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I've always wanted editors that actually edited my poems.
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A good novel editor is invisible.
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Professional humorists and cartoonists have to go through a stage in which they have to kill their own internal editor just so they can get stuff out. So whether they believe it or not, they need me on the other end to do that editing for them.
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I have, as may be apparent, not much respect for editors as a class.
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All of us who write need a good editor.
- Sharon Langevin Crawford
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Your world is your story with tragedies and triumphs; never forget that you are the editor too.
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I don't like to work in an office. I like to work in my house, to be among my own thoughts. The idea is for an editor to let his artist alone, let them be themselves, let them exchange their own ideas and you'll come up with something salable.
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Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.
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Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed.
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The editing process, to use a slightly grim analogy, is like the slow suffocation of lots of babies. It's like, which finger do you want to cut off first?
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I don't want to be an editor - I want to be really forward about that. I would be a horrible editor.
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Editing is like strawberries put on the table as a centerpiece, before the full course meal, but, you don't want them to become spoiled, or your guests will go to the neighbor's house next door.
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One person can't know or like everything, so an editor needs collaborators whose opinions and expertise he values and can trust.
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The first duty of an editor is to gauge the sentiment of his reader, and then to tell them what they like to believe ...
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I have great editors, and I always have. Somehow, great editors ask the right questions or pose things to you that get you to write better. It's a dance between you, your characters, and your editor.
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Increasingly, editing means going to lunch. It means editing with a credit card, not with a pencil.
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An Editor becomes kind of your mother. You expect love and encouragement from an Editor.
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As an editor, I have to be tactful, of course.
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Authors," he murmured with a grin. "You all think your work is flawless, and anyone who tries to change a single word is an idiot."

"And editors consider themselves the most intelligent people they know," Amanda shot back.
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I'm working on a bunch of things with my daughter Emily. In some ways, she's a smarter and better editor than I am.
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Editing requires you to be always open, always responding. It is very important, for example, not to allow yourself to want the writer to write a certain kind of book. Sometimes that's hard.
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Writing is like shadow boxing. Editing is when the shadows fight back.
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Truth is, every writer has to be a good editor, and you have to edit yourself. It's a skill every writer has to acquire.
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Editing is like pruning the rose bush you thought was so perfect and beautiful until it overgrew the garden.
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Writing is like making love, editing is like giving your great grandfather a sponge bath.
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I think editors have to come out of a certain kind of community.
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The 'creator' and the 'editor' - two halves of the writer whole - should sleep in separate rooms.
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Movies are an editor's medium.
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For the writer who truly loves language, a trip to the copy editor is like a week at a spa. You come out looking younger, trimmer, and standing straighter.
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While writing is like a joyful release, editing is a prison where the bars are my former intentions and the abusive warden my own neuroticism.
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Editing is the essence of writing!
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Every writer needs an editor. I don't care how good you are or think you are.
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The editing of a good piece of writing is like the editing of one's life: never quite complete; rendering all, ultimately, unfinished works when we perish from this earth.
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The job of an editor in a publishing house is the dullest, hardest, most exciting, exasperating and rewarding of perhaps any job in the world.
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A good editor can make a respectable writer remarkable, just like a good parent helps a child become amazing.
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Always remember that if editors were so damned smart, they would know how to dress.
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The road to ignorance is paved with good editors.
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Anyone who edits their own copy has a fool for an editor.
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Writing a novel is like pottery. Your initial draft of your story is like a lump of clay. Editing is like shaping that piece of clay into something interesting and beautiful.
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Editing is more by-the-hip. You look at a text and ask yourself how it can be improved.
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The Difference between Writers and Editors.
Writers are creative using one end of a pencil.
Editors are more adept using the opposite end.
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When both my editors say 'This is really bad, you need to change this,' I ignore that at my peril.
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Most of the writers I know have somehow managed to stay in touch with that inner child who's never heard of such a thing as an internal editor.
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The successful editor is one who is constantly finding newwriters, nurturing their talents, and publishing them with critical and financial success.
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A Fourth Estate, of Able Editors, springs up.
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Most writers adore their editors, and I'm no exception.
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Never throw up on an editor.
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I think I cause a lot of headaches for editors - it's impossible to keep up with the ridiculous amount of changes I make.
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We were working on 'Senna' for a long time before we were fully financed, so we didn't actually have an editor for a while.
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Her face was as red as her hair. "What are you doing," she cried.
Devon put a question mark next to the sentence. "Editing your paper." What did it look like he was doing?
"You're just cutting out stuff!"
"What do you think editing is?
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This editor is a critic. He has pulled out his carving-knife and his tomahawk and is starting after a book which he is going to have for breakfast.
