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I was thinking how most people don't make you feel much of anything at all. Don't make you feel like time spent with them has grace, like every moment in their company is a gift. But Finn did. Finn, my midsummer night's dream. -- Jane Lotter
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It's always great to play a character that goes against the grain. Finn defies what people think when they think of stormtroopers. -- John Boyega
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Finn whispered, "What has a head, thorax, and abdomen, but stands six feet tall?"
"A snowman? -- Ridley Pearson
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Would you like some cheese with that whine?" Finn -- Kathleen Brooks
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Finn is Daddy,' said Victoria with fat satisfaction.
'Not yet,' said Finn. 'But we'll christen the first one Proximity.'
Melanie choked on a mouthful. -- Angela Carter
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I want him to tell me that he still loves me. That he can't imagine life without me, the way I can't imagine my life without him.
But he doesn't.
And he won't.
Because he's Finn.
And Finn doesn't need anybody.
And Finn doesn't beg. -- R.s. Medina
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I may need your permission to keep you, girl. But I don't need anyone's permission to love you. I choose it of my own free will, and there's nothing you can do about it.-Finn. -- Kersten Hamilton
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Everyone had told him to be strong for her, but Finnikin didn't know how to be strong for himself. -- Melina Marchetta
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Wendy: Why are you staring at me?
Finn: Because you're standing in front of me. -- Amanda Hocking
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Tomorrow you will belong to someone else," Finn said. "But tonight, you're with me -- Amanda Hocking
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I can't argue that Finnick isn't one of the most stunning, sensuous people on the planet.
But I can honestly say he's never been attractive to me. Maybe he's too pretty, or maybe he's too easy to get, or maybe it's really that he'd just be
too easy to lose. -- Suzanne Collins
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I'm stopped by the sight of Finnick kissing Peeta. -- Suzanne Collins
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The Finns are part of the Finno-Ugric group of peoples, and are related to many different indigenous peoples that stretch right across the belt of forest and tundra regions of Russia and Siberia, as far as the Pacific. -- Tim Cope
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He likes you, too." Finn repeated. "And don't tell me to shut up."
"Shut up!"
-Kingdom Keepers, Shell Game -- Ridley Pearson
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I had let down my shields, that was the problem. The crazy inside Dad had infected me, weakened me so that when Finn smiled, I'd been vulnerable. I'd dropped my shields and let myself pretend that somebody like Finn would want to be with somebody like me. -- Laurie Halse Anderson
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Finn drifted around, rootless and aimless as dandelion fluff in the wind. -- Laura Ruby
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He likes me!" Finn exclaimed, sounding downright giddy. "You brought him a rare LEGO. You could burn down our house, and he would still look at you all googly-eyed." "Don't ruin this moment for me," he said, shushing me. -- Molly Harper
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Finn regarded pesky little things like wedding bands, engagement rings, and jealous, hulking menfolk more as amusing challenges than immovable obstacles that could be hazardous to his health. -- Jennifer Estep
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Stashia: I don't know what I'd do without you

Finn: You'd probably have a broken leg -- Kristen Day
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I know, I know. But I can always kill him later. This way, at least we get to humiliate him first."
Finn eyed me. "Sometimes I think you're even more devious, twisted, and vicious than I am."
I grinned. "You only wish you could be as ruthless as me."
"Absolutely. -- Jennifer Estep
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I love you, Finn."
He closed his eyes. "I'm gonna work every fucking day until I deserve you."
"Shh." She leaned her forehead to his and shook her head. "Just ... show me. -- Kit Rocha
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I need to call Matt and let him know I'm okay," I said. Finn held the passenger door open while I got inside. As soon as he got in the driver's seat, I turned to him. "Well? Can I call him?"
"You really want to?" Finn asked as he started the car.
