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I spoke in English because the language of the Frisian people is so close to our own.
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German in the most extravagantly ugly language - it sounds like someone using a sick bag on a 747.
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Because we're Jewish, my father immigrated to Holland in 1933, where he became the managing director of the Dutch Opekta Company, which manufactures products used in making jam.
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A feast of languages
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Holland seems like a quaint toy.
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What's that?' Thaniel said, curious. The postmarks and stamps weren't English or Japanese.

'A painting. There's a depressed Dutchman who does countryside scenes and flowers and things. It's ugly, but I have to maintain the estates in Japan and modern art is a good investment.
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Noting the lack of crime or security in the Netherlands, the author asked a native who guarded a national landmark. He got the replay, We all do.
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Sassenach I might be to him, but not English.
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It is typically Norwegian to be good
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English. That was where I met him.
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This indigested vomit of the Sea,Fell to the Dutch by Just Propriety.
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I'm half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I'd be in a hell of a mess!
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Jan-Peter offered to teach me the language of Amsterdam's red light district ... But after his first phrase
'Using the back door will cost you double'
I withdrew my request.
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Verbing weirds language.
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Well, I'm English.
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Support for New Languages (Russian and Dutch) For our Russian and Dutch customers, we now support these languages on your device so that you can interact with your device in your native language.
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I'm German in my mind, but from a Germany that doesn't exist any more.
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I know that I am very popular in Holland, in fact I have visited Amsterdam several times to publicize my books. I have a great publisher in Holland and they have published all of my books in Dutch.
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Geloof wat je wilt en je zult zien
(Believe what you want and you shall see)
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...the curious Dutch classification gedogen, which means 'technically illegal but officially tolerated.
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It's hard for me to speak, whether in English or Afrikaans. The reason I write is because I cannot speak. I feel blunt.
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On this day, so full for Americans of thoughts connected with their National Independence, we may not forget that Americans have yet other grounds for gratitude to the people of the Netherlands.
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No wonder the tulip is the patron flower of Holland. Looking at it one almost smells fresh paint laid on in generous brilliance: doors, blinds, whole houses, canal boats, pails, farm wagons - all painted in greens, blues, reds, pinks, yellows.
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Under the tropic is our language spoke, And part of Flanders hath receiv'd our yoke.
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Unfortunately, Childermass's French was so strongly accented by his native Yorkshire that Minervois did not understand and asked Strange if Childermass was Dutch.
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I know my own heart to be entirely English.
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In matters of commerce the fault of the Dutch Is offering too little and asking too much. The French are with equal advantage content, So we clap on Dutch bottoms just twenty per cent.
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[On the Netherlands:] There is not a richer or more carefully tilled garden spot in the whole world than this leaky, springy little country.
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The Dutch were among the earliest adopters of a new technology - the printed book - and
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My language is the sum total of myself.
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I know I've got a lock on the Dutch Hall of Fame.
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Afrikaans was the language of the white minority in South Africa, and the forced learning of it created resentment among blacks. Even so, Nelson Mandela made it a point to learn this language in prison in anticipation that it would help him lead the whole of South Africa.
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If you were to ask me to speak Swedish or Dutch or German, I have no idea if I could pull that off!
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the Dutchmen had died in 1816. Slagter's
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I've never lived in an English-speaking country, ever, but I lived in Austria. So, my second language is German. And when I went to school, I had a lot of classes in English.
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An Englishman will fairly drink as much As will maintain two families of Dutch.
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Don't walk over here. Be over here."
I gave up. "You know, I can't tell if you're channeling Obi-Wan or Yoda more."
"Dutch, don't make me come get you.
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I don't know what the word is in Austrian.
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I think the Dutch certainly get British comedy. And let's face it; a lot of it is pretty low-hanging fruit for the whole world now. There are probably tribes in the heart of the Papua New Guinean rainforest that know all the words to the Dead Parrot sketch.
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Radical changes will come to the Netherlands. We stand for fundamental choices, and we need to make the right ones.
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Does it hurt?" I asked. "No. Just." He stared at the ceiling for a long time before saying, "I like this world. I like drinking champagne. I like not smoking. I like the sound of Dutch people speaking Dutch. And now ... I don't even get a battle. I don't get a fight.
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To God I speak Spanish, to women Italian, to men French, and to my horse - German.
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Embosom'd in the deep where Holland lies. Methinks her patient sons before me stand, Where the broad ocean leans against the land.
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Speaks cheerful English and in the past has written this language with a paintbrush that talks.
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And call me a pig, but isn't it brilliantly refreshing how early the Dutch eat dinner? When they're still laying out the cutlery in achingly hip Barcelona, they're hanging the Closed sign on the restaurant doors of old Amsterdam.
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HELL: A place where the police are German, the motorists French and the cooks English.
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Mom spoke to us in Swiss when we were little.
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Half of us are partly German! Half our language and culture, generally, in Anglo-Saxon terms, is German.
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Denmark is like a secret little place with its own special language.
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I speak French, and I grew up with French, so my English is Franglais.
