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Safe word is Pickle -- Gabe
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will-o'-the-wisp -- Amor Towles
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How can you be dour when you have a tiny duck? -- Caitlin Kittredge
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Dill said striking a match under a turtle was hateful.
"Ain't hateful, just persuades him- 's not like you'd chunk him in the fire," Jem growled.
"How do you know a match don't hurt him?"
"Turtles can't feel , stupid," said Jem.
"Were you ever a turtle, huh? -- Harper Lee
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A dehoy who was terribly hobble,
Cast only stones that were cobble
And bats that were ding,
From a shot that was sling,
But never hit inks that were bobble. -- James Thurber
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My curiosity sister of larks. -- Fernando Pessoa
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You're ... in ... the ... Dol ... drums, wailed a voice that sounded far away. -- Norton Juster
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Tut, dun's the mouse, the constable's own word:
If thou art dun, we'll draw thee from the mire
Of this sir-reverence love, wherein thou stick'st
Up to the ears. Come, we burn daylight, ho! -- William Shakespeare
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What the ever-loving knuckle fuck? -- Kristen Callihan
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Happy man, happy dole. -- John Heywood
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Akthent on thee latht thyllable. -- Bret Easton Ellis
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Why do you reckon Boo Radleys never run off?"
Dill sighed a long sigh and turned away from me.
Maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off to -- Harper Lee
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Diddley dee I have got to pee -- Chris Howard
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you curdled clot of whores piss -- Sara Douglass
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Rune, made Anita "doolally in -- Fredrik Backman
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A lexicographer, a writer of dictionaries, a harmless drudge. -- Samuel Johnson
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Derek? Derek!-Chole
Chole! what are you doing out here? i said we will check it out later. key word WE-Derek
oh, yeah I decided to come out on my own. thats why i was calling your name repeatively- Chole -- Kelley Armstrong
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a Nean derthal with a badge. -- C.j. Box
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Ring a ding dillo del! derry, del, my hearties! If you come soon you'll find breakfast on the table. If you come late you'll get grass and rain-water! -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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I was saving the name of 'Geisel' for the Great American Novel. -- Dr. Seuss
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REVEILLE, n. A signal to sleeping soldiers to dream of battlefields no more, but get up and have their blue noses counted. -- Ambrose Bierce
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Yeah, that's all," said Dill. "He'll probably come out after you when he sees you in the yard, then Scout'n' me'll jump on him and hold him down till we can tell him we ain't gonna hurt him. -- Harper Lee
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Neighbours, you are tedious.
It pleases your worship to say so, but we are the poor duke's officers; but truly, for mine own part, if I were as tedious as a king, I could find it in
my heart to bestow it all of your worship. -- William Shakespeare
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Quick: noise made by a dyslexic duck -- Barry Cryer
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To the counsell of fooles a woodden bell. -- George Herbert
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No surname? Or is Thorn it?"
"Thorn is all anyone needs to know about me."
"As in thorn up all our collective nether regions," Devyl muttered. -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Feare, the Bedle of the Law. -- George Herbert
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DeWarenne men love forever -- Brenda Joyce
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I must have slept a long time, for when I was punched awake the room was dim with the light of the setting moon. "Move over, Scout." "He thought he had to." I mumbled. "Don't stay mad with him." Dill got in bed beside me. "I ain't," he said. "I just wanted to sleep with you. -- Harper Lee
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Sai-Liber is my family name.Much like Wayfairer.You may call me Tetraphrimaportacheeq.It is much simpler."
