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A random sequence of seemingly unrelated events.
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It's a once-in-a-lifetime event for all of us, something like this.
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Coming to Christ is not an event. It is a process where we keep trying and trying and never give up.
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I wish I could find an event that meant as much as simple seeing.
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Planning a few anchor events for a weekend guarantees you pleasure because - even if all goes wrong in the moment - you still will have derived some pleasure from the anticipation.
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It is a precisely datable historical event having the full weight that real historical happenings have; like them, too, it happens once only; it is contemporary with all times, but not in the way that a timeless myth would be.
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Every time bring certain events with it
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One thing that affects the event is where I'm at physically.
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summer Olympics,
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I'm interested in the way major events don't necessarily announce themselves as major events. They're often little things - the drip, drip of life that changes people or affects people.
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Events tend to recur in cycles.
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At its best, leadership development is not an "event." It's a capacity-building endeavor. It's a process of human growth and development.
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Sports events do not really exist at all unless there is a certain order and fairness - justice in each event.
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It's a very special venue and a very special occasion.
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Was the anticipation worse than the event itself? At
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Change is a process not an event.
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Naturally, the reader has access only to the events I show and the way I show them, but as has been said, there's generally a good deal of ambiguity in that presentation.
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How you define an event produces emotion
and determines how you feel going forward
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God isn't in the event;
God is in the results after the event. He is in the love and concern and caring.
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Three events. Three gold medals. I was news, big news, in the sports world.
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tell us the events that took place in
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Events like this mean we can give something back to the people that support us, and hopefully everyone will have a great day and we can put on a good show for them.
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1.3.1 Event
1.3.2 Condition
1.3.3 Action
1.4 Execution
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I want to show the event at the very moment it takes place ... My body must be anchored to the ground and seek the best point of view, without any visual taboos. But then, at the heart of the event, my effort is to disappear, I introduce a distance that borders on indifference.
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There are only four or five real events that we have that draw that many people into town each year. We should have at least 12; and once we have 12, we can have 24.
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Crispin Hershey!" Lady Suze holds up both hands as if I'm the sun god Ra. "Your event was totes amazeballs! As they say.
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Events don't happen because I write a speech. I am allowed to write a speech because events are going to happen.
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An event is not over until everyone is tired of talking about it.
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Events sometimes are the biggest teachers, as opposed to words, lectures, and that kind of thing.
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The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that's what life is.
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This whole thing is a process, not an event.
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Events bring you small joy, while # existence brings you bliss.
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I guess we're the main event today.
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No party or event is without a reason. This is how we foster new relationships, open doors, and launch new ideas that create business opportunities, investments, and jobs in the U.S. and Spain.
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Eventlessness has no post to drape duration on.
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I've always been interested in setting my stories against a big event, the importance of which my younger readers are slowly becoming aware of as they move into their teens.
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The idea of a 'happening' is that there is little distance between the viewer and it, whatever 'it' is. It's an experience that's on-going and evolving.
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I'm more interested in character than events. I've observed that about myself as a writer. I find events, even the most dramatic sort, not to be such fertile ground.
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Nearly every notable event in 'Wake' has a date or a time stamp.
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The secret of the world is the tie between person and event. Person makes event and event person.
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Events become feelings, feelings become events
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It is the unforeseeable that creates the event.
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a Quarter Quell. They occur every twenty-five years, marking the anniversary of the districts' defeat with over-the-top celebrations and, for extra fun, some miserable twist for the tributes. I've
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I spent the first forty years of my life making major interventions into other people's lives, and I have an idea of the limitations of that method. I see a major event as rather like major surgery. It is a moment, but whether people use it, whether people go with it, needs to be seen.
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I was merely endeavoring to indicate that if we do not grab events by the collar they will have us by the throat.
-Lord Vetinari
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One moment of magic, or one big moment to capture the match.
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The mind is the cutting edge of the evolving event system.
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exhibition. Lake Eden.
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The Athletic Association competed against the University. So there was an event. You cannot break world records unless it is an established event, and you have three timekeepers, and the whole thing is organized.
