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Jack Reacher ordered espresso, double, no peel, no cube, foam cup, no china, and before it arrived at his table he saw a man's life change forever. -- Lee Child
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I'm Hispanic - don't mess around with my coffee. Leave my beans alone. -- Liz Torres
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[Cuban coffee is] very powerful, very sweet, and a little dangerous - just like the people who drink it. -- Gloria Estefan
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Do you know what the Turkish say about coffee? It should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love. -- Holly Black
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Coffee is not my cup of tea -- Samuel Goldwyn
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Coffee's the elixir of life. -- David Mitchell
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I'm a traditionalist, so for me, black coffee is cool. -- Graham Elliot
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I took another slug of my coffee - like most of my old boyfriends, it was strong, dark, Italian and slightly bitter ... -- Rosie Genova
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There is romance in coffee. It comes from the ends of the earth, and goes to the far corners of man's habitation. -- Alice Foote Macdougall
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Coffee just makes me happy. -- Stacey King
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I don't t drink coffee, but I'm a tea addict. -- Toks Olagundoye
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I drink a lot. More or less 10 or 12 coffees a day, both typical Italian and espresso. -- Domenico Dolce
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I decide to turn to my old faithful solution to all that is wrong in life. Coffee. -- Lisa Renee Jones
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Coffee or orange juice?"
"Water is fine."
His eyebrows went up.
"Uh-oh," Auriele said, but she was smiling.
Darryl was not. "Are you implying that my coffee is not the best in four counties? Or my fresh-squeezed orange juice is less than perfect? -- Patricia Briggs
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Everybody likes their coffee different. -- Kellie Pickler
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Coffee is one of my major food groups. -- Sylvia Day
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I had a very simple life growing up in the farm country outside of Perugia, and biscotti and warm milk with a tiny bit of coffee were a big part of my morning ritual before walking to school. -- Brunello Cucinelli
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I'm actually like a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop kind of guy. So I love the local shops that are kind of like one-off chains in Los Angeles, and I usually get a soy flat white. -- Connor Franta
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Just fuck me up.
A caffeine-addict placing an order with the barista. -- Julie Johnson
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Here we don't drink coffee, we 'take' it, as a medicine," echoed his business partner, Luigi Solito. "To me, the philosophy of the suspended coffee is that you are happy today, and you give a coffee to the world, as a present. -- Anonymous
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our coffee in silence. Either this -- Anonymous
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If you were coffee, you would be bitter and strong; the kind that makes my heart palpitate its way out of my chest -the kind that can turn my thoughts manic. Oh, just the way I would like it. I like it. -- Nessie Q.
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Till such time that there are strong men in this world, a woman would prefer strong coffee! -- Manoj Vaz
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deja brew, the feeling that you have had this coffee before -- Rina Suryakusuma
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For sheer sensory enjoyment, few everyday experiences can compete with a good cup of coffee. -- Ernesto Illy
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Coffee is one of life's little miracles. It gives you energy when you're tired, warms you when you're cold, and gives you something to hide behind when life keeps throwing shit your way. -- Jay Bell
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I probably have about four or five cups of coffee a day. I make myself an espresso macchiato when I wake, which is a shot of espresso and just a dollop of steamed milk. Then, if I'm going to do some work at home, I would make myself a French press. It's the best way to make conventional coffee. -- Howard Schultz
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What do you put in that coffee? Two teaspoons of bitch powder? -- Zathyn Priest
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I like my coffee hot and strong. Like I like my women: hot and strong ... with a spoon in them. -- Eddie Izzard
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Coffee is my water now. -- Becky G
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What is it about coffee? It's the perfect beverage. It warms me, body and soul. And it makes me insanely happy. -- Kim Holden
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Coffe and breakfast with friends. What more could a girl ask for. -- Diana Rowland
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Coffee Fuck you, coffee IS TOO a virtue. Do not deny me this. Do not dare! -- Chuck Wendig
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Every time you use a coffeemaker for your morning cappuccino, you are benefiting from the fragility of the coffeemaking entrepreneur who failed. He failed in order to help put the superior merchandise on your kitchen counter. -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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No coffee, no way. -- Toba Beta
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Ah! How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than muscatel wine! -- Johann Sebastian Bach
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Like most of the world's population I'm into coffee, but in a properly big and important way. My perfect weekend would start with a pint of coffee. -- Jimmy Carr
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We would take something old and tired and common - coffee - and weave a sense of romance and community around it. We would rediscover the mystique and charm that had swirled around coffee throughout the centuries. -- Howard Schultz
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I love coffee. It's one of my favorite things in the world, and I love tasting different coffees. -- Max Schneider
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I went out to the kitchen to make coffee - yards of coffee. Rich, strong, bitter, boiling hot, ruthless, depraved. The lifeblood of tired men. It -- Raymond Chandler
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Soy lattes get me through my day! -- Blake Lively
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I'm actually not a big coffee fan, so I don't drink it that much. I'd rather have a green tea. But I do love to get a white mocha sometimes - it is just a strong order. -- Emeraude Toubia
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deja brew, the feeling like you have had this coffee before -- Rina Suryakusuma
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traditional British tea. -- Michael Phillip Cash
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I don't drink coffee. I've never had a cup of coffee in my entire life. That's something you probably don't know about me. I've hated the taste since I was a kid. -- Steven Spielberg
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We want to do a lot of stuff; we're not in great shape. We didn't get a good night's sleep. We're a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup. -- Jerry Seinfeld
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I like my coffee like I like my women. In a plastic cup. -- Eddie Izzard
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What do you want?"