To who? I'd barely got it out the first time. -- G.l. Tomas
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Fish fiddle de-dee! -- Edward Lear
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I didn't always spell my name Bil. My parents named me Bill, but when I started drawing cartoons on the wall, they knocked the 'L' out of me. -- Bil Keane
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The -- Ogden Nash
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He that hath little is the lesse durtie. -- George Herbert
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Gervasio Lonquimay -- Isabel Allende
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What lurking temptations to forbidden tenderness find their finding-places in a woman's dressing-gown, when she is alone in her room at night! -- Wilkie Collins
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misbegotten cockwaffle. -- Kevin Hearne
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Ashurbanipal." Oh, baby, keep talking dirty to me. -- Jo Raven
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that can't be good "What a persistent-"
"I know." W quickly cut in before Dilmore could finish. -- Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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One figure physically threw a fat, balding man out of the clinic. The fat man landed in a heap. He was blubbering, while the other figure walked back toward the clinic. "You don't understand. I have to have my dilaudda. It's the only thing that works, really!" said the fat man. -- Brandt Trebor
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I say and maintain, that of all torcheculs, arsewisps, bumfodders, tail-napkins, bunghole cleansers, and wipe-breeches, there is none in the world comparable to the neck of a goose ... -- Francois Rabelais
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Raveand Rhamnusia, Goddes of Dispyte,' said Lymond acidly. 'I am trying to get you home, vide the shiten shepherd and the clene shepe, with your woolly chops spotless. The only drawback to date is that the bloody sheep is going to have to carry the shepherd, so far as I can see. -- Dorothy Dunnett
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BRANDY, n. A cordial composed on one part thunder-and-lightning, one part remorse, two parts bloody murder, one part death-hell-and-the-grave and four parts clarified Satan. -- Ambrose Bierce
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The rare derpicus man is know to live near the himalayas, in a cave made purely of dead weevils. His native tounge is unknown, but what I've translated contains a grat amount of the words, "pootis, derp, poop, and nnnnyyyyaaaaannnn! -- John Nichol
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Lev was a clink in my armor, a crack in my wall, -- Belle Aurora
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Lessee ... he'd gone off after the funeral and gotten drunk. No, not drunk, another word, ended with "er." Drunker. that was it. -- Terry Pratchett
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I wonder by my troth, what thou and I Did, till we lov'd? - DONNE -- Anonymous
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Garlick maketh a man wynke, drynke, and stynke. -- Thomas Nash
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Mawidge is a dweam wiffin a dweam. -- William Goldman
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I was a dyslexic kid. -- Caitlyn Jenner
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Do you mind if I ask you a question, darlin'?"
"Only if you stop calling me darlin'"
"Now where I come from that's a term of endearment."
"Really? Well, where I come from motherfucker is a term of endearment. Want me to start calling you that? -- Shelly Laurenston
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Rhysand laughed - a lover's laugh, low and soft and intimate. "Is that any way to speak to a High Lord of Prythian?" My -- Sarah J. Maas
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Ven mazel kumt, shtelt im a shtul. When mazel comes, pull up a chair for it. (p. 292) -- Rebecca Goldstein
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The fallyng out of faithfull frends is the renuyng of loue. -- John Lyly
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Call me Silidons, for such I am. -- Stephen R. Lawhead
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I'm bored, lalalallalalala OLLI OXEN SOMETHING!! -- Bob Smith
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CHAPTER I - M. MYRIEL -- Victor Hugo
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I that in heill wes and gladnes Am trublit now with gret seiknes And feblit with infermite: Timor Mortis conturbat me.* * Fear of Death troubles me. -- William Dunbar
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To ... to ... What the heck to call a duke who 'comes a monk?"

"Brother?" Colin ventured.

Will shook his head. "A bit too familiar. How 'bout BrotherYourGrace?"

