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Fools admire, but men of sense approve.
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The fools of the world have been those who have established religions, ceremonies, laws, faith, rule of life.
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Fools names' and fools faces' most often appear in public places.
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But fools wil persist in their madness, will they not?
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Anyone can be a fool, but the one recognizes it and admits it is on the path to wisdom.
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I do not suffer fools
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The life of a fool is worse than death[1].
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Only fools assume.
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No fools are so difficult to manage as those with some brains.
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Those who realize their folly are not true fools.
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What fools we were, who thought ourselves so wise!
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None is a fool always, everyone sometimes.
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A fool is a man who believes glory can be found at the tip of a sword instead of on the tip of his tongue. That is life's cruel trick.
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Fools will always break out o' bounds.
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Fools put trust in promises; The wise in action.
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Fools follow rules when the set commands you.
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There are two kinds of fools: those who can't change their opinions and those who won't.
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Fools act on imagination without knowledge, pedants act on knowledge without imagination.
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Those are fools however learned
Who have not learned to walk with the world.
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You know that song that asks, "Why do fools fall in love?"? I think the obvious answer is because they're fools.
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What the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end.
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I'm just as big a fool as the rest of them.
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Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.
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But you don't even like being a Fool!" "I hate it. But that's got nothing to do with it. If I've got to be a Fool, I'll do it properly." "That's really stupid," said Magrat. "Foolish, I'd prefer." The
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There are certain people fated to be fools; they not only commit follies by choice, but are even constrained to do so by fortune.
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What has infused my very blood with an unconquerable hatred of the whole tribe of fools from the day of my birth is that I become a fool myself whenever I am in their company.
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Lord, what fools these mortals be!
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He who controls the fools gold, controls the fools.
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Only fools are certain.
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Fools are more healthy then the so-called wise. Thy live in the moment and they know that thy are fools, so thy are not worried about what others think about them.
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Errors were not only meant to be committed by fools.
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Morons. I've got morons on my team.
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One foole makes a hundred.
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Fool beckons fool, and dunce awakens dunce.
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I am a fool for Christ...whose fool are you?
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The world has been made by fools that wise men may live in it.
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People reveal their character even in the simplest things they do. Fools do not enter a room, nor leave it, nor sit down, nor rise, nor are they silent, nor do they stand up, like people of sense and understanding.
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Fools rush in where wise men fear to trade.
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There are two indiscretions that generally distinguish fools: a readiness to report whatever they hear, and a practice of communicating with secrecy what is commonly understood.
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A fool is someone who enjoys calling other people crazy before they check out their own insanity in the mirror ... first.
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We're all fools for our dreams.
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There are many questions which fools can ask that wise men cannot answer.
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What could a fool be thinking but further foolishness?
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The wisest among us is a fool in some things.
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Were I to be angry at men being fools, I could here find ample room for declamation; but, alas! I have been a fool myself; and why should I be angry with them for being something so natural to every child of humanity?
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Fools exploit the world; the wise transfigure it.
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Oh, the fools, like a lot of good little schoolboys, scared to death of anything they've been taught is wrong!
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Fools make news, and wise men carry it.
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Educated fools; from uneducated schools.
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I am a fool, fools tend to follow their hearts amidst ridicule.
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I don't think people are fools, and I think they deserve a good attitude and smart entertainment.
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Let fools believe what fools believe.
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A fool is someone who wants you to apologise for your intelligence
-rassool jibraeel snyman
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The foolhardy are not necessarily stupid, for fools simply follow their imagination whereas the stupid have none.
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...the only real fool is the last fool
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The weaknesses of the wise are better than the strengths of fools.
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The innumerable fools have made the learned very scarce
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A fool is a person who knows the difference between right and wrong, and chooses to do wrong.
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A fool is wise in his eyes.
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Men will cease to be fools only when they cease to be men.
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Who called the idiot brigade?
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May be we are not such fools as we look. But though we be, we are well content, so long as we may be two fools together.
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It needs brains to be a real fool.
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A fool is someone whose pencil wears out before its eraser does.
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Intelligent people discuss ideas. Fools discuss how people should behave.
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Fooles give to please all but their owne.
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Mankind is made of two kinds of people: wise people who know they're fools, and fools who think they are wise.
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Wishes were ever fools
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I am a fool, but I know I'm a fool and that makes me smarter than you.
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There are a good many fools who call me a friend, and also a good many friends who call me a fool.
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For what that passes among mortals everywhere is not full of folly, done be fools in the presence of fools?
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Fools stay in love. I am a fool.
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The fool sees naught but folly; and the madman only madness. Yesterday I asked a foolish man to count the fools among us. He laughed and said, "This is too hard a thing to do, and it will take too long. Were it not better to count only the wise?"
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Fools live life; intellectuals only think thoughts arising from borrowed knowledge.
That is why fools enjoy life while so called wise people are busy posting tweets about life.
Unfortunately, I am a wise man.
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There are two kinds of fools. One says, "This is old, and therefore good." And one says, " This is new, and therefore better.
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We were glad to have in our midst a sprinkling of fools, who, although only comparatively foolish, provided a touch of colour and some occasion for laughter and mockery.
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Let the fools hold on to their treasured stupidity
Let yourself be safe in wisdom with much rapidity
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I am not a fool.
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Children and fooles speake true.
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Every Intelligent person was once a fool.
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The fool is not the man who merely does foolish things. The fool is the man who does not know enough to cash in on his foolishness.
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The greatest of fools are those who fail to mark the invisible from the nonexistent.
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Incredulity is the wisdom of the fool.
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For of course if nobody agrees with you, how are you to know youre not a fool?
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Fools are more hard to conquer than persuade.
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Were there no fooles, badd ware would not passe.
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The greatest of all fools is the proud fool
who is at the mercy of every fool he meets.
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Foolproof systems don't take into account the ingenuity of fools
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Even fools seem smart when they are quiet.
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All people are foolish, just in different ways,
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It is such an uncomfortable feeling to know one is a fool.
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In wars, boy, fools kill other fools for foolish causes
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I am a fool. That is well known.
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There are two kinds of Fools. The real Fool is the most sincere of mortals: the Court Fool and his kind - the trifling, jesting buffoon - but simulate the family virtue, and steal the family name, for sordid purposes.
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Every one hath a foole in his sleeve.
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Make peace, you fools!
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The are two kinds of people in this modern society. First and the majority are those fools who think they are wise, and second are the few wise individuals who know that they are fools.
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Wishers were ever fools.
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Fools through false shame, conceal their open wounds.
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The fool is like those people who think themselves rich with little.