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We are seeing a changed Mumbai, but having showcased Dharavi in 'Slum Dog Millionaire' brought shame and disgrace to our city. Whenever the firangs visit Mumbai, they must visit Dharavi; it has become a sightseeing spot. However, I feel saddened about it.
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I think Delhiites know how to party, but Kolkata has people who know how to celebrate. I think that's the main difference.
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How rich 'rich enough' is in a city like Delhi is debatable.
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Whenever I get three-four days in hand, I fly down to Delhi to spend time with my family and my dog.
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See how the Ganga flows by and what a nice building! I like this place. This is the ideal kind of place for a Math. (in Belur, West Bengal).
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Whatever we say here today is not against any party or person. We are not here to do politics. I have not stood up here to save a government ... we want swaraaj, the people's rule, in Delhi.
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But of no country is it so true as of India that the nearer one gets to the capital the further one gets from the realities.
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Most people who go to Rajasthan go to Udaipur, Jodhpur or Jaipur.
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This is not India. There are people here from every part of India, but Bombay isn't India. Bombay is an own-world, a world in itself. The real India is out there.
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I love Indian food. London also has great Indian food.
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Mother Theresa always said, Calcuttas are everywhere if only we have eyes to see. Find your Calcutta.
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It's because Gandhi believed in villages and because the British ruled from the cities; therefore, Nehru thought of New Delhi as an un-Indian city.
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Ahmedabad is a cultured city with a rich heritage of craft and theatre.
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The city is full of terrible actors. That is what historians never say about Madras, it is filled with hams.
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The incredible length of Bombay sped by, those endless sprawls of buildings, huts and shacks, children squatting and shitting by the tracks, refuse, the crowded grey roads twisting and winding between, all of it blurred but fearsome in its strength, in its very life that grew it unstoppably.
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Visits to crowded Indian urban centers unleash sensory assaults: colorful dress and lilting chatter provide a backdrop to every manner of commerce, from small shops to peddlers to beggars.
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I'm a pucca Indian. Bombay is my home.
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As reforms have come into India, as India has started opening up, prosperity is increasing, as is demand for urban housing.
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All I did was write it down, one word after the other, beginning and ending with the same one, Bombay.
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Mumbai is not a city, it's life...
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I found Bombay and opium, the drug and the city, the city of opium and the drug Bombay
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What do the Gandhi-caps in Delhi know about the Punjab? What is happening on the other side in Pakistan does not matter to them. They have not lost their homes and belongings; they haven't had their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters raped and murdered in the streets.
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In Mumbai, the air is saltier. The sea is roilier. The traffic is snarlier. The pinks are pinker. The ostentation is crazier.
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The centuries-old history and culture of India, majestic architectural monuments and museums of Delhi, Agra and Mumbai have a unique attractive force.
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nihari, a rich beef curry,
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See here, how fresh is the air, there is the Ganga, and the Sadhus (holy men) are practising meditation, and holding lofty talks! While the moment you will go to Calcutta, you will be thinking of nasty stuff.
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Born in Jabalpur, I was brought up in Deolali, where my father ran a small business of making fire extinguishers.
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I found that the corridors of power in Delhi were littered with lobbies of various kinds.
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We lived in Bombay and we lived in Mumbai and sometimes, I lived in both of them at the same time.
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Calcutta is like a work of modern art that neither makes sense nor has utility, but exists for some esoteric aesthetic reason.
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I am proud to represent the capital of Kerala, a state that in so many ways is a trailblazer for India's progress, though in other respects it seems to have been left behind in the race for 21st century development.
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district: small,
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Assamese life has more meaning than the violence, than its relationship with Delhi. Assam may not be sovereign politically, or economically, but the Assamese imagination has to remain sovereign.
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The true India resides in its villages
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If there is one city apart from Mumbai where I would love to settle down, it has to be Chennai.
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Traffic in the streets of Bombay is chaotic at best. Riding a bicycle is a dangerous occupation. However, there are hundreds of them on the streets competing with the cars and buses and lorries because it is the poor man's mode of transport.
