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Help stamp out pollution clean out your speech. -- Lorraine Gokul
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There is a societal cost of increased pollution, and that's what I'm passionate about as a mother. -- Cate Blanchett
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All of the economic signals in the marketplace are essentially subsidizing the use of dirty fossil fuels and penalizing clean energy. There's really only one entity in society that can solve that problem, and that is government. And the air is a scarce resource. -- Jay Inslee
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The assumptions that "pollution is the price of progress" or that "we must choose between jobs and the environment" have long limited our creative thinking about innovative solutions that can be good for the environment, the workers, and a healthy economy. -- Annie Leonard
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Shipping by sea produces 1/60 the emissions of shipping by air and about 1/5 that of trucking. -- Daniel Goleman
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The automotive X Prize, to a great degree, is focused on addressing petroleum usage and carbon emissions. -- Peter Diamandis
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Our dependence on the pollutants of this Earth have always, and will continue to have, far-reaching consequences to our eco-systems, bio systems, geosystems and our race's natural evolution. -- Yehuda Berg
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The problem is that those who produce the emissions do not pay for that privilege, and those who are harmed are not compensated. -- William D. Nordhaus
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Once the forest has been removed and the swamp starts being drained, that organic matter begins to oxidise and give off continuing emissions. It's sort of like the goose that keeps on giving. -- Frances Ford Seymour
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The methods that EPA introduced after 1970 to reduce air-pollutant emissions worked for a while, but over time have become progressively less effective. -- Barry Commoner
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The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives. This fact is well-documented. -- Eddie Bernice Johnson
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The smog curled between the streetlamps and the spokes of the wrought iron framework. It seemed through your body and into your bones. -- Sara Sheridan
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The solution to pollution is dilution. It is very logical that if a chemical is bothering you, you should increase the flow of good air to dilute the level of the chemical. -- Sherry Rogers
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The world's richest half billion people - that's about seven per cent of the global population - are responsible for fifty per cent of the world's emissions. -- Tom Hodgkinson
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Do you realize we've got 250 million years of coal? But coal has got environmental hazards to it, but there's-I'm convinced, and I know that we-technology can be developed so we can have zero-emissions coal-fired electricity plants. -- George W. Bush
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We're not a manufacturer, or an airline, but we do use energy. Printing and publishing newspapers, producing films, broadcasting television signals, operating 24-hour newsrooms. It all adds carbon to the atmosphere. -- Rupert Murdoch
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How are we going to know what impact that has on the greenhouse gas emissions? How are we going to hold everybody accountable for doing their part? -- Christy Clark
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We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need? -- Lee Iacocca
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Global warming pollution, indeed all pollution, is now described by economists as an "externality." This absurd label means, in essence: we don't to keep track of this stuff so let's pretend it doesn't exist. -- Al Gore
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significant cause of rising emissions is not the reproductive behavior of the poor but the consumer behaviors of the rich. -- Naomi Klein
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I just am a clean air freak. I grew up in the woods. I worked in China for a bit and was exposed to all the resources being used and the pollution and felt strongly that for our generation, the biggest economic and societal problem is energy. -- Lynn Jurich
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Back in the mid-1970s, we adopted some fairly ambitious goals to improve efficiency of our cars. What did we get? We got a tremendous boost in efficiency. -- Jay Inslee
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The continued rapid cooling of the earth since WWII is in accord with the increase in global air pollution associated with industrialisation, mechanisation, urbanisation and exploding population. -- Reid Bryson
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Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented. -- Barry Commoner
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Burning carbon-based substances like oil, gas, and especially coal, produces billions of tons of extra carbon dioxide each year. Methane gas from cows and pigs and other animals on our large farms ends up in the atmosphere as well, trapping more of the sun's energy as heat. -- Bill Nye
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Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do. -- Ronald Reagan
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Though many corporations honor commitments to reduce dangerous pollution, some cut corners and cheat. The marketplace doesn't always have mechanisms to correct bad actors. -- Frances Beinecke
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By fundamentally changing how we design the places and systems that enable our daily lives, we can slash emissions way beyond the immediate carbon savings - because our own personal emissions are just the tip of a vast iceberg of energy and resources consumed far from our view. -- Alex Steffen
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I think you could offer seven or eight different possible ends for energy policy. Climate change is one of them. Dealing with criteria pollutants is one of those related to that. -- Brad Carson
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Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we've been ignorant of their value. -- R. Buckminster Fuller
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some 365 billion metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere. -- Elizabeth Kolbert
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If we were driving pure hydrogen automobiles, that automobile would actually help clean up the air because the air coming out of the exhaust would be cleaner than the air going into the engine intake. -- Dennis Weaver
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Pollution is merely a resource that isn't being used properly. -- R. Buckminster Fuller
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If you want to make a substantial reduction in your carbon footprint, doing it on your own is virtually impossible, especially if you're driving a car. Here are tools available in the marketplace, enabling our customers to have this conversation. -- Tom Arnold
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The manufacturing of most goods harms the environment in one way or another. The culprit is not the factory, but it is we who buy what it produces. Therefore we should think carefully about items we purchase. -- Amy Dacyczyn
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We need to fashion policies with proper incentives to reduce the amount of carbon we are putting in the atmosphere. -- William Ruckelshaus
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Many governments are giving subsidies to fossil fuel production and consumption that encourage greenhouse gas emissions, at the same time as they are spending on projects to promote clean energy. This is a wasteful use of scarce budget resources. -- Jose Angel Gurria
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Within a decade, the internal combustion engine automobile is likely to look exactly like what it is - a machine that converts gasoline into much more heat than forward motion, a bizarre antiquity. -- Stephen Petranek
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A combustion engine of ambition and disappointment. -- Tina Fey
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Take air quality in the United States today: It's about 30 percent better than it was 25 years ago, even though there are now more people driving more cars. -- Jared Diamond
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Not inmune to engines huh? BOO-Yah!!
