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All life is an experiment.'" "A
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The person performing the experiment becomes the object of the experiment himself; this is known as the illusion!
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If you dare to read this story, you become part of the Experiment
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Everything is an experiment until it has a deadline. That gives it a destination, context, and a reason.
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He who experiments must, while doing so, divest himself of every preconception. It is clear then that if we wish to make use of a method of experimental psychology, the first thing necessary is to renounce all former creeds and to proceed by means of the method in the search for truth.
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All life is an experiment. Every important decision is taken with inadequate knowledge by imperfect men and women whom the future will confound. Yet we act nevertheless.
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An Experiment, like every other event which takes place, is a natural phenomenon; but in a Scientific Experiment the circumstances are so arranged that the relations between a particular set of phenomena may be studied to the best advantage.
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We've made science experiments of ourselves and our children.
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In order to innovate, you have to experiment.
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The value of experimentation is not the trying. It's the trying again after the experiment fails.
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What most experimenters take for granted before they begin their experiments is infinitely more interesting than any results to which their experiments lead.
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Doing an experiment is not more important than writing.
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The true method of knowledge is experiment.
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It often happened that when we thought we were experimenting on others we were really experimenting on ourselves.
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In the philosophic sense, observation shows and experiment teaches.
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You have not succeeded in your experiments, that is all there is to it.
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Trials or little tests contain lessons to be learnt.
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An experiment not worth doing is not worth doing well.
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This os another test
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We act not for ourselves but for the whole human race. The event of our experiment is to show whether man can be trusted with self - government.
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The ultimate arbiter of truth is experiment, not the comfort one derives from one's a priori beliefs, nor the beauty or elegance one ascribes to one's theoretical models.
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[The Constitution] is an experiment as all life is an experiment.
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You all have learned reliance
On the sacred teachings of Science,
So I hope, through life, you will never decline
In spite of philistine Defiance
To do what all good scientists do.
Make it your motto day and night.
And it will lead you to the light.
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Experiment has a stimulus which withers its fear.
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Experiments are mediators between nature and idea.
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Reason has so many forms that we do not know which to choose-Experiment has no fewer.
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I consider all my films an experiment, at least in my mind.
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Most people prefer to carry out the kinds of experiments that allow the scientist to feel that he is in full control of the situation rather than surrendering himself to the situation, as one must in studying human beings as they actually live.
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My tendency is to be very experimental.
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Experiment is fundamentally only induced observation.
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Life is an experiment and experience.
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In teaching man, experimental science results in lessening his pride more and more by proving to him every day that primary causes, like the objective reality of things, will be hidden from him forever and that he can only know relations.
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The point of an experiment is not to arrive at a predetermined end point, to prove or disprove anything, but to deliver a poem that reveals much about the process taken.
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Life is a sacred experiment.
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Experiments with animals have long been handicapped by our anthropocentric attitude: We often test them in ways that work fine with humans but not so well with other species.
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The proper method for inquiring after the properties of things is to deduce them from experiments.
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I don't think that somebody who is observing or predicting behavior should also be participating in the 'experiment.'
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But the best demonstration by far is experience, if it go not beyond the actual experiment.
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For each of us who appear to have had a successful experiment there are many to whom their own experiments seem barren and negative.
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Experiment is the only means of knowledge at our disposal. Everything else is poetry, imagination.
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Many of us have created lives that give very little support for experimentation. We believe that answers already exist out there, independent of us. What if we invested more time and attention to our own experimentation? We could focus our efforts on discovering solutions that work uniquely for us.
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How hard, how desperately hard, is the way of the experimenter in art!
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The observer listens to nature: the experimenter questions and forces her to reveal herself.
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The experiments I am about to relate ... may be repeated with great ease, whenever the sun shines, and without any other apparatus than is at hand to every one.
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No offense but I don't relish being someone's science experiment. Been there, done that, and sold the T-shirt for profit. (Sebastian)
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experimenting until you are finally successful.
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Life is like an experiment. If you don't test yourself, you will never find the right result for you.
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Experimental science is the queen of knowledge.
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No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.
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Imagination should give wings to our thoughts but we always need decisive experimental proof, and when the moment comes to draw conclusions and to interpret the gathered observations, imagination must be checked and documented by the factual results of the experiment.