"Got it," Colin exclaimed. "Your Celibacy. Get it? Your Celibacy. -- Patricia Coughlin
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Don't repeat this word again -- Unknown
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People who don't know me sometimes call me 'Mademoiselle.' -- Olivier Theyskens
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I am not Cugel the Clever for nothing! -- Jack Vance
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Dukhoborcheskaya -- Thomas Paine
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It his mind, they reminded him of 'Tweedle Dee' and 'Tweedle Dum', with an extra emphasise placed on the 'Dum'! -- Adele Rose
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of the afternoon Mr. Fitz-Wattle---- -- P.g. Wodehouse
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DEJEUNER, n. The breakfast of an American who has been in Paris. Variously pronounced. -- Ambrose Bierce
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I don't want a pickle, just want to ride on my motorsickle. -- Arlo Guthrie
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Vas happening Selene? -- Liam Payne
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Never, ever say the dildo accidentally turned itself on. -- Chuck Palahniuk
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The Diogenes Club is the queerest club in London, and Mycroft one of the queerest men. He's always there from quarter to five to twenty to eight. It's six now, so if you care for a stroll this beautiful evening I shall be very happy to introduce you to two curiosities. -- Arthur Conan Doyle
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The smylere with the knyf under the cloke. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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Dagorath was a word in Sindarin, the Elvish language J. R. R. Tolkien had created for The Lord of the Rings. -- Ernest Cline
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Dilige et quod vis fac. (Love and then what you will, do.) -- Augustine Of Hippo
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LL's a laughing stock, cause I bit that ass to the last stop. I watched you fall like Hitler fell, and now your down to a broken L. -- Kool Moe Dee
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... difficile est longum subito deponere amoren, difficile est, uerum hoc qua lubet efficias ... ... it is hard to throw off long-established love: Hard, but this you must manage somehow ... -- Anonymous
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Ballycumber (ba-li-KUM-ber) n.
One of the six half-read books lying somewhere in your bed. -- Douglas Adams
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So what brings you to this killing pickle? -- Dante Alighieri
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Delores is a gorgeous name, for a gorgeous girl. Plus, it rhymes with clitoris ... and I really know my way around them. Big fan. -- Emma Chase
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My determinate voyage is mere extravagancy -- William Shakespeare
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voluptuous sluggard, -- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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You're my Aslan. -- Kristen Ashley
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Cruddy Mouthbreather -- Holly Black
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Uncle Jeb," we croaked in surprise. "You found us."
"Well, now," he said, and his gruff voice brought back a hundred memories. "Well, now, here's a pickle. -- Stephenie Meyer
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Who you? Your name smaller than fine grains in couscous
It's the highest calibre, your calibre is deuce deuce -- Talib Kweli
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What's got your jockstrap in a wad? (Abbie) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Sir McCoolpants Von No Touchy -- Penny Reid
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Like millions of others, he mockingly calls himself, in evocative modern street slang, a diaosi, the term for a loser that literally translates as "male pubic hair". -- Anonymous
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I cannot name this, I cannot explain this, and I really don't want to so just call me shameless. -- Ani Difranco
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(Hungarian ... ) the only tongue the devil respects -- Chico Buarque
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What did the letter O say to Q? Dude, your dikk is hanging out. -- Ellen Degeneres
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You're like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life -- Shannon Dermott
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amanuensis. A rapt -- Abraham Verghese
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For sondry scoles maken sotile clerkis;
Womman of manye scoles half a clerk is. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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You little know what you have done, when you have first broke the bounds of modesty; you have set open the door of your fancy to the devil, so that he can, almost at his pleasure ever after, represent the same sinful pleasure to you anew. -- Richard Baxter
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Penis? Cock? Dick? Wood? Schlong? Womb broom? Clam hammer? Yogurt slinger? -- Jewel E. Ann
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Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback -- J.k. Rowling
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Dobby, sir. Just Dobby. Dobby the house-elf, said the creature. -- J.k. Rowling
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We do not precisely enjoy liberty at the Figaro. M. de Latouche, our worthy director (ah! you should know the fellow), is always hanging over us, cutting, pruning, right or wrong, imposing upon us his whims, his aberrations, his fancies, and we have to write as he bids ... -- George Sand
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The whore, who said her name was Sandra, offered me delights unobtainable outside of Place Pigalle and Port Said. I said I wasn't interested, and she was bright enough to say that she wasn't really interested either. As things turned out, we had both overestimated our apathies, but not by much. -- Kurt Vonnegut
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Moll is immoral, shallow, hypocritical, heartless, a bad woman: yet Moll is marvellous. -- Glen Duncan