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From a small spark, Great flame has risen.
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What fire joins none man can put aside,
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You can't start a fire without a spark
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Keep away from the fire!
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I started the fire, but I couldn't control how it burnt.
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Fire may be the simplest and sometimes the only recourse in protecting yourself from the discomfort of cold, counteracting the effects of hypothermia, or in making up for inadequate clothing, bedding, or shelter.
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There's no smoke without fire.
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Ignite the fire in your soul.
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Play with fire and you WILL get burned.
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A fire needs three things: a dry bed, fuel, and room to breathe.
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Fire is a fragile lover, court her well, neglect her not; her faith is like a misty smoke, her anger is destructive hot.
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The impetuous wind can ignite the fire or put it out.
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The girl on fire.
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I'd like to be able to light the fire a little bit.
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You know me, I've got to find some way to get a fresh fire.
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A spark can become a flame, a flame a fire.
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Envy the fire, for it is either going or not. Fires do not feel happy, sad, angry. They burn, or they do not burn.
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As fire's presence in our everyday lives has diminished, the social magnetism of the cook fire seems, if anything, to have only grown more powerful.
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Food over flame burns, food over heat cooks
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What is the fire in your soul?
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A flame burns brightest just before it goes out.
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Fire opens the gates of victory.
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Black smoke, the flickering sister of fire.
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Be careful how quickly you give away your fire.
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stirs the fire below them with a steel pole; a
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Fire, as we have learned to our cost, has an insatiable hunger to be fed. It is a nonliving force that can even locomote itself.
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Outer fire we need to cook. Inner fire we need to liberate. God's Fire we need to love.
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Fire is calling my name. It is whispering words of encouragement, sweet things. It wants out, for me to fan the heat until it's a vortex that can't and won't be stopped.
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A sword of fire! It burns! It burns! A sword of fire!
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Things that burn very brightly, we wonder how long they can keep burning.
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A fire. An office fire.
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With my burned hand, I write about the nature of fire.
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We've got a bad fire let's get out ... We're burning up.
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Fire is a good companion for the mind ...
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We quenched the bulging flame, amongst
the ashes embers of fire remain
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Fire is ever the optimist.
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What fire could ever equal the sunshine of a winter's day?
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The right words are fire that burn through the most stagnant of hearts and minds
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Fire's the sun, unwindin' itself out o' the wood.
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Burned over water.
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In general, fire is used to throw enemies into confusion so that you can attack them.
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Behold a fire from the opposite shore.
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There's a fire starting in my heart
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Love is blazing fire.
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Two make a fire.
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Ask a burning question, get a burning answer
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The best fire doesna flare up the soonest.
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Fire is the best of servants, but what a master!
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- What's with this obsession over fire?
- It draws you into drunken oblivion.
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Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!
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to stop the Fire Nation
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The blazing fire makes flames and brightness out of everything thrown into it.
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Fire is a natural symbol of life and passion, though it is the one element in which nothing can actually live.
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I lay sweating, shaking, doing my best to quell the overwhelming need
to extinguish the dark flame inside me.
A flame that burns brighter, hotter, stronger each day.
A fire so insatiable it'll consume everything in its path.
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I guess all that's left is to love the fire.
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You are the spark that sets others on fire when you initiate.
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Steel is forged by fire...
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Terrible fires resemble terrible people. They are unpredictable. They are selfish. they are deadly and ruinous. And no matter where they are prowling, no matter what treachery they are cooking up, they have something in common. They can be stopped.
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Burn like a bonfire in whatever you do
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Fire alone can save our clan
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Get your fire back.
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Fire taps something ancient and vital in each of us, something both snarling and reverential.
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Fire is the most tolerable third party
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The fire burns as the novel taught it how.
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He didn't create the spark, he set the fire
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A mighty flame follows a tiny spark.
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There is a fire that burns in soul.
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Many fires burn below the surface.
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I'd rather burn in a better kind of flame.
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Understand that fire fought with fire does only increase the heat.
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Point your fire like a flower.
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burning with curiosity
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I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.
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A fire burns with crackles at first, then loses its intensity; the same goes for love. But remember, that even the dying out fire can keep a room alight.
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Playing with fire doesn't necessarily get you burned.
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Be ignited, or be gone.
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What hath quenched them hath given me fire
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Fire is always ready to burn the hand it warms.
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You cannot, you cannot use someone else's fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that you have it.
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Fire's an excellent purifier.
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Fire destroys falsehood, that is sophistry, and restores truth, driving out darkness.
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I've been putting out the fire with gasoline.
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Sometimes you have to fight fire with a blowtorch
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Fire will run like poetry through your blood.
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Some fires can't bear to dampen and can provide heat even from the distance of time. As
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One moment you're fire; the next smoke.
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Burning desire is the eternal flame.
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The finest steel must go through the hottest fire.
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Fire is our first form of technology.
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If you don't like my fire, then don't come around. Cause I'm gonna burn one down.
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The burning flame is spirit of light.
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Raging fires grow from the tiniest spark; it is the same principle at work in life. As long as there's a spark, tend to your fire. Never give up.
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Take me inside. Show me if a fireman knows how to start a fire.
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Fire burns blue and hot.
Its fair light blinds me not.
Smell of smoke is satisfying, tastes nourishing to my tongue.
I think fire ageless, never old, and yet no longer young.
Morning coals are cool: daylight leaves me blind.
I love the fire most because of what it leaves behind.
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I don't know what fire is made of - hell nobody does. All I know is that fire is awesome. I'm not a pyromaniac, but I am a pyroenthusiast.
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Flames of another kind. Hellfire. You will believe you canna possibly endure the agony.
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A spark neglected makes a mighty fire.
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You have to carry the fire.
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A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke
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Fire comes in all intensities. A hotter tongue of flame can devour another. Surely the hottest can sear a man clean. - UILLEAM ANDRIU MACRIEVE, CHIEFTAIN OF THE NOVA SCOTIA SETTLEMENT OF CLAN MACRIEVE