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It is great and manly to disdain disguise; it shows our spirit and proves our strength.
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If we took as much pains to be what we ought, as we do to deceive others by disguising what we are; we might appear as we are, without being at the trouble of any disguise.
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You can hide as cleverly as you like, but in the final analysis mimicry is deception, pure and simple. It doesn't solve a thing.
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It's hard for a masked man to hide behind a mask when he isn't wearing one.
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Lies don't fit snugly into disguises. Eventually the cloak falls off and you're left staring at the naked truth which is always an uncomfortable situation.
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Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don't fool.
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The safest of disguises were the consistent ones.
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E wear the mask that grins and lies,
it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes-
this debt we pay to human guile;
with torn and bleeding hearts we smile.
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That is why it has been repeatedly noticed that the human life is a theatre where the mask show takes place, and we are merely the actors of that show, having entirely identified ourselves with the masks and fooling not only others, but first of all ourselves.
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A mask can hide you from others, but not from yourself.
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Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are.
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Here too it's masquerade, I find:
As everywhere, the dance of mind.
I grasped a lovely masked procession,
And caught things from a horror show ...
I'd gladly settle for a false impression,
If it would last a little longer, though.
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Honesty is the most subversive of all disguises,
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I guard my existence, sheltered by distance. Hidden and masked I parade, everyone oblivious to the grand charade.
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The Vampire Masquerade
Mask of jewels across a pale face
Disguise the evil that makes no mistakes
Drops of red blood on delicate white lace
The body lies still and only time awaits.
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Sneaking was a kind of deceit. So was disguise. Just past midnight, wearing dark trousers and Fox's hood, the queen snuck out of her own rooms and stepped into a world of stories and lies.
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We're wearing masks, all of us, all of the time. We're presenting a face, a version of ourselves, to the world, to each other. We show a different face depending on who we're with and what they expect of us. Even when we're alone it's just another mask, the version of ourselves we'd prefer to be.
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FAKE Mask... - That's when we are honest... or probably not...

More likely contradictory!

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If you choose to keep your true face secret, then the people who know you by one mask, must never meet those who know you by another.
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A mask tempts the wearer to play out carnal fantasies and, come daylight, the perfume of a stranger's sex on your flesh and clothes can be blamed or thanked on the metamorphosis stirred by the mystery of the mask.
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Something happens to people when they're masked. They become too free, uncivilized. They may do anything.
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In a mask we are faceless and classless, ageless and anonymous. Masks reveal the primal urge to behave like the beast in rut that leaps on the stranger or waits in the penumbra to be leapt upon.
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I have thousands and thousands of hats. Some are the most outrageous hats in the world. They are my disguise. I hide beneath them.
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Perhaps it's impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be.
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We wear the mask that grins and lies.
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For every man's nature is concealed with many folds of disguise, and covered as it were with various veils. His brows, his eyes, and very often his countenance, are deceitful, and his speech is most commonly a lie.
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Veiling truth in mystery.
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Concealment is equated, unknowingly to ourselves, with individuality; the more we conceal the more it seems we are asserting our very personality, resisting a somewhat repellent, unwelcome intrusion of other things into ourselves.
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The best disguises were those that were poured out of the heart rather than painted on the face.
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Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool
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When you wear a mask, you are not real.
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When you wear the mask, the mask becomes you.
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Never hide who you are,
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There's a kind of magic in masks. Masks conceal one face, but they reveal another. The one that only comes out in darkness. I bet you could do just what you liked, behind a mask ... ?
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I am a stranger. You do not need to lie to me or pretend. Only with friends do you need masks
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People seem always actually to know, with a degree of pain that has required the comfort of fairy tales, that when you are dressed in any particular way at all, you are revealed rather than hidden.
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You can disguise any set with lights and shadows.
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Reveal yourself, mage! Only a coward stays cloaked in invisibility.
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You cannot hide your true self forever.
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What you do is you hide your deep need to hide, and you do this out of the need to appear to other people as if you have the strength not to care how you appear to others.
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Naked I felt as if my soul was exposed, my thoughts could be read. In the mask I felt protected. I eased the elastic strap over my head, adjusted the fascia to my cheekbones and glanced again at the mirror. The acid in my tummy had gone. Masked I am me. Masked I can do anything.
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I'm not quite at the point where I feel the need to wear disguises in public.
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No one can long hide behind a mask; the pretense soon lapses into the true character.
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What's the difference between spending your life trying to be invisible, or pretending to be the person you think everyone wants you to be? Either way, you're faking.
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She wondered why no one saw through her disguise. Perhaps people could see only what they expected, what fit inside their vision, as if human vision came in precut shapes more narrow than the world itself, and this allowed her to hide in plain sight.
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The more we mask ourselves, the freer we're able to be within ourselves.
