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I don't think I gave a good enough performance to be nominated for it. I thought I gave a fine performance, but those things are supposed to be about giving an extraordinary performance. -- Paul Giamatti
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Anyone who campaigns for public office becomes disqualified for holding any office at all. -- Thomas More
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It should be the thing never to mention unfairness of judging when defeated in a contest. -- Baden Powell De Aquino
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Second place is just the first place loser. -- Dale Earnhardt
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out. May propped the -- Nancy Cavin Pitts
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Which one of you is going to be runner-up? -- Walter Hagen
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The winner of the first point is the loser of the last. -- Michael Stean
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I was awarded 'Most Aggressive Rider of the Day', generally given to the most spectacular loser of the day. -- David Millar
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As you all know first prize is a Cadillac El Dorado. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired. -- David Mamet
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When you commit a serious doping offence you are not eligible for lottery funding. -- John Scott
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You get NOWT for being second. -- Don Revie
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It's not a competition if one person can't even show up for the event. -- Nicola Yoon
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You're either competing or you're not. -- Pete Carroll
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An American judo fighter was expelled from the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. Officials became suspicious when he kept stopping the match and saying, 'What are we fighting for, man?' -- Conan O'brien
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If God qualifies you, no one can 'unqualify' you. -- Matshona Dhliwayo
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Rejection is no badge of honour. -- Johnny Rich
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What happened to the winner" Adina asked.
"She tripped."
"And the first runner-up?"
Miss Michigan cracked her knuckles. "She tripped, too. -- Libba Bray
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I don't think you're going to get nominated every time you jump out of the box. -- Morgan Freeman
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My acting is still being recognized for the fact that I wasn't nominated. -- Eva Longoria
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For the loser now
Will be later to win -- Bob Dylan
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I hope she misses the cut. She doesn't belong here. -- Vijay Singh
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Awards that ignore me are losers. -- Shahrukh Khan
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Throughout my whole swimming career, I've never been disqualified once. I've never been warned once. -- Cameron Van Der Burgh
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I don't have a sense of entitlement or that I deserve this. You'd be surprised at the lack of competition between nominees - I think a lot of it's imposed from the outside. Can I have my champagne now? -- Cate Blanchett
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I hate auditions. -- Andie Macdowell
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Winners don't believe in justifications -- Mohammed Sekouty
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May the Best Man Wins!? how can you compete if your already below of your Feet? -- Kent Ian N. Cny
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There isn't any rejection. Only sorting. -- Keith Schreiter
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I decline the election. It has ever been my rule through life, to observe a proportion between my efforts and my objects. I have never been remarkable for a bold, active, and sanguine pursuit of advantages that are personal to myself. -- Edmund Burke
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Second place is a nice title for the first loser. -- Sarah J. Maas
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You are your best and only competition. -- Raychelle Muhammad
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There is only one thing wrong about the Flo Hyman Award: it came to be named for the Old Lady of Volleyball much too soon. -- George Vecsey
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Plainly I was not interested, being chosen but not chooser. -- Morrissey
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No square shall enter in the circle of winners -- Curren$Y
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Being snubbed is not always a bad thing at awards shows because you end up getting a lot of people coming up to you and telling you how great you are. -- Amy Poehler
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I failed the audition to get into drama school. -- Peter Capaldi
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that one had to put -- Pope Benedict Xvi
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If you don't make the best-seller list, if you don't get shortlisted for any prizes, it's goodbye. -- Val Mcdermid
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One year, I was nominated for entertainer of the year, and I didn't think I deserved it. -- Miranda Lambert
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I get really very upset when I'm voted out, and I feel very disappointed. -- Anton Du Beke
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Ten censure wrong for one who writes amiss. -- Alexander Pope
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I've qualified second I don't know how many times. Qualifying isn't my strong suit. -- Greg Biffle
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To understand why, submit and apply. -- Andy Stanley
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The Miss America contest isthe most perfectly rendered theater in our culture, for it so perfectly captures what we yearn for: a low-class ritual, a polished restatement of vulgarity, that wants to open the door to high-class respectability by way of plain middle-class anxiety and ambition. -- Gerald Early
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I opted out of the band. -- Lou Gramm
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Losing gracefully is commended but never chosen. -- Mason Cooley
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In college I was one of six males who auditioned for five male roles in a comedy play. I was the one rejected. At that moment I made up my mind never to place myself at the mercy of some pompous, goateed, black-turtleneck-shirted "should I yay him or nay him?" pantywaist ever again. -- Emo Philips
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Not only should you not accept a prize. You should not try to deserve one either. -- Jean Cocteau
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I felt like I was definitely robbed, and I refuse to give any politically correct bullshit ass comment. I was the best new artist this year. -- Kanye West
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Just take our name off the list ... The nomination is meaningless, because it's not voted on by the fans ... -- Ozzy Osbourne
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I'm going for Britain's Best Dressed Man award, but strangely, I'm never on the list. -- Anton Du Beke
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I changed my name for that piece of shit. Historical records have been altered - Amy Elliott to Amy Dunne - like it's nothing. No, he does not get to win. -- Gillian Flynn
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Subject: Not a chance
I accept your challenge, and may I remind you, that if you want me to leave you alone, there is that little bet we have going. Win it, and I'm gone.