"Yes, of course I do! Why is that so suprising? -- Amanda Hocking
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Finn saw his grandfather look up, push himself to his feet and watch. -- Shane Hegarty
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I don't know what it is with Finnick and bread, but he seems obsessed with handling it. -- Suzanne Collins
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I told you we were meant to be, he says, still smiling, still so Finn, who was always here but who I just didn't see and now
Well, now I kiss him. -- Elizabeth Scott
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I wanted to show you that it's not all cold and intimidating," Finn explained. "I wanted you to see something warm and beautiful. -- Amanda Hocking
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Information was like an aphrodisiac to Finn. Uncovering people's secrets an amusing game. -- Jennifer Estep
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And this is when I know we're only about an hour and a half from Harlow riding Finn reverse-cowgirl on the floor somewhere. -- Christina Lauren
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She's the princess. She commanded and I obeyed!"-Loki
"You don't obey a suicide mission!"-Finn -- Amanda Hocking
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If Finn had brought me something with bubbles, I probably would have performed explicit favors for him involving feathers and chocolate pudding. -- Molly Harper
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The stars could fall, the ocean could take over the land, and I wouldn't even realize it until long after Finn slows his hips and runs his hand up my leg and along my side, until he reaches my jaw, cupping it and telling me he's never wanted anything the way he wants me. -- Christina Lauren
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I have never been this close to a man before. Something stirs deep, pulsing through my body, and its quite like the tug of magic, buts its not the magic; this is something entirely different, just between Finn and me and this moment. -- Jessica Spotswood
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Finn remembered sitting at the kitchen table with Sean, both of them trying to say the world "table" in Polish. Roza had said, "You have tongue like cow!" and laughed and laughed.
"What?" Sean said again.
He had tongue like cow, he had mind like cow. Dull, wordless. -- Laura Ruby
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Julie Seagle: I would never in a million years go skydiving.
Finn is God: What if I took you? -- Jessica Park
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Finn had seen in the people he'd once contended with, and sometimes even among his own colleagues - a policy in which killing was the first option rather than the last, because lives counted for nothing against the security of guaranteed silence. -- Kevin Wignall
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Despite serious reservations, I had to forgive Finnick for his role in the conspiracy that landed me here. He, at least has some idea of what I'm going through. And it takes too much energy to stay angry with someone who cries so much. -- Suzanne Collins
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Sir Topher finally looked up. "Because any hope beyond that, my boy, would be too much. I feared we would drown in it."
"Then I choose to drown," Finnikin said. "In hope. Rather than float into nothing. -- Melina Marchetta
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I guess I'm going to look the other way while Finn steals third. -- Megan Matthews
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What if I don't believe in magic, Finn?
That's stupid, how can you not believe in magic, Coop? It's everywhere. -- J.r. Richardson
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From my vantage point I can see the back of his neck flush pink beneath his collar. He's got freckles there, too. I wonder how many more freckle's he's got. Are they all over, or just where the sun's touched?
Good Lord, why am I thinking of Finn Belastra without his clothes on? -- Jessica Spotswood
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I think I ought to cut my hair off," said Maia, one morning, as she tore yet another tooth out of Finn's comb.
"No. That's a bad idea."
Maia looked up, surprised. "But you wanted Clovis to cut his hair."
"That was different. -- Eva Ibbotson
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So you're the demon spawn," Finley spit out.
"Finn!" Aislinn snapped. Huh. So at least one of the Brannicks hated me. Weirdly, that made me
feel better. That was normal. And if there was one thing I knew how to deal with, it was Mean Girls.
"I actually go by Sophie. -- Rachel Hawkins
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But it was Finnikin he tried not to look at, except her heard something come from him that sound like some wild animal and then Finnikin said her name and as long as Froi was alive he had never heard a word said with such pain and he knew he never would again. -- Melina Marchetta
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(Even the teachers noticed. Mr. Diaz walked past my locker when Finn was there and said, "For the love of all that is holy, you two, please don't breed.") Pg 149 -- Laurie Halse Anderson
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Yours and Finn's? What happened between you is like a rockslide that came out of nowhere, but maybe those rocks are not so insurmountable. Maybe they could build a bridge between you two. -- Barbara Ankrum
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Finn grabbed a menu and started scanning through the choices, even though he'd memorized them all long ago. -- Jennifer Estep
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Did all Finns like to make clever witticisms about life? Or was it just this one driver? Tsukuru hoped it was the latter. -- Haruki Murakami
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He watched as Finnikin swung onto the horse, his sleeve stained with blood. Froi liked the way Finnikin reached behind him and took Evanjalin's hand, placing it around his waist. It made everything seem normal because Finnikin always wanted to touch her. -- Melina Marchetta
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Missing, one stunningly attractive teenage boy. Answers to 'Jace' or 'Hot Stuff -- Cassandra Clare
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Finn and Bobby are fighting over the wrong thing. But at least they're fighting." "And how is that good?" "Because that's the only way to get somewhere better." He shrugged. "If you fight, you work it out. If you don't fight, you move into your own corners, and nothing gets decided there. -- Laura Dave
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Finn O'Finnegan looked like a rogue and walked like a rascal, so it was widely thought that he was at least one or the other. And his shadow, which followed him closely and knew all of his secrets, might have said he was both. -- Stephen Krensky
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Finn, what am I going to do with you?" His smile is an easy glide, but his eyes hold mine a beat too long. "Keep me. I'm pretty sure I'm good for no one else. -- Kristen Callihan
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Trying to think inside Finn's head was like committing what our English master called Pathetic Fallacy, the attribution of human emotions to boulders or trees. -- Meg Rosoff
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You turned red all over, Finn," Aiden said helpfully. "So did Teagan. As red as Kool-Aid."