-Leo -- Rick Riordan
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There was almost a universal acceptance of unhealthy conditions. Sulfur dioxide in smokestack emissions were the price, or smell, of prosperity, -- Denis Hayes
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The only real form of pollution is people. Any ecological system which does not include the reduction or stopping of growth of the population is eyewash -- Heinz Wolff
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When discussing overall impacts on employment, it is important not to overlook the new technologies and industries that can be driven by pollution control standards. -- Gina Mccarthy
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In California, the state's huge dairy herd produces twenty-seven million tons of manure a year, the particulates and vapors from which have helped to make air quality in the argiculturally intensive San Joaquin Valley worse than it is Los Angeles. -- Paul Roberts
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The important thing to understand is that the case for pollution control isn't based on some kind of aesthetic distaste for industrial society. Pollution does real, measurable damage, especially to human health. -- Paul Krugman
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We still have too much air and water pollution and we still need to work to reduce it. But we also need to put the problem of pollution into a historical as well as scientific perspective ... -- Ronald Reagan
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People realised this is real pollution; it is not fog. Now everyone has to face the data and come out of their comfort zone. -- Ma Jun
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I spend a year at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, researching market approaches to air pollution control. -- Gale Norton
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We believe that there are many buyers who want a stylish, sporty car that sends a positive message about their concern for the environment as they drive it down the street. -- Henrik Fisker
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Smog is affecting larger parts of China, and environmental pollution has become a major problem, which is nature's red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development. -- Li Keqiang
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It seems the EPA has worked hard to devise new regulations that are designed to eliminate coal mining, coal burning, usage of coal. -- Hal Rogers
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The coal plants that will be built from 2005 to 2030 will release as much carbon dioxide as all of the coal burned since the industrial revolution more than two centuries ago. -- Joseph J. Romm
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Environmentally friendly cars will soon cease to be an option ... they will become a necessity. -- Fujio Cho
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There is much to be said for an emissions trading scheme. It was, after all, the mechanism for emission reduction ultimately chosen by the Howard government. -- Tony Abbott
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This is the one-two punch of an economy built on fossil fuels: lethal when extraction goes wrong and the interred carbon escapes at the source; lethal when extraction goes right and the carbon is successfully released into the atmosphere. -- Naomi Klein
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Ozone and climate are global issues, and it's hard to find a way in which the benefits of shutting down carbon emissions are going to pay for themselves for any given power-plant, say. -- Ramez Naam
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When I was a kid, we never heard of smog, ozone depletion, acid rain, green house gasses. -- Dennis Weaver
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The fossil fuel industry for too long has shifted enormous costs of carbon pollution onto the public. -- Bernie Sanders
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beetle-spirited vaporing -- Richard Adams
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As creatures with a body, we should all be especially concerned about the quality of air, water and food we allow into our bodily vehicle. -- Bryant Mcgill
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I'm not really fond of the trails left in the sky and a lot of chemicals that are being pumped through factories and even in the clothes we wear. -- Shailene Woodley
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We have a tremendous investment in facilities for (internal combustion engines, transmissions, and axles) and I can't see throwing them away just because the electric car doesn't emit fumes. -- Henry Ford Ii
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Draconian limits on economic growth and on the use of the automobile should not be necessary in order to give Americans clean air at levels they are willing to pay for, but it will require significant Federal, State, and local leadership and innovative approaches from government and industry. -- George H. W. Bush
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Earth pollution identical with Mind pollution, consciousness Pollution identical with filthy sky -- Allen Ginsberg
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I updrive a Bronco."
