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Force is always beside the point when sublety will serve. -- Darius I
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When a man attempts to deal with me by force, I answer him, by force. -- Ayn Rand
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Force plays a much larger part in the government of the world than it did before 1914, and what is especially alarming, force tends increasingly to fall into the hands of those who are enemies of civilization. -- Bertrand Russell
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An invisible force. Like two magnets. -- Kresley Cole
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Force without wisdom falls of its own weight -- Horace
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The force of necessity is irresistible. -- Aeschylus
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There is a powerful force within each of us. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Force I will meet with gentleness; impatience with patience. -- Walter Russell
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Force is the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism. -- Thomas Jefferson
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Where wisdom is called for, force is of little use. -- Herodotus
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Kindness is better and can be more powerful than force. Kind words may unlock an iron door. -- Nicky Gumbel
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We love force and we care very little how it is exhibited. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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You are the most powerful force in your life. -- Brian Wong
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What a force is laughter. -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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Concepts become forces when they resist one another -- Johann Friedrich Herbart
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Force is a physical power; I do not see how its effects could produce morality. To yield to force is an act of necessity, not of will; it is at best an act of prudence. In what sense can it be a moral duty? -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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Knowledge is more than equivalent to force. The master of mechanics laughs at strength. -- Samuel Johnson
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Force persuades a person to speak, but it cannot guarantee his honesty. Quite the reverse: it will extract confessions from innocents and lies from simple sinners ... -- Meredith Duran
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Persuasion, indeed, is a kind of force. It consists in showing a person the consequences of his actions. It is, in a word, force applied through the mind. -- James Fitzjames Stephen
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Force is the antithesis of freedom, but force must be used, if only to defend against other force. -- Thomas Sowell
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Force of Life

Defining the intention
of our heart's desire
we discover
the Force of Life -- Natasa Nuit Pantovic
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force without judgement crashes by its own weight. -- Nigel Benn
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The protection of our citizens, the spirit and honor of our country, require
that force should be interposed to a certain degree. -- Thomas Jefferson
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Each state pursues its own interest's, however defined, in ways it judges best. Force is a means of achieving the external ends of states because there exists no consistent, reliable process of reconciling the conflicts of interest that inevitably arise among similar units in a condition of anarchy. -- Kenneth Waltz
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Force, force, everywhere force; we ourselves a mysterious force in the centre of that. "There is not a leaf rotting on the highway but has Force in it: how else could it rot?" [As used in his time, by the word force, Carlyle means energy.] -- Thomas Carlyle
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Love is the force, the energy that animates creativity and peace in each one of us. -- Salle Merrill Redfield
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Do not mistake the rule of force for true power. Men are not shaped by force. -- Euripides
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In some cases, the measured use of force is all that protects us from a chaotic world ruled by force. -- George W. Bush
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May the Force be with You -- George Lucas' 'Brian Daley
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Love is a powerful force. There is nothing in this world, no other energy, as powerful as the force of genuine, unconditional love. -- Susan Barbara Apollon
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I honestly believe in a force that's larger than our own. -- Grace Gealey
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Force that the performance of duty naturally generates is the non-violent and invincible force that satyagraha brings into being. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Only force rules. Force is the first law -- Adolf Hitler
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The fifth force was the magic of Time, the greatest of all the magics. -- Michael Scott
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Force without judgement falls on its own weight. -- Horace
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Love is divine force. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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It would be misleading to say, 'I believe in the Force,' in the same sense that it would be misleading to say, 'I believe in the sun.' Give it whatever name you like - the Force, the Tao, the Holy Spirit, the Universal Mind - I see it in action everywhere I look, both in the world and in myself. -- Matthew Stover
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Love is a compelling force -- Sunday Adelaja
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We are a force to be reckoned with -- Keri Smith
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Force ought to follow justice and not to precede. -- Edward Coke
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Do you know what astonished me the most in this world? The inability of force to create anything. -- Napoleon Bonaparte
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A might force, a consummate power lieth concealed in the world of being. Fix your gaze upon it and upon its unifying influences, and not upon the differences which appear from it. -- Baha'u'llah
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Sometimes I think the force is stronger in the dead than in the living. -- Steve Berry
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Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, and it holds the world together. -- Oprah Winfrey
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The greatest force is derived from the power of thought. The finer the element, the more powerful it is. The silent power of thought influences people even at a distance, because mind is one as well as many. The universe is a cobweb; minds are spiders. -- Swami Vivekananda
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Where force is necessary, there it must be applied boldly, decisively and completely. But one must know the limitations of force; one must know when to blend force with a maneuver, a blow with an agreement. -- Leon Trotsky
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The irresistible force meets the immovable object. -- Gorilla Monsoon
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To say that the Force works in mysterious ways is to admit one's ignorance, for any mystery can be solved through the application of knowledge and unrelenting effort. -- James Luceno
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Don't fight forces, use them. -- R. Buckminster Fuller
