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Coffee is not my cup of tea -- Samuel Goldwyn
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Their empty drinking cups pounding on the table in revolt. "Fill de cup or we piss in de pot!" Okay, Cal led the chant, but Simmons hit his cup on the table along with him. -- Stacey Marie Brown
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Phil picke dup his coffee cup, -- Jerry Hanel
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I've never seen anything like it since. Some of the Canada Cups came close, but by then a lot of European players came and played in our league so we were more familiar with them. -- Marcel Dionne
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Stanley Cup hockey comes around every year, when games start to count in multiples of best-of-seven series, and the players seem to put more attention into every pass, every check, every annoying little trick. -- George Vecsey
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My cup runneth over and I worry about the stain. -- Caedmon's Call
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Tottenham are trying tonight to become the first London team to win this cup. The last team to do so was the 1973 Spurs team. -- Mike Ingham
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For drinking Life there are two cups: The No Cup is bitter, the Yes Cup is yummy
Now, which one would you rather have in your tummy? -- Margaret Atwood
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I'm a cup of tea in a world of lattes -- Len Goodman
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When you get the coffee from the store, does it come in a great big metal can?'
He beamed. 'Absolutely.'
That was all I needed to hear. Tea. A cup of tea. -- Steven James
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Bring me the sunset in a cup. -- Emily Dickinson
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World Cup. "It's got to be Ireland," said Charlie thickly, through a mouthful of potato. "They flattened Peru in the semifinals. -- J.k. Rowling
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What a sad person who laments their small cup, even though always full. -- Garry Fitchett
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That's nice, Brian. You want a trophy? -- Colleen Hoover
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You can find tea in a tea cup.. but cannot find world in a world cup. -- Arjuna Ranatunga
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I have been accused of not taking seriously the FA Cup on Saturday. I have won four times the FA Cup. Who has won it more? Give me one name. -- Arsene Wenger
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Coffee is like a bra. 3 cups is one too many. -- Demetri Martin
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wooden mug I had ready, half filled with -- Diana Gabaldon
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Come and see my coaching certificates - they're called the European Cup and league championships, -- Brian Clough
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A spoonful of hope and a cup of despair -- Robert Jordan
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On this 101st FA Cup Final day, there are just two teams left -- David Coleman
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The cup was emptied and would never be filled again. -- Hermann Hesse
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cup of all purpose flour -- Larissa Cunningham
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Manchester United have risen to the pinnacle of the English game at a time when the rewards are so high - thanks to the ticket to the Champions League - that they have resources that only a handful of other sides, through merit or the exploitation of the people of Russia, can approach. -- Phil Cornwell
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I have so many runner-up cups that I am thinking of starting my own tea shop. -- Goran Ivanisevic
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P.S I love soccer -- Daisuke Higuchi
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accepted the cup the servant handed him -- Elizabeth Peters
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Here we drink three cups of tea to do business; the first you are a stranger, the second you become a friend, and the third, you join our family, and for our family we are prepared to do anything - even die. -- Greg Mortenson
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Fill high the cup with Samian wine! -- Lord Byron
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The waitress brought a fresh pot of tea, and Marty refilled his father's cup and poured a cup for Samantha. Henry in turn filled Marty's. It was a tradition Henry cherished - never filling your own cup, always filling that of someone else, who would return the favor. -- Jamie Ford
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The UEFA Cup is now what we focus on. It's a huge game for us in Rome and it's all to play for. -- Mark Viduka
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I am only a cup that knowledge holds. It does not to knowledge matter how poor the cup is. It is the wisdom of those who drink of me that me wise makes. Fools make a sibyl foolish, wherever she is. -- Joan D. Vinge
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How they chirped over their cups. -- Robertson Davies
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England a fortune-telling host, As num'rous as the stars, could boast; Matrons, who toss the cup, and see The grounds of Fate in grounds of tea ... -- Charles Churchill
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Don't try to rush things: for the cup to run over, it must first be filled. -- Antonio Machado
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We'll have more football later. Meanwhile, here are the highlights from the Scottish Cup final. -- Gary Newbon
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Life's enchanted cup sparkles near the brim -- George Gordon Byron
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Once you win the Cup once, you feel like it's yours. You don't want to give it up. -- Jonathan Toews
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After all these years, I'm finally into soccer. The World Cup is on, and my band is an international group - they're all around me, cheering in the hotel bars. -- Art Garfunkel
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Regaining the Champions Cup is not going to be easy. -- Luis Figo
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However, just like this cup, you seem to be full of your own ideas. And how can any more go in . . . until you first empty your cup? -- Robin S. Sharma
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Growing up, watching the Premier League as far back as I can remember, feeling the trophy and having the medal around my neck was an unbelievable feeling. -- Wayne Rooney
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You often see shocks in the League Cup, even when you don't expect them -- Jan Molby
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Many things happen between the cup and the upper lip. -- Aulus Gellius
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Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup, -- Andrea Illy
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The match will be shown on Match of the Day later this evening and if you don't want to know the result look away now as we show you Tony Adams lifting the cup for Arsenal. -- Steve Rider
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Memory is to love what the saucer is to the cup. -- Elizabeth Bowen
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I hate one that remembers what's done over the cup. -- Desiderius Erasmus
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It's a coffee cup."
She could hear the irritation in her own voice. "I know it's a coffee cup."
"I can't wait till you draw something really complicated, like the Brooklyn Bridge or a lobster. You'll probably send me a singing telegram. -- Cassandra Clare
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Experience has taught me the power of trophies. You may have every knick-knack and useless contraption ever devised, but while they weigh you down, a simple trophy can go a long, long way. -- Tahir Shah
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One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee 'fore I go.
