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If you eat three times a day you'll be fed but if you read three times a day you'll be wise.
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I love to cook. I love having friends over and family. I am definitely a feeder - I feed everybody. I am jumping around the kitchen like a crazy woman.
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People need to feed themselves, next they need to feed their own communities.
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You must feed them, Anne, else they eat their toys.
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Sometimes I think the human animal doesn't really need food or water to survive, only gossip.
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While others are broadcasting be listening
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Nothing feeds a hunger like a thirst
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The mere brute pleasure of reading - the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing.
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Get out of bed and feed me already, person!
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I get my news from selected Google News and my social feed.
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Americans will feed anyone that's not close to them.
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he who feeds you, controls you
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I am hungry, feed me; I am bored, amuse me.
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edge of the box. "Hungry, are you?" laughed Zack as the bird pecked the feeds. "Eat some more, pretty little things!" said Clare as the others flew one by one to Zack. It was a fine and cold morning, and feeding the birds is the beginning of a wonderful day for Zack and Clare. When
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If the original Facebook was the first five minutes [of a conversation] and the stream was the next 15, what I want to show you today is the rest-the next few hours of a deep engaging conversation.
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You can't force feed a fool. They are blind to their need.
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Greatest felicity of any human or animals is to feed own belly
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The gross feeder is a man in the larva state; and there are whole nations in that condition, nations without fancy or imagination, whose vast abdomens betray them.
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We are all feeding from each other, all the time, every day.
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Feed the truth. Starve the lie.
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See? I can feed a lot of you to yourself if you keep wanting to act this way.
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When one went fishing in information networks, one also became fish food.
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Eat Eat said the sign
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Each of us promenades his thought, like a monkey on a leash. When you read, you always have to such monkeys: your own and one belonging to someone else. Or, even worse, a monkey and a hyena. Now, consider what you will feed them. For a hyena does not eat the same things as a monkey ...
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He that feeds the hungry refreshes his own soul, says wisdom.
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What are you doing here, Simi? (Astrid)
Feeling peckish. Is there any food? Something not too heavy. Maybe a cow or two? (Simi)
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The media I've had a lot to do with is lazy. We fed them and they ate it every day.
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Reading supplies bread for imagination to feed on and bones for it to chew on.
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If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.
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It is winter time! Feed the birds! Teach your children to feed the birds! Request your neighbour to feed the birds! Encourage your friends to feed the birds!
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It has always pleased me to read while eating if I have no companion; it gives me the society I lack. I devour alternately a page and a mouthful; it is as though my book were dining with me.
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Do not feed your motives, just feed the bears.
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Nourish yourself so you can feed others.
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My Twitter feed is probably my biggest resource of news. Other people scour the web so I do not have to, and I thank them for it.
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Its not my job to feed your kids
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Read like a wolf eats.
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If the internet has taught us anything, it's that you want less news and more cats.
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Feed the troops on victory.
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Desire is a beast that must be fed!
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They feed you."
"I eat people. They don't give me people to eat. They give me animals. That's barbaric. At least people have a fighting chance to get away. The animals they give me are already dead. It's sickening, that's what it is."
"Annis, you're a unique individual.
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Ideally, content should be shared, mixed, mashed, and reposted - it wants to flow through the Internet like water. This was the point of RSS, after all - a technology that has actually been declared dead more often than the lowly display banner.
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Beware the hobby that eats.
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Hungry don't get fed.
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You have a certain charm, believe it or not. That, and you feed me.
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Long listening is hungry work.
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It's always better to feed your enemies than to fight with them.
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if only the poor can eat reports...
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All the information you could want is constantly streaming at you like a runaway truck - books, newspaper stories, Web sites, apps, how-to videos, this article you're reading, even entire magazines devoted to single subjects like charcuterie or wedding cakes or pickles.
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Feed your friends, and their mouths will be too full to gossip, Bubbie used to say. Feed your enemies, and they'll become your friends.
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Anne is quite the animal lover," Fang said to me as we followed Angel. "Horses, sheep, goats. Chickens. Pigs." "Yeah," I said. "I wonder who's for dinner?
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As a man may be eating all day, and for want of digestion is never nourished, so these endless readers may cram themselves in vain with intellectual food.
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If you feel driven to feed the poor, get your checkbook out and keep your tyrannical mouth shut about it.
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... a hunger that is more than simply material connects the human who feeds the chickens to the chickens that feed the humans.
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Feed the musician, and he's out of tune.
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Let us feel free and feed the crying species. This comes from our hearts.
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We want someone to bring us the news.
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The nourishment is palatable.
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Personalized news aggregators are geared around connecting you to news sources; we're about connecting you to your friends. To people you're inspired by. To people that you're following on Facebook and Twitter.
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Our task is to listen to the news that is always arriving out of silence.
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The press waited. It looked now like a great big beast. Soon he'd throw a lot of words into it. And in a few hours it would be hungry again, as if those words had never happened. You could feed it, but you could never fill it up.
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I like the joy when you feed people and they're happy and full and enjoying themselves.
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Some people are mistaken, they think birds need feed to survive, but they don't. The main reason to feed birds is to enjoy them.
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Every day between now and his slaughter in six months, 534 [Pollan's steer] will convert 32 pounds of feed into four pounds of gain- new muscle, fat, and bone.
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We should "feed" from all sources of wisdom to be filled with knowledge.
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You can't force feed wealth.
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I tell it stories now and then
and feed it images like honey.
I will not speculate today
with poems that think they're money.
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To transform the biological necessity of feeding into a flow experience, one must begin by paying attention to what one eats. It is astonishing - as well as discouraging - when guests swallow lovingly prepared food without any sign of having noticed its virtues. What
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He who does not feed you can demand nothing of you,
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We still need to feed the public, both physically and intellectually.
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News, news, news - that is what we want. You cannot beat news in a newspaper.
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Make sure you like, comment and share other people's items. That teaches Facebook what kinds of things you like to see in your feed.
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With the help of folks like you and me, Heifer International tackles the problem of hunger one family at a time with gifts of renewable resources - farm animals that are ongoing sources of food and income.
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Do not feed fear. Starve it.
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Reading is the nourishment that lets you do interesting work.
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My own relationships with the animals in my life are absurdly complex: Some I love, some I eat, and the scraps left over from the ones I eat, I feed to the ones I love.
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Reading is more important to me than eating.
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My sister would say I'm a feeder because I like cooking for people.
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Brother, if you feed the cats, they'll keep coming back. Please. I beg you. Stop.
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We have nine hungry Rottweilers on the farm.
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In the future, journalists must ask: How do we encourage and support flows of information?
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I'm a news junkie.
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Dear friends, do you know that you are lucky people? You don't have any cows to lose.
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The feeding of those that are hungry is a form of contemplation.
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If you would wish the dog to follow you, feed him
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You speak
As one who fed on poetry.
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The body can feed the body only.
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What's feeding in Derry? What's feeding on Derry?
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There is beauty in feeding others when you are spiritually or physically hungry yourself.
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Feeding is a very important ritual for me. I don't trust people who don't like to eat.
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Reading is like bacon you can never get enough.
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I just get my news from the Internet.
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Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.
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Communicating with Cattle by I. Ken Moo
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The brain that doesn't feed itself, eats itself.
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Nourish the world with your words, yo.
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Happiness feeds but doesn't nourish.
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People read me but they don't subscribe.
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I don't follow any particular periodical anymore. I use Twitter as my customized news feed.
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Is stuffed, de world, wif feeding girls.