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I remember World Cups in 1982 and 1986 when we weren't there and we'd support Belgium or Denmark, .. They had some players who played in Holland and they were a bit like the Dutch.
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[On The Netherlands:] ... the entire country is a kind of saturated sponge ...
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English is like a poetic extension of myself. It holds my creativity and imagination in blissful and inspiring captivity. Though I consider myself not a prisoner, but rather a valued guest of honor.
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Holland was one of the first countries to adopt dance music into their culture, and we were the first ones to have really big raves. I grew up in that atmosphere in the early 1990s, and I was very interested in how dance music was made.
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I might have some Danish lessons sometimes.
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The language spoken by New Yorkers was changing almost daily. Phrases culled from British thieves' cant intermingled with German, Dutch, Yiddish, and other immigrant languages to form "flash," a
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Another Country,
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Holland is a really small country, but with a very strong club and festival scene. Dance music has been huge in Holland since the late eighties. So there were a lot of opportunities for producers and DJs to release records and play live.
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Holland?lies so low they're only saved by being dammed.
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My first language is Gaelic.
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There is a Dutch word, uitwaaien, to walk against the wind for pleasure.
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My name is Abraham van Helsing. And I've seen more than you can possibly believe exist." "I don't recognize your accent, boy. Where do you come from?" "I'm Dutch." "You sound more German than Dutch." "My mother is German. I'm told I got the accent from her. But I am Dutch.
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Bekeren is geen mensenwerk. Dat laat ik over aan God.

(Converting people is not a job for humans. I leave that to God).
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If I was English I'd kill myself
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The residence of the Plymouth settlers in the Netherlands, and the later conquest of the Dutch colonies, had brought the Americans into contact with the singularly wise and free institutions of the Dutch.
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Arbores loqui latine. The trees speak Latin.
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Language is not the frosting, it's the cake.
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In the superficial activity of her life, she was all English. She even thought in English. But her long blanks and darkness of abstraction were Polish.
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The records were in Danish, sadly, but a foreign language was no obstacle at five a.m. with a healthy buzz going.
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I'm pretty good with languages.
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I'm English, and my favorite movie is 'Manhattan.'
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I thought English is a strange language. Now I think French is even more strange. In France, their fish is poisson, their bread is pain, and their pancake is crepe. Pain and poison and crap. That's what they have every day.
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You aren't evil."
"Dutch. Do you want to get hit again?"
"Are you threatening to spank me?" I teased.
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I am more English than the English.- Rudolf de Vitt
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In passing I draw attention to another English expression which often occurs in Dutch texts: "the real world". In Dutch - and I am afraid not in Dutch alone - its usage is almost always a symptom of a violent anti-intellectualism.
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The thing that impressed itself most on me in Holland was the thoroughness of the agriculture and the excellence of the Holstein cattle. I
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Apparently the Dutch now prided themselves on being better at queues than the English, which was absurd, because standing cheerfully in line was the English national sport.
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The most satisfying of languages, Latin.
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Latin, Greek, and English, plus a smattering of Italian and fucking French." "Fucking French, you say? Well . . ." "Oui," said I, in perfect fucking French.
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Image is an international language.
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Irish is a leprechaun language.
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The Germans and I no longer speak the same language.
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I learned English at school, or at least that's how it started. Also, in Holland - as opposed to some other European countries - we don't dub anything, so as a kid growing up, always watching English and American movies in their original language really helped.
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My parents are both Belgian-born, and so am I, actually. I'm bilingual, so I had experience with French.
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He still had the Dutch habit of laughing at whatever you told him, just in case it happened to be a joke.
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What!You know German?
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Irish as a Paddy's pig.
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My language is the common prostitute that I turn into a virgin.
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As a friend of mine told me about Real Happiness: you wrote this one in American.
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I'm a shareholder in three networks in Holland. That allows me to put ideas that we create in Holland on air in Holland, and if it works, then we distribute the show's format globally.
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Rutger Hauer is a very famous Dutch actor who did quite a lot internationally. Another Dutch actress who is working a lot is called Famke Janssen. There's a few more.
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Economics is like the Dutch language - I'm told it makes sense, but I have my doubts.
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Most music that comes out of Holland is basically the harder part of dance music - hip-hop, drum'n'bass.
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I was shocked, however, to discover that homeschooling is not allowed in the Netherlands. I could only imagine that after legalizing pot, prostitution and gambling, they had to outlaw something.
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She is written in a foreign tongue.
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The Netherlands is a wonderful country," said Sigerius. "If you're determined to be a bad egg, there's a great big professional circle of friends ready to help you. Whoever doesn't have the balls to just get out and work, but does have a criminal record, is given a nice subsidized job.
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Two nations divided by a common language.
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We are very like the English, - are, in fact, English under a different sky.
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Much of the Netherlands lies considerably below sea level, as you well know. Through the process of building dikes to wall out the salty sea and through pumping the water into canals, the country of the ingenious, resourceful, and doughty Dutch has literally been born of the sea.
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The whole territory of the Netherlands was girt with forests.