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I'm drunk-nonsensical tired out.
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I work from fatigue to fatigue at my age there's only so much daylight left.
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Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like.
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There is nothing more abominable than being in a state of bodily exhaustion and mental irritation; I was too lethargic to get up and seek some means of occupying my mind, but I was too uneasy to fall asleep.
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He looks tired, like someone walked on his skin and left footprints.
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A person gets tired. The mind or the soul or whatever word we have for whatever is not just the body gets tired, and this, I have decided, is - usually, mostly - nature helping us. I was getting tired. I think - but I don't know - that he was getting tired too.
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The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.
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Muscle-work can only make one weary - it takes brain-work to create true exhaustion.
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Sleep is out ... tired is the new black.
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I am always exhausted; I am always trying to find more time to be with my family, which is why they travel with me so much.
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Worry is a form of fear, and all forms of fear produce fatigue. A man who has learned not to feel fear will find the fatigue of daily life enormously diminished.
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To be tired it is only in your mind.
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There was nothing the matter with them except they were dead tired. It was not the dead-tiredness that comes through brief and excessive effort, from which recovery is a matter of hours; but it was the dead-tiredness that comes through the slow and prolonged strength drainage of months of toil.
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She felt weary and careworn, in the way one often does before the big job of work is tackled; that sense of premature or projected exhaustion that is the breeding ground of all procrastination.
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Whenever you feel exhausted, take time to relax, refresh and recharge.
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The worst manifestations of exhaustion were successfully cured by a long period of rest but it was immediately apparent to me that I had lost once and for all my former capacity for carrying out experimental work until physically tired.
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After he had resolved this, he felt the fatigue overwhelm him,
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She was tired, with that tiredness that only emptiness brings.
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Exhaustion is not a status symbol or a badge of honor. Stop the glorification of busy and learn to nurture your soul.
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Fatigue, discomfort, discouragement are merely symptoms of effort.
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Wolgast leaned back in his chair and realized how exhausted he was. It always came upon him like this, like the sudden unclenching of a fist.
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There is fatigue so great that the body cries, even in its sleep.
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Strangely, nothing makes me feel tired, fatigued, at all. I've gone days and nights without sleep, and still the mind is in such a positive space it just doesn't make you feel fatigued.
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Fatigue is the price of leadership. Mediocrity is the price of never getting tired.
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His fatigued brain slid out from under him.
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I got tired, I told him. Not worn out, but worn through. Like one of those wives who wakes up one morning and says I can't bake any more bread.
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I was so tired that I was nothing but my body: the steady dull throb in my thighs, the tremor all along my arms, the thick grime of dust muffling my skin.
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We're all a little tired.
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Anxious fills the Enthusiasm that lifts you up from your Tiredness
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Fatigue seems to be a factor in this accident.
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I'm a workaholic, so I ignore the signs of fatigue and just keep going and going, and then conk out when I get home. It can be pretty stressful.
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I'm exhausted from not talking.
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Sometimes you have no right to be tired! You have to work till you reach the glory! Sometimes you must refuse to repose; you must reach the target that you wish to reach just like an arrow never stopping here and there!
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Immediately after the Olympics, I was pretty fatigued.
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I'm just kinda tired. Like a monkey in the rain.
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Groggy. Achy. My muscles feel like a granny's.
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When you're tired, you rationalize. You make excuses in your mind. You say, "I'm too tired; I'm bushed; I can't do this; I'll loaf." Then you're a coward.
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Current Position: Tired from the human race.
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Too weary and dazed by unfinished sleep even to swear. There comes a degree of numbness in fatigue and exasperation which can be expressed only by a sullen silence.
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We grown-ups always try to take the easy way out, the laziest way. We seem to have a great fear of getting tired, as if any energy depleted is lost forever. We want to plan our fatigue the same way we plan everything else.
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She was exhausted, both mentally and physically. It was an exhaustion Andi doubted sleep could fix.
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When you are tired.Rest!
Tired mentaly, physically, spiritually.
Rest can take on many forms
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Ask any woman today how she's doing, and there's a good chance the answer will be 'Busy!' or 'Exhausted!
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The depressed fall back exhausted from every undertaking.
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If I'm exhausted, physically and particularly emotionally, I can't tell what's good and I can't tell what's bad and I'm useless.
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I had had to learn the difference between the bearable fatigue and the unbearable, the fatigue of fear. The first can be cured by a night's sleep; the second kills.
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Tired? I don't think so. I'm in such good shape that I could box even 25 rounds.
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He was maxed out. He had no
resources left to do anything else. That's what happens
when you're tired. Your decision-making skills erode. You
start missing things - things that you would pick up on
any other day.
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Fatigue is here, in my body, in my legs and eyes. That is what gets you in the end. Faith is only a word, embroidered.
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I'm tired. I'm twenty-five years old and I have lived enough
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How can you be tired? your poor horse did all the running."
"It was emotionally exhausting, Hammond," Breeze said, rapping the larger man's hand with his cane.
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When you don't give yourself the time and care you need, your body rebels in the form of sickness and exhaustion
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Sluggish idleness
the nurse of sin.
