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I've been to the top and I've been to the bottom more times than most people ride in an elevator. -- Corey Feldman
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Never run for an elevator. It looks needy. -- Timothy Hurley
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With him inside the elevator descended. -- Philip K. Dick
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Weird doors open. People fall into things. -- David Sedaris
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Innovations are the magnificent elevators of a transformational life. -- Debasish Mridha
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We are experiencing a level-one security breach and all elevators have been temporarily shut down. Please enjoy a hot cup of tea while we wait for clearance. -- Marissa Meyer
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They should install elevators in this place. What if they turned a handicapped person into a vampire? Talk about your discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen. -- Mari Mancusi
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When you reach the top, you should remember to send the elevator back down for the others. -- Edith Piaf
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The elevator to success is broken. Take the stairs. -- Jenifer Lewis
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I recommend people develop a fear of elevators, like I have. Even if something is on the tenth floor, I'm walking up. If you don't have claustrophobia, pretend you do and take the stairs everywhere! It ends up being so healthy! -- Tamara Taylor
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Why climb the corporate ladder when you can build an elevator in your own building? -- Joshua E. Leyenhorst
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Is the elevator out of order?" Violet asked. "I'm very good with mechanical devices, and I'd be happy to take a look at it."
"That's a very kind and unusual offer," the doorman said. -- Lemony Snicket
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One of the odd things about living in an apartment was that you could walk out of someone's life but still have to wait for the elevator. (p.220) -- James Collins
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Holy Zarquon, did I ask for an existentialist elevator? -- Douglas Adams
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An elevator. The doors of the elevator were gone, as were the cab and the lift mechanism, sold for reuse or for scrap. -- Dean Koontz
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When levitation fails, a ladder prevails. -- Becky Stark
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Stairs are wonderful friends; they rise with us and they fall with us! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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The elevator shaft was a kind of heat sink. Hot food was cold by the time it arrived. Cold food got colder. No one knew what would happen to ice cream, but it would probably involve some rewriting of the laws of thermodynamics. -- Terry Pratchett
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Letter 84

An elephant with his trunk raised is a ladder to the stars.

A breaching whale is a ladder to the bottom of the sea.

My photographs are a ladder to my dreams.

These letters are ladders to you. -- Gregory Colbert
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However, the more stressful my situation is, the less I think about it, or anything related to it. At present , I thought about how the elevators were like mechanical horses, and I wondered if anyone loved them or named them. -- Penny Reid
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The inventory goes down the elevator every night. -- Fairfax Cone
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Okay, okay, okay. I understood that pushing the elevator button over and over again would not make the elevator appear sooner. But I couldn't help myself -- James Patterson
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Someone knocks at the door of an apartment to borrow salt or sugar, people run into each other in the elevator, and in this way become inscribed in the spectator's memory. -- Krzysztof Kieslowski
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Togetherness is beating up an empty elevator. -- J.g. Ballard
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Probing the corners of the room like a caged cat, fly caught in a jar, fart in an elevator. -- Dennis Vickers
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Never take an elevator in city hall. -- Harvey Milk
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I have to get off this elevator.
I can't ride with him,
Can't look at him,
Can't be this close to him.
