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Tender Ember
... Barred and branded
to be forever unloved
I was a tender ember
seeking solace from above ...
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Better safe than exsanguinated.
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'E's all'ot sand an' ginger when alive, An'e's generally shammin' when'e's dead.
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I don't know what you mean, but I know that you mean it.
(attrib: 'Edward', Appendix 2)
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eaten for lunch.
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Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum: 'to err is human, but to persist (in the mistake) is diabolical.
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Fault, impeccably mannered, and had no real
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I don't know what the word is in Austrian.
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We came upon a massacre at the Shrine of Prometheus. The humans were ripped to shreds. There was no one ieft alive to say what happened, said Eros.
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Eros, again now, the loosener of limbs troubles me,
Bittersweet, sly, uncontrollable creature ... .
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embrase imperfection
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If some people are "outed," are other people "inned"? Can we say that someone has been "besided" or "overed"?
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The medical term for that is dead. Gee, Magnus, what did it feel like? It hurt. A lot. Thanks for asking.
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[R]epetition is as an essential element of language learning as a knife is to a lathe or fuel is to an internal combustion engine.
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I have a message for the Divergent" I am Divergent. "This is not a negotiation" No, it is not. "It is a warning" I understand. "Every two days until one of you delivers yourself to Erudite headquarters ... " I will. " ... this will happen again" It will never happen again.
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I'm not educated; I'd be a damn fool if I was (educated)!
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Correction does much, encourgement does more
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Such a terrible word, terminate. A word from a brave new world in which only the flawless are allowed to be born.
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Unbidden, a memory stirred in the back of Aeduan's mind. Another child, another basket, another lifetime, and a monk named Evrane, who had saved him from it all.
Evrane's mistake. She should have left Aeduan behind.
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I and my pupil dined
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discombobulated around
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Initiate. Complete.
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No use, no use!' said the King. 'She runs so fearfully quick. You might as well try to catch a Bandersnatch! But I'll make a memorandum about her, if you like-she's a dear good creature,' he repeated softly to himself, as he opened his memorandum-book. 'Do you spell "creature" with a double "e"?
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Erudition without pedantry is as a rare as wisdom itself.
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Now Eros makes a man really want, not a woman, but one particular woman. In some mysterious but quite indisputable fashion the lover desires the Beloved herself, not the pleasure she can give.
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(F)iction is...what ought to have been, not what actually was. At least, not exactly.
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He couldn't say the words, had spent too long in Silence, but he'd learned other ways to speak. Taking the paperweight she'd knocked off her desk out of his pocket, he put it in her hands. It's fixed. As long as you don't mind more than a few scars.
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For once, Evie didn't know what to say. She hadn't really thought of her uncle as very human. He was more like a textbook who occasionally remembered to put on a tie. But it was clear that he was, indeed, human, with a deep wound named Rotke.
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My natural elasticity was crushed, my intellect languished, the disposition to read departed, the cheerful spark that lingered about my eye died; the dark night of slavery closed in upon me; and behold a man transformed into a brute!
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The road to wisdom?
Well, it's plain
and simple to express:
and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less.
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Be ignited, or be gone.
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Revive, Rekindle, Rejoice.
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(refactored) /**
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Think ere you speak
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The sick mind can not bear anything harsh.
[Lat., Mensque pati durum sustinet aegra nihil.]
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the ethereal, fine-nerved, sensitive girl, quite unfitted by temperament and instinct to fulfil the conditions of the matrimonial relation with Phillotson, possibly with scarce any man ...
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Alex fainted-"
"I didn't faint," I grumbled, feeling my cheeks flush.
Aiden's lip curved up on one side. "Okay. She was suddenly not walking or talking anymore ...
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Probably is a word with an emergency ejector seat.
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Elednor,' he said, 'Elednor, why have you betrayed me? Come back to me. Come back to were you belong. I alone need you ...
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My God, what's happened?" He crossed to her at once and knelt at her side. "What is it? Tell me."
"It's ruined," she cried.
"What's ruined?"
"Everything. Your meal. My life. Our chances." She hiccupped. "The eel.
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Persuaded, therefore, that ere long some ingenious
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Ee puts me to shame
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Identify. Improve. Resolve. #nucherte
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I'm not very articulate.
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How to spell Aedes aegypti,the world's one-stop, viral-disease-transmitting mosquito: T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
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Indescribably delirious!
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This is Deirdre," said Addison. "She's an emu-raffe, which is a bit like a donkey and a giraffe put together, only with fewer legs and a peevish temper. She's a terrible sore loser at cards," he added in a whisper. "Never play an emu-raffe at cards. Say hello, Deirdre!
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Get thee to a depilatory.
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screwed blued and tattooed
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Don't repeat this word again
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When you catch an adjective, kill it.
