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Love: allowing everyone and everything to Be exactly as they are(the perfect and complete fulfillment of their essence and potentiality). Be Love... -- Maximus Freeman
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Love: A term which has no meaning if defined. -- John Ralston Saul
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In general, we mean by any concept nothing more than a set of operations; the concept is synonymous with the corresponding set of operations. -- Percy Williams Bridgman
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That which is meddling, touching everything, -- Lao-Tzu
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Being made merely in the image of God but not otherwise resembling him enough to be mistaken by anybody but a very near sighted person. -- Mark Twain
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Hash, x. There is no definition for this word - nobody knows what hash is.
Famous, adj. Conspicuously miserable.
Dictionary, n. A malevolent literary device for cramping the growth of a language and making it hard and inelastic. This dictionary, however, is a most useful work. -- Ambrose Bierce
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I'm a vocabulary nerd. -- Sam Trammell
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What I'm doing is not really based on a definite identification or a definition of what it is. It's intended to be open to interpretation. -- Reggie Watts
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Ocean, n. A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills. -- Ambrose Bierce
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It's someone who views life as a game where the rules are poorly written and designed for abuse. -- Chuck Klosterman
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HASH: There is no definition for this word - nobody knows what hash is. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Definitions, her grandmother once said, had to be like a fat man's belt - big enough to cover the subject but elastic enough to allow for change.
The Sunborn -- Gregory Benford
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But the way people commonly use the word nowadays it means something all of whose parts are mutually interdependent - not only for their mutual action, but for their meaning and for their existence. -- David Bohm
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She'd looked it up and read the definition ("deprived of the possession or use of something; lacking something needed, wanted, or expected") -- Luanne Rice
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A set is a Many that allows itself to be thought of as a One. -- Georg Cantor
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An insult bestowed on your interior and exterior personality; for causes beyond control, kills you innumerably, till the last breath. -- Aniruddha Sastikar
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A class of labourers, who live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labour increases capital. -- Karl Marx
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A servile race Who, in mere want of fault, all merit place; Who blind obedience pay to ancient schools, Bigots to Greece, and slaves to musty rules. -- Charles Churchill
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I'm not comfortable with categories, and I distrust most definitions. The word 'definition' is based on the word 'finite,' which would seem to indicate that once we've defined something, we don't need to think about it anymore. -- Artie Shaw
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What is a weed? I have heard it said that there are sixty definitions. For me, a weed is a plant out of place. -- Donald C. Peattie
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I will not impress you with words, I will prove to you their definition. It's a genuine vocabulary. -- Soar
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I'm not really sure that I have the same definition of things as other people. Like, when people talk about being "engaged" with the audience, I'm not exactly sure what they mean. -- Dan Bejar
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Something that could not easily bu put into words and indeed might never be. -- Alice Munro
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Lord Henry: to define is to limit. -- Oscar Wilde
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Crabbed and obscure definitions are of no use beyond a narrow circle of students, of whom probably every one has a pet one of his own. -- Frederick Pollock
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Bigot: Someone who hates different people than I do. -- Jerry Tucker
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A classification is a definition comprising a system of definitions. -- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
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When we use terms we get confused, yet we have no other way. -- Michael Tippett
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Hear the meaning within the word. -- William Shakespeare
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Whatever you say it is, is simply what YOU SAY it is. -- Alfred Korzybski
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Definition is the death of discovery. -- Tom Shadyac
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Just an empty thing without a soul. -- Preston Norton
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Ah, yes. Fine. A lovely sounding word that means absolutely nothing. -- Robin Benway
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An immaterial but visible being that inhabited the air when the air was an element and before it was fatally polluted with factory smoke, sewer gas and similar products of civilization. -- Ambrose Bierce
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The word 'definition' has come to have a dangerously reassuring sound, owing no doubt to its frequent occurrence in logical and mathematical writings. -- Willard Van Orman Quine
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Definitions have their uses in much the same way that road signs make it easy to travel: they point out the directions. But you don't get where you're going when you just stand underneath some sign, waiting for it to tell you what to do. -- Kate Bornstein
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To define an expression is, paradoxically speaking, to explain how to get along without it. To define is to eliminate. -- Willard Van Orman Quine
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Religion may be defined thus: a belief in, and homage rendered to, existences unseen and causes unknown. -- Frances Wright
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Meaning is what essence becomes when it is divorced from the object of reference and wedded to the word. -- Willard Van Orman Quine
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The dictionary is a wonderful thing, but you can't let it push you around. -- Mary Norris
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Leash: n, a means by which animals, formerly running wild, are prevented from running tame, also. -- Robert Breault
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OYSTER, n. A slimy, gobby shellfish which civilization gives men the hardihood to eat without removing its entrails! The shells are sometimes given to the poor. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Without meaning, without substance, without aim: a mere 'public opinion'. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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...a resistless, inanimate world of nature to be used and refashioned at will by man in his magnificent and courageous folly to wrest a purpose from eternity. -- Frank Waters
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A fact which is not denied but whose truths are rationalized loses its objective base. It ceases to be concrete and becomes a myth created in defense of the class of the perceiver. -- Paulo Freire
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An intoxication with forbidden knowledge in which the natural things become unimportant. -- Anne Rice
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A creature not too bright or good For human nature's daily food; For transient sorrows, simple wiles, Praise, blame, love, kisses, tears, and smiles. -- William Wordsworth
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If you wish to converse with me, define your terms. -- Voltaire
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It is an unrelenting, passionate, fierce, and growing love that loves for the sake of loving; it loves to love, rather than loves to be loved. It wants nothing from the other but the opportunity to love them better. A -- Debra Fileta
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To be alive is power; existence in itself; without a further function; omnipotence. -- Emily Dickinson