The back of Finn's neck went from pink lemonade to Blastin' Berry Cherry.
"Yeah," Aiden said. "Like that."
"I don't want to talk about it," Finn said. -- Kersten Hamilton
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A man isn't finnished when he is beaten he is finnished when he quits -- Richard M. Nixon
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I love Neil Finn. I've loved everything he's done since Split Enz. -- Nik Kershaw
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Finn smiled ruefully. I'm a Prisoner, old man. Just like you. -- Catherine Fisher
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Love brings out the fight in all of us." - Finn, Chosen -- Kristen Day
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I turned to the window. A single raindrop fell against it, and seeing my reflection in the glass, I suddenly knew why Finn's eyes were familiar.
They were exactly like mine. -- Pamela Nicole
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Finnvid repeated Theos's words over in his mind, committing them to memory. And he repeated them in his heart, and committed them to Theos. -- Kate Sherwood
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And at last Finnikin understood why he had felt so sorrowful and silent these last few days. He knew how to be Finnikin of the Rock to Evanjalin of the Monts. But he had no idea who to be to Queen Isaboe. -- Melina Marchetta
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Hey," said Jace. who was sitting on an overturned speaker, looking at his cellphone, "do you want to see a photo of Alec and Magnus in Berlin?"
"Not really," said Simon.
"Magnus is wearing lederhosen."
"And yet, still no. -- Cassandra Clare
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Arlo: Show her the ropes.
Finn: Where do we keep the ropes again? -- Julie Anne Peters
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You made this?'
Finn looks at me. 'No, Saint Anthony brought it to me in the night. He was very put out I didn't give it to you right then. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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Gabe says you make a mean chicken."
Finn, who is sitting by the fireplace making smoke, comments for the first time. "Well, she certainly doesn't make a nice one. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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I pull an arrow, whip the notch into place, and am about to let it fly when I'm stopped by the sight of Finnick kissing Peeta. And it's so bizarre, even for Finnick. -- Suzanne Collins
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Actually," Finn said, sniffing, "I was too good for you. I've ruined you for all other men." "Hardly. I've had longer, deeper, more meaningful relationships with cheeseburgers than I did with you." "Yes, but at least I didn't go straight to your ass," he said in a smug, superior tone. -- Jennifer Estep
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They say [Finn] has tasted the Nuts of Wisdom." Elatha laughed. "Perhaps the Nuts of Wisdom will gird him against your sister. -- Holly Bennett
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Wanted to give you a heads up: I heard that Flat Finn sustained an injury the other day. Nothing major, though. Something to do with Matt, a steaming iron, and maniacal shouts of, "There are no wrinkles allowed in this house! You may be flat, but you're not smooth enough yet for this family!" -- Jessica Park
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So that's who Finnick loves, I think. Not his string of fancy lovers in the Capitol. But a poor, mad girl back home. -- Suzanne Collins
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Finny never tells anyone how he is feeling; you just have to know him well enough to understand when he is sad or scared. Today his expression does not tell me how he feels about me being over here. Either he couldn't care less, or he could be annoyed. -- Laura Nowlin
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Pain was a wild animal, not to be held in a fenced yard, or a house, or a shoe box, or a heart, where it would only do damage. Finn -- Ap Publishing
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I make you nervous," he whispered. It wasn't a question, but a statement. The smirk on his face told me he knew it was true. - Finn (Forsaken) -- Kristen Day
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At least Finnick doesn't applaud or act all happy when it's done. He just says, People should know that happened. And now they do. -- Suzanne Collins
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That's hard core, Gin," Finn replied. "Very hard core. Kind of kinky too." A grim smile tightened my lips. "That's me. Gin Blanco. Hard core and kinky to the bitter end. -- Jennifer Estep
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Hotter than me? --Jace -- Cassandra Clare
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Han Solo.