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Do we throw off the false 'cloak' at a party, or do we merely put on an untruthful yellow dress?
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Make our faces vizards to our hearts, disguising what they are.
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What drew me to acting in the first place was disguise.
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With us the disguise must be complete. The familiar identity of things has to be pulverized in order to destroy the finite associations with which our society increasingly enshrouds every aspect of our environment.
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Secrets. Need to disguise. The novel was born of this.
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Alone, the world offers itself freely to us. To be unmasked, it has no choice.
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Camilla: You, sir, should unmask.
Stranger: Indeed?
Cassilda: Indeed it's time. We all have laid aside disguise but you.
Stranger: I wear no mask.
Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No mask? No mask!
The King in Yellow, Act I, Scene 2.
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I don't cover my face because I want to show my identity.
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Those masks we wear
not to shield others; but ourselves from who we are.
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The art of nature is all in the direction of concealment.
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I used to wear disguises, like hats and false beards, just to walk around and avoid attention.
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I have always felt that everybody on earth goes about in disguise.
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I hide, I protect, I pretend.
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Also, if a man takes pride in his disguise skills, it would be a foolish wife who would claim to recognise him: it's always an imprudence to step between a man and the reflection of his own cleverness.
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In our society, most of us wear protective masks of various kinds and for various reasons. Very often the end result is that the masks grow to us, displacing our original characters with our assumed characters.
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Love shouldn't have to wear disguises.
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Reveal art; conceal the artist.
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Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness,/ Wherein the ... enemy does much.
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On this day, if it were me, I'd don a mask for all to see.
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Modesty is Invisibility
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We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.
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You have to put on more faces to pretend who you are.
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If we suspect that a man is lying, we should pretend to believe him; for then he becomes bold and assured, lies more vigorously, and is unmasked.
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By now, the camouflage had become my skin. My friends wouldn't want to know. Who would want to know? I certainly didn't want to know. All I wanted was to hold my assumptions to the light, and to watch them sparkle in their facets, as all sham gemstones do.
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As actors, we get to hide. You can change your hair and your accent, and it's not you. You have tricks, these masks.
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Few things can frustrate us more than trying to make a person someone he or she isn't; we feel crazy when we try to pretend that person is someone he or she is not.
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I beg of you ... never assume an inner or an outer pose, never a disguise.
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We intend to hide our shortcomings, and the fear inside our hearts, but instead, we hide our beauty, our true selves.
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It is impossible for a man to conceal himself. In every act, word or gesture he stands revealed as he is, and not as he would have himself appear to be. From the Universe, nothing is or an be hidden.
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Language disguises the thought; so that from the external form of the clothes one cannot infer the form of the thought they clothe, because the external form of the clothes is constructed with quite another object than to let the form of the body be recognized.
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Appear as you may wish to be
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A woman conceales what shee knowes not.
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You may tell the greatest lies and wear a brilliant disguise, but you can't escape the eyes of the one who sees right through you.
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the body is nothing but camouflage.
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Your transparency is just another one of your disguises, isn't it?
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It has been a sort of maxim, that the greatest art is to conceal art; but I know not how, among some people we meet with, their greatest cunning is to appear cunning.
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Everyone feels like they can hide behind a mask or a costume, but in the morning, they still wake up as the person beneath the mask.
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Let innocence be your mask.
Let your beauty hide your heart.
Let your enemies count you a friend.
Let no one see your true self.
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Am I looking at a mask or am I the mask being looked at?
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You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.
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Such is the great nature of man, it resides the true face beneath a glittering masquerade.
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Hazrat Ali, in a saying attributed to him, says: 'Man is in disguise, covered by his tongue'.
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A mask, no matter how beautiful, is still a mask
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Some enmities conceal themselves beneath a mask, some under a kiss.
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All God's angels come to us disguised.
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What masks are these uniforms to hide cowards!
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You can't hide what you are. We can pretend a lot, but our inside is reflected through some aspect of our character, and that inside is either good or bad.
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When someone is pretending to be something, or hiding who they are or what they believe, they're really more ... protecting themselves.
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When pressure mounts and strain increases everyone begins to show the weaknesses in his makeup. It is up to the Commander to conceal his: above all to conceal doubt, fear, and distrust.
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Putting on someone else's clothes is like putting on a mask.
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You should be careful about who you pretend to be, because who you pretend to be - is actually who you are!
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If you want to realize yourselves all your pet illusions must be unmasked.
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I love a mask. It's why I've got a thing about good writing. When you're acting, you're going into someone else's work. You're behind his words; it's not you.
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Nothing more powerfully excites any affection than to conceal some part of its object, by throwing it into a kind of shade, whichat the same time that it shows enough to prepossess us in favour of the object, leaves still some work for the imagination.