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What else is there to do in college except drink beer or slit one's wrists? -- Bret Easton Ellis
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Academic achievement was something I'd always sought as a form of reward. Good grades pleased my parents, good grades pleased my teachers; you got them in order to sew up approval. -- Caroline Knapp
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One of the wonderful things about going to a small college is you can get into everything. -- Art Linkletter
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This is a value-added college education if I have heard one described. And what is the most remarkable about Delaware State University graduates - is they just keeping giving back. -- Michael N. Castle
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College is a singular opportunity to rummage through and luxuriate in ideas, to give your brain a vigorous workout and your soul a thorough investigation, to realize how very large the world is and to contemplate your desired place in it. -- Frank Bruni
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I'm a liberal arts junkie. -- Mary Chapin Carpenter
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I have some unfinished business to complete at the University of Oregon. -- Chip Kelly
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Pursuit of passion, -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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As I went to college, I went into radio and television. Now I suppose most people think that's one step ahead of basket weaving as a major in college, but it was part of the journalism department. -- Sam Donaldson
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When I entered college, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. My advisor happened to be from the theater department, and he encouraged me to take some classes there, which I did. -- David Selby
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I wanted to do a degree in something I was interested in before going into acting. -- James Norton
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My freshman year of high school I joined the chess and math clubs. -- Eric Allin Cornell
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Your extracurricular activities are definitely somewhat lackluster, Annie."
"What? Being the daughter of a celebrated criminal doesn't count as an extracurricular activity?"
"No," Scarlet said. "A case could be made for poisoning your ex-boyfriend however. -- Gabrielle Zevin
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Sigma Chi, more than anything else, got me involved with the people who knew how to study, and they helped me. I learned from them. The Norman Shield is still quite applicable now. -- William Devries
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I studied philosophy and ended on sociology. For some reason, all the advanced courses in philosophy were offered 4:30 to 6:30, so I could never go because of football, so I had to switch. -- Lawrence Jackson
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The school of hard knocks is an accelerated curriculum. -- Menander
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At the end of my first year, I realized I wanted to do more drama, so I actually started an extracurricular course outside of university. So I was at school all day writing, and in the evenings I'd go to drama school. So it was nonstop. -- Penelope Mitchell
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Back-benchers and Last-rankers in School; they have determined hands, powerful minds and courage to turn the mountain of opportunities in their favour, grind challenges and mould desires and dreams into Grand Realities. -- Kavita Bhupta Ghosh
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Undergraduates owe their happiness chiefly to the consciousness that they are no longer at school. The nonsense which was knocked out of them at school is all put gently back at Oxford or Cambridge. -- Max Beerbohm
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While I was at community college, I studied industrial design because I thought maybe I'd be an automotive designer - I grew up in Detroit - and I also studied, geology because I was interested in science, a little bit. -- Andrew J. Feustel
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I was focused on athletics, outdoors, sports. -- Joe Namath
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I was quite nerdy at school. I skipped a year and won a scholarship in chemistry. -- Jerry Hall
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Math and science were my favorite subjects besides theater. -- Jason Earles
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While I was at Cornell in engineering, I was an engineering co-op student, and that turned out to be very valuable because we'd go out every other term to work in industry and have that close association with industry. -- Irwin M. Jacobs
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B1U12B. Be One You Want To Be -- Johannes Masombuka
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Many activities and team play participation will give you a training that will prove invaluable later on in life. -- Walter Annenberg
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The avowed goal of most college students today is preprofessional training or professional credentialing, even if they have no idea what their profession is likely to be. -- Thomas Leitch
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Higher educating is defaulting on its obligations to offer young people a quality and broad-based education. This is true in part because the liberal arts and humanities have fallen out of favor in a culture that equates education with training. -- Henry Giroux
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Participation, I think, or one of the best methods of educating. -- Tom Glazer
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I was a catastrophe at Science and Games, but the good thing about Quaker schools is that they encourage you in those subjects for which you show an aptitude. -- Richard Rodney Bennett
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I was taking electives, and that branched into theater. Theater led to me taking a break during the summer between my junior and senior year. After I graduated, I ended up moving out to L.A. But in my senior year, I made it a part of my major. -- Wes Brown
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I have an affinity for the law. I like looking at the small type on contracts, and if I could have afforded law school, I probably would have gone. -- Octavia Spencer