To the valley below. -- Bob Dylan
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Can I make it up to you? Coffee? Tea? Me? -- Tiffany Reisz
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The Premier club in the Premier League - that is Manchester United! -- Martin Tyler
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My cup is yellow
Or not, though not's
It's yellow -- Aram Saroyan
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traditional British tea. -- Michael Phillip Cash
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A 41-inch bust and a lot of perseverance will get you more than a cup of coffee - a lot more. -- Jayne Mansfield
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Richmond won on points, but only because one of them had a flask full of coffee. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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Every inordinate cup is unbless'd, and the ingredient is a devil. -- William Shakespeare
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And at this hour of the day it is no good saying
'Take away this cup';
Having helped to fill it ourselves it is only logic
That now we should drink it up. -- Louis Macneice
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The FA Cup is important to everyone at the club. We have a great record in it and we want to win a trophy. -- David Gill
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A smoked salmon sandwich of a football match if ever there has been one. -- Peter Drury
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I brought the cup to my lips with greed
Begging for longevity, my temporal need
Cup brought its to mine, its secret did feed
Time never returns, drink, of this take heed -- Omar Khayyam
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We are all cups, and our destiny is poured according to measures we cannot understand, cannot influence. -- Anne Fortier
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I like my coffee like I like my women. In a plastic cup. -- Eddie Izzard
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The premium single-cup segment is the fastest-growing business within the global coffee industry. -- Howard Schultz
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This is a game between players from 12 national sides, a game that if you have a friend in China, in Brazil, in Qatar ... in half the world he wants to watch. I was thinking of this game when I signed for Chelsea. -- Luiz Felipe Scolari
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What was in the cup Jesus drank at His crucifixion? It was the wrath of God. -- Jerry Bridges
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All the sugar was in the bottom of the cup. -- Julia Ward Howe
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LA doesn't have the heart of a paper cup. -- Raymond Chandler
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After a few months' acquaintance with European 'coffee' one's mind weakens, and his faith with it, and he begins to wonder if the rich beverage of home, with it's clotted layer of yellow cream on top of it, is not a mere dream after all, and a thing which never existed. -- Mark Twain
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Better the fragrant herb of wit and a little cream of affability than all the pretty cups in the world. -- Van Wyck Brooks
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Coffee - the favorite drink of the civilized world. -- Thomas Jefferson
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We need to go there and make sure we bring that cup home. and if we do succeed, then we'll dedicate it to the fans that have waited so patiently since 1984.
(on the Champions League) -- Steven Gerrard
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Not conceding a goal at home is always important in a Cup tie. But despite that there is no doubt that this tie is still wide open. -- Roberto Mancini
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What?" I lowered my cup hastily, wondering if maybe there was a stray hair, or worse, a newly boiled bug inside my cup.
You got to smell it first. It's the proper way to cup coffee."
Cup coffee?"
Taste it."
What? Are you the coffee police or something? -- Justina Chen
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He walked like a man half in his cups. -- George R R Martin
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I play on a soccer team. -- Jake Short
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For a well-made cup of coffee is the proper beginning to an idle day. Its aroma is beguiling, its taste is sweet; yet it leaves behind only bitterness and regret. In that, it resembles, surely, the pleasures of love. -- Anthony Capella
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That kind of ball is meat and two drink for the Palace defence. -- Denis Irwin
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She was a beautiful china cup on a table, quietly asking to be filled. And little by little, Erik was tipping over and pouring out. -- Suanne Laqueur
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If I am a cup maker, I'm interested in making the best cup I possibly can. My effort goes into that cup, not what people think about it. -- Denzel Washington
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I ought to break this trophy into 32 pieces -- Jackie Robinson
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The cup has to be left clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it. -- Sri Aurobindo
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The most beautiful sight in football is too watch Manchester United chase a game. -- Teddy Sheringham
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There is no trophy for the team that sails the most. -- James Spithill
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Cupidity ... takes created things for ends in themselves, which they are not. The will that seeks rest in creatures for their own sake stops on the way to its true end, terminates in a value which does not exist, and thus frustrates all its deepest capacities for happiness and peace. -- Thomas Merton
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The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
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I never cared who scored the goal, or which side won the silver cup. I never learned to bat or bowl; but I heard the curtain going up. -- Noel Coward
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Insist on your cup of stars. -- Shirley Jackson
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AFC Wimbledon in the League! Talk about the ashes rising from the flames. -- Stan Collymore
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This is a tournament. The others are all championships. -- Jack Nicklaus
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I raised my cup. "To Blake Mitchell - no, never mind. To me. -- Heather Demetrios
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Oh my dear fellow ... should you not be askind, 'Would the tea like the cup? -- Oscar Wilde
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The Confederations Cup is interesting. It served Spain very well to take part and then go on to win the 2010 World Cup. We knew the stadiums, the atmosphere, the conditions and also the difficulties of a tournament which simulated the World Cup format. -- Vicente Del Bosque
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Dr Howell drank from the special cup which was tied around the handle with red cotton to distinguish the staff cups from those of the patients, and thus prevent the interchange of disease like boredom loneliness authoritarianism. -- Janet Frame
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Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. -- Kahlil Gibran
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Players prefer the FA Cup because it's the end of season curtain-raiser. -- Peter Withe
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Oh drink me up That I may be Within your cup Like a mystery -- Annabel Joseph
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empty cup and let Him pour. -- Beth Moore
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A cup of tea is a cup of peace. -- Ken Cohen