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I have been a stranger in a foreign land.
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A foreign country remains foreign until you find people near and dear to you there.
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You may be a foreigner, but you have the heart of a Frenchman.
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You'll be so busy with Bridge and what's-his-name that you'll forget all about your English mate, St. Clair."
"Ha! So you are English!" I poke him in the stomach.
He grabs my hand and we wrestle, laughing. "I claim ... no ... nationality.
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It is hard for me to imagine what it means to be a complete foreigner, a person to whom no one shows any sign of recognition.
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The French woman says,
'I am a woman and a Parisienne,
and nothing foreign to me
appears altogether human.'
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a writer is a foreign country
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I am a stranger in all countries.
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I'm very curious about the world, foreign cultures.
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English. That was where I met him.
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I know you don't think that any tongue I speak is mine; it must be rented. I am always denial, or pretense. A child born mid-flight has no nation. I can pull on either culture, but they always melt like a dream, trickle away, water on the oiled pelt of foreign.
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But I don't think of myself as a foreigner or a Frenchman! I just think of myself as a director. Whether I'm French or Australian or whatever, it's really not important.
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Frenchman: Germans with good food.
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I'm German in my mind, but from a Germany that doesn't exist any more.
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What is newest to one in foreign countries is not always the people, but their surroundings, and those same little details of life and circumstance which make no impression on a man in his own land until he returns to it after a prolonged absence, and then they stand out very sharply for a while.
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What flavor, though? Chinese? Indian? I'm not even convinced it's offshore. Maybe it starts here, goes out, comes back in." "I wouldn't know about that. Company's Colombian." "Columbia S.C., for all I know,
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Asian face and local language skills to handle the cash. I had just returned to the States from Vietnam, having left the military under a cloud, the origins of which I was able to understand only years later. My mother, the American half of the marriage, had just died; I had no brothers or sisters;
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We're from Rockford, Illinois, but we've always thought international.
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Next time you meet a 'foreigner', remember it's only like a window with a different shape to it and the person who's sitting inside is you.
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Japanese is a very strange foreign language for European people.
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That strange blend of the commercial traveller, the missionary and the barbarian conqueror, which was the American abroad.
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The moment there's a foreigner in a film it gives a novelty to the script. We make regional films and we need to hype our films.
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Because I am foreign I was assigned to the foreign desk. I kid you not, its true.
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So, here you are
too foreign for home
too foreign for here.
Never enough for both.
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Foreign, for sure. But we all bleed the same color red. No doubt about that. The truth of that statement was plain to see. Reacher put the guy out of misery. A single shot, close range, behind the ear. An unnecessary round expended, but good manners had a price
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I was a supporting character in other people's lives, which seemed right and familiar to me. I was also an outsider: English in the U.S., American in England, dogged yet comforted by that familiar feeling of alien-ness, which occupied that space where my sense of self should have been.
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There are some people who are untranslatable.
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Languages are not strangers to on another.
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What's that?' Thaniel said, curious. The postmarks and stamps weren't English or Japanese.

