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I love room service! -- Cindy Margolis
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Adrian, I'm on a date. Why are you here? On my car? -- Richelle Mead
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A Marine likes a good fight and respects a good fighter. You've got yourself one fine Marine for an escort and the whole Marine Corps behind you. -- Bud Rudesill
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What i'm trying to get at is that to me nothing felt glamorous or exciting or sexually liberating about it. I also think the amount of money you can make escorting is exaggerated (it wasn't uncommon for me to see ads for escorts for 40-60$/hr where I live.) -- Marie Calloway
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We're in the Customer Service business - we just happen to provide airline transportation. -- Colleen Barrett
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We're all prostitutes sir we're all selling ourselves for something -- Saira Viola
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paying the McDonalds' delivery boy. As -- Gary Daly
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We ran both the courier service and a detective agency from the same office, and had phone apps for both. Basically, we're Uber for parcels and mysteries. -- Jay Stringer
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The designated driver program, it's not a desirable job. But if you ever get sucked into doing it, drop them off at the wrong house. -- Jeff Foxworthy
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Sterling Maids clean up with some sexy fun.
-- Sahalie Blue
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Hey, buddy. I'm your ride, not your bitch. If you can't manage, there's carts over
there. Van's right out front. I'll meet you out there. -- Susan Fanetti
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Ah betcha you wants some dressed up dude dat got to look at de sole of his shoe everytime he cross de street tuh see whether he got enough leather dere tuh make it across. -- Zora Neale Hurston
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A consultant: someone brought in to build a one-handled wheelbarrow. -- Fennel Hudson
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Marriage is the process by which a woman deprives herself of an escort. -- Myrtle Reed
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We are in the transport business. We transport audiences from one place to another. -- Jerry Bruckheimer
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Now I can add prostitute to my list of life's accomplishments. -- Augusten Burroughs
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I'm the Waiter, you know! -- P.l. Travers
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I don't remember agreeing to send you an honest stripper. Just a willing one.
(Cash) -- M. Leighton
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fast-food/gas-pump -- Nicholson Baker
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A representative is free delivery; she's a personal beauty consultant. Some people want that high touch. -- Andrea Jung
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People expect me to be with some stripper ... That's just the kind of woman I work with. -- Luther Campbell
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Room service. You like me fluff pillow? -- Triple H
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I'm simply one hell of a butler. -- Yana Toboso
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When you're providing a service to somebody, you're the guy they always call when something's wrong. -- Steve Wozniak
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Those tour group companies that let you ride the donkeys down -- Alexandra Bracken
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truck. He backed -- Mark T. Sullivan
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All part of the service. -- Peter David
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First rule of bodyguard detail: know where your 'body' is at all times. -- Ilona Andrews
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Greet what arrives, escort what leaves and rush upon loss of contact -- Yip Man
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As an Old Navy style attendant, I'm all about upgrading your bare basics and presenting them to your customer as basics you need to have in your wardrobe. -- Brad Goreski
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I am an armor officer. -- Eric Shinseki
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If you'll be my body guard, I can be your long lost pal. -- Paul Simon
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Late to bed, late to rise, command like hell and monetize. -- Ben Tolosa
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prostitute he just murdered. It's called The Camden Town Murder -- Patricia Cornwell
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This walking business is overrated: I mastered the art of doing it when I was quite small, and in any case, what are taxis for? -- Christopher Hitchens
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I'm an accomplice to helping women get what they want. -- John Galliano
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Delivering freight elsewhere for Pickup. Meeting a Pickup schedule may become questionable, which will assure the future casual -- Malcolm Newbourne
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I am simply one "hell" of a butler. -- Black Butler
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I have a chaperone everywhere I go - my mom. -- Shawn Johnson
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To be a bodyguard is to be a kamikaze pilot. Dedicated. -- Mr. T
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Take care of my cop. -- J.d. Robb
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What was the step down from vampire chauffeur? Werewolf walker?
Pedicurist for Bigfoot? I would have to Google that in the morning, I told myself. -- Molly Harper
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I am a hooker with a heart of gold. -- Natasha Lyonne
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You don't pay a prostitute for sex, you pay her to leave afterwards. -- Dashiell Hammett
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Like a bitch in heat, I seem to attract a coterie of policemen and sanitation officials. -- John Kennedy Toole
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I'm not in the service business. -- Nic Pizzolatto
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My sister the booty police. -- Victoria Laurie
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Hi, I'm at the Speedway at Eighty-sixth and Ditch, and I need an ambulance. The great love of my life has a malfunctioning G-tube. -- John Green
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Oh my gosh, I would love to guest star on 'Entourage.' -- Autumn Reeser
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schmoozes the customers, brings light and warmth to the -- Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
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I dress up as a middle-aged prostitute and do a game show. -- Paul O'grady
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steward, bailiff, falconer, houndmaster -- Bernard Knight
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I'm your private dancer, a dancer for money, I'll do what you want me to do. -- Tina Turner
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I got no entourage in real life. Solo. I go solo. No entourage. -- Kevin Connolly
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For what Harley Street specialist has time to understand the body, let alone the mind or both in combination, when he is a slave to thirteen thousand a year? -- Virginia Woolf
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He's a restless soul, always looking for another chance to drive,' Nico said. 'The last few years, he's been my driver whenever I need one.'
'You have a zombie chauffeur,' Leila said. -- Rick Riordan
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Driving a cab is not really a nurturing type of relationship. You take people and they tip you, they may not tip you, you don't know their names, they don't care about you, you don't care about them. -- Pam Grier
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If you order some servant to bring food, I'm leaving."
"I was going to make sure Albert hadn't moved the car."
"Oh, right. Albert the butler."
"He's a valet, actually."
"You are not helping yourself. -- Michelle Hodkin
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Sometimes give your services for nothing. -- Hippocrates
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licks donkey crotch, -- Lindsay Buroker
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Just drive, rock star. Drive fast. Very fast. Because I've got a shopping list ten miles long of the things you're going to be doing to me. -- Jae T. Jaggart
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I'm a special agent with the United States Secret Service." "You mean those guys who guard the president?" "That's only one of our duties. -- Blake Crouch
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They come for you in the morning in a limousine; they take you to the studio; they stick a pretty girl in your arms ... They call that a profession? Come on! -- Marcello Mastroianni
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I was so honored to be on 'Entourage' for eight years but I want to show people that I can do other things. -- Jerry Ferrara
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began takings cabs -- Barack Obama
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Just start thinking about all the different services in your life. Like getting your dry cleaning picked up and dropped off. Nobody has done the Uber of that yet. But that will be Uberfied. You will arrange your dry cleaning via your phone. -- Jason Calacanis
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chauffeur of three, including a precocious, independent-minded teenage boy. -- David Baldacci
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been a loyal agent to this -- Winter Renshaw
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Obsess over customers. -- Jeff Bezos
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Anybody who gives their car to a valet isn't a car guy -- Jay Leno
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The limousine is the ultimate ego trip, the supreme sign of success. It shouts: Hey, this guy is really and truly Mr Big. -- William Proxmire
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I'm a traveling practical joker. That's my line of work. -- Colin Mochrie
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A bitch. No prostitute. A bitch. If you were a Russian you would understand. -- Erich Maria Remarque
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Strangers will show you the way

