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heavy demolition unit.
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Damen's The One.
Always has been.
Always will be.
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Saint Delphi my ass.
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You are my country, Desdemona ... My Egypt. My hot, harrowing desert and my cool, verdant Nile, infinitely lovely and unfathomable and sustaining.
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The streets are empty. Wind skims the voids keeping neighbors apart, as if grazing the hollow of a cut reed, or say, a plundered mailbox. A familiar note is produced. It's the one Desolation plays to keep its instrument in tune.
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Always choose Paris.
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Jeffrey Deitch is the Jeff Koons of art dealers. Not because he's the biggest, best, or the richest of his kind. But because in some ways he's the weirdest (which is saying a lot when you're talking about the wonderful, wicked, lovable, and annoying creatures known as art dealers).
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I am not Tobias Eaton, not anymore, never again. I am Dauntless.
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Welcome to Dauntless
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Director of Ensuring the Future
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We monitor close to 50 companies globally that can be potential investment opportunities. I'd like to see DST as a significant global investment company in the Internet arena.
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Ee puts me to shame
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The E designation. We heal the mind and the heart. Sorrow, fear, pain, we help people navigate their way out of darkness.
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It was beyond desolate: it was where desolation goes to be by itself.
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You're special, Deirdre, and don't ever think otherwise.
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I'll be interested to hear what the swine has to say for himself, he says. Desi rarely says jackfuck or shitbag; he says swine, which sounds more poisonous on his lips.
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... [T]he letters of the alphabet (two Cs, a large D; the combination of Y, S, and L) belong on an ophthalmologist's chart. For the Parisienne, luxury should never be spelled out.
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We'll always have Paris
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I will move to Dera, Beas, post-transitioning my executive responsibilities at Fortis.
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Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris ... and I really know my way around them. Big fan.
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If I'm working, I'm not D.J.'ing. And if I'm not working, I'm D.J.'ing all the time.
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Gilly Gilleshpee
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Anyone wanna play Dungeons & Dragons for the next quadrillion years?
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I am profoundly in the D's - discouraged, depressed, disheartened, disgusted.
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-- D

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Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

[never tickle a sleeping dragon]
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What the hell is this?" Desandra asked
"This is Cuddles. She's a mammoth donkey."
Derek grinned, leaning on the fence. "Do you have any self-respect left?"
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We can't afford another Deirdre issue.
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You got me in de go-long.
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The automatic use of Du, even to strangers if they were friends of friends, was very surprising. Sie, it seemed, meant relegation to the outer darkness and people had been known to fight with swords about the matter.
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Poor Desdemona! I am glad thy father's dead.
Thy match was mortal to him, and pure grief
Shore his old thread in twain.
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-- D

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What the deuce is to do now?
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district: small,
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Sometimes I feel like a deperson.
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Fucking Magnus DuCane. I'd
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I'm retiring the Mos Def name after 2011. I'm actually doing it.
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I know by heart the places he likes to saale, delvan first and duvlin after, by dredgerous lands and devious delts
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Thnks fr th mmrs- Gabe
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Desjardins was literally fuming. His tattered robes still smoked from battle. (Carter says I shouldn't mention that his pink boxer shorts were showing, but they were!)
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I asked Doss if she had no regard for appearancs. She said, 'I've been keeping up appearances all my life. Now I'm going in for realities. Appearances can go hang!
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Tweedle dee and tweedle dum
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Personally, I wish D. would come after me, I need a good dance partner. My Daimons have lame legs. (Acheron)
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Jade Dragon will go.
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Daniel in the den; a champion in the den
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DEI without Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a museum.
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Doverey, no proverey - Trust but verify.
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Descartes believed that idleness was essential to good mental work,
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Dr. Esserman, who directs the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center, is one of only a few surgeons in the United States willing to put women with D.C.I.S. on active surveillance instead of performing biopsies, lumpectomies or mastectomies.
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I've changed my mind about it (DH) - instead of being bad, it stinks.
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...I'm not you...nw dt wud b disastrous..!!
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That he is gentil that doth gentil dedis.
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-- D

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Arden Banks The Timer
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Wat's tes-tees?" inquired a small voice. Jemmy had abandoned his rocks and was looking up at me in profound interest. "Er ... " I said. I glanced round the room in search of aid. "That's Latin for your balls, lad," Roger said gravely, suppressing a grin.
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A cad of the lowest order with a soul as black as his fingernails.
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I'm not sure if I'll become Dr. Du Toit. I'm at the early stages of a long journey.
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This is Kester Baleen and Ajex Cristo,' Jared introduced. 'One born without common sense and another with too much intelligence.'

'Yeah, and what about you Dernell?' Kester retorted back. 'Born with a dry sense of humour.
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The main fighter for the DSP [Deutsch-Sozialistische Partei or German Socialist Party], as I have said, was Julius Streicher, then a teacher in Nuremberg. At first he, too, had a holy conviction of the mission and the future of his movement.
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Let's be private... I am different character and DeYtH is different as character.
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Got it. Demon. Death. Doom.
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DRS is like giving Picasso Photoshop.
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Daniel Daniel Dentistry - Halifax Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
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Palmer looked back to see de Lacy still rolling across the muddy road from his fall, the destrier spinning and snorting from its refusal. 'So you've got me, de Lacy?' He faced forward again with another kick for greater speed. And a low-hanging branch slammed him from the saddle.
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dropsy. He had been subject to spasms, and in consequence of
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Dallas Bines. Dallicious Bines would be a more fitting name.
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The de'clic (DEH-kleek) is an aha moment when a child figures out how to do something important on his's a welcome sign of maturity and autonomy.
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Underworld butt.
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There is somebody who loves me," said Despereaux. "And I love her and that is the only thing that matters to me.
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Nobody brings numbers to life like Horace Dediu does.
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(D)espair never lives long in young hearts
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And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils
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You must CHANGE if you want an d EXCHANGE
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Tonight let's slay some dragons.
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Despereaux," she whispered.
And then she shouted it, "Despereaux!"
Reader, nothing is sweeter in this sad world than the sound of someone you love calling your name.
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military historian Richard Holmes.
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At night I would climb the steps to the Sacre-Coeur, and I would watch Paris, that futile oasis, scintillating in the wilderness of space. I would weep, because it was so beautiful, and because it was so useless.
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It's death, that's what I'm suffering from. The systematic encroachment of the big D.
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How'd you like to sleep between dragons?
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I was a dyslexic kid.
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Nix, you beautiful bitch.
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The word "dis-aster," in fact, means "bad star."
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Death in the Clouds
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Dark Star Safari,
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We use Dr.Ducks Ax Wax religiously on all Danelectros before they ever leave the factory ...
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It's a wonderful thing, the D.T.'s. You can travel the world in a couple of hours. You see some mighty funny and curious things that come in assorted colors.
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AOE/Axsys The magic machine.
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You can't spell 'developer' without 'devel.'
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My real name was Thomas Jones Woodward, so I dropped the Woodward.
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Bones is, in short, my hero. She is like a one-woman marketing campaign for smart girls.
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And so Deb is the only person in the world who gives a rusty possum fart whether I live or die.
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What's life without a few dragons?
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I put the sexy in dyslexia.
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His mouth came to hers suddenly, hovering above those thirsting lips as he drilled her with the intensity of his mercury gaze.
"Neliss ... " he murmured, reverting to the elegance of their ancient language. "Neliss ent desita."
Beauty of the ages.
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SCCS, the source motel! Programs check in and never check out!
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Now it's not D.T.F., It's now, diapers, tantrums and formula.