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I don't need easy. I just need possible. -- Bethany Hamilton
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You don't realize how easy this game is until you get up in that broadcasting booth. -- Mickey Mantle
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Nothing in life is easy. -- Louis Sachar
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Losing is easy. It's not enjoyable, but it's easy. -- Bud Wilkinson
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was so straightforward and obvious that it sounds almost ridiculous to talk about it. -- James C. Collins
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Closeout games are actually kind of easy. -- Andrew Bynum
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At this particular moment, there's just no question about it. -- David Levithan
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Every difficult problem is easy if you know how to. -- Debasish Mridha
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No one said it would be easy
But no one said it'd be this hard -- Sheryl Crow
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Just this once, let it be easy. -- Cynthia Lord
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If it were easy it would not be any fun. -- T Jay Taylor
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Easy as pie. Actually, come to think of it, not easy as pie. Easy as something else. Like ramen noodles. Or microwave popcorn. Because, what exactly about pie is easy? -- Julie Johnson
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That's the easiest 69 I ever made. -- Walter Hagen
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more smoothly than you have done this -- Elizabeth Chater
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Nothing is ever easy. -- Terry Goodkind
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If it were easy all men would do it. -- George R R Martin
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They never said winning was easy. -- Dj Khaled
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You can get beat any day. -- Usain Bolt
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for you ,thousand times over -- Khaled Hosseini
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Just one punch. In the eyeball. With a spoon. -- Sara Wolf
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Once you've wretled everthing else in life is easy. -- Dan Gable
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I can easily set my tone. -- Esther Hicks
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I could definitely take someone out with my bare hands. -- Kellan Lutz
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Every team is beatable, you know. -- Tom Coughlin
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It is easy; just be to have. -- Bryant Mcgill
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You can fool yourself, you know. You'd think it's impossible, but it turns out it's the easiest thing of all. -- Jodi Picoult
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I'm easy like Sunday morning. -- Lionel Richie
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All difficulties are easy when they are known. -- William Shakespeare
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Nothing worth anything has ever proven itself to be easy. I should think you 'd have discovered this by now. -- Aria Beth Sloss
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If you get into the habit of being quick it is just as easy as being slow. -- Anna Sewell
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Nothing in life that's worth anything is easy. -- Barack Obama
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There's no such thing as easy, but it's easier when a script is good. -- Mads Mikkelsen
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Hard work can make anything look easy. -- Charles F. Glassman
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I'm easy. Put me in an interesting location with good people and I'm there. -- Jane Curtin
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Assassination's the fastest way. -- Moliere
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Life becomes easy if you whole heartedly expect it to be easy. -- Debasish Mridha
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One can get past just about anything, given enough time, even when one shouldn't. -- Andrew Levkoff
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If I can do it, you can do it. -- Mark Cuban
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You can't underestimate anyone. -- Serena Williams
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The whole thing seems absurdly easy - so easy that you ought to smell a rat. -- Phillip E. Johnson
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It is easy when you are beaten, he thought. I never knew how easy it was. -- Ernest Hemingway,
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No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious. -- George Bernard Shaw
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The only thing that's difficult is reloading when things are happening. Can you get it done fast enough? -- Garry Winogrand
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What scares me is how easily it happened. -- Mark Recchi
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Not easily may an individual escape the deep slavery of the herd. -- Algernon Blackwood
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Easy. Easy is a word that's used to describe other people's jobs. "That should be easy for you to do, right?" But notice how rarely people describe their own tasks as easy. For you, it's "Let me look into it" - but for others, it's "Get it done. -- Jason Fried
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I don't know how to play easy. -- Ray Knight
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How easy it is, treachery. You just slide into it. -- Margaret Atwood
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Easy was for people too weak to suck it up and do what needed to be done.
And I wasn't weak. Not anymore. -- Jennifer Estep
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I never said it would be easy. Giving up is easy. -- Maria V. Snyder
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If you want easy, you came to the wrong man. I don't do easy. I do worth-it. -- Anonymous
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Just as easy as it was to get, just as easy as it is to lose. I've learned that. -- Khali Raymond
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And I know it seems easy," said Piglet to himself,"but it isn't every one who could do it. -- A.a. Milne
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Impossible. Not after everything that's happened. -- Christie Golden
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it has not been easy for me -- Cam Haku
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You underestimate yourself. -- Orson Scott Card
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That's pretty fast -- Allen Zadoff
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To tell the truth, I could beat anybody in the world. -- Bruce Lee
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No cheap tricks. -- Geoffrey Wolff
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It was easy,' I said. -- Mickey Spillane
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Books aren't easy. If you want easy, watch the fucking movie. -- T. Rafael Cimino
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Never underestimate the capacity of people to choose the easy way. -- William James Moore
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I can access emotions very easily. -- Allison Janney
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Nothing has ever come easy for me. -- Patti Lupone
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Nothing's ever easy as long as you go on living. -- Marilyn Monroe
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IF you think you can your probally right, if you think you can't, your probally right, -- C.s. Lewis
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Don't ask whether it is going to be easy. Ask whether it is worth it. -- Michael Josephson
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when you stop caring about how hard something is, its gets a lot easier -- Aaron Lauritsen
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The unforgivable was usually the most easily forgiven. -- P.d. James
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Nothing that's worth it is ever easy -- Erin Dutton
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I wish I could say it's easy, but honestly, to get ready for a big championship is not as easy as it seems. -- Oksana Baiul
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Absurdly simple, like most riddles when you see the answer. -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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Choices are easy when you have nothing to lose. -- Barbara Delinsky
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Obviously I cannot -- Lauren Barnholdt
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Nothing in life is easy. Not if it's worthwhile. -- Anara Bella
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Actions are always far easier than words. -- Sara Raasch
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You can outwork anybody. Try it, you will find out that you can do it. -- Woody Hayes
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I can do it, yes I can. -- Lena Banks
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Striking out batters was easy. -- George Herman
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But, you know, all good rock is easy. -- Courtney Love
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It's not impossible, right? Just harder. -- Anonymous
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Easy is tasteless and bland -- Kim Harrison
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I am really accessible. -- Jimmy Wales
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Difficult questions can have simple answers. -- Zia Haider Rahman
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It's almost impossible to break a losing streak on your own. -- Rosabeth Moss Kanter
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It wasn't as easy as you think. It's hard to stay awake that long. -- Hugh Campbell
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Easy is not an option! -- Les Brown
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It is all very easy because I have you. Unravel your knickers, lady. -- Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Easy now," says Pigpen in a smooth tone. -- Katie Mcgarry
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Making it look easy is the hardest thing in the world to do. -- Sarah Ban Breathnach
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How easy it must be when you had no secrets from the person you lived with. -- Stephenie Meyer
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I can overact in two seconds. -- Kurt Fuller
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How hard can it be? -- Kinky Friedman
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You know, I used to say that it's really tough to get out of the top 100, you know? So I proved to everybody that it's not so tough, it's pretty easy. -- Ernests Gulbis
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It's not can you, it's will you -- Tony Robbins
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Nothing that's really worthwhile should be easy, Belgarion. If it's easy, we don't value it ...
Eriond -- David Eddings
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Nothing impossible if you do it with love. -- Debasish Mridha
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If it were easy, it would have no value. -- Bill Toomey
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It's easy, there's a trick to it, you do it or you die. -- Neil Gaiman
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We can beat anyone on our day - so long as we score. -- Alex Totten