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Fatigue could be the dealmaker's friend.
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Basically, it's just fatigue, ... I've run out of gas a little bit. I've played a lot this summer, and the body's just telling me I'm fatigued.
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No pressure in this life will be too much where our Lord cannot help you. If you feel tired and worn out constantly it is because you have been weary walking in the desert without the refreshing streams of prayer and abiding with the Lord.
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Though thousands of people indulge themselves in it regularly, and even develop a taste for it, there is no doubt in my mind (and that of scientists whom I employ to prove it) that Work is a dangerous and destructive drug, and should be called by its right name, which is Fatigue.
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I'm knackered. I'm knackered all the time. My stupid, tiny children wake me up at 5:48 A.M. every single morning.
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By morning I was worn out. My limbs felt heavy as wood, my head cottony. I might've felt better if I hadn't slept at all.
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Fatigue is epidemic among women in general, and mothers in particular. Mothers talk about sleep the way someone who is starving talks about food. Fatigue can overshadow your life, making everything seem like too much trouble.
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His uniform seems threadbare and tired, and so does he, as though he's coming apart along the edges.
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Patience often gets the credit that belongs to fatigue.
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In War, the young soldier is very apt to regard unusual fatigues as the consquence of faults, mistakes, and embarrassment in the conduct of the whole, and to become distressed and depondent as a consequence. This would not happen if he had been prepared for this beforehand by exercises in peace.
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The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.
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You know, sometimes if you work - if you do a lot of takes and you work long hours, for me, at least, there is a delirium that starts kicking in on the fifteenth hour, and that can help. Below the just thirteenth hour is where I have a concern, because everybody's so tired.
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You've got to keep yourself in prime physical condition, because fatigue makes cowards of us all.
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There's a few tired limbs in the blue legs.
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all the women. in me. are tired.
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He looked very tired, a regard which manifested itself not in dark circles, or pallor, but a dreamy and bright-cheeked sadness.
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All the good stuff is on the other side of tired.
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I am tired. My arm aches. My head boils. My feet are cold. But I am not aware of any weakness.
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My heart is so tired
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An exhausted man easily falls prey to the adversary.
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If, because of anxiety and self-doubt, you procrastinate and only think about working, you'll feel more exhausted than if you'd created for hours.
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There's a tiredness of abstract inteligence, and it's the most horrible of tirednesses. It doesn't weight on you like the tiredness of the body, nor does it worry you like the tiredness of knowledge and emotion. It's a weightiness of the conscience of the world, an inability of the soul to breathe.
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If you feel very tired, take a rest under a wisdom tree, because mostly what makes people feel very tired is the feeling that the direction to the truth is lost forever!
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The cause of laziness is physiological; it is an infirmity of the constitution, and its victim is as much to be pitied as a sufferer from any other constitutional infirmity. It is even worse than many other diseases; from them the patient may recover, while this is incurable.
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Signs of fatigue soon manifested themselves more and more strongly, and slowly the men dropped out one by one, from sheer exhaustion. No murmur of complaint, however, would be heard.
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Change is hard because people wear themselves out. And that's the second surprise about change: What looks like laziness is often exhaustion.
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In her bones, in her blood and breath and soul, she was so, so tired.
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Every day I think, 'Gosh, you look a bit tired today,' and it's just recently occurred to me that it's not that I'm tired, it's that this is the way I look now.
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All forms of fear produce fatigue.
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If you are an incredibly reactive person and you are working on your lowest level, and if you continuously give into your dark side and are angry, and screaming, and breaking things, and you do that for hours and hours on end, you are going to be incredibly exhausted. That's just the way life is.
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Before forty, you think that exhaustion is something like a long-lasting hangover. But at forty you learn all about it. Even your passions exhaust you.
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One is hardly sensible of fatigue while he marches to music.
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I had my hair in a ponytail and looked my trademark exhausted.
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I'm too careless. I don't put out enough effort. I'm tired.
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but her patience was perhaps tired out, for this is a virtue which is very apt to be fatigued by exercise. Mrs
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Thinking is to me the greatest fatigue in the world.
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When a thought appears such as "Do the dishes" and you don't do them, notice how an internal war breaks out ... The stress and weariness you feel are really mental combat fatigue.
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If we think we are tired or ill, it is only because we have done something to unbalance the bodily conductivity of the universal electric current which motivates it.
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It is completely acceptable to be tired because it means you're working hard. But it's not acceptable to be stressed because that means things are going wrong or your head is broken.
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ambushed by sleep.
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I have had enough rest and enough training,
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The worst thing in the world is to be tired.
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I am so tired, love.I'm so very,very tired.
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You may be mentally exhausted, convinced that your nonexistent problems - problems you know are nonexistent - are draining you of all your energy.
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I have a lot on my plate. I'm not going to lie about it, I'm tired. I'm really tired but I'm also very happy with my life.
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And for tired eyes every light is too bright, and for tired lips every breath too heavy, and for tired ears every word too much.
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I'm on performance enhancing drugs, so I may cause drowsiness.