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Egwene didn't notice someone new entering the tent. Rand did, however, and he spun as the flaps parted and let in light. He frowned at the interloper.
His frown died as soon as he saw the person who entered.
Moiraine. -- Robert Jordan
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Erchomai , I am coming
Veni, I have come -- Cassandra Clare
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A virtuous esculent! -- Patrick O'brian
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Eros the melter of limbs (now again) stirs me -
sweetbitter unmanageable creature who steals in -- Sappho
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Our lovely Princess Eadlyn,
It's hard to rhyme your name.
And though we really ticked you off,
We love you all the same. -- Kiera Cass
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What e'er thou art, act well thy part. -- William Shakespeare
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Hoi, hoi u embleer hrair! M'saion ule' hraka vair! -- Richard Adams
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Eros has degenerated; he began by introducing order and harmony, and now he brings back chaos. -- George Eliot
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No use, no use!' said the King. 'She runs so fearfully quick. You might as well try to catch a Bandersnatch! But I'll make a memorandum about her, if you like-she's a dear good creature,' he repeated softly to himself, as he opened his memorandum-book. 'Do you spell "creature" with a double "e"? -- Lewis Carroll
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Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi -- J.k. Rowling
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Ah, Vitaly, we all come from Eros."
~Sel Menach -- Orson Scott Card
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We love you Effie! -- Suzanne Collins
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Since moving to Valhalla, I'd learned an impressive number of Old Norse cusswords. Meinfretr translated as something like stinkfart, which was, naturally, the worse kind of fart -- Rick Riordan
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I had arrived at that well-known portion of the story where Ethelred, the hero of the Trist, having sought in vain for peaceable admission into the dwelling of the hermit, proceeds to make good an entrance by force. Here, -- Edgar Allan Poe
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E'en from the tomb the voice of nature cries, E'en in our ashes live their wonted fires. -- Thomas Gray
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I don't know what you mean, but I know that you mean it.
(attrib: 'Edward', Appendix 2) -- Robert Robert
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The ezer is a warrior, and this has far-reaching implications for women, not only in marriage, but in every relationship, season, and walk of life. -- Carolyn Custis James
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EROEI [energy returned on energy invested, or net energy] is to a civilization what gross profit is to a business, the source of the surplus that supports the entire enterprise. -- John Michael Greer
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I thought I was choosing the lesser evil. I chose the lesser evil. Lesser evil! I'm Geralt! Witcher ... I'm the Butcher of Blaviken - -- Andrzej Sapkowski
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What do you call the Hrothgar-wrecker when Hrothgar has been wrecked? -- John Gardner
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E-I-E-I-O is actually a gross misspelling of the word farm. -- George Carlin
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Ern! Ern! Guess 'oo Neville is, Ern! 'E's 'Arry Potter! I can see 'is scar! -- J.k. Rowling
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Thou ominous and fearful owl of death. -- William Shakespeare
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You fucked the groom fifteen minutes before he was to say his vows."
"Ah, yeah." I adjust my erection again.
"Then you took the father-in-law."
"Well, I was already naked and you know I recover quickly-"
"Eros! -- Candi Kay
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What--has O-Tar seen an ulsio and fainted?" demanded I-Gos with broad sarcasm.

"Men have died for less than that, ancient one," E-Thas reminded him.

"I am safe," retorted I-Gos, "for I am not a brave and popular son of the jeddak of Manator. -- Edgar Rice Burroughs
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OT Old Testament -- Anonymous
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Wer rastet, rostet - what rests, rusts. -- Manil Suri
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Julianne, I love you with all four loves. But tonight is a celebration of eros -- Sylvain Reynard
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A woman of intense feeling, head thrown back, hair wild, lips open upon a cry of unbelievable pleasure.
The enchanted.
A warrior both disciplined and passionate, his whole being focused in the moment.
The enchanter.
Now he is bending down to her, drinking her cries ... -- Elizabeth Lowell
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This is Deirdre," said Addison. "She's an emu-raffe, which is a bit like a donkey and a giraffe put together, only with fewer legs and a peevish temper. She's a terrible sore loser at cards," he added in a whisper. "Never play an emu-raffe at cards. Say hello, Deirdre! -- Ransom Riggs
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So Hella is right whenshe says, 'Love enobles [veredelt].' Erno... said, 'You've made a slip of the tongue. You meant to say: love makes fools (of people) [vereselt]. -- Attributed To Grete Lainer
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Eros is very close to death. And both things, in a way, balance each other. -- Isabel Allende
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But something's missing ( Aber etwas fehlt ). -- Bertolt Brecht
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The happiest man on earth would be able to use the Mirror of Erised like a normal mirror, that is, he would look into it and see himself exactly as he is. Does that help? -- J.k. Rowling
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Ethereal minstrel! pilgrim of the sky! Dost thou despise the earth where cares abound? Or, while the wings aspire, are heart and eye Both with thy nest upon the dewy ground? -- William Wordsworth
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For thus men seyth, That on thenketh the beere,
But al another thenketh his ledere. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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And that we call enos ermarf."

