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The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences. -- Saint Augustine
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I would describe myself like a landscape I've studied at length, in detail; like a word I'm coming to understand; like a pitcher I pour from at mealtime; like my mother's face; like a ship that carried me when the waters raged. -- Rainer Maria Rilke
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Sensitive, responsive, eagerly welcomed everywhere, the drama, holding the mirror up to nature, by laughter and by tears reveals to mankind the world of men. -- George Pierce Baker
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The problems in describing a person are essentially problems of knowing a person. -- Donald Antrim
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crushes the adventurous, the brave, the sensitive, and encourages the timid, the opportunist and time-serving, the sneak and the bully. It surrounds itself with -- Shashi Tharoor
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Tis the perception of the beautiful, A fine extension of the faculties, Platonic, universal, wonderful, Drawn from the stars, and filtered through the skies, Without which life would be extremely dull -- Lord Byron
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The key to good description begins with clear seeing and ends with clear writing, the kind of writing that employs fresh images and simple vocabulary. -- Stephen King
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It is a poore Center of a Mans Actions, Himselfe. -- Francis Bacon
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Private and primitive and a bit on the funky and frightening -- Tom Robbins
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understanding about -- Jacqueline Harvey
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The simplest words,
we do not know what they mean except when we love and aspire. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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..they wait, impassive, for the hubbub to die down, for silence to fall, before finally beginning their talk with that cold clarity of those who, conscious of the fundamental import of what they have to say, abstain from any embellishment and simply describe, describe, describe... -- Maylis De Kerangal
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There are words to describe her, my dear, but one does not repeat them in polite company. -- Gail Carriger
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A sickness ... defines margins, crystallizes the shape of things. -- Martha Ostenso
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In this condition one enriches everything out of one's own abundance: what one sees, what one desires, one sees swollen, pressing, strong, over laden with energy. The man in this condition transforms things until they mirror his power - until they are reflections of his perfections -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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A traveler, the purer form, someone who collects impressions, dense anatomies of feeling but does not care to record them. -- Don Delillo
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From a distance it is something; and nearby it is nothing. -- Jean De La Fontaine
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Oh, you can't describe someone you're in love with! -- Tennessee Williams
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Descriptions all fall flat and tame unless the Holy Ghost fills them with life and power -- Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Elegant as simplicity, and warm As ecstasy. -- William Cowper
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To feel the soul without explaining it, without vocabulary, and to represent this sensation. -- Yves Klein
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It is the object which aroused the artist, stimulated his ideas and set of his emotions. These ideas and emotions will be imprisoned in his work for good. -- Pablo Picasso
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To describe externals, you become a scientist. To describe experience, you become an artist. -- Timothy Leary
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The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things. -- Oscar Wilde
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stupid, overbarbering, possesive, fur ball -- Quinn Loftis
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Seeks to grow and improve oneself through creative activity, freely expressing one's exuberant vitality, and through warm, supportive encouragement of others. -- Stephen Arroyo
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A wonderful person finds amazing beauty in everything and everyone. -- Debasish Mridha
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If you are forced to describe things for someone else, it sharpens your senses. And also your sense of how hard it is to make the translation from the vibrant, multi-faceted world to a sentence that distils it. -- Judith Thurman
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Putting it into words will destroy any meaning. -- Haruki Murakami
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When you can classify something, it helps pin it down into a thing you can handle instead of a nameless dread. -- Megan Kearney
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A pleasure so exquisite as almost to amount to pain. -- Leigh Hunt
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It is impossible to say just what I mean! -- T. S. Eliot
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You don't need many words if you already know what you're talking about. -- William Stafford
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Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance. -- Charles Lindbergh
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Whether we are describing a king, an assassin, a thief, an honest man, a prostitute, a nun, a young girl, or a stallholder in a market, it is always ourselves that we are describing. -- Guy De Maupassant
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If you need three adjectives to describe something, then you've probably chosen the wrong something. -- Roger Rosenblatt