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You did not come to this world for an experiment but for an assignment written on the palm of your hand. Discover yours !
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Experiences, Examine, Explore!!!!
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You want experimentation. Every once in awhile, you stumble upon something that blows your mind.
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Any work of science, no matter what its point of departure, cannot become fully convincing until it crosses the boundary between the theoretical and the experimental: Experimentation must give way to argument, and argument must have recourse to experimentation.
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Experimenters are the shock troops of science.
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I always wanted to be really experimental.
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There are people who say that you can't experiment ... That condemns you to failure.
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At the beginning of all experimental work stands the choice of the appropriate technique of investigation.
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Explore, Experiment, Evolve.
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Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
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Nature holds no brief for the human experiment; it must stand or fall by its results.
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The true worth of an experimenter consists in his pursuing not only what he seeks in his experiment, but also what he did not seek.
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I've always had a feeling that any time you can experiment, you ought to do it. Because you never know what will happen.
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I went to the computer and tried to experiment. I introduced a very high level of experiment in very pure mathematics.
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The value and utility of any experiment are determined by the fitness of the material to the purpose for which it is used, and thus in the case before us it cannot be immaterial what plants are subjected to experiment and in what manner such experiment is conducted.
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Experimental evidence is the final arbiter of right and wrong.
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I consider all my films experiments.
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The experimenter who does not know what he is looking for will not understand what he finds.
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I did not think; I experimented.
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Success depends on how many experiments you can fit into 24 hours
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Experiment is the sole interpreter of the artifices of Nature.
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Religion is not an experiment, it is an experience of life through which one is part of the cosmic adventure.
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Do not put forward anything that you cannot prove by experimentation.
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An experiment is a question which science poses to Nature and a measurement is the recording of Nature's answer.
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Developmental scientists like me explore the basic science of learning by designing controlled experiments.
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Experiments work when, and only when, they call into action cognitive capacities that might reliably deliver the conclusions drawn.
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The reader's challenge is to replicate the experiment by reading the poem and to draw their own conclusions.
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You make experiments and I make theories. Do you know the difference? A theory is something nobody believes, except the person who made it. An experiment is something everybody believes, except the person who made it.

{Remark to scientist Herman Francis Mark}
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My drumming is always an experiment.
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I'm asking you to give me a chance, however slim, to prove myself."
My throat tightened. "Cade ... I'm not a science experiment."
"Good to know, but I rocked biology. Lab was my favorite," he teased.
"I'm serious."
"So am I.
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I tried out various experiments described in treatises on physics and chemistry, and the results were sometimes unexpected. At times, I would be encouraged by a little unhoped-for success; at others, I would be in the deepest despair because of accidents and failures resulting from my inexperience.
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How could youths better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living?
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Should philosophy guide experiments, or should experiments guide philosophy?
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You never know with these things when you're trying something new what can happen. This is all experimental.
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The middle ages showed us the results of thinking without experimentation, our present century shows us what experimentation without thinking leads to.
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The Experiment is the Experiment." For all its contemptuous insanity, the idea still seemed to have some kind of rational kernel to it.
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Experimental investigation, to borrow a phrase employed by Kepler respecting the testing of hypotheses, is "a very great thief of time." Sometimes it costs many days to determine a fact that can be stated in a line.
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Experimental economics is about conducting experiments: bringing economics into the laboratory or creating controlled conditions in the field that allow us to understand better what we are seeing in less controlled circumstances.
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Ideas do not always come in a flash but by diligent trial-and-error experiments that take time and thought.
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Life is an experimental field.
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I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.
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I started something with Test, but I don't know what it was.
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I ended your experiment. Because you're not a scientist. You're a monster. I'm not leaving any of them at your mercy.
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To maximize your chances of success, you should deploy small, concrete experiments that return concrete feedback.
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When I was in high school I experimented sexually. The experiment was to never have sex with anybody no matter how hard I tried. Success! Hypothesis confirmed.
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Don't believe the results of experiments until they're confirmed by theory.
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If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment.
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Dare to try the impossible.
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I give them experiments and they respond with speeches.
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I have always attached great importance to the manner in which an experiment is set up and conducted ... the experiment should be set up to open as many windows as possible on the unforeseen.