can't. -- Elana Johnson
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We are all on the stairs, my friend; some of us are going down, some us are going up! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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How do they rise up? -- Terry Pratchett
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The average person pushes an elevator button 6 or 7 minutes before realizing it's not working. I did a study on this, you know. -- Don Rickles
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Even floors have a plan. -- Catherine Sasanov
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Some people are at the top of the ladder, some are in the middle, still more are at the bottom, and a whole lot more don't even know there is a ladder. -- Robert H. Schuller
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Climb up the ladder! Climb up the ladder! Are you stupid?! -- Cm Punk
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The five hundred feet up the square-spiral staircase -- Tom Clancy
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Life for most of us is full of steep stairs to go up and later, shaky stairs to totter down; and very early in the history of stairs must have come the invention of bannisters. -- Louis Kronenberger
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The lift is about SPEED and COMFORT, but the stairs are about CERTAINTY! The lift may go wrong but stairs seldom do, you can always take the stairs. They are BOUND to take you UP and to the END as long as you continue to climb! -- Abha Maryada Banerjee
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They seal the subway change-booth guy up inside this thing with bullet-proof glass, closed in on all sides, it's like some kind of Houdini torture tank of doom. How do you breathe in there? It looks like if you put your hand over the change slot, you could suffocate him in thirty seconds. -- Jerry Seinfeld
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Inside the mirrored elevator, Mulch used a telescopic pointer to push P for the penthouse. For the first few months he had jumped to reach the button, but that was undignified behavior for a millionaire. And besides, he was certain that Art could hear the thumping from the security desk. -- Eoin Colfer
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When you take the elevator to the top, please remember to send it back down so someone else might use it. -- Dikembe Mutombo
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by the time the elevator doors opened on her floor, -- Anthony Bruno
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His stomach, a packed elevator, began a slow descent toward his feet. -- Jojo Moyes
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I was born in an elevator, and - as my mother said - naturally it was going down. She said, "All I remember is telling your father, 'That's it! Never again!'" That's why I'm an only child. -- Jack Lemmon
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What is a staircase, but a corridor improved by elevation? -- Catherine Gilbert Murdock
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There was a power outage at a department store yesterday. Twenty people were trapped on the escalators. -- Steven Wright
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I feel it's a responsibility for anyone who breaks through a certain ceiling ... to send the elevator back down and give others a helpful lift. -- Kevin Spacey
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he modern basement -- Creative Publishing International
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Climb aboard life's elevator, hit the "up" button, and see where it takes you. -- Amy Dickinson
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It was the seventh or eighth floor, she couldn't remember which. A streetcar crawled past the front of the hotel, and people on the sidewalk moved in every direction, with legs on either side of them, and it crossed her mind to jump. -- Patricia Highsmith
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People on the 14th floor, you know what floor you're really on. -- Mitch Hedberg
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The elevator door opens right into the loft. I was counting on those extra few seconds of hallway before facing the party, the party we are now part of and in, a party with people talking and laughing and having a party time. I think, I am a solid, trying to do a liquid's job. -- Melissa Bank
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You have to give kids from ordinary families a ladder. You have to show them there's a way out. -- Tony Parsons
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HOME, which is the last floor for everyone. -- Sushil Singh
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If you've been fortunate enough to live out your dream in the profession of your choice, then you have an obligation to send the elevator back down. -- Jack Lemmon
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There comes a time in every young girl's life when she is instructed by a complete stranger to scale a tall ladder for dinner atop a roof, and in almost every case the best thing to do is refuse and run home to call the asylum from which the stranger escaped. -- Gina Damico
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...the narrow arched entries that continually vomited passengers. -- Robert Louis Stevenson
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Every ceiling reached becomes a floor. -- Aldous Huxley
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And these are called a Jacob's ladder, -- Scott Hildreth
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Sometimes you get tired of riding in taxicabs the same way you get tired riding in elevators. All of a sudden, you have to walk, no matter how far or how high up. -- J.d. Salinger
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I'm on a roller coaster which only goes up my friend -- Augustus Waters The Fault In Our Stars
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Funny how nobody talks on the tubes, isn't it? I rarely catch the tube myself, or lifts. Confined spaces, everybody shuts down. Why is that? Perhaps we think everybody on the tube is a potential psychopath or a drunk,so we close down and pretend to read a book or something. -- John Hannah
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The way up is a staircase.
