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I think most human beings go through some sort of depression in their life. And if they don't, I think that's weird.
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Sometimes I wish I had an easy answer for why I'm depressed.
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When you're depressed, it's like you pick up one of those shields in a video game, but instead of protecting your life power, it blocks you from being able to receive any affirmation or encouragement.
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Severe depression feels like being a wingless bird in a dark,closed box with no way out. Hopeless!!
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People are depressed for many reasons, one of which I think is how we have been taught to react to trauma, to stress.
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I didn't get depressed, I don't get depressed.
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Man, I hate to get depressing on you, but I don't have a game. I'm so alone, so depressed, so dark, no.
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Band together with the brothers and sisters of misery and never stray. You are the integral part of the deeply depressed. We found you. Hooray.
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I've always been quite a happy person, but when I'm low, I'm pretty darn low.
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I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.
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I found that when you are depressed, that's when you do something for somebody else.
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I'm empty. I'm drained. And I can't move. Not that I'd want to. Because that's the thing about depression. When I feel it deeply, I don't want to let it go. It becomes a comfort.
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Depression makes me hate the world, but it gives me a million things to think.
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Depression, which can be as serious a medical affair as diabetes or cancer.
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Depression: the healthy suspicion that modern life has no meaning and that modern society is absurd and alienating.
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Unhappy is a nice word.
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When you're depressed, everything becomes distorted.
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I'm depressed! I'm completely depressed! I am firmly convinced that there is no one in this world who really likes me!"
"So what else is new?
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When you're depressed, there's no calendar. There are no dates, there's no day, there's no night, there's no seconds, there's no minutes, there's nothing. You're just existing in this cold, murky, ever-heavy atmosphere, like they put you inside a vial of mercury.
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I am not depressed. I just miss people around me.. I am sure of this: missing people is good in a way.. It helps me realize how precious they are.. how they've changed my life..
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Depression is pain in its purest form.
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I kinda went through a semi-depression. Honestly. Like, I lost myself.
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We're not depressed; we're on strike. For those who refuse to manage themselves, "depression" is not a state but a passage, a bowing out, a sidestep towards a political disaffiliation.
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Sometimes in New York, you're walking down the street and you realize there's a girl walking in front of you whose thighs you could hit a golf ball through, and maybe that makes you depressed.
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I've felt depressed many times in my life, so I can draw on those times in my life when I need to.
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Trust me, you know when you've got depression.
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Alright, so I'm a manic depressive. What do you want from me?
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I'm so despondent about everything. Everything I try goes totally wrong. There's no escape from this hole here. I feel drained. So far, I still haven't found a real purpose in life. Sometimes, I'm afraid to get out of bed in the morning. There's nothing to get up for.
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If you have a little sensibility or a heart, you have all the reason to be depressed once in a while. But the depression is like a motor for creation. I need a little bit of depression, a bit of acid in my stomach, to be able to create. When I'm happy, I just want to dance.
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How about we talk about your love life instead?" "Why? Are you in the mood to be depressed?
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I like to be sad once in a while. You need it for your equilibrium.
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I may have looked happy but inside I was hopelessly depressed.
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I'm much more prone to feeling down a lot. I just feel sluggish and unmotivated.
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You are not your depression.
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I say there're no depressed words just depressed minds.
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Very depressed today. Unable to write a thing. Menacing gods. I feel outcast on a cold star, unable to feel anything but an awful helpless numbness.
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I don't get depressed. When I feel an attack, I withdraw. I disappear, I replenish, and then I come back.
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I think we're inevitably going to be depressed when we focus the major part of our energy and attention on something that doesn't give us meaning, only material things.
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Naturally, we are all caught in
downmoods, it's a matter of
chemical imbalance
and an existence
which, at times,
seems to forbid
any real chance at
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I'm just tired and bored with myself.
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When you are in depression, almost magically, nothing motivates you.
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Depression in its major stages possesses no quickly available remedy: failure of alleviation is one of the most distressing factors of the disorder as it reveals itself to the victim, and one that helps situate it squarely in the category of grave diseases.
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I spend enough time onscreen looking hangdog and depressed.
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Dear Depression, please keep your distance. Don't be nasty. Find some other person with more reason than me to look in the mirror and say: "What a pointless existence." Whether you like it or not, I know how to defeat you. You're wasting your time.
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No reason to feel depressed about being depressed. A depression can be a golden opportunity to collect the pieces and build ourselves anew. Global Souls are always on the move, nomads at heart, connected to various cities, commuters between cultures, both from here and everywhere.
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Depression is rage spread thin.
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I have a tremendous battle with melancholy and depression.