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Self-aware, knowledgeable, proactive individual, unrestricted by the attitudes, behaviors, and actions of others or by many of the circumstances and environmental influences that limit other people. -- Stephen R. Covey
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[E]ducation is a holistic endeavor that involves the whole person, including our bodies, in a process of formation that aims our desires, primes our imagination, and orients us to the world
all before we ever start thinking about it. -- James K.a. Smith
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To be reserved, secretive, with a passionate violence that causes suffering. -- Gwen John
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[A]n unpleasant nest of nasty, materialistic and aggressive people, careless of the rights of others, imperfectly democratic at home though quick to see the minor slaveries of others, and greedy without end. -- Isaac Asimov
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It is easy to take good pictures, difficult to take very good pictures, and almost impossible to take
great pictures. -- Constantine Manos
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You begin to understand your personality, your response, and the functions of your body, heart and mind into different situations, events and with different people, with the inward attention. -- Roshan Sharma
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Pleasure is often spoiled by describing it. -- Stendhal
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One must not attempt to justify them, but rather to sense their nature simply and clearly. -- Maureen Dowd
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A vast engine of wonderful delicacy and intricacy, a machine that is like the tools of the Titans put in your hands. This machinery, in its external fabric so massive and so exquisitely adjusted, and in its internal fabric making new categories of thought, new ways of thinking about life. -- Charles Ferguson
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Placidity and order and everything in its place, with a decorous and sanctioned violence going on underneath everything, like a heavy, brutal shoe tapping out the rhythm on a carpeted floor. -- Margaret Atwood
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They are eloquent who can speak low things acutely, and of great things with dignity, and of moderate things with temper. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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She always saw through him, as if he were just another window. She always felt that she knew everything about him that could be known. Not that he was simple, but that he was knowable, like a list of errands, like an encyclopedia. -- Jonathan Safran Foer
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It is like trying to describe the ocean to a fish in a pond. It has no concept of what it is. -- Brett Jones
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One can only describe the human but can never define it because humans are complex in their nature. -- Zaman Ali
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Two people who share a secret no one else knows because no one else understands the way it is between us when our clothes are off and her breath is my breath and there are no more questions, just answers, and every single one is her name. -- Lili Valente
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One must see one's model correctly and experience it in the right way; and furthermore express oneself forcibly and with distinction. -- Paul Cezanne
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Mystical state, madness, how it frightens people. How utterly crazy they become, remote, rude, peculiar, cruel, taunting, farouche as wild beasts who have smelled danger, the unthinkable. -- Kate Millett
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We are generally very driven and have a high need to be needed or approved of, or special. We often show a pattern of overdoing and overgiving without regard for ourselves. -- Dina Glouberman
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Descriptive grammar is an attempt to give an account of what the current system is for either a society or an individual, whatever you happen to be studying. -- Noam Chomsky
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I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like. -- Eminem
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You might as well ask an artist to explain his art, or ask a poet to explain his poem. It defeats the purpose. The meaning is only clear thorough the search. -- Rick Riordan
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A joy that hurts with sadness a sadness that is pleasurable a pleasure full of terror a terror that excites an excitement that calms a calmness that frightens. -- Aidan Chambers
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To you, it's a book to read - a nicely printed stack of paper with a beautiful cover. To me, it's a living, breathing thing that I have invested my heart and soul in. It's much more than a stack of paper to me. It's my imagination - come alive in your hand. -- Jason P. Stadtlander
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The book depicts thoughts, unveils imaginings, answers unspoken questions, clarifies doubts, resolves arguments, and finally reveals the very atoms of the most curiosity-driven desire. -- Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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A masterpiece of vagueness. -- Kenneth Oppel
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Something that could not easily bu put into words and indeed might never be. -- Alice Munro
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Patience graciously, compassionately and with understanding, judges the faults of others without unjust criticism. -- Billy Graham
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No word has one specific definition.Maybe in the dictionary, but not in real life
-Ms.Conyers of Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key -- Sarah Dessen
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You hurt and have sharp desire,
yet your presence is a healing calm. -- Rumi
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One's skill is never complete, one's knowledge is forever lacking, one's taste is invariably altered, one's opinion ever subject to controversy. There is a complete and constant urge towards improvement. -- Andrew Loomis
