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No more let us alter or falter or palter. From Malta to Yalta, and Yalta to Malta. -- Winston Churchill
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Anekico ler aracnia"
~Victory to the spider
"Ki mi ypomonitikosi teleson semerie"
~And today my patience ends -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Bid the hungry Greek go to heaven, he will go.
[Lat., Graeculus esuriens in coelum, jusseris, ibit.] -- Juvenal
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I am going to find the Crochans. And I am going to raise an army with them. For Aelin Galathynius. And her people. And for ours. - Manon -- Sarah J. Maas
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One of the fellows called me 'Cyclone' but finally shortened it to 'Cy' and its been that ever since. -- Cy Young
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Playing the Cretan with the Cretans (i.e. lying to liars). -- Plutarch
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Reaching and reached. Cassia -- Ally Condie
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I lived on the Greek side of Cypress, and I think that's also where my interest in politics really started to come alive. It was the first time that I was told I couldn't go somewhere: My grandfather's house is on the Turkish side, but we were not allowed to go there. -- Hannah Simone
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Until the blood from my pen runs dry, I shall worship the Greek body, the Greek mind, and the Greek soul.
Until my tears land upon Greek soil, I shall forever live in exile. -- Pietros Maneos
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Periplus of the Erythrean Sea, written -- Jared Diamond
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I'm the C.E.O., n<>ong>oong>minated by the shareh<>ong>oong>lders. If they're n<>ong>oong>t happy, I have t<>ong>oong> take the c<>ong>oong>nsequences. -- Carlos Ghosn
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Those bastards had driven me into a trap; Cyclops ate the trap. -- Kresley Cole
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In that moment, he chose Greek. He threw in his lot with Camp Half-Blood-and the horses changed. The storm clouds inside burned away, leaving nothing but red dust and shimmering heat, like mirages on the Sahara. -- Rick Riordan
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Cynicism is a form of obedience. -- Cornelius Eady
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between Scylla and Charybdis, -- Alison Weir
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A Caligula, or a Yuri Vorbarra, can rule a long time, while the best men hesitate to do what is necessary to stop him, and the worst ones take advantage. -- Lois Mcmaster Bujold
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We must go to Athens. -- James Joyce
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Go and come back safely. -- Amanda Sun
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Do you think my Cyn would like a souvenir?" he asked Duncan.
Duncan leaned sideways to study the dripping organ.
"probably not, My lord. -- D.b. Reynolds
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Yes, "centrifugal." I will fight you. -- Randall Munroe
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If you've ever had a rational thought or asked Why? or gazed at the night sky in silent wonder, then you have had a Greek moment. -- Eric Weiner
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Cynicism is a powerful anesthetic we use to numb ourselves to pain, but which also, by its nature, numbs us to truth and joy. -- Rachel Held Evans
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Today I want to send a message of optismism to all Greeks. Our road, our path, will be more stabilised. Our country will be in a better situation. We will be stronger. -- George Papandreou
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but for mine own part, it was Greek to me. -- William Shakespeare
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People tried and failed to combine the words Izzy and Ymir. The closest they came was Izmir, but that had been the name of a city in Turkey. -- Neal Stephenson
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But, for my own part, it was Greek to me. -- William Shakespeare
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So weenybeenyveenyteeny. -- James Joyce
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Read Churchill, he tells you how crucial was the Greek role in your decisive desert victory over Rommel. -- Melina Mercouri
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But Greece and her foundations are Built below the tide of war, Based on the crystalline sea Of thought and its eternity; Her citizens, imperial spirits, Rule the present from the past, On all this world of men inherits Their seal is set. -- Percy Bysshe Shelley
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Hyacinth. Please forgive me. -- Vanessa Diffenbaugh
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Good things don't end in -eum; they end in -mania or -teria. -- Homer
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Hige sceal pe heardra, heorte pe cenre,
mod sceal pe mare pe ure maegen lytlao.