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I don't get depressed; I grow a tumor instead.
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I haven't been in a good mood since I was 6 years old
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No one is depressed when they're being chased by a bear.
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Depressed is a word that often describes somebody who is feeling sad and gloomy, but in this case it describes a secret button, hidden in a crow statue, that is feeling just fine, thank you.
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Please, people, do not f- with depression. It's merciless. All it wants is to get you in a room alone and kill you. Take care of yourself.
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During depression the world disappears. Language itself. One has nothing to say. Nothing. No small talk, no anecdotes. Nothing can be risked on the board of talk. Because the inner voice is so urgent in its own discourse: How shall I live? How shall I manage the future? Why should I go on?
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People are always asking, 'Is everything ok?' Look, I was not depressed, ok? I was just freaking exhausted.
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I don't waste time being depressed.
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Depression is the evangelist for emptiness.
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Perhaps depression is a perfectly natural reaction to the human condition.
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Depression is anger turned inward.
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Clinically speaking, depression is a pessimistic sense of your own capabilities, and despondent lack of energy.
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Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
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Now, I'm getting a little older, got more responsibility, I don't need to be depressed.
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Depression is when you have lots of love, but no one's taking.
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We are all potential depressives, but that is never going to be all we are.
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Depression is a democratic sickness: it afflicts everyone.
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Depression is so treacherous - it can be so alluring as well as punishing. After all, it's yours and yours alone - no one else can interfere with it.
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I'm basically depressive, cynical, prone to intellectualization.
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depression is a deep sadness that does not go away.
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I guess I'm just sad is all.

You and me alike, but sad don't get the dishes done.
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People around me like me the best when I'm depressed because I'm a bit more passive.
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The truth is, I feel beyond sad. I feel empty. Numb.
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Depression is an illness that robs one of the meaning of life. Heal the illness. As the depression heals, enthusiasm, well-being, and a sense of life's purpose will return.
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I am profoundly in the D's - discouraged, depressed, disheartened, disgusted.
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Depression, as far as I'm concerned, is just a waste of time.
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There is a difference between depression and sadness. I am happy to be sad.
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I seem to be able to get depressed quite easily without any reason.
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The world has a way of dragging down our mood.
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I feel a lot of nothing
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I had sadness for breakfast.
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All monsters have their fits of depression.
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Among our egocentric sad-sacks, despair is as addictive as heroin and more popular than sex, for the single reason that when one is unhappy one gets to pay a lot of attention to oneself. Misery becomes a kind of emotional masturbation.
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Depression comes in bouts. Like boxing. Dad is in the blue corner.
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I might look successful and happy being in front of you today, but I once suffered from severe depression and was in total despair.
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You say you're 'depressed' - all i see is resilience. You are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. It doesn't mean you're defective - it just means you're human.
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A terrible depression yesterday. Visions of my life petering out into a kind of soft-brained stupor from lack of use.
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Depression is like pushing a car up a hill. It takes all my energy to push the car up the hill. I don't have any energy left to write.
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A Depressive?'
'Smiles in ballrooms, weeps in bedrooms. Ill in her head.' Olive tapped her temple. 'And here.' She touched her heart.
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The mood state Americans are in, on average, when watching television is mildly depressed.
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The depressed man lives in a depressed world.
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Once a week, I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all my sense of oneness and self-worth.
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Most of my life I've had long periods of feeling down and lost. That's why every five years or so I've smashed my life to pieces and started again.
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I miss my kids sometimes and that can get me down when I've been away working, but then I wake up and recognize how incredibly lucky I am. Spending time being down is less time out there achieving and enjoying.
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Well! I feel happy these days. I've started taking a herbal anti-depressant. It's called Saint John's Wort. Apparently it's the best-selling anti-depressant in many places. It's the most popular anti-depressant in Germany ... After, I'm guessing, amnesia ...
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If I need to cheer myself up, I will put on some fabulous '40s musical on video. But I'm very lucky; I seldom get depressed. Without question, I'm a 'glass half full' person. In fact, it's three-quarters full!
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I have a sort of empty feeling; nothing in the world seems of sufficient importance to be worth the doing.
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Depression is state of deep anxiety.
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I'm what you call a Depression sailor.
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For eight-and-a-half years, I was just watching movies, and just staying in bed and just eating food and just, you know, being just miserable.
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When I'm not doing something that comes deeply from me, I get bored. When I get bored I get distracted and when I get distracted, I become depressed. It's a natural resistance, and it insures your integrity.
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Depression is evil. Before you know it, it takes over and there's no escaping it.
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If you aren't just a little depressed, then you aren't paying very much attention to what's going on in the world.