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A word to the wise is enough. -- Plautus
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Details are all there are. -- Taizan Maezumi
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We can't define anything precisely. If we attempt to, we get into the paralysis of thought that comes to philosophers ... one saying to the other: you don't know what you are talking about! The second one says: what do you mean by talking? What do you mean by you? What do you mean by know? -- Richard Feynman
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You might as well ask an artist to explain his art, or ask a poet to explain his poem. It defeats the purpose. The meaning is only clear thorough the search. -- Rick Riordan
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Love cannot be described. It must be tasted. -- Rumi
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I want minimum information given with maximum politeness. -- Jackie Kennedy
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Mystical state, madness, how it frightens people. How utterly crazy they become, remote, rude, peculiar, cruel, taunting, farouche as wild beasts who have smelled danger, the unthinkable. -- Kate Millett
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I am trying to say it all in one sentence, between one cap and one period. -- William Faulkner
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A pleasure so exquisite as almost to amount to pain. -- Leigh Hunt
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You see a fleeting perfection of form merging with a significant substance, and you make a clicking noise only a hair's breadth away. You have judged something, reported something, ostensibly truthfully ... And when you made a clicking noise you said something eloquently if you are skilled. -- Burk Uzzle
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One cannot be too careful in the selection of adjectives for descriptions. Words or compounds which describe precisely, and which convey exactly the right suggestions to the mind of the reader, are essential. -- H.p. Lovecraft
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It's draining, it's exhausting, it's hell... it's heaven. It's hedonism gone wild. -- E.l. James
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The critic should describe, and not prescribe. -- Eugene Ionesco
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It's this beautiful thing you can never reach. No matter what you do, you'll never touch it. You can only look and imagine what it would be like to hold it. -- Ilona Andrews
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For those who are understood no need to explain -- Ryan Lochte
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What you can imagine depends on what you know. -- Daniel C. Dennett
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Just three words long -- Rainbow Rowell
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To see the object as in itself it really is -- Matthew Arnold
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I don't know all the certain words to word it. -- Vanilla Ice
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The felt presence of immediate experience
this is all you know. Everything else comes as unconfirmed rumor. -- Terence Mckenna
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You don't need many words if you already know what you're talking about. -- William Stafford
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Tell a good story. -- Wayne Aubry
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Unless you know what it is I ain't never going to be able to explain it to you. -- Louis Armstrong
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What is this, fundamentally? What is its nature and substance, its reason for being? What is it doing in the world? How long is it here for? -- Marcus Aurelius
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From a distance it is something; and nearby it is nothing. -- Jean De La Fontaine
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The description is not the described; I can describe the mountain, but the description is not the mountain, and if you are caught up in the description, as most people are, then you will never see the mountain -- Jiddu Krishnamurti
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To you, it's a book to read - a nicely printed stack of paper with a beautiful cover. To me, it's a living, breathing thing that I have invested my heart and soul in. It's much more than a stack of paper to me. It's my imagination - come alive in your hand. -- Jason P. Stadtlander
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All that you can imagine you already know -- Stephen Spender
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It wants, but does not demand. It asks, but doesn't take. It gives, and pleads for more. It is filled with desire, but also curiosity, and it teaches me that a kiss should come gift wrapped, not stripped naked -- Ellen Hopkins
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One can only describe the human but can never define it because humans are complex in their nature. -- Zaman Ali
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A thing of orchestrated hell-a terrible symphony of light and flame. -- Edward R. Murrow
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Make it personal. -- Richard K. Morgan
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I would describe myself like a landscape I've studied at length, in detail; like a word I'm coming to understand; like a pitcher I pour from at mealtime; like my mother's face; like a ship that carried me when the waters raged. -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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It is like trying to describe the ocean to a fish in a pond. It has no concept of what it is. -- Brett Jones
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It is beyond words or thoughts. -- Ramana Maharshi
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Some things you just can't explain. You don't even try. You don't know where to start. All your sentences would jumble up like a giant knot if you opened your mouth. Any words you used would come out wrong. -- R.j. Palacio
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Anything that we think is incredible and beautiful and wonderful, we ascribe to something that we don't know what it is. -- Chris Martin
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Feel a pleasurable superiority, and are full of secret insight and penetration,-it -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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tell me what I must know.' For -- Nhys Glover
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A people so individual in its genius, so tenacious in love or hate, so captivating in its nobler moods. -- F. E. Smith, 1St Earl Of Birkenhead
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If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it enough. -- John C. Maxwell
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I don't think I can get anywhere near to fully describing what love is. -- Benjamin Stone
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I just tell you what happens. I don't explain it. -- Dashiell Hammett
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Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance. -- Charles Lindbergh
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What you believe you experience. -- Jiddu Krishnamurti
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To feel the soul without explaining it, without vocabulary, and to represent this sensation. -- Yves Klein
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For any particular thing, ask: What is it in itself? What is its nature? -- Marcus Aurelius
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A marvelous feeling
that you love someone deeply
and in turn, that person loves you back so sincerely. -- David R. Wommack
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I feel that I'm solid at description. -- Christopher Bollen
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[E]ducation is a holistic endeavor that involves the whole person, including our bodies, in a process of formation that aims our desires, primes our imagination, and orients us to the world
all before we ever start thinking about it. -- James K.a. Smith
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If you can't explain something simply, you don't know enough about it. -- Albert Einstein
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You wake up every morning with a smile on your face because you've got a new day you never expected to have. And there's a sense of wonderment. Nothing short of magical. -- Dick Cheney