"What?" I didn't see what he was pointing at.

"That. The way the lake curves forward into t grass, framed by derrishoul trees."

"You have a word for something like that?" I asked.

-Animorphs #4, The Visitor page 63 -- K.a. Applegate
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You're the heir apparent to the head of the Council,ergo-"
"Dad,it is way to early to be using words like 'ergo. -- Rachel Hawkins
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My friend. My love. My breath.-Eagan -- Petra F. Bagnardi
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Eliakim, Eliakim the father of Azor, -- Anonymous
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Eleri has seen your face through my eyes. As I taste your blood, so does she. My master is coming. -- Jason Surlock
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What is this word that broke through the fence of your teeth, Atreides? -- Homer
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Bergulme. Elsbeere. Hagebuche. Efeu. Scots elm. Service tree. Hornbeam. -- Jill Alexander Essbaum
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An erratum is a correction inserted into a book after publication. It's a nice thing to collect because you can't go after them, you just come upon them. In 25 years I've only found about 12. -- Miranda July
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Hee looseth nothing, that looseth not God. -- George Herbert
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Eleutheria, the fire is burning. Eleutheria, the tables are turning. -- Lenny Kravitz
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The road to wisdom?
Well, it's plain
and simple to express:
and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less. -- Piet Hein
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Dragons think we are amusing. But they remember Erreth-Akbe. They speak of him as if he were a dragon, not a man. -- Ursula K. Le Guin
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Shakespeare is to me the purest voice of nature, and he does no meddle with nature. His plays provide us with the greatest variety of erotic expression, and with Shakespeare eros is the proper term to use. -- Allan Bloom
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It is perhaps true that that sort of sexual energy wanes over time - as the original impetus loses its luster. And then, I suppose, it's on to the next thing. But eros is eternal, like joy. -- Micheline Aharonian Marcom
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But nowhere is this a more urgent task than in matters of eros, the first and best hope of human connectedness in a world where all connectedness has become problematic -- Allan Bloom
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Eros once again limb-loosener whirls me sweetbitter, impossible to fight off, creature stealing up ... I don't know what I should do: two states of mind in me ... -- Sappho
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And gladly wolde he lerne, and gladly teche. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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Writing, playing, composing, painting, reading, listening, looking-all require that we submit to being swept away by Eros, to a transformation of self of the kind that happens when we fall in love. -- Stephen Nachmanovitch
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Effie M. was a monster. Six foot high and as strong as a farm horse.No sooner had she decided that she wanted UncleTom than she knocked him off his bicycle and told him. -- Laurie Lee
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Erudite, for a woman who confuses "you're" and "your" and goes in for random capitalisation.' 'We can't all be literary geniuses,' said Robin reproachfully. 'Thank Christ for that, from all I'm hearing about them. -- Robert Galbraith
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And thus it behoved Eros to put back fun, romance & passion into the union of love. He had to find Himeros, from the sea, from Uranus' cut off testicles, to bring Passion back into the union of love. -- Nicholas Chong
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Ohne Hast, aber ohne Rast. - Without haste, but without rest. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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CLOWN. Fare thee well. Remain thou still in darkness: thou shalt hold the opinion of Pythagoras ere I will allow of thy wits; and fear to kill a woodcock, lest thou dispossess the soul of thy grandam. Fare thee well. -- William Shakespeare
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For a laggard in love, and a dastard in war, Was to wed the fair Ellen of Lochinvar. -- Walter Scott
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Ee puts me to shame -- Smk
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Me wretched! Let me curr to quercine shades!
Effund your albid hausts, lactiferous maids!
O, might I vole to some umbrageous clump,
be off,
erump! -- Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Electra weeping for the dead Orestes. If we love God while thinking that he does not exist, he will manifest his existence. -- Simone Weil
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Politics, the negotiating of power. Eros, the negotiating of power. -- Joyce Carol Oates
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-sounds like the /ee/ sound in the English -- Henry Ray
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I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this,
Killing myself, to die upon a kiss. -- William Shakespeare
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Yess, Exccellenccy. Larsst iss my name. -- D.m. Kirtaime
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My father who art in hell, Lestat be your name. -- Anne Rice
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Of faire things, the Autumne is faire. -- George Herbert