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In these days of intellectual awakening and steadily asserting public opinion, the holy places of the Hindus, their condition, and method of work have not escaped tile keen eye of criticism; and this city, being the holy of holies to all Hindus, has not failed to attract its full share of censure.
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The trustworthy postman dressed in khakhi uniform riding a bicycle has been an integral part of urban and rural landscape in India; I wonder if this cultural icon will ever be replaced by the local pizza delivery man? The
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Urbanization in India is a slow but sure death for her villages and villagers.
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Naxal flag will soon fly in delhi
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I love the homely atmosphere of Indore and Bhopal. People here are very warm and affectionate.
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I was becoming addicted to Bombay. There was squalor and poverty, but I had begun to realise my good fortune and would never again forget it.
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For the first time in the history of Bihar, I provided a stable government. Despite being denied funds by the Centre, Bihar survived on its resources. I provided pucca dwellings to half a million Dalit families.
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My ambition is to unfold the sources of India in the profound plane of human nature.
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Though I am an MP from Maharashtra, my heart beats for Katihar.
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At the Konya bus station,
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In India even the most mundane inquiries have a habit of ending this way. There may be two answers, there may be five, a dozen or a hundred; the only thing that is certain is that all will be different.
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The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed. It's an incredible cavalcade of life, and I love that.
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I started my career with 'Refugee' in Bhuj. Now, it has become a full-fledged city.
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Everyone goes on about how Bombay is so similar to New York, so I had see what the big deal was. The bustling crowds are the same, but it's a lot quieter, it's a lot cleaner, and it's not humid. I think the energy is very similar to Bombay.
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What is most amusing and can happen only in India is that the most posh and big households that I've seen in Mumbai, the 'big city', will have their balconies and windows festooned with rows of baniyans and tauliyas hanging on them.
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The fact is I like Mumbai less and less. My son says, 'Baba, let's go for a drive', and I tell him, 'Where's the fun of a drive in this place?' You get caught in a million traffic jams, and you spend time cooped in your car with all that mad cacophony around you.
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I will lay my bones by the Ganges that India might know there is one who cares.
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My parents' relationship with Kolkata is so strong. Growing up, the absence of Kolkata was always present in our lives.
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Much of India that we dream of still lies ahead of us: housing, power, water and sanitation for all; bank accounts and insurance for every citizen; connected and prosperous villages; and, smart and sustainable cities.
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I've been to Delhi, Madras, Bangalore and a lot of other cities, but I have never seen a crime set-up like that in Bombay.
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I did love Kolkata as a mysterious woman, the beloved, my mother ... I dont the outside world, my world is Kolkata ... I do want to live, but Im certain that the death of Kolkata will bring my end
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I spent the first five years of my life in Punjab, India, and then moved to New York.
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There shouldn't be two Indias; we need affordable housing. There are projections that by 2017, 18.78 million will be the number of those living in slums.
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Here in L.A., there are a lot of dead spots, and you have to drive to find energy, but all of India is so energetic.
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India will reveal to you the places in your heart that must be purified.
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I love Indian food, and my favourite dish is dal rice.
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Amritsar is the place where my work and action speaks for itself. Since, I started contesting elections from this holy place, I have
promised myself never to abandon this place. Either, I will contest from Amritsar, or else I won't contest elections
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India is my motherland.
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In Delhi, politicians and intellectuals privately bemoaned the "irrationality" of the uneducated Indian masses, but when the government itself provided false answers to its citizens' urgent concerns, rumor and conspiracy took wing. Sometimes, the conspiracies became a consolation for loss.
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Where does one go in a tremendous city like Calcutta to find insider information? I recalled India's golden rule: do the opposite of what would be normal anywhere else.
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I loved being in Bombay. It was a pretty thrilling place to walk around and explore.
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I was born in India - but never really lived there.
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This for me was home, and for the visitors, Kashmir".