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You begin to understand your personality, your response, and the functions of your body, heart and mind into different situations, events and with different people, with the inward attention. -- Roshan Sharma
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I know what it is, but when you ask me I don't. -- Augustine Of Hippo
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The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences. -- Saint Augustine
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Tis the perception of the beautiful, A fine extension of the faculties, Platonic, universal, wonderful, Drawn from the stars, and filtered through the skies, Without which life would be extremely dull -- Lord Byron
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I done forgot all abt words
aint got no definitions -- Ntozake Shange
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Never explain, never complain. -- Wallis Simpson
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When well executed, description is unobtrusive and lends substance to a novel. It is the body fat of prose: too much is unhealthy, but without any, you no longer have the thing - you have its skeleton. -- Howard Mittelmark
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Trying to describe something musical is like dancing to architecture, it's really difficult. -- Robert Palmer
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It's like a perfect symphony of feeling, of emotion, of a love you thought was impossible; until suddenly the impossible becomes the inevitable. -- Beth Michele
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What is Music? How do you define it? Music is a calm moonlit night, the rustle of leaves in Summer. Music is the far off peal of bells at dusk! Music comes straight from the heart and talks only to the heart: it is Love! Music is the Sister of Poetry and her Mother is sorrow! -- Sergei Rachmaninoff
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She stares in my eyes and loves me with a vehemence all her own. A scary, passionate type of love. One that rips away all pretenses and allows us to love each other bare and without consequence. -- Alessandra Torre
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To suggest is to create; to describe is to destroy. -- Robert Doisneau
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An educational activity which aims to reveal meanings and relationships through the use of original objects, by firsthand experience, and by illustrative media, rather than simply to communicate factual information. -- Freeman Tilden
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A thoroughly ridiculous form of transport, but a thoroughly beautiful one. -- Douglas Adams
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It's a strange sensation to live inside another person's life, to wonder all the time what he is doing, or thinking or feeling. -- Meg Rosoff
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I wouldn't bother to describe me. I'm Eartha Kitt. -- Eartha Kitt
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I do not explain, I explore. -- Marshall Mcluhan
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A word to the wise is sufficient -- Plautus
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One must not attempt to justify them, but rather to sense their nature simply and clearly. -- Maureen Dowd
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Descriptions all fall flat and tame unless the Holy Ghost fills them with life and power -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Say what you mean. Say what you see. Make a photograph, if you can, for the reader. -- Stephen King
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Say what you know. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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In acting process, it's very difficult to explain. It's something very intimate, very private. -- Monica Bellucci
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..they wait, impassive, for the hubbub to die down, for silence to fall, before finally beginning their talk with that cold clarity of those who, conscious of the fundamental import of what they have to say, abstain from any embellishment and simply describe, describe, describe... -- Maylis De Kerangal
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Description begins in the writer's imagination, but should finish in the reader's. -- Stephen King
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At this high moment, ability failed my capacity to describe. -- Dante Alighieri
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What we need to know can only be experienced. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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It's a fun playtime. Please, don't kill it with big words. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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I realize that I cannot say enough. So. Since I cannot say enough, at least I will avoid saying to much. -- Patrick Rothfuss
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It's the sensation that gives rise to ego or personal identity. All the external and internal experiences of life are experienced only with the sensation. -- Roshan Sharma
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It is impossible to say just what I mean! -- T. S. Eliot
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I do not know where to find in any literature, whether ancient or modern, any adequate account of that Nature with which I am acquainted. -- Henry David Thoreau
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Private and primitive and a bit on the funky and frightening -- Tom Robbins
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Terrible beautiful combination of happiness and pain. -- Kristin Hannah
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A good place to visit, but a poor place to stay. -- Josh Billings
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I cannot describe God in the same way that I cannot describe a picture I am holding millimeters from my eyes - the picture is made strange and unknowable not because it is distant but because it is so close. -- Lauren F. Winner
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I mean, you have a general tone of it but it's pretty much you get to come in and you're going to flip this car and it's going to blow up and you're going to come out on fire and you go oh, that's cool, and then you get paid a lot of money. -- David R. Ellis
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peaceful and strangely euphoric. -- Nicola Yoon
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A vast engine of wonderful delicacy and intricacy, a machine that is like the tools of the Titans put in your hands. This machinery, in its external fabric so massive and so exquisitely adjusted, and in its internal fabric making new categories of thought, new ways of thinking about life. -- Charles Ferguson
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Words, when well chosen, have so great a force in them, that a description often gives us more lively ideas than the sight of things themselves. -- Joseph Addison
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How difficult it is to be simple. -- Irving Stone
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There is something so beautiful inside you that if you knew it, you would fall in love with it. It is irresistible. You can truly experience that. -- Prem Rawat
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It is the people no one imagines anything from who do the things no one can imagine -- Graham Moore
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To define, is to select from among all the properties of a thing, those which shall be understood to be designated and declared by its name; and the properties must be well known to us before we can be competent to determine which of them are fittest to be chosen for this purpose. -- John Stuart Mill
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[A]n unpleasant nest of nasty, materialistic and aggressive people, careless of the rights of others, imperfectly democratic at home though quick to see the minor slaveries of others, and greedy without end. -- Isaac Asimov
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You are God's highest form of creation. You are a living breathing creative magnet. You have the ability to control what you attract into your life. -- Bob Proctor
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A book written within, contains ideas and thoughts from all over, where each page explains itself. -- Auliq Ice
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I have no time to explain now. It is a thrilling tale, I wish to do it justice. -- J.k. Rowling