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concerns indeed morality, - a
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One goal of ethical inquiry might be to uncover strategies available for use when values conflict or when rules are incomplete.
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My personal philosophy of life is one of ethics.
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So I think ethics is the broader thing that's less focused on prohibitions and is more perhaps looking at principles and questions and ideas about how to live your life.
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Because of the diverse conditions of humans, it happens that some acts are virtuous to some people, as appropriate and suitable to them, while the same acts are immoral for others, as inappropriate to them.
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We have here the fundamental problem of ethics, the crux of the theory of moral conduct. What is justice? -shall we seek righteousness, or shall we seek power? -is it better to be good, or to be strong?
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Integrity, the choice between what's convenient and what's right.
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Opinions upon moral questions are more often the expression of strongly felt expediency than of careful ethical reasoning; and the opinions so formed by one generation become the conscientious convictions or the sacred instincts of the next.
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There must be right and wrong answers to questions of morality and values that potentially fall within the purview of science. On this view, some people and cultures will be right (to a greater or lesser degree), and some will be wrong, with respect to what they deem important in life.
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Sometimes what appears to be a difficult ethical quandary is simply the product of ignorance about your options.
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We all have different priorities. There's no one single set of ethical rules.
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Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality.
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Ethics evolve naturally, and we trample upon them with laws created by reason and experience.
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Ethics is not a mystic fantasy
nor a social convention
nor a dispensable, subjective luxury ... Ethics is an objective necessity of man's survival
not by the grace of the supernatural nor of your neighbors nor of your whims, but the grace of reality and the nature of life.
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In civilized life, law floats in a sea of ethics.
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If we are in a position to affect the happiness or suffering of others, we have ethical responsibilities toward them2 - and many of these responsibilities are so grave as to become matters of civil and criminal law. Taking
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Man is unique in that he has plans, purpose and goals which require the need for criteria of choice. The need for ethical value is within man whose future may largely be determined by the choice he make
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Doing the right thing doesn't always bring success. But compromising ethics almost always leads to failure.
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What on earth prompted you to take a hand in this?"
"I don't know. My ... my code of morals, perhaps."
"Your code of morals. What code, if I may ask?"
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We must confront the world now with an ethics to make it tremble, and with a dynamic to give it hope
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Sorting out what's good and bad is the province of ethics. It is also what keeps priests, pundits, and parents busy. Unfortunately, what keeps children and philosophers busy is asking the priests, pundits and parents, Why?
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Putting yourself in the place of others ... is what thinking ethically is all about.
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In silence, an act is an act is an act. Verbalized and discussed, it becomes an ethical problem ...
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Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself.
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I would like us to think about it more explicitly, and not take our intuitions as the given of ethics, but rather to reflect on it, and be more open about the fact that something is an ethical issues and think what we ought to do about it.
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Morality and ethics are nothing but footballs, wherewith people, strong people play to win points.
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Ethics is not about platitudes, let alone tautologies, logic or mathematics, but about difficult choices - dilemmas.
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Honest people have no ethics
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Don't judge me. Ethics and morality no longer exist in our world. It's a luxury of the past, afforded only to those who had a future.
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Ethics is a dream, and tenderness a daytime phantasm, lost when night comes.
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In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered; national traditions, differences in nation and culture are being erased.
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We live in a time when complex ethical questions are easily subordinated to the demands of efficiency, profit maximization, and maintenance or furthering of political power.
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The best cinema is about ethics.
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Clearly, one of the great tasks of civilization is to create cultural mechanisms that protect us from the moment-to-moment failures of our ethical intuitions.
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Education is the art of making man ethical
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One should make morals judgements for oneself.
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What is permissible is not always honorable.
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Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching- even when doing the wrong thing is legal.
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So far as I can tell, most worthwhile pleasures on this earth slip between gratifying another and gratifying oneself. Some would call that an ethics.
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Ethics are determined by what they catch you doing. If you don't get caught, then you haven't violated any ethics.
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Ethics and Science need to shake hands.
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There is an ongoing battle between conscience and self-interest in which, at some point, we have to take sides.
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The answer is that there is no good answer. So as parents, as doctors, as judges, and as a society, we fumble through and make decisions that allow us to sleep at night
because morals are more important than ethics, and love is more important than law.
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I have no ethics when it comes to art. You just do what you can to make it as beautiful as you can.
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We can be ethical only in relation to something we can see, feel, understand, love, or otherwise have faith in.
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There are people who will tell you that the ends justify the means, right up until they're talking about their own ends. Then, suddenly, morals and ethics matter. Funny thing, that. - Dr. Shannon
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The ethical person should do more then he is required to do, and less than he is allowed to.
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I conceive ethics as a branch of psychology.
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First, there is the law. It must be obeyed. But the law is the minimum. You must act ethically.
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Those ethical choices often are made every day at a time, minute by minute in ways that you may not even relate to ethics, so I'm going to walk them through the whole story from that perspective and hopefully they'll be able to walk away with something good from it.
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Everywhere, the ethical predicament of our time imposes itself with an urgency which suggests that even the question Have we anything to eat? will be answered not in material but in ethical terms.
