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masturbatory fantasies. The -- Claire Thompson
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A vision without action is called a daydream; but then again, action without a vision is called a nightmare. -- Jim Sorensen
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The average daydream is about fourteen seconds long and we have about two thousand of them per day. In other words, we spend about half of our waking hours - one-third of our lives on earth - spinning fantasies. -- Jonathan Gottschall
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I'm dreaming of great things and doing them -- Donna Hill
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You can spend your time daydreaming or make use of it in other ways. -- Erik Qualman
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A daydreamer is prepared for most things. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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Don't waste your daydreams on your mind. Tell the world a story. -- Giuseppe Bianco
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Dreaming of a tomorrow, which tomorrow, will be as distant then as 'tis today. -- Lope De Vega
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I'm always dreaming and doing. -- Jennifer Nettles
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A daydreamer is a writer just waiting for pen and paper. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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[I] learnt, for the first time, the joys of substituting hard, disciplined study for the indulgence of day-dreaming. -- James Black
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I live my daydreams in music. -- Albert Einstein
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Daydreams are doable. The turn-on is not in scale, spectacle, or cost. It's in the doing. Anything you haven't done is an adventure. Wanting to is the principal requirement. If you can do and want to, don't not. In short, while alive, live. -- Malcolm Forbes
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My favorite daydream, it was this: I would be reading a book alone in my room, and no one would ever, ever interrupt me. -- Ann Tyler
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He is trying to decide which of two daydreams he will inhabit. -- Peter Hammill
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My goal is to balance reality and daydreaming, I think they are equally important. -- Jennifer Vensel
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The knowledge an artist possesses is an advanced form of daydreaming. -- Marty Rubin
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As I quietly stare off into space, eyes glazed over and brow thoughtfully taut, know that I am going about my business. I am a storyteller. Daydreaming is the best part of my job. -- Richelle E. Goodrich
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I'm always thinking things. -- Sarah Mlynowski
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When you lose your daydreams, you lose the only place you have where life can actually be perfect. -- Jason Myers
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Well it's not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life. -- Train
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My work has always dealt with a kind of space that allows one to daydream. -- Robert Wilson
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These daydreams persisted like an alternate life -- Paul Murray
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The daydreamy hypothetical that floats through the mind, opening the door to the imagination where everything and anything is possible.

- Story, Robert McKee -- Audrey Godwin
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Idle dreaming is often of the essence of what we do -- Thomas Pynchon
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A lot of my research time is spent daydreaming - telling an imaginary admiring audience of laymen how to understand some difficult scientific idea. -- Leonard Susskind
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Dreaming. But I know it's real." "When I woke up this morning -- Marian Keyes
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Sometimes I muse about how wonderful it would be if I could string all my dreams together into one continuous life, a life consisting of entire days full of imaginary companions and created people. -- Fernando Pessoa
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Orever daydreaming of a kiss so sweet, angels weep.. -- Lenise Lee
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Since the individual's desire to dominate his environment is not a desirable trait in a society which every day grows more and more confining, the average man must take to daydreaming. -- Gore Vidal
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I'd begun to grow weary of my constant daydreaming because, as I retreated more often into fantasy, it had become a reminder of my growing discontent with real life. And my thoughts, after very little sleep, seemed to float even further into the realm of the superfluous. -- Nick Miller
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The interesting thing with fashion is that it's really a massive daydream. -- Karen Elson
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The trouble with being a daydreamer who doesn't say much is that the teachers at school, especially those who don't know you very well, are likely to think you're rather stupid. Or, if not stupid, then dull. No one can see the amazing things that are going on in your head. -- Ian Mcewan
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I had daydreams and fantasies when I was growing up. I always wanted to live in a log cabin at the foot of a mountain. I would ride my horse to town and pick up provisions. Then return to the cabin, with a big open fire, a record player and peace. -- Linda Mccartney
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Thinking, Garraty thought. That's the day's business. Thinking. Thinking and isolation, because it doesn't matter if you pass the time of day with someone or not; in the end, you're alone. -- Stephen King
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I'm constantly thinking. -- Kendrick Lamar
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I was a great dreamer of day dreams. -- Abraham Cahan
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How's daydreaming affecting nightmares??