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The student develops an analytical as well as finely blended character. He is able to choose from a wide variety of job fields from which to embrace a career, without having to be a specialist in one particular discipline. -- Philippe Perrin
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As a community college professor for over twenty years, I've seen the determination, resilience and dedication of countless students. Regardless of circumstances, they show up. They work hard. They believe anything is possible. -- Jill Biden
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** The fall semester will offer such classes as Learning When to Shut Up, Asking for Directions, Chick Flicks 101 and The Art of Loading the Dishwasher (Lab Fee Extra) -- K. Larsen
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There is unspeakable pleasure attending the life of a voluntary student. -- Oliver Goldsmith
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Schools that cannot tolerate interesting & enthusiastic eccentrics who work better alone than together are devoid of flexibility & spirit -- Andy Hargreaves
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In the winters, I enrolled in the hotel management program at Cornell University. I naively thought that I knew something about sleight-of-hand, entertainment and food, and that would be all I needed. -- Ricky Jay
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For education to happen, people must encounter worthwhile things outside their sphere of interest and brainpower. -- Mark Bauerlein
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The public schools I attended were dominated by athletics and rarely inspiring intellectually, but I enjoyed a small circle of interesting friends despite my ineptitude at team sports and my preference for reading. -- Harold E. Varmus
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Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to go to Oberlin and wanted the liberal arts. Obviously I really get intense pleasure out of drawing connections between pieces and poems and literature and ideas. -- Jeremy Denk
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You want to do things you're passionate about but also are useful to other people. -- Elon Musk
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I was graduated in 1940 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Science but a major in Mathematics, a paradoxical combination that was prognostic of my future interests. -- Kenneth Arrow
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Upon arriving, meeting their teachers and signing up for classes, these students began to realize that their attendance at Delaware State University was not a goal achieved, but rather a dream being sewn - a first step, if you will. -- Michael N. Castle
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weareheretogetagoodfoundation sowecangotocollegeliveuptoourpotentialgetagoodjoblivehap pilyeverafterandgotoDisneyWorld, -- Laurie Halse Anderson
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I think when you do things outside of what you're interested in, you meet people and get ideas to bring in to whatever it is you love doing the most. -- Gia Coppola
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The goal is to do things that are exciting and respectable. -- Jared Kushner
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on patrol with the study police -- Amanda Ripley
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My favourite subject at school was avoiding unnecessary work. -- Prince Philip
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Pursuits become habits.
[Lat., Abeunt studia in mores.] -- Ovid
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I had a liberal arts education at Amherst College where I had two majors, mathematics and philosophy. -- Stephen Cole Kleene
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So in my junior year, I switched to the drama department. -- James Earl Jones
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I was fortunate in that I attended university in Canada in the early 1970s when you could take a true liberal arts degree with no programmes, majors or minors. -- O.r. Melling
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Indeed, being an artist is not just a job but an identity dependent on a broad range of extracurricular intelligences. -- Sarah Thornton
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Academy. And what a narcotic the drug of positive feedback -- Deon Meyer
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Scoring high in procreation, got an A studying female anatomy. -- Alice Cooper
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In my brief sojourn in college, my favorite classes were political science because I loved the idea of systems we can set up that benefit society - rules we can put in place that sometimes you run against, sometimes they're painful, but ultimately they benefit the world. -- Matt Mullenweg
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Whatever interests is interesting. -- William Hazlitt
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I was an English major in college with minors in Fine Arts and Humanities. -- Sue Grafton
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There are some things I'd like to get into in terms of what's important to me. -- Michael Zaslow
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I was a mathematics major and really into math. -- Mary Callahan Erdoes
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As the humanities and liberal arts are downsized, privatized, and commodified, higher education finds itself caught in the paradox of claiming to invest in the future of young people while offering them few intellectual, civic, and moral supports. -- Henry Giroux
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At Princeton I gained a great deal of pleasure from success in my classes. knowing that I could accomplish those things, and I realized that my success was directly proportionate to the work I put in. -- Brooke Shields
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School systems should base their curriculum not on the idea of separate subjects, but on the much more fertile idea of disciplines ... which makes possible a fluid and dynamic curriculum that is interdisciplinary. -- Ken Robinson
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Boston Latin School. -- David Mccullough
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Screw that, the questionn at hand is what's your major?" Oded said. "Because let me tell you right now, any answer other than World of Warcraft or Advanced Ninja Studies will not be accepted. -- Rachel Caine