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I done forgot all abt words
aint got no definitions -- Ntozake Shange
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Bigamy, n. A mistake in taste for which the wisdom of the future will adjudge a punishment called trigamy. -- Ambrose Bierce
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The battle for the world is the battle for definitions. -- Thomas Szasz
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A destruction, an annihilation that only man can provoke, only man can prevent. -- Elie Wiesel
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Individual words, sounds, squiggles on paper with no meanings other than those with which our imagination can clothe them. -- Jasper Fforde
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A theoretical social state in which there is no governing person or body of persons, but each individual has absolute liberty (without implication of disorder). -- Stefan Molyneux
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To eat off another man's plate. [To live an another's expense.] -- Juvenal
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To live without faith, without a patrimony to defend, without a steady struggle for truth, that is not living but existing -- Pier Giorgio Frassati
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To live a life half dead, a living death. -- John Milton
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It is what it is and is not something else. -- Pierdomenico Baccalario
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Witch. A goddess. Someone not of this earth but not apart from it either. A woman to be loved and feared and adored. -- Melissa De La Cruz
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Something made greater by ourselves and in turn that makes us greater. -- Maya Angelou
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Terrorism: deadly violence against humans and other living things, usually conducted by government against its own people. -- Edward Abbey
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Definition. How can she not see that when you are defined, you lose the ability to define yourself? -- Neal Shusterman
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What is government if word's have no meaning. -- Jared Lee Loughner
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Someone who lives alone, I thought. You end up becoming what you see in the eyes of those you love. -- Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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MUSTANG, n. An indocile horse of the western plains. In English society, the American wife of an English nobleman. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Dog - a kind of additional or subsidiary Deity designed to catch the overflow and surplus of the world's worship. -- Ambrose Bierce
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It's in the dictionary. And when I find what it is, I'll write it down in case it comes up again, I'll be certain to avoid it. -- Aimee Mann
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My definition of God is: the ever-present essence of love. -- Gabrielle Bernstein
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A soul,
a spark of the never-dying flame that separates man from all the other beings of earth. -- James F. Cooper
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MOUSE, n. An animal which strews its path with fainting women. -- Ambrose Bierce
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A form of consciousness beyond the veils of discursive thought, a space forever present for those who seek it, not in some far-off wilderness, but in our inner most hearts. When that realization dawns in the depths of one's being, the world effortlessly transforms into that which was sought. -- Ian Baker
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The place where what someone needs and what she desires cross each other to become one. -- Alice Hoffman
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[A]n unpleasant nest of nasty, materialistic and aggressive people, careless of the rights of others, imperfectly democratic at home though quick to see the minor slaveries of others, and greedy without end. -- Isaac Asimov
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A love without satiety an ecstasy without an end, a surrender to the beloved - God - without ever falling back <>ong>onong> egotistic l<>ong>onong>eliness. Marriage and celibacy are not c<>ong>onong>traries -- Fulton J. Sheen
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A criminal who, having renounced reason ... hath, by the unjust violence and slaughter he hath committed upon one, declared war against all mankind, and therefore may be destroyed as a lion or tiger, one of those wild savage beasts with whom men can have no society nor security. -- John Locke
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The meaning of a word is its use in the language. -- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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An effort made with ourselves for the good of others, with the intention of pleasing God alone. -- Jacques-Henri Bernardin De Saint-Pierre
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It's the idea that is a tiny push away from general acceptance and, when it gets that push, will change the world. The -- Michael Lewis
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Throw away the light, the definitions, and say what you see in the dark. -- Wallace Stevens
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Taking what is, then making it into what it can be through the power of creation that we all possess. -- Steven Redhead
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Marriage: a ceremony in which rings are put on the finger of the lady and through the nose of the gentleman. -- Herbert Spencer
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Slavery, properly so called, is the establishment of a right which gives to one man such a power over another as renders him absolute master of his life and fortune. -- Charles De Secondat
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The world! It is a word capable of as diverse interpretations or misinterpretations as the thing itself a thing by various people supposed to belong to heaven, man, or the devil, or alternatively to all three. -- Dinah Maria Murlock Craik
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That ambiguous area of culture where something unfailingly political, though separate from the political choices of the day, infiltrates judgment and language. -- Roland Barthes
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Meaning is something not what you say but how you say it. -- Bonakala Bsac
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Definitions, contrary to popular opinion, tell us nothing about things. They only describe people's linguistic habits; that is, they tell us what noises people make under what conditions. -- S.i. Hayakawa
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Something the heart must have to cherish, Must love and joy and sorrow learn; Something with passion clasp, or perish And in itself to ashes burn. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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O to be a dragon, a symbol of the power of Heaven-of silk-worm size or immense; at times invisible. Felicitous phenomenon! -- Marianne Moore
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In the simplest language, spoken without a single word between out two bodies. -- Cara Mckenna
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MONARCH, n. A person engaged in reigning. Formerly the monarch ruled, as the derivation of the word attests, and as many subjects have had occasion to learn. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Meaning is not something you can sell -- Janne Teller
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MONKEY, n. An arboreal animal which makes itself at home in genealogical trees. -- Ambrose Bierce
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You know sometimes words have two meanings. -- Robert Plant
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Thankful. Blessed. Loved. -- Lanina King
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Marriage is an exclusive union between one man and one woman, publicly acknowledged, permanently sealed, and physically consummated. -- Selwyn Hughes
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Marriage ... is the union of two people of different sexes with a view to the mutual possession of each other's sexual attributes for the duration of their lives. -- Immanuel Kant
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To feel the soul without explaining it, without vocabulary, and to represent this sensation. -- Yves Klein
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There are many words and definitions I have never lost. But some I am only just beginning to truly understand. -- Mary E. Pearson