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The Olympic Games are not just ordinary world championships but a quadrennial festival of universal youth ... celebrated by each succeeding generation as it arrives on the threshold of adulthood.
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There are events which are so great that if a writer has participated in them his obligation is to write truly rather than assume the presumption of altering them with invention.
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Compromising with events time moves along.
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Given the growing popularity of pop culture conventions, many of them are selling out, leaving a lot of fans out in the dark and having to trawl the Internet for bits and pieces of news that relate to these events.
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A goal is a planned event
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I'm following a real event and real people.
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A single event can shape our lives or change the course of history.
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World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.
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People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning.
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We celebrate the event not the time.
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great events have incalculable results.
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The greatest events- they are not noisiest but our stillest hours. The world revolves, not around the inventors of new noises, but around the inventors of new values; it revolves inaudibly.
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The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics are mass satanic rituals disguised as a celebration of Britain and sport. Their medium is the language of symbolism.
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appearance at the Crossfire.
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Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.
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It's not a competition if one person can't even show up for the event.
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It was like - It was like Special Olympics or something.
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Not all events are stories.
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Events are only the shells of ideas; and often it is the fluent thought of ages that is crystallized in a moment by the stroke of a pen or the point of a bayonet.
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Compared to relationships, events and programs make me think of ice skates gliding across ice. Relationships make me think of gum on the bottom of a shoe on a hot day.
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In every life there is one particular event that is decisive for the entire person-for his fate, his convictions, his passions.
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I know from my studies and from my life is that there is no such thing as a true event. We know dates and times and locations and participants but accounts of what happened depend upon the perspective from which the event is viewed. Take
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Events alone rarely provide much guide to the future.
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One event is an anomaly, two is a coincidence, and three a pattern.
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Extinction is not an event, it is a chain reaction!
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My favorite event each year is the Yankees-Red Sox series. Love seeing passions run hot among the fans, especially when both teams are in the running for the playoffs.
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an event of such prodigious proportions and importance that it infused her with a new will to live and materialized a dream that brightened her days and soothed her lonely nights.
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Multilevel multitasking multiplied multiple times is Event Management.
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Events do not really have beginnings or ends. Behind every event is the previous one, causing, or helping to cause, what follows.
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We need a festival now and again, no matter what situation we're in.
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The greatest events occur without intention playing any part in them; chance makes good mistakes and undoes the most carefully planned undertaking. The world's greatest events are not produced, they happen.
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Live for the event, not the outcome.
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Events are less important than our responses to them.
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Events of all sorts creep or fly exactly as God pleases.
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The Monster Ball is by nature a protest: A youth church experience to speak out and celebrate against all forms of discrimination + prejudice.
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There is something in the Olympics, indefinable, springing from the soul, that must be preserved.
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An event of colossal and overwhelming significance may happen all at once, but the words which describe it have to come one by one in a long chain.
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i was a prisoner of events
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No one event will ever be the 'be all or end all'. It's never a big deal, so stop ever making it one. Put every challenge in perspective and push forward.
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Most events recorded in history are more remarkable than important, like eclipses of the sun and moon, by which all are attracted,but whose effects no one takes the trouble to calculate.
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A party, isn't party without an a entertainment!
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And what I know from my studies and from my life is that there is no such thing as a true event. We know dates and times and locations and participants but accounts of what happened depend upon the perspective from which the event is viewed.
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If that was the last event of the night, it would have made a terrible ending. It was just the beginning, though.
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Events at home, at work, in the street - these are the bases for a story.
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In the music world, concerts unfold strictly according to plan. But, as I'd been finding out, in the book world, things keep changing by the second.
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It's the occasion that makes the revolution.
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An NBA game in L.A., the Lakers - I'm a Clipper fan - it's to be seen as much as seeing the game.
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The dearest events are summer-rain.
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Quality isn't a thing. It is an event.
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Whether your characters journey daily to a distant moon or just down the street to the corner bar, what matters to the reader is the singular event that distinguishes one such voyage from all the others and makes for a story worth telling.
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Synchronistic events offer us perceptions that may be useful in our psychological and spiritual growth and may reveal to us, through intuitive knowledge, that our lives have meaning.