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Come, pensive nun, devout and pure, sober steadfast, and demure, all in a robe of darkest grain, flowing with majestic train.
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What is your name?" asked Lear.
Caius," said Kent.
And whence do you hail?"
From Bonking, sire."
Well, yes, lad, as do we all," said Lear, "but from what town?
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You will forgive me, for I never visit. I am from the fields, you know, and while quite at home with the Dandelion, make but sorry figure in a Drawing
Did you ask me out with a bunch of Daisies, I should thank you, and accept
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hydra of revolution,
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Myriads of daisies have shone forth in flower Near the lark's nest, and in their natural hour Have passed away; less happy than the one That by the unwilling ploughshare died to prove The tender charm of poetry and love.
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D-Dub in the flesh.
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Ethos anthropoi daimon
a man's character is his fate.
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The venal herd.
[Lat., Venale pecus.]
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I tell you Dain is a splendid catch. I advise you to set your hooks and reel him in."
Jessica took a long swallow of her cognac. "This is not a trout, Genevieve. This is a great, hungry shark."
"Then use a harpoon.
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-- D

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What makes us most human is not whether we are or are not biologically driven and determined beings; but, rather, how we respond to this relative truth. The conscious choices we make in related to the dynamic, psychobiological forces of the daimonic define our humanity.
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We must face ddestiny, not run from it.our destiny is our path that we must follow. -Cinderpelt
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Desi, babe. Still playing your little games, I see. Now why don't you be a good Daimon and show yourself to me? (Kyrian)
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You know fuck all, Dandelion.' 'Do
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What fools these mortals be. (Acheron)
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Desrues was, however, I
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Swoony type,
long hair, bedroom eyes,
cheeks like wine.
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Da5id Meier, supreme hacker overlord, founding father of the Metaverse protocol, creator and proprietor of the world-famous Black Sun, has just suffered a system crash. He's been thrown out of his own bar by his own daemons.
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I swear, Daimons or not, if you don't behave, Z, I'm going to send you to Antarctica and leave you there to rot. (Acheron)
Ooo. I'm terrified. Those killer penguins and hairy seals are really scary. (Zarek)
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Daisies are perennials; they always grow back.
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- This Indian wife you have ...
- Had. She's dead.
- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up
an unhappy memory.
- I can't remember anything unhappy
about Destarte.
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I asked Doss if she had no regard for appearancs. She said, 'I've been keeping up appearances all my life. Now I'm going in for realities. Appearances can go hang!
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My heart bleeds buttermilk.

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The dainties of the great are the teares of the poore.
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Doverey, no proverey - Trust but verify.
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Chadwickius frenemus,
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A dainty rogue in porcelain
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Ratio et prudentia curas,
Non locus effusi late maris arbiter, aufert.
[it is reason and wisdom which take away cares, not places affording wide views over the sea.]
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Hyacinth. Please forgive me.
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Daikatana will be the greatest game of all time
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The Dagda, who reigned just before the coming of the Milesians, was the greatest of the De Danann. He was styled Lord of Knowledge and Sun of all the Sciences. His daughter, Brigit, was a woman of wisdom, and goddess of poetry. The Dagda was a great and beneficent ruler for eighty years.
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We two [Deucalion and Pyrrha, after the deluge] form a multitude.
[Lat., Nos duo turba sumus.]
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A just fortune awaits the deserving.
[Lat., Fors aequa merentes
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Sai-Liber is my family name.Much like Wayfairer.You may call me Tetraphrimaportacheeq.It is much simpler."
To who? I'd barely got it out the first time.
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LEONTES Out! A mankind witch! Hence with her, out o' door: A most intelligencing bawd!
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Diogenes, filthily attired, paced across the splendid carpets in Plato's dwelling. Thus, said he, do I trample on the pride of Plato. Yes, Plato replied, but only with another kind of pride.
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Lauricia or Aurelia?
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diabolic perseverance
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D'Artagnan, my friend, thou art brave, thou art prudent, thou hast excellent qualities, but- women will destroy thee!
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Genghises. Large, angry Genghises.
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Vera incessu patuit dea.
(The goddess indubitable was revealed in her step.)
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Dee loves it here. Before you came, she spent most of her days here."
To Daemon, my arrival was the beginning of the end. The apocalypse. Kat-mageddon. "You know, I'm not going to get your sister in trouble."
"We'll see.
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Haste to thie kiste, thie onlie dortoure bedde.Cale, as the claie whiche will gre on thie hedde,Is Charitie and Love aminge highe elves;Knightis and Barons live for pleasure and themselves.
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Dubium sapientiae initium. (Doubt is the origin of wisdom.)
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the sommelier decants
a red sunset
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Yellow daises tell me Brooklyn's been here.
His flower girl.
I brought nothing.
Just myself.
How fitting.
Seems like that's all I've got anymore.
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Left behind as a memory for us.
[Lat., Nobis meminisse relictum.]
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The greatest rank for a man is not FD, Defender of the Faith; but it is SD, Scientia Defensor: Defender of the Science!
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Dark Star Safari,
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No surname? Or is Thorn it?"
"Thorn is all anyone needs to know about me."
"As in thorn up all our collective nether regions," Devyl muttered.
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I'm protecting her. (Wulf)
From? (Chris)
Daimons. (Wulf)
Big bad ones. (Cassandra)
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jessamine. Flowering
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Rosecrans is a family name - it used to be a last name in our family.
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What will this boaster produce worthy of this mouthing? The mountains are in labor; a ridiculous mouse will be born.
[Lat., Quid dignum tanto feret hic promissor hiatu?
Parturiunt montes; nascetur ridiculus mus.]
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Stand a little less between me and the sun. Diogenes and I.
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La heradera del dia destruida.
(The heiress of the destroyed day.)
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A fig for partridges and quails, ye dainties I know nothing of ye; But on the highest mount in Wales Would choose in peace to drink my coffee.
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But truly, if I were not Alexander, I would be Diogenes.
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What? It's not my fault I stab all the fanged people. They shouldn't look like Daimons. (Tabitha)
I didn't look like a Daimon, but you stabbed me. (Valerius)
Yeah, well, you looked like a lawyer so I had to kill you. It was a moral imperative. (Tabitha)
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Stuart Davises he
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I'm Vincent," Obinze said, when they met in the back room. "I'm Dee." A pause. "No, you're not English. You can pronounce it. My real name is Duerdinhito, but the English, they cannot pronounce, so they call me Dee." "Duerdinhito," Obinze repeated. "Yes!" A delighted smile.
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Deveels are some of the meanest characters you'd ever not want to tangle with. They're some of the most feared and respected characters in the dimensions."
"Are they warriors? Mercenaries?"
Aahz shook his head.
"Worse!" he answered. "They're merchants.
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Aunt Hilda,' Violet
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Nice one, Catpiss,' he says. That's not my real name. My name is actually Kantkiss. Kantkiss Neverclean.
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Mistress Smartyfangs - means morning.
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I want to kill that daimon all over again.
Aiden smiled then. A real one, showing off those deep dimples ... "It was kinda hot how you popped out of nowhere and owned her."
"I need a shirt that says, I owned her.
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To ... to ... What the heck to call a duke who 'comes a monk?"

