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Because wisdom is innate, we can all enlighten ourselves.
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It's one thing to have the attitude of enlightenment and another thing to act in an enlightened way, which is conduct or activity ...
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If you think you're enlightened go spend a week with your family.
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Enlightenment is not about knowing as much as it is about unknowing; it is not so much learning as unlearning. It is about surrendering and letting go rather than achieving and possessing. It's more about entering the mystery than arriving at a mental certitude.
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The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance
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The more one learns, the more he understands his ignorance.
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I don't need to be enlightned. I have a killfile.
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An enlightened person doesn't know it all. Enlightenment simply means walking beyond this and all worlds into nirvana, which is beyond knowledge and ignorance.
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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.
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What is enlightenment, anyway? I don't know if I can really put it into words, perhaps you can. I can't.
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Ignorance is bliss, but Enlightenment is nirvana
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Enlightenment is not a goal to be attained, it is a state-of-being to be regained.
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I seek wisdom to justify my ignorance
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If you see the illusion you are enlightened, but if you think that you are enlightened you are in the illusion!
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There is no separate entity that could be enlightened or unenlightened. There are only innumerable expressions of the One Being (which we call people, animals, forms), mirror-like facets, reflecting being-ness back to itself.
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Becoming enlightened doesn't mean everything works your way.
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To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge
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Enlightenment is higher states of awareness.
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Those who know are wise. Those who know themselves are enlightened.
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Reading books about enlightenment does not make you enlightened at all. You have to meditate yourself.
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Ignorance is ugly and is the result of a lack of education. Help change that by spreading knowledge, positivity, & love for your fellow man.
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Ignorance is constricted awareness ...
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Education is awakening of curious mind.
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But I wish to be enlightened.'
'Let me caution you against it.'
'Is enlightenment on the subject, then, so terrible?'
'Yes, indeed.'
She laughingly declared that nothing could have so piqued her curiosity as his statement.
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Educate thyself through reading
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If we get above the individualized soul's journey, you will see that we are all one. We are all one light. In that sense, we are all enlightened.
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To be truly ignorant, be content with your own knowledge.
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The person who says, 'I'm enlightened' probably isn't.
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We live on an island surrounded by a sea of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance.
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And so I came to understand why some masters sometimes say, "You are already enlightened."
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Enlightenment arrives like a thief in the middle of the dark night of the soul.
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Knowledge is a priceless gift of enlightenment
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It is not after we understand the truth that we attain enlightenment. To realize the truth is to live - to exist here and now.
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An enlightened person raises the level of the consciousness of the entire community.
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Enlightenment is always preceded by confusion.
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People enter states of consciousness where they think they've become enlightened. The best thing to do, if you've gone through one of those phases, is to be sensible, laugh at yourself for how foolish you were.
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We must be warriors in the struggle against ignorance
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An enlightened mind is not hoodwinked; it is not shut up in a gloomy prison till it thinks the walls of its dungeon the limits of the universe, and the reach of its own chain the outer verge of intelligence.
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True enlightenment is when you know that you're nobody and that you are an interplay and display of perplexing energy.
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The ignorant one does not see his ignorance as he basks in its darkness; nor does the knowledgeable one see his own knowledge, for he basks in its light
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An individual has to be tenacious enough to become enlightened.
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Realization is more important than understanding
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An enlightened person does not ignore things and does not stick to things, not even to the truth.
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Enlightenment is an ocean of awareness that slides through the human part of us and dissolves it, and leaves us forever in eternity.
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Yes I say that I am enlightened. What does that mean? It means I live in a condition of light ... There really is no primary self anymore.
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It is better to be informed than to be ignorant.
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Knowledge of thyself is the greatest enlightenment.
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Confused by thoughts, we experience duality in life. Unencumbered by ideas, the enlightened see the one Reality.
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Looking for enlightenment is like looking for a flashlight when all you need the flashlight for is to find the flashlight.
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Enlightenment doesn't mean you know anything. It doesn't mean you don't know anything. It means that you've returned to the source, consciously.
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In your everyday life you always have opportunities for enlightenment. If you go to the rest room, there is a chance to attain enlightenment. When you cook, there is a chance to attain enlightenment. When you clean the floor, there is a chance to attain enlightenment.
