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The word "fine" is the greatest abbreviation and obviously wrong. -- Lydia Davis
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Everything's gonna be alright. -- Alicia Keys
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i'm sorry that
has become
such a
concept. -- Darshana Suresh
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You're good for me. -- Jaci Burton
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It's okay', you know? It's okay to be you. It's okay to just not be okay. It's okay to not be okay. -- Kristen Stewart
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Good. I'm starving. -- Suzanne Collins
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No, it's okay," I said. "Let's just go -- R.j. Palacio
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story. "Then I accept. -- Rhonda Gibson
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I should not mind anything at all. -- Jane Austen
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Yeah.You got me through -- Alyxandra Harvey
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i understand that i understand -- Augustine Of Hippo
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I was kidding, Hazel Grace. I understand. ( But we both know that okay is a very flirty word. Okay is BURSTING with sensuality.) -- John Green
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Okay is BURSTING with sensuality -- John Green
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I'm not okay, you're not okay, and that's okay. -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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I have to go make books. Sorry about that. -- Teresa Nielsen Hayden
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I'll be fine. I'm always fine. -- Kiersten White
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I'm okay, you're okay-in small doses. -- Jonathan Rauch
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Don't worry about me. I'll be getting on with it. -- Morgan Callan Rogers
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I think I look okay. -- Nicole Richie
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No thanks, I've already eaten. -- Teresa Medeiros
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Fine. Such a stupid word really. It feels empty and weightless. It's the kind of word you use to hide the truth. -- Krista Ritchie
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Fine," he says. "Then I love you. -- Veronica Roth
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Can we just get on with this already?"(7). -- Neal Shusterman
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I'm very content. -- V.s. Naipaul
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I am not okay.

But I will be fine. -- Anonymous
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It will be all right if it turns out all right. -- Ulysses S. Grant
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It's okay', you know? It's okay to be you. -- Kristen Stewart
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It's all going to be okay. -- Christina Perri
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If it's all wrong, it's all right. -- Helen Van Wyk
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We're all right, you know,' he says quietly. 'You and me. Okay?' My chest aches, and I nod. 'Nothing else is all right.' His whisper tickles my cheek. 'But we are. -- Veronica Roth
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As soon as it sounds fine, I'm on to the next thing, man. -- Damon Albarn
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I'm fine."

"You know how Flynn defines 'fine' as an answer?" Jake asked him conversationally. "He says it usually translates as an anagram: Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. So which one do you want to go for? -- Rolf
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Yes. And also, if it's okay by you, I'd like to shut up now ... Or possibly just go somewhere and swallow my face. -- Lesley Livingston
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I look all right. I look like myself. -- Lena Dunham
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Nothing else is alright. But we are. -Tobias -- Veronica Roth
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I'm sorry, okay, I'm not perfect, but I'm trying. -- Sara Shepard
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It's okay but you better fix this before things get ugly, because I refuse to remain second to you. -- Ashley Williams
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She says, "Good. -- Anthony Doerr
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The sun is still shining
It's a beautiful day out
Some things are okay, right? -- Malcolm Mccormick
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If you stay, I'll do whatever you want. -- Gayle Forman
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Your best is good enough. -- Vivian E. Greenberg
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I just wanted to tell you that i'm going to carry on. As i am. -- Rainbow Rowell
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Maybe okay will be our always."
"Okay. -- John Green
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You know it's absolutely fine for people to disagree, to be mad at each other. -- Eileen Cook
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Okay then, smile and... -- David Nicholls
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All shall be well. -- Julian Of Norwich
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I'm sorry, I'm a little busy. Can i ignore you later? -- Russell Lynes
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All's well that carries on well -- Amit Abraham
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Don't kill yourself, okay? -- Ned Vizzini
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It's fine. I'm fine. Unravel your boxer shorts. -- Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Yes, everything's just fine.
It's all perfectly fine.
Except for one thing: it's all screwed up. -- Fernando Pessoa
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I am allowed to have healthy self-esteem. -- Amy Poehler
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And so I'll let you go, and let it be. Whatever -- Megan Mccafferty
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Great. I've made a friend. -- Rick Riordan
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All's well if all ends well. -- William Shakespeare
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I'd like to marry you, if you think that would be okay. -- Nicholas Sparks
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I'm busy now. Can I ignore you -- Various
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I'm all right. I'm good. There has been better times, but I'll be okay. -- Kenny Chesney
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The meantime, I don't know who you are, but you -- William Peter Blatty
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All is well, all is well. Though everything is a mess, all is well. -- Anthony De Mello
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If people like what I do, fine. If they don't, fine. -- Robert Goulet
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I understood. I have understood. I do understand. -- Isaac Newton
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I think that I'm perfect. -- Dolly Parton
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If it goes well with you, then all is well. -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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Things are as they are. -- Henning Mankell
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Okay, he said after forever. Maybe okay will be our always.
Okay, I said. -- John Green
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I can do whatever I want. -- Karl Lagerfeld
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We see each other, and it is enough.
For today. -- David Levithan
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Yes I think I'm okay, walked into the door again. -- Suzanne Vega
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I'm okay.. is that what you really want me to say? -- Vanilla Ice
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I did not tell you it would be okay because I never believed it would be okay. -- Ta-Nehisi Coates
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I'm sorry I missed the meeting and hurt your little feely-weels okay? -- Nenia Campbell
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Fine, fine, I'll indulge in this 'socializing' thing you always rave about. -- Katherine Mcintyre
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There is no wrong or right, just write -- Unknown
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I will go on until the end -- Breaking Benjamin
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Give it a minute or two for the weaction to begin. -- L.r.w. Lee
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All right, sweetheart. I'll see you in an hour and a half, -- Aurora Rose Reynolds
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I'm good. I mean, I want to die, but I'm good. -- Kenneth Logan
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All is fine with the world... -- Jayendra Puri Goswami
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All right, then we'll wait. Whatever my girl wants. -- Jenny Han
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All's well that ends better. -- J.r.r. Tolkien
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All I'm gonna do is just go on and do what I feel. -- Jimi Hendrix
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I'm better at being sorry. -- Brenna Yovanoff
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I apologize for nothing. -- Eric Cantona
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It's OK to be different. -- Gerard Way
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Okay, so let's run faster. -- Ridley Pearson
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You understand my music. -- Cassandra Clare
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I'm just trying to keep things normal around the house, because there's no reason why things shouldn't be normal. -- John Mccain
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A very little little let us do
And all is done. -- William Shakespeare
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I do what I want. -- Benny Thomas
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I hate the word fine. It is descriptive of nothing. Socially acceptable filler with no true meaning. It's what you say when you are checking your feelings, unwilling or unable to let yourself be too happy or too sad. Fine. It's an emotional bookmark. A pause until you can continue the story. -- Emme Burton
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Like that.
It's all right.
It's not all right.
It's right. -- Barry Lyga
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lets us go together. we have a few hours. -- Kailin Gow
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And I'm okay with drowning. -- Pleasefindthis
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Fine. You don't want to be good enough for me, then you will never be. I deserve someone who wants to be what I need. -- Abbi Glines
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I fucking missed you, okay? -- A.l. Jackson
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Easy now," says Pigpen in a smooth tone. -- Katie Mcgarry
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Whatever the opposite of fine is, that's what I am. -- Suzanne Collins
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Maybe okay will be our always." "Okay, -- John Green
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[ ] YES -- John Crowley