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When you're writing is when the "god should I just drop this" feeling can hit. When you're editing is when the "god this is awful and I've wasted everyone's time and money and will be revealed as a fraud" feeling can hit.
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Rule #1: Writing is for the creative brain. Editing is for the critical brain. Separate them appropriately.
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Editors always amputate the brain first and preserve a good-looking corpse.
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An editor has to be selfless, and yet has also to be strong-minded.
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When you're in the editing process, you try different things and you get creative ideas.
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I have always had a hard time revising my work as a journalist, which was never much of a problem. You always have editors as backstops. Their job is to perfect your story. Most of them want to be useful.
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Procrustes was an editor.
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Editing is kind of a solitary job.
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Writers think in metaphors. Editors work in metaphors. A great reader reads in metaphors.
All are continually asking, "What does this represent? What does it stand for?"
They are trying to take everything one level deeper. When they get to that level, they will try to go deeper again.
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If you ever go to talk to an editor you don't want to be able to turn down a job because you can't do what is necessary.
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An editor who is a mentor, advisor, and psychiatrist. Don't kid yourself-a good editor will make your book better.
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There is no urge so great as for one man to edit another man's work.
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With the possible exception of God during the writing of the Bible, every writer in history has needed an editor. So do you.
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Editing is the very edge of your knowledge forced to grow
a test you can't cheat on.
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Editing is such a voyeuristic treat for me. I land on a theme and ask authors to pen works that fit the topic.
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Edit until your fingers bleed, then take a few deep breaths and edit some more...
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And if I've got to die, I want to die an editor.
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Being editors is not the best way to wealth. We all feel this now, and highwaymen are not respected any more like they used to be.
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Publishers have in-house editors, but I hire my own before I submit the work to publishers. They appreciate it and I feel more confident about the material.
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But editors are still the world's readers. And thus the eyes of the world.
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Compose with utter freedom and edit with utter discipline.
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My only claim to fame, if I have one, is that I'm an editor.
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There were creative-writin g teachers long before there were creative-writin g courses, and they were called and continue to be called editors.
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People think that writing is writing, but actually writing is editing. Otherwise, you're just taking notes
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And so in addition to lots of reading, the life of an editor involves constantly trying to get others to read as well.
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In a world where everyone is a publisher, no one is an editor. And that is the danger that we face today.
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My core competency has really informed my painting. The roots of editing stem from classical paintings - classic painters intended to drive your eye from this conflict to that intrigue, ending with a caprice. That is a montage, that is editing. It became a flipbook in later generations.
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There are many more want-to-be writers out there than good editors.
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Editing is a very tough period. You're confronted with yourself. It's a deep, dark, truthful mirror.
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Being an editor doesn't make you a better writer - or vice versa. The worst thing any editor can do is be in competition with his writer.
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After a certain point, most people, including editors, will tell you everything you do is great.
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When I go into the editing process, I re-look at the original intuitive thoughts and then it becomes the written performance or text work. Because they look quite big there's this assumption that there isn't much editing, but that's a huge part of it.
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Working as an editor was like being a professional reader, and the better I became at reading the better I became at writing.
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The ideal editor will hold you to the best of yourself in the piece.
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Most editors are just worried about their jobs. They're overwhelmed. They're underpaid. They do the best they can.
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Editing fiction is like using your fingers to untangle the hair of someone you love.
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My self-editing process is intense.
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Write from the heart, edit from the head,
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I really only became an editor, or started doing my own editing because I was filming the docs and you simply can't keep an editor on for as long as it takes so.
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Writers have to put up with this editor thing; it is ageless and eternal and wrong.
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No compulsion in the world is stronger than the urge to edit someone else's document.
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I think editors are excellent marketers. They know their audience and produce copy to appeal to them - they just don't call it marketing.
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Editing is hard but nowhere NEAR as tough as facing that blank page and blinking cursor each day. You're all alone and no one else can do it. At least with editing you have someone in the trench with you.
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Editing feels almost like sculpting or a form of continuing the writing process.
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The editor sat in his sanctum, his countenance furrowed with care, His mind at the bottom of business, his feet at the top of a chair, His chair-arm an elbow supporting, his right hand upholding his head, His eyes on his dusty old table, with different documents spread.
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My life needs editing.
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If every editor turns you down, maybe you should take a second look at your text, however, just in case.
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Part of the discipline of being an editor is that you have to be a good audience member; your work is to be a surrogate audience member on the films you are working on.
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I'm an unabashed elitist. Everyone needs a good editor, and there is peril in worshiping amateurism and the unedited in science, art, and journalism.