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This is a story of an adventure in education, pursued not under the best of conditions. -- Louis L'amour
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Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them. -- Max Ernst
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I thought I was gonna be an attorney, so I went to Dartmouth and I was a government major and I minored in environmental policy, and I didn't do anything academically around the arts. -- Aisha Tyler
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What is worth pursuing is worth staying on course for. -- Steven Redhead
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I was an English major. -- Jenna Bush
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When I originally entered UCLA, I had planned to go for a film major, but I kept finding myself taking math classes for fun, 'cause I missed them from high school! -- Danica Mckellar
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I was hedging my bets by the time I got to college. I was interested in drama and journalism and psychology. -- Hank Azaria
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Culinary arts. I'm one of those crazy people who dream of being a chef one day. -- Karina Halle
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To preserve one's mind intact through a modern college education is a test of courage and endurance, but the battle is worth it and the stakes are the highest possible to man: the survival of reason. -- Ayn Rand
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As my father would have said, I went through the college of hard knocks. -- Gloria Allred
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At different times I taught humanities, social sciences and pre-vocational education. -- Estelle Morris
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I have a passion for academic life, a passion for students and for the ability and the narrative of a university to make a difference in the world in which they reside. -- Gordon Gee
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These studies are a spur to the young, a delight to the old: an ornament in prosperity, a consoling refuge in adversity; they are pleasure for us at home, and no burden abroad; they stay up with us at night, they accompany us when we travel, they are with us in our country visits. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Scholars, street knowledge, Carter kids stuck in the projects. -- Big Pun
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Because I went to Chouinard, which then became CalArts, I became a multi-discipline artist - it wasn't just about painting, it was about media and performance. -- John Van Hamersveld
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When I was in college at Amherst, my father asked me a favor: to take one course in economics. I loved it - for the challenge of its mysteries. -- Edmund Phelps
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I played football and ran track in junior high, but by high school I was getting serious about my studies. -- George Smoot
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The student now goes to college to proclaim rather than to learn. A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals. -- Spiro T. Agnew
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It is a shock to many college graduates that their segway into the real world is one of obligation, profound debt, and countless sacrifices of the soul. -- Chris Matakas
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I had all the normal interests - I played basketball and I headed the school paper. But I also developed very early a great love for music and literature and the theater. -- Carlisle Floyd
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I was engaged in all the required courses of math and geometry, but the area that I blossomed in was the art program. -- Paul Smith
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Ordinary people love entertainment. Extraordinary people adore education. -- Robin Sharma
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Football, fraternities, and fun have no place in the university. They were introduced only to entertain those who shouldn't be in the university. -- Robert Maynard Hutchins
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Everyone in our school has afterschool activities. mine is going home. -- David Levithan
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I don't recall any interest in science in particular. It came later in college. -- Ellen Ochoa
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Colleges and classrooms should be havens of tranquility, places where thoughtful discussions occur, where students work together with their teachers to acquire knowledge of the arts and sciences. -- Jay Parini
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I simply wanted to get through college as quickly as humanly possible. I had no interest in extracurricular activities or anything that required me to be social. I was allergic to people. -- Nadine Velazquez
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A college education is not a quantitative body of memorized knowledge salted away in a card file. It is a taste for knowledge, a taste for philosophy, if you will; a capacity to explore, to question to perceive relationships, between fields of knowledge and experience. -- Alfred Whitney Griswold
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Not a Harvard-type education, ... Just a not-sticking-up-a-liquor-store-type education. -- Chris Rock
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Luckily, the public school system that I was in had a really great drama program, so I plunged into that. It really sort of kept me afloat because I was bored in school. -- Allison Scagliotti
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Every kid has something they're good at, that you hope they find and gravitate toward. -- Tina Fey
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I was resolved to sustain and preserve in my college the bite of the mind, the chance to stand face to face with truth, the good life lived in a small, various, highly articulate and democratic society. -- Virginia Gildersleeve
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I have a great interest in a number of things, perhaps too many. I admire people who seem to concentrate on only one fixed discipline to the exclusion of almost everything else. -- Tom Glazer
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I had always done theater in extracurricular ways. I'd never been a drama major. -- Sigourney Weaver