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Economics, as it has emerged, can be made more productive by paying greater and more explicit attention to the ethical considerations that shape human behaviour and judgment.
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You have to get beyond blaming others ... give up your excuses ... stand responsible for what you do ... ultimately, ethics ends up an individual exercise.
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Ethics is nothing other than reverence for life because God is within every other human being you come in contact with either physically, or emotionally. Living with reverence for life is attuning goodliness, which is a state of godliness.
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Often people have an instant intuition that an action is immoral, and then struggle, often unsuccessfully, to come up with reasons why it is immoral.169
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The nature of morality must be considered, and preferably before one is exposed to situations where a moral decision is required.
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Ethics or simple honesty is the building blocks upon which our whole society is based, and business is a part of our society, and it's integral to the practice of being able to conduct business, that you have a set of honest standards.
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The greed of power drowns our ethics.
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The first principle of ethical power is Purpose. By purpose, I don't mean your objective or intention-something toward which you are always striving. Purpose is something bigger. It is the picture you have of yourself-the kind of person you want to be or the kind of life you want to lead.
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Ethics and aesthetics are one.
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When honor and the Law no longer stand on the same side of the line, how do we choose[?]
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Ethics are pre-determined and a matter of discovery, not a evolved concept.
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I think ethics is always there; it's not always a very thoughtful or reflective ethics.
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Health is the requisite after morality
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Moral codes are like the ocean. Some people live by them, while others, such as myself, would rather live by a lake.
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To be ethical, never think of anything unethical. To be moral, never hurt anyone.
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Human dignity can be achieved only in the field of ethics, and ethical achievement is measured by the degree in which our actions are governed by compassion and love, not by greed and aggressiveness.
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Self-respect governs morality: respect for others governs our behavior.
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Is there Gawker ethics? I mean, I guess there's Gawker ethics. It's a dangerous thing to talk about.
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The principles of ethics come from our own nature as social, reasoning beings.
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Moral sensibilities are nowadays at such cross-purposes that to one man a morality is proved by its utility, while to another its utility refutes it.
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There can be no question of holding forth on ethics. I have seen people behave badly with great morality and I note every day that integrity has no need of rules
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One might say that there is an "ethics barrier " a speed above which ethics can no longer exit. After that point the only remaining goal is to survive the immediate moment.
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Morality, when formal, devours.
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The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.
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The confusion between temperament and character has had serious consequences for ethical theory. Preferences with regard to differences in temperament are mere matters of subjective taste.
But differences in character are ethically of the most fundamental importance.
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Circumstances dictate your set of values, your set of morals.
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Ethics are not necessarily to do with being law-abiding. I am very interested in the moral path, doing the right thing.
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The widespread assumption that ethical behavior takes the fun out of life is false. In actuality, living ethically ensures that relationships in our lives, including encounters with strangers, nurture our spiritual growth.
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The Moral Sense teaches us what is right, and how to avoid it-when unpopular.
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A different vision of ethics is that of a collection of resources people can use to act better. The resources might be firm rules that could always be relied on. Or they might be ideals that could often be followed without thinking but that sometimes conflicted with one another.
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A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.
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Without ethics, man has no future. This is to say, mankind without them cannot be itself. Ethics determine choices and actions and suggest difficult priorities.
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Ethics is at the center of both spiritual practice and social transformation. Without a strong ethical foundation, we inevitably fall into contradictions-between means and ends, between our actions and our ideals. (p. 9)
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Ethics is the enemy of discovery. What you call ethics, I call the rape of science.
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An ethical act is one which does not harm others' experience or expectation of happiness.
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Morality is seldom a safe guide for human conduct.
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What arises from discretion must be honoured.
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If you're paying attention to human interactions - to the gap between who we are and who we think we are, or the gap between what happened and what we remember - you're going to end up thinking (obliquely or otherwise) about what it means to act ethically, and I think that's all to the good.
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Without ethics, science would be cruelty.
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The Ethical can therefore end up making us irresponsible.
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Do not confuse your vested interests with ethics. Do not identify the enemies of your privilege with the enemies of humanity.
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Integrity Intention Doing Better Moral Distress The Moral Demands of Compassionate Health Care Authenticity What Is Our Work?
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Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example.
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It's a morality that keeps humans human.
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Now here is a departure from the first principle of true ethics. Here we find ideas of moral wrong and moral right associated with something else than beneficial action. The consequent is, we lose sight of the real basis of morals, and substitute a false one.
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Ethics arises in the recognition of our obligation to care for others as beings, like us, exposed to mortality - that is, beings who need our help. Buddhism, not wrongly, extends this to 'all sentient beings'.
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Conscience is the reason employed about questions of right and wrong.
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We have examined a number of ethical issues. We have seen that many accepted practices are open to serious objections. What ought we to do about it? This, too, is an ethical issue.
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The virtual suppression of ethical discussion after 1845 produces the semblance of purely descriptive analysis, dressed in the mantle of positivist objectivity, analysis which is, in fact, strung to a framework of crude, because unexplicated, moral assumptions.