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My family is awesome. -- Miranda Lambert
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A family is a place where a body can share the no-account things, can talk of the little matters important only to ourselves, where we can laugh and cry and tell of the day-by-day happenings and then forget them. -- Louis L'amour
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The family is the foundation for love and for maintaining spirituality -- Quentin L. Cook
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But family was family, full stop. -- Kit Rocha
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We're all related. We're all a family. -- Jack Johnson
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Family is the root of all that is good in our lives, and I am so grateful for mine. -- Ivana Trump
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A family is more than one Person. -- Elizabeth Scott
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Families are designed to nurture the minds, wills, and emotions of its members so that the barriers created by fear of the unknown can be replaced by the confidence that comes from knowing you are loved whether you succeed or fail. -- Leigh A. Bortins
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There are two kinds of family. There's the family of your flesh, and the one of your heart. One builds character, the other rewards it. -- Sheila Roberts
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Of one thing we can be certain: every person we see - no matter the race, religion, political beliefs, body type, or appearance - is family. -- Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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All you really have in this world is family. -- Diane Kasulis
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The family is both mystery and reality; it houses our bodies and our spirits. -- Tian Dayton
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The family is where we are formed as people. Every family is a brick in the building of society -- Pope Francis
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Families are about love overcoming emotional torture. -- Matt Groening
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When everything else is in ruins, family is all we have. And God, of course. -- Chris Womersley
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Families, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em .. -- Tate Hallaway
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Family always gonna be there. -- Lil' Romeo
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Family is a Blessing, that we have been giving, which supports us when we most need it -- Unknown
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Family to me is foundation. It's the people that you can call on whether you love them or hate them. When push comes to shove, they're there for you, and that's kind of how this family is. -- Constance Marie
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I definitely have family on the brain. -- Rachel Bilson
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The whole world is one family. -- Sun Yat-Sen
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My family consists of everyone I love dearly and not just the people who are related to me. -- Steven Aitchison
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Families are the bedrock of our society. -- Hillary Clinton
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My family are everything to me. They come first in everything I do. -- Nigel Barker
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Family is not an important thing, it's everything. -- Michael J. Fox
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My family is my career. -- James Mcbride
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I've got two families. -- Merle Haggard
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....And let me tell you something about families they're overrated. They're a weakness. The leave you or get taken from you or they disappoint you. Families are a liability. -- Michael Robotham
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My family are the epicenter of all my decisions. -- Maisie Williams
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A family is a group of people who keep confusing you with someone you were as a kid. -- Robert Brault
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Your spiritual family is even more important than our physical family because it will last forever. -- Rick Warren
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Family isn't who you share blood with but who will bleed for you. It's the people who love you through your tragedies and stick around. -- Dannika Dark
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A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold. -- Ogden Nash
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Family is more important than anything. -- Allan Dare Pearce
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Family: A social unit where the father is concerned with parking space, the children with outer space, and the mother with closet space. -- Evan Esar
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Family is where the Heart is! -- Anuranjita Kumar
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One's family is the most important thing in life. I look at it this way: One of these days I'll be over in a hospital somewhere with four walls around me. And the only people who'll be with me will be my family. -- Robert Byrd
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The whole world is my family. -- Pope John Xxiii
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Family ... the home of all social evil, a charitable institution for comfortable women, an anchorage for house-fathers, and a hell for children. -- August Strindberg
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Family is the place where acceptance and validation are most needed, but often the hardest to find. -- Bill Crawford
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My family is everything. They love me unconditionally. -- Sofia Carson
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A family is a messy unwieldy thing bounded only by blood andbeneath all the embarrassmentaffection. -- Priya Parmar
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There are many different forms of family and there is in fact NO 'the' family.

The basic building block of any close relationship - and thus any family - is LOVE. -- Christina Engela
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Sometimes it can be bad to have too much family. Everybody gets involved in your problems, giving their opinion, gossiping, and making drama. But when bad things happen, they will be there to support you. -- Sofia Vergara
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A family is a group of people who are committed to loving and supporting one another. It's just that simple. -- Sherri Saum
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The thing you can always rely on, your core person, comes from your family's attention and love. -- Martin Short
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What is family anyway but people who are always supposed to be there for you? Family should be rock solid, the earth beneath your feet, wind beneath your wings, and all that. -- Arlaina Tibensky
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I love my family. -- Manute Bol
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I'm very much a family person. -- Barry Gibb
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Truly successful lives are about family. -- Elizabeth Warren
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Sticking with your family is what makes it a family. -- Mitch Albom
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A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living. -- Charles R. Swindoll
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There are so many ways a family can unravel. All it takes is a tiny slash of selfishness, a rip of greed, a puncture of bad luck. And yet, woven tightly, family can be the strongest bond imaginable. -- Jodi Picoult
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Family ... a group experience of love and support. -- Marianne Williamson
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The Family is the salt of the earth and the light of the world, it is the leaven of society. -- Pope Francis
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A family is a mystery. -- Sharon Olds
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Simi? What was it you told me once about families?