But a true friend will escort you,

to your destination.

1st November, 2006 -- Tushar Mangl
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I am a trained, professional stunt driver. I'm a great driver. -- Andrea Parker
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Well this is aptly called a junket, for both of us. I have never been to a house of prostitution, but I understand that you get in more than seven minutes. -- Dustin Hoffman
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I am not a f**king pleasure girl, damn you! I'm an officer! -- Morgan Hawke
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We rent one in three tuxedos in the U.S. and Canada, and if we make a mistake, our employees will deliver to the customer's home, office, or wedding. We get a couple hundred letters a week praising the service in our stores. -- George Zimmer
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Two young adventurers for hire. Willing to do anything, go anywhere. Pay must be good. No reasonable offer refused. -- Agatha Christie
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I called for back up," Nudge said. "The police, fire department, paramedics, and a few different pizza delivery places are all on their way. -- James Patterson
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Look, you're here to see me, and I can't go on until my dealer is here, and he's waiting to be paid, so give me some money so I can fix up, and then you'll get your show. -- Iggy Pop
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I'm an entertainer in the military-entertainment complex. -- Bruce Sterling
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I've worked in a call centre and as a nightclub waitress. I served champagne to Rihanna. -- Fleur East
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Agents of disruption, subversion, sabotage and disinformation tunnelers and smugglers, listeners and forgers, trainers and recruiters and talent spotters and couriers and watchers and seducers, assassins and balloonists, lip readers and disguise artists. -- John Le Carre
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During every race, an ambulance trails the riders around the course. You know that sometimes you are going to end up in the back of that ambulance. -- Tony Mccoy
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He invited the driver of the limo to perform an illegal sex act on himself. -- Stephen King
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It's all about standing there naked in front of the client. It's about building trust. And in the end, that means the client trusts them and takes care of them. -- Patrick Lencioni
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Waitress!" Hedge called. "Six double espressos, and whatever these guys want. Put it on the girl's tab. -- Rick Riordan
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services. I had three -- Sprech Media
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I'm staying in a strange hotel. I called room service for a sandwich and they sent up two hookers. -- Bill Maher
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Taking a call girl to an STD fair ... there's a joke here. -- Donald Glover
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I'm the original take-orders girl. -- Judy Garland
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You've been watching to much Pretty Woman, and I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm the hooker in this arrangement. -- A.j. Rose
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I drive the car pool - I show up with no makeup and drive the kids to school. -- Jane Clayson
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Once dressed he came back downstairs, snapping: "call me a taxi."
So I did. I said, "Dick, you're a taxi. -- Gillibran Brown
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I was a horrible limo driver: I ran out of gas with passengers in the back and I used to get lost on a regular basis. -- John Slattery
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ship. The courier just arrived from Paidara. -- Michael Gruber
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Angie stepped from behind Eric. In her cute pipsqueak voice, she asked, "Can't you take me home?"
"It's a law enforcement vehicle, not a taxi." John said. -- Jennifer Echols
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I work sometimes with dealers and sometimes people just come to me. A lot of the commissions, they just know me. They have seen something and they just approach me. -- Robert Barry
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I come prepared with the white suit and stethoscope,
Listen to your heartbeat, delete beep beep BEEP.
Your insurance is high, but my price is cheap. -- Kool Keith