The way down is a cliff. -- Tablo
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The windows of the -- Zane Grey
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The liftman in the tube is an eternal necessity ... -- Virginia Woolf
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Together we made our way down to the street level. Neither of us said a word. The music was awful
Neil Diamond or something. I should've made that part of my gift form the gods: better elevator tunes. -- Rick Riordan
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We are coming down from our pedestal and up from the laundry room. -- Bella Abzug
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What could be safer than the bus center with its lamps and wheels? -- William Golding
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I still feel like I'm jumping on an elevator
weightless and pulled down at the same time. -- Zoe Trope
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A week later he was in Tokyo, his face reflected in an elevator's gold-veined mirror for this three-floor ascent of the aggressively nondescript O My Golly Building. To be admitted to Death Cube K, apparently a Franz Kafka theme bar. -- William Gibson
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That's the original problem from which the escalator mess stems. There's just too many of them. -- Robert James Thomson
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Stairs. Gray halls. Nye sniffed the odors, separating one from another: lavatory disinfectant, alcohol, dead cigars. Beyond -- Truman Capote
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Started underneath the floor,br> Now my money through the ceiling. -- Wiz Khalifa
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We took the elevator back down from the first observation level of the Eiffel Tower and started walking in he direction of the Taj Mahal -- D.j. Machale
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They say I'm up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator. -- Ed Sheeran
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In 1979 the New York Times reported that in many {New York Subway} stations, the signs are so confusing that one is tempted to wish they were not there at all - a wish that is, in fact, granted in numerous stations and on all too many of the subway cars themselves. -- Simon Garfield
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Climb the ladder to success escalator style -- The Notorious B.i.g.
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We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps. -- Francis Bacon
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shopping trolleys -- Lee Child
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Even here, in the weight machine of a train station, they try to hoodwink us. Here, on the threshold of a man's freedom, just before he boards a train to a new life, these flashing fortune machines are the final alarm bell of the Rooster Coop. -- Aravind Adiga
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As you go in, on the first floor, the back window -- Paulo Coelho
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You don't ask questions of an attic -- Barbara Kingsolver
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We were on our way to the twentieth floor, sharing the elevator with two suits that had men inside them. -- Steve Toltz
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And I saw a man- go up to one of the doors of the train and press a big button next to it and the doors were electric and they slid open and I liked that. -- Mark Haddon
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Waiting rooms. Ye go into this room where ye wait. Hoping's the same. One of these days the cunts'll build entire fucking buildings just for that. Official hoping rooms, where ye just go in and hope for whatever the fuck ye feel like hoping for. -- James Kelman
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The world is made of stairs, and there are those who go up and those who go down. -- Ed Mcbain
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There might be too many stairs to go up; ignore the stairs! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Standing facing the door in an elevator and pretending you're the only person there, no matter how crowded it is. -- Paulo Coelho
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I know [canned music] makes chickens lay more eggs and factory workers produce more. But how much more can they get out of you on an elevator? -- Victor Borge
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Linus entered the elevator while the grownups talked and looked at the buttons. Buttons covered all the walls, and even the door. He pressed one, and with the luck that comes to children in fancy hotels, it was the fire alarm. -- Ella Minster
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The floor is made of condensed air, so we are suspended above a mile vertical drop. -- Pierce Brown
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The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs ... one step at a time. -- Joe Girard
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Well, I'm going up and up and up
and nobody's going to pull me down! -- Lana Turner
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The high shelf
Where you stacked the bad thing, hoping for calm,
Broke. It rolled down. It follows you to the end. -- John Wain
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When I go to my health club, and it's in the basement, you have to take the elevator down. And this drives me crazy. Why can't there be a stairway? At least make it as easy to exercise as it is to not exercise. It's in society's interest for me to take the stairs. -- Malcolm Gladwell
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Start climbing the stairs without thinking how steep are the stairs or how many stairs are there! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Nor count compartments of the floors, But mount to paradise By the stairway of surprise. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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way onto the train. -- Kristin Hannah
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High and low rest on each other. -- Laozi
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Look down your shirt and spell attic. -- David Foster Wallace
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The alphabet was an invention below stairs. -- David Sacks
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However steep or ramshackle they may be, don't ever despise the stairs which take you up to higher levels! -- Mehmet Murat Ildan