( Will shall be the sterner, heart the bolder, spirit the greater as
our strength lessens. ) -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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Atalanta in Calydon -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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I am not a cynic. -- Kevin Costner
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We've come full circle but the best remains the heart of the city, the greatest center of the greatest city, our Acropolis, where our Christmas tree is lighted. -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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Natives of the Florida Keys often refer to themselves as Conchs, and for good reason: They have been drinking. -- Dave Barry
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A man may rule his household,
And a King govern his land,
But Death walks in the thrall of Cephrael's Hand. -- Melissa Mcphail
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Philo of Alexandria, -- Sara Lewis Holmes
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Semmelweis reflex. They -- Peter Watts
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It was an American who said that while a Frenchman's truth was akin to a straight line, a Welshman's truth was more in the nature of a curve, and it is a fact that Welsh affairs are entangled always in parabola, double-meaning and implication. This makes for a web-like interest ... -- Jan Morris
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Country IX. The Gorgon's Head X. Two Promises XI. A Companion Picture XII. The Fellow -- Charles Dickens
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Margowegottagohomeandtell. -- John Green
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A cynic is a man who looks at the world with a monocle in his mind's eye. -- Carolyn Wells
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Cyprus was a breath away from economic collapse. It was a big battle in which we came out wounded, but upright and determined to make a fresh start. -- Nicos Anastasiades
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of the ancient cities of Greece and -- Philippa Gregory
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ceasing. 1 THESSALONIANS -- Billy Graham
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We are on a difficult course, on a new Odyssey for Greece, but we know the road to Ithaca and have charted the waters. -- George Papandreou
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All over Greece, strangers of a certain age will greet one another with the question, "And where were you and what did you do when Xerxes came to Marathon?" Then they exchange lies. -- Gore Vidal
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Cogg would suddenly stand stock still. "Listen," he would say. Some feeble quack would be heard from the willow beyond the pond. "That's an easy one to tell. The frog-pippit." Then he would add, As a safety measure, "As I believe they call it in these parts." -- Stephen Potter
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A Mediterranean city is really my culture. -- Zinedine Zidane
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Durhallem, Ydramil, Wrommish, Paedle, Truska-Pren, Wheklam, and Ordna. -- James A. Moore
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which we call men [Greek: euyvomoves], or say they have -- Aristotle.
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I've been waiting over 40 years to come to Cyprus, and it has not disappointed - the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Crossroads of Civilization, and, I might add, a genuine strategic partner to the United States of America. -- Joe Biden
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CJ is my nickname. It stands for Cameron, and my middle name is John. -- Cj Adams
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Rememberatorium), -- Robert Sheckley
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The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being. -- Henry Miller
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It may be prodigious, but it's all Greek to me! -- Herge
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I'm a proud Greek. I carry my Hellenism like a badge of merit. -- Telly Savalas
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The main thing is that the 'C' is silent, so it kind of starts with a 'Z.' Z-O-O-K-RIE. It's Ukrainian, on my dad's side. -- Matt Czuchry
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a cynic is one who has given up but not yet shut up. Commit -- Kerry A. Robinson
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Shun the inquisitive person, for he is also a talker.
[Lat., Percunctatorem fugito, nam garrulus idem est.] -- Horace
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Hippodamus, son of Euryphon, a native of Miletus, invented the art of planning and laid out the street plan of Piraeus. -- Aristotle.
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On desperate seas long wont to roam,
Thy hyacinth hair, thy classic face,
Thy Naiad airs have brought me home
To the glory that was Greece,
And the grandeur that was Rome. -- Edgar Allan Poe
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Great Cyclopean cities of titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths, all dripping with green ooze and sinister with latent horror. -- H.p. Lovecraft
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I am proud of being a Greek of the diaspora. -- George Papandreou
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Cynicism is our shared common language, the Esperanto that actually caught on, and though I'm not fluent in it - I like too many things, and I'm not envious of enough people - I know enough to get by. -- Nick Hornby
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What ails thee, raising this ado for us?