Impatiently (and nakedly) yours,
Mr. Hunter Aaron Zaccadelli, esquire.
P.S. Bring it on. -- Chelsea M. Cameron
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Greatness is won, not awarded. -- Guy Kawasaki
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I have deserved neither so much honor or so much disgrace. -- Pierre Corneille
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Being on the ballot is a lot different than getting in. -- Orel Hershiser
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I think I should be on the main stage. I don't think I'm an undercard candidate. I think the others should drop out. -- Renee Montagne
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If the golden gate of preferment is not usually opened to men of real merit, persons of no worth have entered it in a most extraordinary manner. -- Isaac D'israeli
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The wrong eyes on the wrong prize the wrong questions with the wrong replies. -- Music Sales Corporation
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penalties involved. "The president of the Guild was away in -- Raymond Strait
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Winners doesn't believe in justification -- Mohammed Sekouty
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Here lies Mickey Mantle. Banned from baseball. -- Peter Ueberroth
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I may not understand what is going on in your heart, but I do see that you have put this contest before everything and everyone ... even God. -- Sarah Holman
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I just missed out on qualifying for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. -- Natalie Du Toit
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Runner up is champion of the losers. -- Raheel Farooq
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It is my express wish that in awarding the prizes no consideration be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize, whether he be Scandinavian or not. -- Alfred Nobel
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Validation is for parking. -- Austin Kleon
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We are not amused. -- Victoria Magazine
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The news sinks in. Two tributes can win this year. If they're from the same district. Both can live. Both of us can live. -- Suzanne Collins
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If you don't think you're a winner, you don't belong here. -- Vince Lombardi
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Tell me who's won and I'll tell you what it means. -- George R R Martin
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I hoped there would be a better process. But it is final
I will not participate . -- Abdullah Abdullah
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Winner knows nothing about food. -- Michael Winner
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He's been banned,' said Lesley. 'Until he passes the advanced driver's course.' 'Is that because you crashed that ambulance into the river?' asked Abigail. -- Ben Aaronovitch
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Let the words be gazetted and ridiculous henceforward. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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New Rule: If one of your news organization's headlines is about who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars last night, you're no longer a news organization. Sort of like, if you were on Dancing with the Starslast night, you're no longer a star. -- Bill Maher
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You never cut it. -- Kristen Ashley
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WINNER:is A Runner who Wins Inspite Of Ninety Nine Excellent
Runners! -- Sujit Lalwani
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To be denied was like getting shut out of a Public Park. -- J.r. Ward
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I found it to be kind of ironic, because I'm white, therefore I'm appropriating culture, but then Eminem won it - who's white and won it many times - and they didn't seem to say anything about that. I suspect it was just because they dislike me. -- Iggy Azalea
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She did not get a medal - it was not fair. 'What a swizz,' she whispered bitterly to her mother as Cicely Barnard's name was called. 'She simply doesn't know enough to be bad. -- Monica Dickens
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I don't get nominated, and I have to say, I've probably gotten the greatest mass of press in my life through not getting nominated. It's definitely been a winning situation as far as I'm concerned. -- Nick Offerman
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The Oscar nominations are out, and they're so white a grand jury has decided not to indict them, -- Larry Wilmore
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If I messed up at the Oscars, I wouldn't be invited back. -- Ansel Elgort
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I didn't even apply. There was no warning. -- Max Roach
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The whole world was crazy; I'd flattered myself by assuming I was a semifinalist. -- Wally Lamb
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White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw. -- Newt Gingrich
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Conspicuous by his absence. -- Tacitus
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All members must have a chance to shine -- Sunday Adelaja
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If I want to be up for an Academy Award, I'm either going to have to play a tour de force of some kind or have a tracheotomy just before the nominations. -- Burt Reynolds
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Winners win losers make excuses. -- Keith Lee Johnson
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Didn't I warn you-Huh-Didn't I tell you one of em was going to win!?? So now, what do we do? -- Jack Norris
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I got snubbed about eight times for the Mid-Summer Classic, and I know what type of career I had, and I know that I'm a true All-Star. The selection process is not very accurate. -- Frank Thomas
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I don't value prizes of any sort. -- David Hockney
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Fuck the begrudgers -- Billy Connolly
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Winners don't eat wieners. -- Ingrid Newkirk
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If you're not in it you can't win it. -- Daley Thompson
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This is a big surprise I don't agree with the concept of award ceremonies, but I'm prepared to make an exception for the ones I'm nominated for. The last time there was a naked man covered in gold paint in my house, it was me. -- Banksy
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Passed. As per usual. -- Belle Aurora
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Competitions are for horses, not artists. -- Bela Bartok