'A painting. There's a depressed Dutchman who does countryside scenes and flowers and things. It's ugly, but I have to maintain the estates in Japan and modern art is a good investment.
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I'm an outsider.
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A common creation demands a common sacrifice, and perhaps not the least potent argument in favour of a constructed international language is the fact that it is equally foreign, or apparently so, to the traditions of all nationalities.
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I know somebody in every culture.
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Although citizens of the same country who spoke the same language, they belonged to two different worlds. These worlds were far apart and their chances of meeting slim. But an encounter that happens against such long odds is bound to produce stories.
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You are a foreigner in an actual world, a human co-worker, a truth, a divine word, and a perfect mistake.
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His native home deep imag'd in his soul.
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It is fantastic to be found in a foreign country.
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A natural New Yorker is a native of the present tense.
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A name with a gently exotic ring to it, like birdsong, like a grain of sand in the far-off Gobi Desert or the northern steppes, whipped up by the wind, carried by storms, swirling through the sky, travelling, crossing whole countries without knowing quite how, and ending up in the crook of my ear.
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I grow up in the States, in Miami, but I was born in Guatemala, and my father's Cuban, and in 'Body of Lies,' I played an Iraqi.
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What, then, is this new man, the American? They are a mixture of English, Scotch, Irish, French, Dutch, Germans, and Swedes. From this promiscuous breed, that race, now called Americans, have arisen.
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Although I tried to be universal in thought, I am European by instinct and inclination.
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I am the byproduct of an Ellis Island orgy, basically. I'm everything. I've got quite a mixture in me. I know a lot of it and I don't know some of it. I'm pretty mixed up, but mostly Russian and Irish.
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I'm not defined by where I came from.
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I've often gone to start a film only to find the producers surprised to discover that I'm American.
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Everything foreign is respected, partly because it comes from afar, partly because it is ready made and perfect.
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Welcome, my old friend, Welcome to a foreign fireside.
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Polish, Lithuanian, and German - "Dom.
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One's identity derives not from one's nation or blood but from the language one uses.
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It was marvelous to cross borders, to let oneself go within other cultures, discover the provisional nature of what I had taken for absolute.
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I've just done a film in the United States. It's a thriller called 'A Crime', with Harvey Keitel, we play against each other, and it's so great to play in another language. But I'm definitely not American.
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I know that people think of my work from the '70s as American, but I've been going to other places for a long time.
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To know yourself is to know where you're from
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I have been so alone on this journey, cut off from my past. However hard I try, I will always feel alien and strange. And now I've stumbled on a fellow outsider, one who speaks my language without saying a word.
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I come from an immigrant family, but I know no other nationality apart from British.
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Considering our history, I can think of nothing more American than an immigrant.
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When you visit a foreign city you are in it, but not of it, separated by a glass wall. Once, while a student, I was getting dressed in my ground-floor room when a family of Italians crossed the grass to watch, as if I were laid on for their amusement and instruction.
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I may not know who I am, but I know where I am from.
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My American walking shoes are new, and my Oriental eyes are old.
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He looked to be a little over forty. Mouth somehow twisted. Clean-shaven. Dark-haired. Right eye black, left -for some reason- green. Dark eyebrows, but one higher than the other. In short, a foreigner.
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the locale. Their faces were pulled tight, more like masks than faces, really. They moved slowly,
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When I got to Florida, I was a British kid, but I was also an Indian kid: a brown kid with an English accent. Talk about being an outsider. And that's become the theme of a lot of the stuff I write about.
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Let nothing human be foreign to me
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I've been a foreigner for the past twenty years. I don't have roots anymore. My roots are in my memory and my writing. That's why memory is so important. Who are you but what you can remember?
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It's fascinating when you're from another place, but you don't speak the language.
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It's not about where you come from. It's about who you are
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It's daunting to find the language so foreign, so distant, but also so thrilling. One is absolved of responsibility when the language is incomprehensible.
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I was the Americans fair-haired boy
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The British and Americans are two people separated by a common language.
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My homeland is the portuguese language.
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American Muse, whose strong and diverse heart So many men have tried to understand But only made it smaller with their art, Because you are as various as your land.
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When you're a foreigner, at the beginning you are far away from the culture. Then, little by little, you start to interact with people, have friends, have a life, and then you feel more comfortable.
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A dreamer of distant lands and lover of different cultures
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A foreign nation is a kind of contemporaneous posterity.
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I guess I'm kind of a mutt. I was born in the U.S., my parents are from Mexico, and I grew up in Switzerland. It's weird because I sound American, but I spell theater 'theatre' with the 'r' before the 'e'.
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Life is a journey through a foreign land.
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My parents are both English. My dad is a plastic surgeon - his name's Norman Waterhouse, but we call him Normy. And my mom's a nurse, which is how they met - in a hospital, over decaying bone.
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she's part Armenian,
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But in a very different culture.
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Among Arabs he was a Berber, among Frenchmen an Arab, among his own a nothing, as I'd been a Jew among Arabs, an Egyptian among strangers and now an alien among WASPs, the clueless janitor trying out for the polo team.
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In a land of immigrants, one was not an alien but simply the latest arrival.
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A lot of times when we work overseas we tend to put the experience of someone who lives overseas, a Chinese person or a Korean person or a Bosnian person, within the prism of an American life.
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What is a nation without a mother tongue?
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In this group, everyone was foreign, and so, in a sense, no one was.
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Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places.
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In Geneva, I was seen as an outsider. In the U.S., I was considered Eurotrash. And in London, I'm seen as an American.
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History shows that it is not only senseless and cruel, but also difficult to state who is a foreigner.
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women of exotic appearance.
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What are you? German? American? English? Greek? Japanese? Turkish? French? Indian? Chinese? These are not real, these are virtual! You are human! This is what is real!
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I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill.
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I am a human being; nothing human can be alien to me.
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What we find exotic abroad may be what we hunger for in vain at home.
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To cement a new friendship, especially between foreigners or persons of a different social world, a spark with which both were secretly charged must fly from person to person, and cut across the accidents of place and time.
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Riley swings the door open and grins at me. "G'day mate!"

I frown at him. "What the hell was that?"

"Me," he says, "trying to speak your language."

I push past him and plonk myself down on his sofa. "That was Australian.
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She had an English boyfriend who called her more often than she needed to hear from him, a savings account, a mobile phone, an Oyster Card, and a place to live that made her feel as if she was in a movie. She was a London girl.
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In the superficial activity of her life, she was all English. She even thought in English. But her long blanks and darkness of abstraction were Polish.
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What nationality are you Mary-Ann can't tell you look like a mixed breed mut
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It's not foreign for me to be talking about my problems in circles.
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I have a one-question language test that people who have lived abroad do better on than those who studied in a classroom. Try my test yourself: In a foreign language you've studied, how do you say 'doorknob'?