We have three kinds of family. Those we are born to, those who are born to us, and those we let into our hearts. -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
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The best way to feel family is being part of it. -- Valgame
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Family is a place where love never ends. -- Debasish Mridha
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Like all best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements. -- Queen Elizabeth Ii
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Sometimes family isn't about the people you're born to, but those who care enough about you to support you . . . or pull a few favors to help right a wrong for someone you know. -- Catherine Bybee
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My family means the world to me. Without them, I am nothing. -- Tammy Falkner
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Family is not who's blood is in you, is who you love and who loves you -- Jackie Chan
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The family is the corner stone of our society. -- Lyndon B. Johnson
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My family is my life, and I'll never lose that. -- Jessica Simpson
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Your family got broken when you were a kid, but then you made your own. -- Ava Dellaira
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I've got a really great family round me, two sisters and an older brother and my mum and dad. Everybody's equal. -- Nicholas Hoult
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I'm an orphan. But the public has adopted me, and that has been my only family. The biggest family in the world is my fans. -- Eartha Kitt
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Of all the groups that sometimes claim to own your life, family is the hardest to defend your individual sovereignty from. -- L. Neil Smith
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Family is the only anchor that will hold in a choppy sea. -- Karen Hawkins
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We're all family
the only family we've got. It doesn't have to be blood. -- Holly Cupala
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We a family, carin' for each other. Family make us strong in times of trouble. We all stick together, help each other out. That the real meanin' of family. When you grow up, you take that family feelin' with you. -- Kathleen Grissom
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My immediate family is real close-knit. -- Kenan Thompson
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Family: the most important thing of all. My siblings may drive me crazy at times but they are my blood. They're all I've known. My family is me. They are my life. Without them I walk the planet alone. Forbidden, Tabitha Suzuma -- Tabitha Suzuma
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Some people think family's about DNA, but it ain't. It's about the folks who want you, who stick with you no matter what. They know your secrets and flaws, and you know theirs, and you love each other anyway. -- Kim Fielding
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To us the family is the cornerstone of civilization and must ever be. It is the foundation of proper human relationships. -- Mark E. Petersen
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You can have terrible things happen in your family. A husband and wife can be having a knock-down, drag-out fight and the minute one of the kids gets hurt, the fight is over and it's about the family. -- Sophia Bush
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Family life is the normal context in which we can learn that a life filled with thinking about others instead of ourselves is the sure road to the most fulfilling joys and satisfactions. -- Alan Keyes
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Friends are the family we choose. -- Jennifer Aniston
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Family is the one thing that is definitely not disposable. -- Jenny Eclair
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I had a family. They can be a nuisance in identity but there is no doubt no shadow of doubt that that identity the family identity we can do without. -- Gertrude Stein
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It is a family; it's a slightly dysfunctional family, but it's also very close and warm and loving family. -- Anna Wintour
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When trouble comes, it's your family that supports you. -- Guy Lafleur
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Sometimes, a family is like an ear of summer corn: It might look perfect on the outside, but when you peel the husk away. every kernel is rotten. -- Sara Shepard
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A friend is a favourable family. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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I think that is the very definition of a family: a group of individuals, bound by the essence of love, who share a life together and yet maintain their unique individuality. -- Kathy Magliato
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Families are the Lord's workshop on earth to help us learn and live the gospel. We come into our families with a sacred duty to help strengthen each other spiritually. -- Cheryl A. Esplin
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Your family is what you make it. The family is the people who protect and love you no matter what it costs them in the end. Family is who you keep coming back to even when all you want to do is run away. -- Bethany-Kris
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Family is not always the people with whom you share DNA. Sometimes, family is the person who fights the hardest for your happiness. -- Cassia Leo
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When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching
they are your family. -- Jim Butcher
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To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. -- Barbara Bush
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Family is a unique gift that needs to be appreciated and treasured, even when they're driving you crazy. As much as they make you mad, interrupt you, annoy you, curse at you, try to control you, these are the people who know you the best and who love you. -- Jenna Morasca
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The bonds of family bind us up, support us, help us. And they are also a bond from which it is difficult, perhaps impossible to extricate oneself. -- Neil Gaiman
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I'll be your family now. -- Veronica Roth
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Families have become models for public life, constructing friendships between individuals of different temperaments, ambitions and ages, even if they are often unsuccessful. People now want, above all, appreciation of their uniqueness. -- Theodore Zeldin
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Family is a choice ... Parents and siblings are your relations. Family takes care of one another and helps each other. -- C.l.stone
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Family is a fortress. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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What makes a family is neither the absence of tragedy nor the ability to hide from misfortune, but the courage to overcome it and, from that broken past, write a new beginning. -- Steve Pemberton
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How can we not talk about family when family is all we got -- Wiz Khalifa
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Family's not just made up of people who share the same blood, it's made up of people who love you. -- Lynette Eason