop to that war which is now raging in Cuba and give to that island once more peace, liberty, and independence. -- Henry Cabot Lodge
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Puerto Rico is the perfect meeting place between Spain, the country I come from, and America, the country where I now belong. The meeting point of two worlds where magic can happen. -- Jose Andres
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I always felt that the Cubans were being pushed into the Soviet Bloc by American policy. -- Lee Harvey Oswald
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What do you want?"
"Fuck! -- Christopher Moore
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In Cuba, taking into account the long fight for our independence and sovereignty, we will defend the one-party system in the face of the games, demagogy and the marketing of politics. -- Raul Castro
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Frankly, to be a poor child in Cuba may in many instances be better than being a poor child in Miami, and I'm not going to condemn their lifestyle so gratuitously. -- Eleanor Clift