"Just coffee. Black - like my soul. -- Cassandra Clare
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Iced coffee is my crack. -- Lynn Weingarten
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I don't like coffee but I need caffeine. -- Preet Bharara
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Esperanza, that you, -- Pam Munoz Ryan
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Ah coffee, the elixir of gods and humans. -- Jacqueline M. Battisti
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Never had a cup of coffee in my life. Dr Pepper is my caffeine delivery system of choice. -- Steven Soderbergh
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Coffee is a fleeting moment and a fragrance. -- Claudia Roden
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The coffee tastes like a donkey's ass -- Victoria Scott
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I love ... Eskimo Joe's. I have tons of Eskimo Joe's clothes and cups in my house, 'cause I love Eskimo Joe's. -- Brooke Elliott
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If you don't drink coffee, I am suspicious of your character and will not invite you to my Italian lake home. -- George Clooney
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Half-caf, double-tall, non fat, whole-milk foam, bone-dry, half-pump mocha, half sugar in the raw, double cup, no lid, capp - to go. -- Linda Evangelista
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One of my favorites to order in fancy restaurants is escargot. -- Kirsten Prout
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The superiority of chocolate (hot chocolate), both for health and nourishment, will soon give it the same preference over tea and coffee in America which it has in Spain. -- Thomas Jefferson
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Death before Decaf! -- Elizabeth Noble
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I like my coffee the way I like my women: after waiting impatiently in a long line. -- Dana Gould
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Either way, he figured a cup of coffee would hit the spot. For what is more versatile? As at home in tin as it is in Limoges, coffee can energize the industrious at dawn, calm the reflective at noon, or raise the spirits of the beleagured in the middle of the night. -- Amor Towles
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Who needs coffee when you have passion? -- Rob Liano
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I don't drink coffee. -- Waris Ahluwalia
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Been trying the soapy water and instant coffee method. Works somewhat, but boy it tastes terrible. I don't know how you guys can stand it. I'm going back to milk and espresso for my cappas. -- David Lynch
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A martini. Shaken, not stirred. -- Sean Connery
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Weak coffee is the greatest sin against humanity. -- David Letterman
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Breakfast! The fuel for a day full of activities and animating this coffee set! -- Unknown
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coffee can energize the industrious at dawn, calm the reflective at noon, or raise the spirits of the beleagured in the middle of the night. "It's -- Amor Towles
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When we drink coffee, ideas march in like the army -- Honore De Balzac
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Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea! -- Agatha Christie
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I love Starbucks. Maybe that's a bit sad. But I definitely need my caffeine. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning. -- Nikki Sixx
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Coffee is to wake up, coffee is to work with, coffee is to live with, coffee is life -- Jim Parsons
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I was drinking a cup of tea. I actually enjoyed tea. It was so much better than coffee. It tasted like comfort. -- Matt Haig
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I can't do coffee, but I can do Dr. Pepper. -- Cher
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The worst coffee I had ever tasted, but it was hot. I drank three cups and sat there an hour, until I was completely dry. -- Charles Bukowski
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It's Kahlua, Sage. Packed with sugar and coffee flavor. -- Richelle Mead
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Coffee is for winners, go-getters, tea-ignorers, lunch-cancellers, early-risers, guilt-ridden strivers, money obsessives and status-driven spiritually empty lunatics. It is an enervating force. We should resist it and embrace tea, the ancient drink of poets, philosophers and meditators. -- Tom Hodgkinson
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Never say no to coffee -- Cesar
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English coffee tastes like water that has been squeezed out of a wet sleeve. -- Fred Allen
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Basically, I start my morning off with a Bustelo coffee made in a mocha pot - the Bialetti. I warm some milk on the side, on my stove, and I add one teaspoon or half a teaspoon of real sugar. I have two of these every morning. Even when I was pregnant. -- Debi Mazar
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I love having a croissant and a great cup of coffee. Just one cup. -- Marcus Samuelsson
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Coffee is the highlight of my day. After coffee everything is downhill. -- Bill Simmons
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I have to have coffee in the morning. -- Olivia Culpo
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I drink too much coffee. -- Julianna Margulies
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If I'm in Italy, I'm going to have a cappuccino and two small brioches and then a mix of orange and grapefruit. I don't drink tea in Italy. -- Christian Louboutin
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Come on. Let's go to Cafe Bella and drink so many lattes we're peeing coffee for a week. -- Gena Showalter
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I like my coffee like I like myself ... making rustling noises inside a burlap bag -- Josh Stern
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I love Ozomatli, this L.A. band that makes great coffee. They are half American, half Mexican, their coffee's great, and they're very good friends. -- Jose Andres
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All this and the wine's coming in and out, and by the time the waiters set the espressos down Callan's about half in the bag. He watches Calabrese take a long sip from an espresso cup. Then the boss says, "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you."
One motherfuck of an essay question. -- Don Winslow
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If coffee doesn't kill me, something else will. Erie -- Margaret Atwood
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I need coffee to deal with this, and I'm not getting decaf. -- Matthew Arnold Stern
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Last comes the beverage of the Orient shore, Mocha, far off, the fragrant berries bore. Taste the dark fluid with a dainty lip, Digestion waits on pleasure as you sip. -- Pope Leo Xii
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Beer is my coffee. -- Moi
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I'm a chai tea latte monster. Anything syrupy! -- Suki Waterhouse
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And my coffee is Blue Mountain and I drink it black, which is unusual for a teenage girl, but it's definitely the way good coffee should be drunk if you have any respect for the bitter beans. -- Ruth Ozeki
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I've always said, I like my coffee like I like my men ... I don't drink coffee. -- Ellen Degeneres
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Coffee comes in five descending stages: Coffee, Java, Jamoke, Joe, and Carbon Remover. -- Robert A. Heinlein
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What's a rainy day
without some delicious
coffee-flavoured loneliness? -- Sanober Khan