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The sun enlightens everyone, but the light of knowledge enlightens those who are actively seeking the light.
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Enlightenment is the "quiet acceptance of what is". I believe the truly enlightened beings are those who refuse to allow themselves to be distressed over things that simply are the way they are.
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Man's mind is made up of illusionary pictures. Consequently, when he throws away these pictures Truth will enter into his mind, and he will know Truth to the extent of what he has discarded. This is enlightenment.
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To become learned, each day add something. To become enlightened, each day drop something.
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Enlightenment is like everyday consciousness but two inches above the ground.
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You are going around on the wheel again and again. You go around and around from lifetime to lifetime. You never quite wake up. Enlightenment is waking up.
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I'm very much an Enlightenment kind of guy.
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Ignorance causes pain, but awareness creates happiness. Therefore, look for enlightenment every day.
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It is perhaps wrong to say that the enemy of enlightenment is logic; rather, it is dualistic, verbal thinking. In fact, it is even more basic than that: it is perception.
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Something in you wants to go beyond, wants to be free from this endless round of perception. Enlightenment is that.
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The knowledge from an enlightened person breaks on the hard rocks of ignorance.
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Defeat serves to enlighten us.
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Enlightenment is the unfolding of the divinity within.
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Enlightenment isn't about reaching a destination of "knowing", it is about developing consistent vibrational harmony within one's self and with the surrounding world.
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Every individual has the potentiality to become enlightened in the course of this life or later existences
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It is often too easy to explain a novel idea to a few enlightened persons with a few words. But to enlighten about the same to many people, too many words are often required
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Anybody or anything can become enlightened because enlightenment is the very nature of existence itself.
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Understanding is the key to true knowledge
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Enlightenment is not a complete remedy.
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If you want to know the taste of an orange, you have to taste it; no amount of description can exactly convey its taste to you. Similarly, you cannot properly explain enlightenment to someone who has not experienced it.
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Knowledge is annoying
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It's possible to be completely enlightened ... except with your family.
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Today's enlightenment is tomorrows mistake
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I'm no fucking Buddhist, but this is enlightmentment
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I will illuminate you.
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To be learned, add something each day. To be enlightened drop something each day.
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Until we find an antidote to our ignorance, our purpose shall always be hindered by ignorance
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Your imagination is the vehicle to enlightenment.
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Ignorance is darkness. Knowledge is light. Wisdom is awaken spirit
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Ignorance is a poison and knowledge will nourish.
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Enlightenment is illusive and can only be received by those who ask for it and by those who are worthy to receive it. Only then will you be shown the path.
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So ignorance increases ignorance, and knowledge
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Enlightenment is: absolute cooperation with the inevitable.
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Ignorance is of a peculiar nature; once dispelled, it is impossible to reestablish it. It is not originally a thing of itself, but is only the absence of knowledge; and though man may be kept ignorant, he cannot be made ignorant.
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Enlightenment, don't know what it is. It's up to you, the way you think.
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Reading is the best cure for ignorance.
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No matter how long you live, no matter how mature or philosophical you may grow to be, almost all sudden enlightenment will feel precisely this way, like a boot in the stomach, like acid on your tongue, and the sooner you accept this the better off you'll be.
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Enlightenment simply means that you've run out of questions, and that the answers don't matter anymore.
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Understanding- -like civilization, happiness, music, science and a host of other great endeavors
is not a state of being, but a manner of traveling. This great road has no final destination. The journey itself is the reward.
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Ignorance is the beginning of knowledge; knowledge is the beginning of wisdom; wisdom is the awareness of ignorance.
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My ignorance is becoming a theme
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Ignorance is not bliss. Rather, ignorance is blistering.
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Sometimes blissful ignorance is awfully empowering
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Ignorance isn't bliss, but neither is knowledge. Sometimes you just know more, but it doesn't make you any happier.
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When you are ignorant about something, to know that you are ignorant about it - that is knowledge.
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You think that enlightenment is something other than what is happening right now. This is your primary mistake.
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What is enlightenment? - the capacity to see oneself as one really is.
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Enlightenment is a direct experience with reality.
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Half the business of modern education is taken up in learning not to be ignorant; a process peculiarly unfavorable both to strength of mind and pregnancy of imagination ...