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A thing of orchestrated hell-a terrible symphony of light and flame. -- Edward R. Murrow
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Trying to describe something musical is like dancing to architecture, it's really difficult. -- Robert Palmer
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To define, is to select from among all the properties of a thing, those which shall be understood to be designated and declared by its name; and the properties must be well known to us before we can be competent to determine which of them are fittest to be chosen for this purpose. -- John Stuart Mill
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Some things you just can't explain. You don't even try. You don't know where to start. All your sentences would jumble up like a giant knot if you opened your mouth. Any words you used would come out wrong. -- R.j. Palacio
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No time for poetry but exactly what is. -- Jack Kerouac
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You can never explain it. At its best, you can only feel love and beauty. -- Debasish Mridha
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All that you can imagine you already know -- Stephen Spender
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[T]o a limited being its limited understanding is not felt to be a limitation; on the contrary, it is perfectly happy and contented with this understanding[.] -- Ludwig Feuerbach
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That which is meddling, touching everything, -- Lao-Tzu
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When you're working with an object, you can put in almost anything you want, you can make it abstract. -- Claes Oldenburg
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It is the harmony of the diverse parts, their symmetry, their happy balance; in a word it is all that introduces order, all that gives unity, that permits us to see clearly and to comprehend at once both the ensemble and the details. -- Henri Poincare
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Intelligent and alert, wistful but enthusiastic, frank yet tactful, assured without conceit and tender without sentimentality. -- Cecil Beaton
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I don't know all the certain words to word it. -- Vanilla Ice
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Openness and softness of heart loves what it knows -- John De Ruiter
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A person is a pattern of behavior, of a larger awareness. -- Deepak Chopra
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Words are, quite simply, weapons. How a person or an act or a thought looks depends entirely upon how - and by whom - it is described. -- Carolyn Hart
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I am trying to say it all in one sentence, between one cap and one period. -- William Faulkner
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A man who overindulges lives in a dream. He becomes conceited. He thinks the whole world revolves around him; and it usually does. -- W.c. Fields
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Five senses; an incurably abstract intellect; a haphazardly selective memory; a set of preconceptions and assumptions so numerous that I can never examine more than a minority of them - never become even conscious of them all. -- C.s. Lewis
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A girl who is willing to give every ounce of herself to someone, who could never betray her lover, who never suspects maliciousness of anyone, and whose sexuality sleeps in her, waiting to be stirred. -- Steve Martin
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The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time, trusted. -- Martha Graham
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The individual feels the vanity of human desires and aims, and the nobility and marvelous order which are revealed in nature and in the world of thought. He feels the individual destiny as an imprisonment and seeks to experience the totality of existence as a unity full of significance. -- Albert Einstein
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A person who is seated instead of standing erect - destinies hang upon such a thing as that. -- Victor Hugo
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Armed Soldier, terrible as Death, relentless as Doom; doing God's judgement on the Enemies of God. It is a phenomenon not of joyful nature; no, but of awful, to be looked at with pious terror and awe. -- Thomas Carlyle
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It's all the unwordable things one wants to write about, just as it's all the unformable things one wants to paint - essence. -- Emily Carr
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I like to use simple words, but in a complicated way. -- Carol Ann Duffy
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Something the heart must have to cherish, Must love and joy and sorrow learn; Something with passion clasp, or perish And in itself to ashes burn. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Description needs to slide into a story like a snake through grass - silently, almost invisibly, without calling attention to itself. It should enrich every story moment without slowing the action. -- Marion Dane Bauer
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It's the sensation that gives rise to ego or personal identity. All the external and internal experiences of life are experienced only with the sensation. -- Roshan Sharma
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An experienced, industrious, ambitious, and often quite often picturesque liar. -- Mark Twain
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I release all criticism. I only give out that which I wish to receive in return. My love and acceptance of others is mirrored to me in every moment. -- Louise Hay
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True to the GAME (Giving, Affirming, Manifesting, Evolving). -- T.f. Hodge
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Damn description, it is always disgusting. -- Lord Byron
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Agitated on the inside by disgust but with nothing showing in their immobile features, absolutely still, as unmoving as those of landscapes, of photographs, of summer sunsets, nothing showing in their ever-horizontal features, decomposing silently in the Formica chairs. -- Antonio Lobo Antunes