I say the dead are come to slay the living. -- Aeschylus
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It was early spring, 326 BC, in the beautiful city of Chersonesus protected by a haunting deep blue sea and a giant wall. Today was the second day of the Festival of Dionysus. -- Destin Bays
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Meanwhile, in the th<>rong>rorong>ne <>rong>rorong>om, Rhea threw an Oscar-worthy tantrum. She screamed and stomped her feet and called K<>rong>rorong>nos all kinds of unflattering names. "RO-O-CCCKY!" she wailed. "NO-O-O-O-O-O-O! -- Rick Riordan
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Three Scotsmen of the clan McKay were looking for a fourth member to fight four members of the Irish clan Magee ... 'I'm not one of you,' my father pointed out. 'You see, I'm one of the clan M-c-C-A-Y.' And that is how I got both my name and my sense of humor. -- Winsor Mccay
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Also known as 'Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah,' or in the original Welsh, 'Cwm Rhondda,'" added Sonar Taxlaw. -- Neal Stephenson
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Whoever gulps down wine as a horse gulps down water is called a Scythian. -- Athenaeus
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Toor rul lol loo, gammon and spinnage, the frog he wouldn't, and high cockolorum, -- Charles Dickens
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Greater Albania?!", this is a mockery of an unprecedented cynicism. -- Ismail Kadare
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Aoibheann ("Who on earth could pronounce that? -- Claire Allan
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Never argue Greek legends with a Greek... -- Kate Walker
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Athenian men, I respect and love you,
but I shall obey the god rather than you ... -- Socrates
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In writing 'A Portrait of Athens' I have attempted - rather impressionistically - to give a panorama of its present. But I have also brought in its past because I sincerely think that there is a continuity. -- Louis Macneice
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When I was a kid I read these books, the Redwall books, fantasy books about a bunch of warrior mice, and the mice had this war cry that I always thought was cool: "Eulalia." And like an idiot, that's what I yelled off the Brooklyn Bridge: Eulaliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! -- Ned Vizzini
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Sydney! Stop. Think of something else. Conjugate Latin verbs. Recite the periodic table. -- Richelle Mead
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Besyn larveth'is! -- Patrick Weekes
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Respect your captor, Caecelia. Learn to love your position, Caecelia. Pledge loyalty to Sparta, Caecelia. All hail Queen Caecelia of Sparta! -- Sai Marie Johnson
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hydra of revolution, -- Leo Tolstoy
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Lat, urbes constituit aetas: hora dissolvit: momento fit cinis: diu sylva.
An age builds up cities: an hour destroys them. In a moment the ashes are made, but a forest is a long time growing. -- Seneca.
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Bychan: little one Cariad: sweetheart, beloved one Annwyl: -- Lisa Kleypas
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Life to most Greeks may be either tragic or comic or a mixture of both; but one thing it never is - and that is, meaningless. -- Helen Clark Macinnes
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Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts And eloquence. -- John Milton
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Oh! the metempsychosis! Oh! Pythagoras, that in bright Greece, two thousand years ago, did die, so good, so wise, so mild; I sailed with thee along the Peruvian coast last voyage - and, foolish as I am, taught thee, a green simple boy, how to splice a rope. -- Herman Melville
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The boy who never sleeps, sleeping. Coming to rest upon the Cassiopeian shore, an island in the middle of a sea of blood. You have your promise, and I have you. -- Rick Yancey
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CSL - cock- sucking-lips. -- Stylo Fantome
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The commonwealth of Athens is become a forest of beasts. -- William Shakespeare
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The Lemon Tree
Important to read for those who care about the conflict between Palistinians and jews -- Sandy Tolan
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[The Cretans have] more wit than words. -- Plato
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I'm bored, lalalallalalala OLLI OXEN SOMETHING!! -- Bob Smith
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In the capacious urn of death, every name is shaken.
[Lat., Omne capax movet urna nomen.] -- Horace
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Give a Greek enough rope and he'll hang everyone else in sight. -- Colleen Mccullough
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my Clodius, how little your countrymen know of the true versatility of a Pericles, of the true witcheries of an Aspasia! -- Edward Bulwer-Lytton
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You will hardly conquer, but conquer you must.
[Lat., Male vincetis, sed vincite.] -- Ovid
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Anagram of ordinary passing judgement on talented
Kamil Ali -- Kamil Ali
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Out there, in the world, all the walls were covered with graffiti: Yids, go back to Palestine, so we came back to Palestine, and now the worldatlarge shouts at us: Yids, get out of Palestine. -- Amos Oz