"How environmentally irresponsible of you. -- C.e. Murphy
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I'm trying like hell to leave a footprint, carbon or otherwise. -- M.a. Bookout
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What polluters do is raise the standards of living for themselves, while lowering the quality of living for everybody else, and they do that by escaping the disciplines of the free market. -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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We must reduce the emissions 100 percent. In Venezuela, the emissions are currently insignificant compared to the emissions of the developed countries. -- Hugo Chavez
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Fuel conservation is as important as fuel production. -- Veerappa Moily
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Once firms had to pay to pollute, they became incredibly inventive at figuring out cheaper ways to eliminate their SO2 emissions. -- Bob Frank
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The key players are now all in place in Washington and in state governments across America to officially label carbon dioxide as a pollutant and enact laws that tax us citizens for our carbon footprints. -- John Coleman
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We still think of air as free. But clean air is not free, and neither is clean water. The price tag on pollution control is high. Through our years of past carelessness we incurred a debt to nature, and now that debt is being called. -- Richard M. Nixon
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Greenhouse gas emissions: Ultimately, stabilisation - at whatever level - requires that annual emissions be brought down to more than 80% below current levels -- Nicholas Stern
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The environment as we perceive it is our invention, -- Heinz Von Foerster
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In the current climate motorists have a long list of issues from which to choose to raise on the doorstep. Policies aimed at reducing emissions - like the changes to Vehicle Excise Duty or here in Manchester the proposals for congestion charges - are not without controversy. -- Lucy Powell
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Like a shadow that does not permit us to jump over it, but moves with us to maintain its proper distance, pollution is nature's answer to culture. When we have learned to recycle pollution into potent information, we will have passed over completely into the new cultural ecology. -- William Irwin Thompson
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The modern city consists of ... dark, narrow streets full of gasoline fumes, coal dust, and toxic gasses, torn by the noise ... -- Alexis Carrel
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Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat's dream. If you control carbon, you control life. -- Richard Lindzen
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You see, the Greenhouse Effect is a direct result of burning fossil or old carbon fuels. -- Jack Herer
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The annual output of carbon emissions is 25 billion tonnes and Global Cool's goal is to reduce it by one billion tonnes a year. -- Kt Tunstall
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Strong limits on carbon pollution will save Americans money, create jobs, improve our health, and help defuse climate change. -- Frances Beinecke
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Like a tracer running through the veins of the city, networks of air quality sensors attached to bikes can help measure an individual's exposure to pollution and draw a dynamic map of the urban air on a human scale, as in the case of the Copenhagen Wheel developed by new startup Superpedestrian. -- Carlo Ratti
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Environmentali sm isn't a spectator sport. You actually have to stand up and demand that we be vigilant in protecting our air and water. -- Lisa P. Jackson
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Air pollution is turning Mother Nature prematurely gray. -- Irv Kupcinet
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The U.S. has a proud history of cleaning up our air through technological innovation. We did it with leaded gas, acid rain and countless other pollutants, and we can do it with carbon pollution, too. -- Frances Beinecke
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If you sell me a car, we have perhaps made a good bargain for ourselves. But there are effects of this transaction on others, which we do not take into account. There is more pollution, the price of gas goes up, there is more congestion. -- Noam Chomsky
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We utilize energy from carbon, not because we are bad people, but because it is the affordable foundation on which the profound improvements in our standard of living have been achieved - our progress in health and welfare. -- John Christy
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Electricity generation emits more carbon dioxide in the United States than does transportation or industry, and nuclear power is the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the country. -- Ernest Moniz
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Although it is important to examine the consequences of today's actions far into the future, it is important not to confuse far future actions with what is done today. The impact of emissions that are made after 2100 has no bearing on what the world should do for the next 30 or even 100 years. -- Robert O. Mendelsohn
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Air pollution is my biggest concern right now. Maybe because I live in Beijing, and in this city we have such severe challenges due to bad air quality. It has affected our daily lives and health. I do not go outdoors because of it. I desperately hope that we can improve the current situation. -- Li Bingbing
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Adam switches from a gas-guzzler of 12 mpg to a slightly less voracious guzzler that runs at 14 mpg. The environmentally virtuous Beth switches from a 30 mpg car to one that runs at 40 mpg. -- Daniel Kahneman
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Eighty percent of air pollution comes from plants and trees. -- Ronald Reagan
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Carbon in your body - that's good thing. In a tree, it's good. In the atmosphere, it's a bad. Nature wants to sequester carbon in biota. And when we burn it, we release it. It's the wrong system. -- William Mcdonough
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The fumes are killing us, and we wonder why things are going haywire. -- Sandra Bernhard
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A new era has dawned in Ontario; one where the air will be cleaner and the multiple costs of coal-fired generation have become a distant memory. Atikokan's successful conversion to biomass will put Ontario on the world map as a leader in using this sustainable fuel source for electricity production. -- Bob Chiarelli
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Reducing carbon emissions is important, but it is shortsighted if not coupled with reducing the toxic emissions from our heart; and that is something spiritual leaders are supposed to teach and something all thinking people, regardless of their beliefs, should practice. -- Radhanath Swami
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All I know about thermal pollution is that if we continue our present rate of growth in electrical energy consumption it will simply take, by the year 2000, all our freshwater streams to cool the generators and reactors. -- David R. Brower
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The pollution problem is always seen as someone who was doing something bad that has to be stopped. To me, pollution is doing something bad and good. People don't pollute because they like polluting. They do it because it's a cheaper way of producing something else. -- Ronald Coase