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Eros is an ego-overwhelming, boundary dissolving, breakthrough creating force scripted into human life that is pretty intrinsically psychedelic. -- Terence Mckenna
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Bright star of Eanna, forgive me the manner of this, but you are the harbor of my soul's journeying. -- Guy Gavriel Kay
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For thogh we slepe, or wake, or rome, or ryde, Ay fleeth the tyme; it nyl no man abyde. -- Geoffrey Chaucer
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Meanwhile, in the th<>rong>rorong>ne <>rong>rorong>om, Rhea threw an Oscar-worthy tantrum. She screamed and stomped her feet and called K<>rong>rorong>nos all kinds of unflattering names. "RO-O-CCCKY!" she wailed. "NO-O-O-O-O-O-O! -- Rick Riordan
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You do not come to the thee-ator and it will wither your soul. (Madam Leadora Seamstress for the Royal Magnificent Theater) -- Kristen Britain
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For I am the daughter of Elrond. I shall not go with him when he departs to the Havens: for mine is the choice of Luthien, and as she so have I chosen, both the sweet and the bitter. -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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Erak. The one they call the Oberjarl," the Arridi answered him.
Impulsively, Axl took a pace forward, raising his ax threateningly.
You'll have to go through the rest of us to take him!" he shouted defiantly.
Well done, Axl," he said. "You've just told them I'm here. -- John Flanagan
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beshert. Meant to be. -- Gayle Forman
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What e'er you are
That in this desert inaccessible,
Under the shade of melancholy boughs,
Lose and neglect the creeping hours of time. -- William Shakespeare
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Very different from eros is philia, a serene love much more akin to friendship, with its reciprocal kindnesses. You love each other for the happy experiences and pleasures you share. -- Francois Lelord
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Good morrow, fair ones; pray you, if you know,
Where in the purlieus of this forest stands
A sheep-cote fenc'd about with olive trees? -- William Shakespeare
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Argot is nothing more nor less than a wardrobe in which language, having some bad deed to do, disguises itself. It puts on word-masks and metaphoric rags. -- Victor Hugo
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The E designation. We heal the mind and the heart. Sorrow, fear, pain, we help people navigate their way out of darkness. -- Nalini Singh
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No other God have I but thee, born in a manger, died on a tree. -- Martin Luther
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May I always be found 'on the Lord's errand.' -- Thomas S. Monson
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Eros is not tranquil - it gives us spikes of happiness rather than a constant feeling of wellbeing. It's the love we feel at the beginning of a love affair and corresponds to the expression 'falling in love' since it is as involuntary an impulse as a physical fall. -- Francois Lelord
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Please tell me your master isn't Aeolus."
"That airhead?" Favonius snorted. "No, of course not."
"He means Eros." Nico's voice turned edgy. "Cupid, in Latin."
Favonius smiled. "Very good, Nico di Angelo. I'm glad to see you again, by the way. It's been a long time. -- Rick Riordan
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I want. I need. I ache. I burn. Burn with me. Ellysetta to Rain in Lord of the Fading Lands. -- C.l. Wilson
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Die, enemies of Ra!" Sekhemet yelled. "Perish in agony!"
"She's almost as annoying as you," I told Horus.
"Impossible," Horus said. "No one bests Horus. -- Rick Riordan
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I also wanted to ask you if we can talk to the Erudite you're keeping safe here," I say. "I know they're hidden, but I need access to them."
"And what do you intend to do?" she says.
"Shoot them," I say, rolling my eyes.
"That isn't funny. -- Veronica Roth
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Myrddin', I said gently, 'what is she to you?'
His head whipped round and he glared at me. His mouth was a grimace of revulsion, and his eyes were hard, bright points of pain. 'She is my death -- Stephen R. Lawhead
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Whether goest, griefe? where I am wont. -- George Herbert
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The ram winked. You like my new wool coat? Because I like ewe. Get it? Ewe? -- Rick Riordan
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My father taught me to see erudite a particular way. He never taught me that they made no judgments about what people believed, but designed things for them within the confines of those beliefs. -- Veronica Roth
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In your case, ED is not a man's name. -- Robin Glasser
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(Who Did No Harm to No Man all the Dais of Her Life. Reader, Can You Say Lykewise?). -- Neil Gaiman
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upholder of all that surrounds thee. He who -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Gracious Queen, even Herod of Judea wouldn't dare look at you unless you were in a good mood. -- William Shakespeare
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Hopeless and helpless doth AEgeon wend,
But to procrastinate his lifeless end. -- William Shakespeare
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A fool of thee: depart.
I love thee better now than e'er I did.
I hate thee worse. -- William Shakespeare
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Eros, honoured without reservation and obeyed unconditionally, becomes a demon. -- C.s. Lewis