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One of the peculiarities of Delhi is that the term 'reform' is associated only with passing of laws in Parliament. In fact, the most important reforms are those needed, without new laws, at various level of the government, in work practices and procedures.
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Wherever I go, as long as I get a hot vegetable dish, I am okay. If I am in Gujarat, I have Gujarati food. If it's Shillong, it's northeastern.
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Above all, Danny Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire' is the work of an artist at the peak of his powers. India is his palette, and Mumbai - that teeming 'maximum city', with 19 million strivers on the make, jostling, scheming, struggling and killing for success - is his brush.
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You can go and see the Katihar railway station. This is the most beautiful station in Bihar, even better than the Patna junction.
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Everybody knows that the great reversed triangle of land, with its base in the north and its apex in the south, which is called India, embraces fourteen hundred thousand square miles, upon which
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Having plenty of living space has to be the greatest luxury in a city, and I guess in some sense Bombay is the antithesis of what living in Canada must be.
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I'm committed to the people of Gujarat. I will devote each and every moment to serve my people of Gujarat.
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I grew up in small towns in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra - places like Akola, Betul, Wardha, Jhansi; I thought the rise of provincial India would be an interesting subject to tackle.
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I do think of Bombay as my hometown. Those are the streets I walked when I was learning to walk. And it's the place that my imagination has returned to more than anywhere else.
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See what an atmosphere of holiness is here the pure air of the Ganga what an assemblage of Sadhus will you find anywhere a place like this!
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I was born in Faridabad but brought up in Delhi and Mumbai. My father had been living hand-to-mouth and literally slept on railway platforms when he came to Mumbai for the first time to become a film singer. My parents were both singers; they sang together and fell in love due to their singing.
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The India I Love, does not make the headlines, but I find it wherever I go - in field or forest, town or village, mountain or desert - and in the hearts and minds of people who have given me love and affection for the better part of my lifetime.
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I know the guru route, I know you go sit on a mountain. But screw India. I ain't going there.
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Calcutta's the only city I know where you are actively encouraged to stop strangers at random for a quick chat.
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Where, in Heaven's name, could anyone even be alone in Calcutta? What hanky-panky business, in my mother's words, could go on? Everyone knew the rules and the rules stated caste and community narrowed the range of intimate contact.
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Mumbai is not a city, it's a way of life
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Our quest for a Digital India is all encompassing. It is going to touch your lives in several ways, making it easier.
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The real middle class India that has always been looking for a voice that is its very own. I write about it because I belong to it.
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Ubi amo, ibi patria. Where I love. there is my home.
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We've gone from the image of India as land of fakirs lying on beds of nails, and snake charmers with the Indian rope trick, to the image of India as a land of mathematical geniuses, computer wizards, software gurus.
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I came across humanity in Istanbul, and all I know about life comes from Istanbul, and definitely, I am writing about Istanbul. I also love the city because I live there, it has formed me, and it's me. Of course it is natural. If somebody lived all his life in Delhi, he will write about Delhi.
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Mumbai is different! It's busy, it's dusty, it's posh, it's different from everything I've ever known. You can barely see the sky, hidden behind the tall buildings, the moon seems so detached, the trees look indifferent and distant.
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If I wanted, I could have ruled half of Bombay.
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City is a madhouse! Don't stay there too much or you get mad! Go to the nature, to the Temple of the Clever!
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I love trying out different cuisines. In Delhi, I love Megu at the Leela, and TK's at the Hyatt. I also enjoy Khan Chacha's rolls. In Mumbai, it's Royal China and Shiro. And in Bangalore, I like the food at Bricklane.
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India is the one place in the world where a man can do as he pleases and nobody asks why;
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We all know you went to India,
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I was very happy in Bombay. I was good at school. There was no reason to change anything. I suppose it must have been some spirit of adventure, of wanting to see the world.
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Let new India arise out of peasants' cottage, grasping the plough, out of huts, cobbler and sweeper.
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I've been to India, and I never thought I'd go there.
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This is the line of life, this is the line of growth, and this is the line of well-being in India - to follow the track of religion.