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Zapped while zipping.
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The truth about eros is terrifying.
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Occasionally, merely for the pleasure of being cruel, we put unoffending Frenchmen on the rack with questions framed in the incomprehensible jargon of their native language, and while they writhed, we impaled them, we peppered them, we scarified them, with their own vile verbs and participles.
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(M)ediocre, (O)bedient, (D)ependent, (E)ntertained, and (L)ifeless and
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Emil stood on the other side, bags under his
eyes, his hair disheveled. I'd never seen him look so
unkempt. He actually seemed depressed. I motioned
for him to come in. When he did, I shut the door and
he followed me to the couches.
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Enlightenment is the unprogrammed state.
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Estragon: Nothing to be done.
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What do you call the Hrothgar-wrecker when Hrothgar has been wrecked?
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'Refudiate,' 'misunderestimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.' English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!'
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This morning I deleted the hyphen from "hell-bound" and made it one word; this afternoon I redivided it and restored the hyphen.
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You're my life, Eris. You're all that I want. I live for you.
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Even in the silence of my mind I cannot think the word. I cannot acknowledge this most obvious and terrible of truths.
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Sir U fell down from a speeding train,
Which did some damage to his brain,
And after that he did not know
How to pronounce the letter O.
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I wanted to call you, but I find myself feeling ... awkward when it comes to you."
"'Awkward' is the word du jour," I agreed. "So, I make you nervous?"
"Not quite nervous," he said. "Just unsettled."
I wriggled my eyebrows and inched a little closer to him. "Unsettled, that's even better.
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Erlender thought about Marion Briem and their shared story, which was now at an end. He felt a sense of loss and regret ... He thought about their relationship, the experiences they had shared,the story that was part of him, that he could not and would not have done without. It was him.
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E smart, don't be a retard.
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Or as an ook comth of a litel spir, So thorugh this lettre, which that she hym sente, Encressen gan desir, of which he brente.
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Writing, playing, composing, painting, reading, listening, looking-all require that we submit to being swept away by Eros, to a transformation of self of the kind that happens when we fall in love.
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I flamed amazement
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Death to all modifiers, he declared one day, and out of every letter that passed through his hands went every adverb and every adjective.
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Lessee ... he'd gone off after the funeral and gotten drunk. No, not drunk, another word, ended with "er." Drunker. that was it.
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Shewa good man his errour and he turnes it to a vertue, but an ill, it doubles his fault.
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Lo, which a greet thing is affeccioun!
Men may die of imaginacioun,
So depe may impressioun be take.
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Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, knew the time would soon come to prove just how much she'd bleed for Erilea.
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A perceptive French critic has argued that in an age of deepening illiteracy, when even the educated have only a smattering of classical or theological knowledge, erudition is of itself a kind of fantasy, a surrealistic construct.
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Simplified spelling is all right, but, like chastity, you can carry it too far.
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I grew intoxicated with my own eloquence.
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As deformed as a grotesque potato,
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I that in heill wes and gladnes Am trublit now with gret seiknes And feblit with infermite: Timor Mortis conturbat me.* * Fear of Death troubles me.
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But that's another error in the note," Klaus said. "It doesn't say unbearable, with a U. It says inbearable, with an I."
"You are being unbearable, with a U," Violet cried.
"And you are being stupid, with an S," Klaus snapped.
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In the beginning Eru, the One,
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William Regal, what does besmirched mean?
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I could not simplify myself.
(From the suicide note of a character named Nejdanov)
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What--has O-Tar seen an ulsio and fainted?" demanded I-Gos with broad sarcasm.

"Men have died for less than that, ancient one," E-Thas reminded him.

"I am safe," retorted I-Gos, "for I am not a brave and popular son of the jeddak of Manator.
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Was and will make me ill, I take a gramme and only am. (Lenina)
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Egwene didn't notice someone new entering the tent. Rand did, however, and he spun as the flaps parted and let in light. He frowned at the interloper.
His frown died as soon as he saw the person who entered.
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Intoxicated? The word did not express it by a mile. He was oiled, boiled, fried, plastered, whiffled, sozzled, and blotto.
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A word once vulgarized can never be rehabilitated.
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The E designation. We heal the mind and the heart. Sorrow, fear, pain, we help people navigate their way out of darkness.
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Hoi, hoi u embleer hrair! M'saion ule' hraka vair!
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This is a terrible mistake, because I used up all of my English.
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The intellectual is engage-he is pledged, committed, enlisted. What everyone else is willing to admit, namely that ideas and abstractions are of signal importance in human life, he imperatively feels.
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Drowned, dead, duplicitous slut!
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Write with the learned, pronounce with the vulgar.
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You can't "un-recgonize" something