Showing the light where is all dark! -- Ana Claudia Antunes
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Remember daydreams? No, of course you don't. How could you? Three new text messages have just arrived, and another three, in a moment, will go out. -- Walter Kirn
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I fantasise about what the future could be in terms of aesthetic and psychology. It's the most difficult thing to do because you have to start from the past - your favourite architect, your favourite song - you take it all with you. -- Raf Simons
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I was a real daydreamer at school, gazing out of the window and losing myself in imaginary worlds. -- Talulah Riley
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Lately, I have been wondering if there is time left for daydreaming in this 21st-century world of constant communication. -- James Thurber
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Daydream, imagine, and reflect. It's the source of infinite creativity. -- Deepak Chopra
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The difference between a vision and a daydream is the audacity to act. -- Steven Furtick
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One by one they noted in my reports that I daydreamed far too much, was always somewhere else. Where that somewhere was I cannot say, but it often landed me in the corner sitting on a high stool in full view of all in a conical paper hat. -- Patti Smith
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I spend a lot of time imagining things - in fact, you could say that imagining things is my job. -- Sara Sheridan
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As an author, I've never forgotten how to daydream. -- Neil Gaiman
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All important progress made by the human race has its roots in daydreaming. -- Eda Leshan
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Don't give up on your daydream! That little voice inside is telling you how to live your life with intent & purpose. -- Dawn Gluskin
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I'm in a position where I can do many things most people just daydream about. -- Ewan Mcgregor
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One wandering thought pollutes the day; -- Percy Bysshe Shelley
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Daydreamin' drugs the pain of living. -- Joni Mitchell
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Sadly, semi-consciousness, along with daydreaming, is a capacity that is actively discouraged among children in schools, and our society is much poorer and harsher as a consequence. The value of liminal space and transitional imagination remain personally and culturally undeveloped. -- Michael Leunig
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I can't help my mind skipping over the here-and-now and racing on, to what might come next. Consequence and regret and other might-have-beens: plotting out every angle and scenario, knowing all along that the path I take means missing something else. -- Abigail Haas
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I have a habit of letting my imagination run away from me. It always comes back though ... drenched with possibilities. -- Valaida Fullwood
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Wondering's the worst. it's dreaming about something you never intend to explore. I hate it. -- C.m. Stunich
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It's no accident that new ideas pop into our heads when we least expect it. In our enthusiasm to be productive, we forget to give our mind/body moments to be "receptive" - that is, open to daydreaming, open to letting our minds wander. -- Linda Stone
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Thinking of a series of dreams
Where the time and the tempo fly
And there's no exit in any direction
'Cept the one that you can't see with your eyes -- Bob Dylan
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It's more like I was daydreaming when the Supreme Being told me what I should do with my life, and it's too late to ask what it was. -- Tim Tharp
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If a writer is daydreaming, leave them be. They could be plotting their next great story. -- Graeme Roberts
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Imagination is the golden-eyed monster that never sleeps. It must be fed; it cannot be ignored. -- Patricia A. Mckillip
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The imagination needs moodling,
long, inefficient happy idling, dawdling and puttering. -- Brenda Ueland
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I have more ideas than I know what to do with. I guess I'm a bit of a fantasist and a daydreamer - all sorts of things come to me during the day. -- Dasha Zhukova
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When I sleep tonight I dream of what I will imagine tomorrow. -- T.a. Uner
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It's not the dreaming, it's the doing. -- Mark Cuban
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All my stupid little thoughts beget stupid little thoughts, rampantly speculating every possible outcome of every possible situation until they're all done to death and none of them could ever be true. -- Bryan Lee O'malley
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I've always let my imagination run free, but now I try to rein it in. Things never turn out the way I imagine, so I am letting them rest. Instead, I am holding just what is in my hand. -- Anna White