"Brother?" Colin ventured.

Will shook his head. "A bit too familiar. How 'bout BrotherYourGrace?"

"Got it," Colin exclaimed. "Your Celibacy. Get it? Your Celibacy.
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Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris ... and I really know my way around them. Big fan.
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Alright then, let's explain it this way. There are four basic kinds of Daimons or vampires; bloodsuckers, soulsuckers, energy/dreamsuckers, and slayers. (Talon)
You guys are the slayers. (Amanda)
(Hunter snorted)
What? Were you born with a remote in your hand? (Kyrian)
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Talon glanced wistfully at his drink as he debated what should take priority. 'Coffee ... Daimons ... Coffee ... Daimons ...
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The moon of Rome, chaste as the icicle that's curded by the frost from purest snow.
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Let them (the wicked) see the beauty of virtue, and pine at having forsaken her.
[Lat., Virtutem videant, intabescantque relicta.]
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They [daisies] are my favorite flower. There is something innocent and vulnerable about them as if they thanked you for admiring them.
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The gods my protectors.
[Lat., Di me tuentur.]
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the beautiful roses,
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Another day, another dolor.
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Wisdom is the conqueror of fortune.
[Lat., Victrix fortunae sapientia.]
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Is demum miser est, cuius nobilitas miserias nobilitat. Unhappy is he whose fame makes his misfortunes famous. Lucius Accius, Telephus
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The only thing we know for certain is that Darquesse is coming, and she's coming to kill us all.
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With diadem and sceptre high advanced,
The lower still I fall; only supreme
In misery; such joy ambition finds.
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I'm Dee Black. I'm the sister of the douchebag known as Daemon." She smiled brightly. "But you probably already know that."
"That's he's a douchebag or that he's your brother?" Archer asked innocently. "The answer is yes to both.
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Suspected and Denounced enemy of the Republic, Aristocrat, one of a family of tyrants, one of a race proscribed, for that they had used their abolished privileges to the infamous oppression of the people. Charles Evremonde, called Darnay, in right of such proscription, absolutely Dead in Law.
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Come on, where did you learn to fight? Miss Manners' School for Girls? My baby sister could hit harder than you when she was three years old. Damn, if you're going to turn Daimon, the least you could do is take a few fighting lessons so you can make my boring job more interesting. (Wulf)
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Ex Scientia, Tridens
(From knowledge, seapower)
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I give you warning. You and your false god cannot stand against the power of Alseiass! Leave now or suffer the consequences! If I call on Alseiass, you will know pain such as you have never felt." "Well, priest, if I take my blade to your fat hide, you'll know some pain yourself!
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FOLLY, n. That "gift and faculty divine" whose creative and controlling energy inspires Man's mind, guides his actions and adorns his life.
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Gilly Gilleshpee
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A Diabolic is ruthless. A Diabolic is powerful. A Diabolic has a single task: Kill in order to protect the person you've been created for.
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Food of Acheron. (Grave.)
[Lat., Pabulum Acheruntis.]
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But Daughteeeer!
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Be kind to dragonswans, for thou art gorgeous when naked and taste good with cool whip. (Channon)
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Without good company all dainties
Lose their true relish, and like painted grapes,
Are only seen, not tasted.
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Lady of the Mere, Sole-sitting by the shores of old romance.
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Wine, not too much, inspires and make the mind,to the soft joys of Venus strong inclined,which, buried in excess, unapt to love,stupidly lies and knows not hom to move
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Grant folly's prayers that hinder folly's wish, And serve the ends of wisdom.
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Verranica, I will never leave you.
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Taniquetil, glorious to behold, loftiest of all mountains clad in purest snow,
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Brastias. My friend." Uh-oh, this couldn't be good. "Do you lie to me?"
"Uh ... no."
"See? That's a lie!