A legend of the Rebellion against the Empire. Trader, pirate, con man, and fighter extraordinaire. It was hard to believe he was real, Finn thought. Solo was history come to life. -- Alan Dean Foster
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Tom. I'd like to -- F Scott Fitzgerald
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Hey, Finnick, come on in! We figured out how to make you pretty again! -- Suzanne Collins
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I'm left with Haymitch in the rubble, wondering if Finnick's fate would have one day been mine. Why not? Snow could have gotten a really good price for the girl on fire. -- Suzanne Collins
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Are you and Finn more than boss and hired hand?"
"You might say that."
"My ranch is bigger than his," Quaid teased.
"It's not the size of the ranch, darlin;. It's the heart that runs it," she answered. -- Carolyn Brown
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And when Finn complained at the end of a day that they had not come very far, she said, "What does it matter? We've got all the time in the world."
Which is not always a clever thing to say. -- Eva Ibbotson
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I'm Magnus." He smiled, showing blinding white teeth.
"Magnus Bane."
"Are we long-lost friends, by any chance?" Simon said.
"Just wondering."
"No, we never got along all that well," said Magnus.
"Long-lost acquaintances? Compadres? My cat liked you. -- Cassandra Clare
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Why couldn't she pick a nice, dark, quiet, deserted spot to do her evil machinations in?"
"Because she's an arrogant bitch and her main goal in life is to frustrate you before she kills you," Finn quipped. -- Jennifer Estep
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You're still ... Declan?"
Voice hoarse, he said, "Aye, it's me. I will never be your perfect Viking, Regin! I've made unforgivable mistakes. I've no family or friends, and my men hold no love for me. I'm scarred inside and out. And I'm bloody askin' for you anyway! -- Kresley Cole
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This is Huck Finn, a child of mine of shady reputation. Be good to him for his parent's sake. -- Mark Twain
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Finnikin had learned over the years not to think of anything beyond the practicalities of getting from one point to another. To focus on the achievable. -- Melina Marchetta
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You guys are humming my balls, right?) ~ Finn -- Kresley Cole
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Brothers always. Balthazar is with us too. We make this work,' Finnikin said fiercely. 'We bring peace to these kingdoms. We deserve it. Our women do. All of us have lost too much, Froi. We've lost the joy of being children. Let's not take that from Jasmina and Tariq and those who come after them -- Melina Marchetta
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So she would wait for him. Because one day, Finn would be home. One day, they could see what this really was between them. Julie -- Jessica Park
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They have a word in Finnish called sisu, which basically means guts. It's the strongest word in the Finnish language. You tell a Finn he doesn't have sisu, that's like spitting in his face. -- Arthur Lydiard
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You've got choices, like any other creature. You can stumble down that road, pretending you can't help it. You can curl up and die of regret and sorrow for what you've done. Or you can get up and fight, even though the battle might be lost.-Finn -- Kersten Hamilton
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Finn says, "No, ma'am," as he enters the shop, where he gets poked directly in the chest by the fertility goddess. I move a step backward so he can get away because the last thing I need is for Finn to suddenly decide to become fertile. -- Maggie Stiefvater
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I hate to say this, but not everyone seems happy that you're still alive," Finn said, picking up on the glares coming my way.
"You can't please everyone," I drawled. "And you know how much I hate to disappoint our dear friends in the underworld. -- Jennifer Estep
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Distraction seems to be the last thing Finnick needs, -- Suzanne Collins
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Finn stood abruptly. "We need to follow 'em."
"But aren't they followin' us? If we go after them, the five of us will be goin' around in circles. -- Ashlyn Chase
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Gin! Gin, are you here?"
"Right behind you," I said.
Finn shrieked and whirled around. I winced at the high-pitched sound.
"Dammit, woman." He clutched the folder to his chest. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack? -- Jennifer Estep
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I can tell you that Rey is an incredibly brave young woman who starts off alone and encounters Finn, and they go on an amazing adventure, and she makes relationships she never could have imagined, and she sees things she never could have imagined. -- Daisy Ridley
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Alec is brave, and he's good, and he's loyal, and like all Lightwoods he has cheekbones you could use to slice salami. -- Cassandra Clare
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I pulled the trigger twice, cutting off his protests, and Finn joined my lover on the floor. -- Jennifer Estep