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Dreaming is another form of thinking, more concrete, more economical, more visual, and often more emotional than the thoughts of the day, but a thinking through of the day, nevertheless. -- Siri Hustvedt
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I visualize myself winning the Olympic Pentathlon, inventing a phone that can be controlled by brain waves, or doing the laundry. I do not actually DO these things, but I see myself doing them, and that is almost MORE satisfying, because I am also lying down. -- Aisha Tyler
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Right now, I'm hankering for new adventures ... Ninety percent of the time I'm having romantic-comedy fantasies in which I'm wearing little pencil skirts and hurrying down to the subway. -- Mindy Kaling
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I like to think that location, travel, etc, is a launching point for purely imagining. -- Zach Condon
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Great dream or idea comes up when you are thinking of something other than yourself. -- Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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Imagination without initiative would more properly be called idle daydreaming. -- James Van Fleet
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Writing is daydreaming with ink. -- Liana Brooks
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Those playful fancies of the mighty sky. -- Albert Richard Smith
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I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. -- Albert Einstein
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It seems that Fate has decreed that I live through my entire daydream in reality! -- Diana Wynne Jones
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The trouble is that thinking looks like loafing. Who wants to pay people for daydreaming? -- W. Somerset Maugham
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I've been doing a lot of thinking"
"Uh-Oh, Thinking. That's a dangerous business! -- Justin Somper
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If your vision doesn't cost you something, it's a daydream. -- John C. Maxwell
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Impromptu thoughts are mental wild-flowers. -- Marie Anne De Vichy-Chamrond, Marquise Du Deffand
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The things you think about when you're a hair's breath away from getting yourself killed. -- Ilsa J. Bick
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What are you doing?"
"That sounds dangerous. -- Jojo Moyes
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They used to complain at school that I looked out of the window for long periods of time - that sums up my life. I like to look out the window, do nothing, daydream. -- Ritchie Blackmore
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I had a game where I liked to imagine what sort of pyjamas each passerby might wear. This came from a belief that the more I know about the inner lives of others, the more I might understand the world. -- Stephanie Lacava
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I daydream often and sometimes my daydreams interrupt my daydreams. So I write to remember them. If I didn't write, I think my mind would explode from an overload of fantasy and weirdness. To the annoyance of my friends and family, my characters sometimes become a part of my world. -- Susan Griscom
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There were moments - I would be daydreaming - I would imagine scenes, even if there wasn't a camera around. In my head, I was acting. -- Eric Cantona
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True imagination is not fanciful daydreaming; it is fire from heaven. -- Ernest Holmes
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I just close my eyes and I fantasize what I would like to see. -- Nicolas Winding Refn
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Daydreaming had started me on the way; but story writing once I was truly in its grip, took me and shook me awake. -- Eudora Welty
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I sometimes daydream about becoming somebody else. Anybody else. Not me. I imagine how I might lose myself, my old self. -- James Preller
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I guess I think about doing stuff that nobody else has done. -- Lena Dunham
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When I masturbate I fantasize about having my own apartment. I used to think about Cindy Crawford now I think about leaving a dish in the sink overnight. -- Greg Giraldo
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How lovely it is to dream while you are awake. -- Andre Agassi
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thinking that this conversation was going -- Jackie Collins
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It is 3:38 a.m., and the time of night when my mind starts running around all wild and out of control, like my cat, George, when he was a kitten. -- Jennifer Niven
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I dream up things, and then I convince myself that they're possible. -- Tony Mccoy
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Thinking that the world was like an orange, that I could split it open with my thumbnail and find a whole different world, the grown-up world, the secrets beneath the skin. -- Jennifer Weiner
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Thinking of nothing. Trying to think of nothing. Thinking of everything. -- Kate Morton
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God, I love daydreaming out plane windows. -- Alysia Reiner