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(As are all living things. All are caught in the river of power that is the Force, trapped by its currents. Only those who wield the dark side of the Force are capable of changing those currents; they are riverbreakers. They do not surrender to fate. They are its foes.) The -- Chuck Wendig
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By the power of the Tri-Force, I command you to
-- Prashna Bari
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The unity is brought about by force . -- Karl Marx
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we must use only the force that is necessary and no more. -- J.k. Rowling
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Love is the greatest force in the universe. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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In a battle between force and an idea, the latter always prevails. -- Ludwig Von Mises
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You possess a potent force that you either use, or misuse, hundreds of times every day. -- J. Martin Kohe
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Alas, 'tis force alone that can compel to virtuous actions a degenerate people. -- Vittorio Alfieri
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Instead of trying to hold on, to push myself into this force, I let go. And I fall into what I can't explain, into a sensation that is everything and nothing, light and dark, hot and cold, alive and dead. Soon the power is the only thing in my head, blotting out all my ghosts and memories. -- Victoria Aveyard
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Force does not constitute right ... obedience is due only to legitimate powers. -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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An attempt to achieve the good by force is like an attempt to provide a man with a picture gallery at the price of cutting out his eyes. -- Ayn Rand
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If there's one mystical energy that powers the galaxy, it's not the Force. It's pure, unadulterated irony. -- Chuck Wendig
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Opinion is, as it were, the queen of the world, but force is its tyrant. -- Blaise Pascal
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This force is unlimited. It is always moving and always flowing. The ancient Hawaiians, the Kahunas, used the metaphor of the flow of a running stream to represent the divine force. -- Wayne Dyer
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Love is the strongest force in the universe -- Frederick Lenz
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If you require force to promote your ideal, there is something wrong with your ideal. -- J.s.b. Morse
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I'm not a bible thumper, I'm not any of that stuff, but I do believe that the force is with us. -- Jim Carrey
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The creative force is God. -- Lailah Gifty Akita
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Love is the strongest force in the world. -- Corrie Ten Boom
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The sword - the first, for a time the only force: the force of iron. -- John Lothrop Motley
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There has been an awakening in the Force. Have you felt it? -- Alan Dean Foster
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We're all working with one power, one law, it's Attraction -- Bob Proctor
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Not believing in force is the same as not believing in gravity. -- Leon Trotsky
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Only fools seek power, and the greatest fools seek it through force. -- Laozi
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For the light to exist, there must be the dark. For the Force, there must be balance. -- Greg Rucka
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Force is camouflaged by consents; the consent is brought about the methods of mass suggestion. -- Erich Fromm
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The most powerful force on earth is residing in your heart; it is your power of love. -- Debasish Mridha
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Unjust force can never give any just dominion. -- John Arbuthnot
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Sometimes, the more you protect your force, the less secure you may be. Sometimes, the more force is used, the less effective it is. -- Bob Woodward
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If physical power be the fountain of law, then law and force are synonymous terms. Or, perhaps, rather, law would be the result of a combination of will and force; of will, united with a physical power sufficient to compel obedience to it, but not necessarily having any moral character whatever. -- Lysander Spooner
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The intensity of your desire governs the power with which the force is directed. -- John Mcdonald
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On the one side blind force, on the other a soul. -- Victor Hugo
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O strong soul, by what shore Tarriest thou now? For that force, Surely, has not been left vain! -- Matthew Arnold
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Let the force of arms give place to law and justice. -- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Always stand by form against force. -- John Ruskin
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Force is incomplete and therefore has to be fed energy constantly. Power is total and complete in itself and requires nothing from outside. -- David Hawkins, M.d., Ph.d.
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When a fact can be demonstrated, force is unnecessary; when it cannot be demonstrated, force is infamous. -- Robert Green Ingersoll
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The force I represent is Virginia's New Mainstream. It looks forward, not backwards. It tries to unify people, not divide them. -- Douglas Wilder
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The truth is that God is the force. He is the essence of life. He is pure and undefiled consciousness. He is eternal. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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Ultimately the Force is the larger mystery of the universe. And to trust your feelings is your way into that. -- George Lucas
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Remember that every use of force, even the smallest, creates a counterforce. -- Wayne W. Dyer
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Two forces rule the universe: light and gravity. -- Simone Weil
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It's soul force that removed the English from India. It's soul force that brought down the Berlin Wall. It's soul force that gave life to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle for civil rights. -- Marianne Williamson
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The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current. -- Warren Hern
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Ahimsa is the strongest force known. -- Mahatma Gandhi
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They use force, to make you do, what the deciders, have decided you must do. -- Zack De La Rocha
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Persuasion is not about force; it's about showing a person a door, and making him or her desperate to open it. -- David Mitchell
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The use of force is always an answer to problems ... [It] isn't an attractive answer, though. -- David Drake
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There is no force so powerful as an idea whose time has come. -- Everett Dirksen
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The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation - a force for construction and destruction. -- Jonathan Haidt
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The highest force in existence is consciousness, and you are that. -- Jaggi Vasudev